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  • The 9/11 Archives

    The 9/11 Archives


    Note: This section will help you research material for any 9-11 anniversary stories. The content on this page is archived in the Library of Congress 9/11 resources.

    9/11 Memorial Database
    Bios and profile information on all of the 9/11 victims from the WTC, Pentagon and United 93.

    NY Times: 9/11 Audio Tapes and Timeline

    PBS Frontline Terrorism Coverage

    USA Today: “America on Alert” Index
    Graphics, multimedia and links to 9-11 events, organized by day.

    Boston Globe: Under Attack

    9/11 Special Coverage Collection
    This archive from the American Archive of Public Broadcasting is searchable by keyword, and clips or full programs can be embedded online. War on Terror/9-11 Attacks
    Day-by-day archived coverage of the week of the attacks.

    MSNBC: 9-11 Archive
    The war on terror.

    BBC: “Americas Day of Terror”

    BBC: Coverage of the War on Terror

    Special Libraries Association News Librarians Division 9/11 Resources
    A great collection of links and resources.

    Red Cross: Dealing with 9/11 Trauma

    Human Rights Watch: 9/11 Resources

    Columbia University Library
    Page features official 9/11 documents

    Tyndall Report
    Tracks what the network news covers by how many minutes the evening and morning newscasts devote to topics.

    Digital Coverage of 9/11 Anniversary

    Internet Archive: 9/11 Coverage from Around the World
    From Al Tompkins of Poynter.

    AP Stylebook for 9/11
    A “situational stylebook” that focuses on style issues for a specific news story or topic.

    NPR: Drawing Lessons from 9/11, Ten Years Later

    Library Journal: 9/11 Ten Years On: 15 Titles

    Washington Post: e-QAEDA
    A three-part special report that features video reports of experts talking about jihadists’ use of the Web. They describe how al Qaeda and allied groups are using the Internet to recruit more fighters, spread their message and train their followers to commit acts of terror.

    Frontline: Faces of Islam
    The terrorist attacks have revealed some deep divisions between followers of Islam. This Frontline site examines viewpoints of Muslims around the world after 9/11. Includes video, FAQ and more.

    The Web on Sept. 11 9/11 Coverage
    The online version of Government Executive magazine looks at the federal response to the 9/11 attacks.

    PBS Frontline: Inside the Terror Network
    Interviews, video, transcripts and other research on the 9/11 plot and the terrorist networks.

    Earthcam Live Images from Ground Zero, New York City
    This Web cam is pointed at the site of the recovery effort.

    Homeland Security Monitor
    A comprehensive Web-based tool providing critical information and insightful analysis on homeland security issues for state and local governments, law enforcement, emergency management and corporate executives at all levels. This is the link to the public site.

    Homeland Security Digital Library
    Search engine allows you to scan more than 30 homeland security blogs.

    Twin Towers Cameos in Movies

    9/11 media coverage

    CNN: War on Terror Section

    CNN: Sept. 11 Memorial Section

    Sept. 11-12 Online News Pages
    A database of 200 screenshots of online news sites from around the world on Sep 11 and 12.

    Middle East Media and Research Institute Research Resources
    Has links on the 9-11 tragedy and other information.

    Terrorism, Anti-Terrorism, Taliban and Afghanistan Links

    NY Times Links to the Global Struggle
    Links from the Times’ Felicity Barringer.
    From The Open Society, this page features information and analysis on the political and economic developments in Central Asia and the Caucasus, as well as Russia, the Middle East, and Southwest Asia.

    Arab American Media Oasis
    The Web page of the Chicago Association of Arab American Journalists & Communicators. Journalist Ray Hanania’s great site has several resources about the 9/11 tragedy.
    A daily newsletter on the Middle East.

    USA Today News Graphics
    Graphics from the 9-11 attack.
    A U.S.-based Afghan Web site with lots of news on the war, compiled from all kinds of sources, including Pakistani and Iranian publications.

    Khaleej Times

    The Gulf News
    Published in the United Arab Emirates, one of three countries to officially recognize the Taliban.
    Site is indexing Sept. 11 content.
    Site is indexing Sept. 11 news footage. is a project of the Independent Media Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to “strengthening and supporting independent and alternative journalism.” The site has many 9-11 tragedy resources.

    Middle East Media and Research Institute

    CNN Fact Sheet: U.S. Attacks Terrorism
    FAQ, bios of key players and background on the retaliatory attacks.

    Portal for 21 Middle Eastern countries.
    English language paper in Karachi, Pakistan.

    Khaleej Times

    Turkish Daily News

    Guardian News

    Terrorism and the Taliban

    Homeland Security Digital Library
    Search engine allows you to scan more than 30 homeland security blogs.

    Here are the THREATCON military terrorist threat plans that agencies are expected to follow. Also, read CNN’slinks and lessons on terrorism. The defense site also has helpful links and background information.

