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    School Violence

    Find more resources on the Covering Mass Shootings page.


    Dart Center: Resources for Reporters Covering Mass Killings

    Dart Center: Working with Traumatic Imagery

    Tips: Responsible Media Coverage of Crisis Events Impacting Children and Youth
    From the National Assn. of School Psychologists, a great guide on how to approach the sensitive topic.

    First Draft News Journalist Guides
    Guides to social sources, copyright law and covering trauma.

    SPLC: Tips for Covering Walkouts and Protests

    GIJN: Tips for Interviewing Trauma Victims

    RTDNA: How Journalists Can Minimize Harm When Covering Shootings

    Dart Center: Resources for Covering the Parkland (Florida) School Shooting

    RTDNA: Identifying Juveniles in Stories

    Vocativ: The Rise of the Social Media Killer

    Brookings Institute: Nine Questions to Ask After a Terrorist Attack

    Student Press Law Center: How to Cover Protests and Walkouts

    Dart Center: Covering Children and Trauma

    25 Longform Storytelling Platforms Every Photographer Should Know

    MediaShift: Advice for Journalists Working with Traumatic Imagery

    Red Cross: Helping Children Cope

    Covering Your Campus on Lockdown

    Infographic: Latest School Shooting Continues America’s Tragic Trend
    Good stats and detail on shootings since Sandy Hook, compiled by USC Social Work.

    Vocativ: The Rise of the Social Media Killer

    IJNet: Tips for Reporting on Gun Violence

    Poynter: How to Cover the Nashville School Shooting Ethically

    GIJN: Tips for Interviewing Victims of Tragedy, Witnesses and Survivors


    The Associated Press: Uvalde School Shooting Coverage

    Journalist’s Resource: School Violence: Research Findings on Underlying Dynamics, Response and Prevention
    Research, links, stories, analysis and a lot of data.

    Covering Your Campus on Lockdown

    Gun Prevention in Schools: Strategies and Effects
    A great collection of research from Journalist’s Resource at Harvard University.

    Indianapolis Star: Purdue Shooting Coverage

    Anti-Defamation League: Murder and Extremism in the United States in 2021

    Denver Post
    Timeline of school shootings since Columbine.

    Poynter: Notable Media Coverage from Uvalde (Texas) School Shooting (2022)

    Dart Center: Covering Children and Trauma

    Dart Center: Resources for Educators Training Journalists Covering Sensitive Issues
    Resources from San Diego State professor Amy Schmitz Weiss on teaching students to cover topics such as suicide, homicides, sexual assaults and other traumatic news events.

    USA Today: Mass Killings Database

    The Nation: Fifteen Mass Shootings Happened in 2012

    U.S. Mass Shootings in 2012
    Map of the shootings with stats, details from The Washington Post.

    The Journalist’s Resource: Study – US Newspapers Run More Photos of School Shooting Suspects Than Victims

    How to Talk to Kids About School Massacres
    Tips for parents to help kids understand it. Good for stories, lists about how to deal with kids in these situations.

    ProPublica: Best Reporting on Guns

    End Family Fire
    A movement to promote responsible gun ownership. A partnership between Brady and the Ad Council, its mission is to encourage safe gun storage in the home.

    Journalists Resource: Studies on Firearm Violence

    Journalists Resource: Research on Mass Shootings


    Journalist’s Resource: Income Inequality and Teen Bullying

    Dart Center: Online Abuse: A Self-Defense Guide
    Resources for writing about online bullying. Cyberbullying


    Keep Schools Safe

    Center at Georgetown University for the Study of Violence: Violence News

    Center for the Prevention of School Violence

    U.S. Department of Education Campus Security Stats
    A searchable database of crime at more than 6,000 colleges and universities. The database contains statistics for criminal offenses, hate offenses and arrests for the past three years.

    Workplace Bullying Institute

    The National Criminal Justice Service
    Site releases an annual report that presents data on violent deaths at schools, other types of violence and crime, nonfatal student and teacher victimization, drug use, and more.

    School Violence PAVN
    A summary of trends and statistics on school safety and violence, sponsored by several government agencies.

    UK: Bullying Online
    A UK journalist shares this site, which is based in England but deals with school bullying issues from all over the world. Many reference and tips for parents, administrators, kids, etc.

    CNN’s School Violence Statistics
    Several helpful statistics tables.

    National School Safety Center

    National Education Association’s National Bullying Awareness Campaign
    Do a search on “bullying.”

    Kids Health for Parents: Bullying and Your Child

    Youth Violence: A Report of the Surgeon General


    Infographic: Latest School Shooting Continues America’s Tragic Trend
    Good stats and detail on shootings since Sandy Hook, compiled by USC Social Work.

    A downloadable guide with dozens of tipsheets, suggestions and what to do. Very helpful lists for readers.

    Dart Center: Resources for Covering Suicide

    Association of Health Care Journalists: Covering Suicide

    RTDNA: Guidelines for Reporting on Suicide

    American Association of Suicidology


    National Institute of Mental Health
    Studies and sources are helpful for background stories.

    American College Health Association – Your Guide To Fighting Workplace Bullying

    USA Today Database on Mass Shootings


    San Diego Union Tribune’s Santana Shootings Coverage
    Links to the coverage of the school shootings. Updated regularly.

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