    PBS Frontline: Inside the Terror Network
    Interviews, video, transcripts and other research on the 9/11 plot and the terrorist networks.

    PBS: Understanding Terrorism
    Transcripts and video clips from journalist Bill Moyers’ interviews.

    Dartmouth’s Institute for Security Technology Studies
    The principal national center for counter-terrorism technology research, development and assessment. It is funded by the U.S. Justice Department’s National Institute of Justice, Office of Science and Technology.

    Sept. 11 Source Books: National Security Archive Online
    The National Security Archive has posted the first volume in their new series “The September 11th Source Books”. The series aims to fulfill NSA’s mission “to put on the record the primary source documentation that can enrich the policy debate, improve journalism, educate policymakers, and ensure that we don’t reinvent the wheel or repeat the mistakes of the past.” As such, this first volume, Terrorism and U.S. Policy, covers a wide range of primary documents grouped in five main subjects: Terrorism and Osama bin Laden; Congressional Research Service reports; General Accounting Office reports; Department of Defense Directives, Instructions and statements; and Presidential Directives and Executive Orders.

    Religious Response to Terrorism
    This site from the National Council of Churches has background and a statement opposing hatred that people are signing.

    9/11 government documents

    U.S. Use of Pre-emptive Military Force
    A .PDF file.

    Terrorist Nuclear Attacks on Seaports: Threat and Response
    A .PDF file.

    Critical Infrastructures: What Makes an Infrastructure Critical?
    A .PDF file.

    Federal Trade Commission: Warnings on Bioterrorism Defense Products

    9/11: Dealing with the trauma

    The Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma offers excellent resources for journalists covering the attack, as well as useful information on emotional trauma as it effects victims, survivors and journalists themselves. The site also set up a bulletin board for journalists to discuss their experiences covering the tragedy.

    The Lutheran Hour Ministries has assistance resources available. Also available:
    sites. Among them: the GriefNet, which offers several e-mail support groups for kids; the Trauma Information Pages, a directory of resources for disaster-related traumatic stress; Aircraft Casualty Emotional Support Services offers peer support; and TAPS: Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors offers support to those who’ve lost loved ones in the military.’s 9-11 Attack Resources for Parents, Teachers

    Attack on America Urban Legends Page
    Truth or site has a page dedicated to rumors about the attacks.

    National Police Chaplains Association

    Helping Children Understand Crisis and Trauma

    How to Talk to Your Children About the News

    NY Times: Some Therapists Caution That Trauma Services Could Backfire

    9/11: Dealing with the aftermath

    IRE has Investigative Reporters and Editors.

    Related Aftermath Links Peacemakers Speak Site
    Seventeen living Nobel Peace Prize winners issue statements on 9-11.

    Princeton University Global Consciousness Study
    The effect of global consciousness, from dozens of sites around the world, from the shocks and reverberations, recorded on Sept 11, 2001.

    National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States Islam Primer WTC Photo Essays
    Links to several essays.

    The Fine Line: A Photo Essay
    This Weblog photo essay tells the story of a narrow escape from the WTC collapse.

    Osama bin Laden backround and coverage of his death

    Wall Street Journal: Osama bin Laden Timeline

    CNN: The Life of Osama bin Laden

    HuffingtonPost: Twitter Reaction to bin Laden’s Death

    What bin Laden’s Death Teaches Us About Modern Media

    New York Times Front Page: bin Laden Death has an in-depth profile of him, as does the BBC. USA Today did an interesting story in February 2001 on how bin Laden used hidden notes in Web sites to post instructions to his followers. has an informative history of bin Laden’s relations with the United States. The Smoking Gun has the FBI’s Most Wanted poster for bin Laden.

    Osama bin Laden: Islamic Extremist Financier
    Gary Price put up this CIA assessment, released to the media in 1996, provides background information on bin Laden, including his involvement in the resistance to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and how he became a prominent figure in supporting the resistance. It also provides information on the nature of his terrorist activities — including the Islamic Salvation Foundation (Al-Qaida), collaboration with other extremist groups. Available as a .pdf file.

    The UK’s Bin Laden Dossier
    A great quick-reference backgrounder on bin Laden.

    World Trade Center and the 1993 bombings

    PBS: Why the Towers Fell
    An in-depth look, through the eyes of the architects who built them, at why the WTC towers couldn’t withstand the 9/11 attack. All the details and resources you would ever need. WTC Facts

    9/11: Understanding Islam

    Frontline: Faces of Islam
    The terrorist attacks have revealed some deep divisions between followers of Islam. This Frontline site examines viewpoints of Muslims around the world after 9/11. Includes video, FAQ and more.

    Religious Response to Terrorism
    This site from the National Council of Churches has background and a statement opposing hatred that people are signing.

    Journey Through Afghanistan
    A great multimedia presentation.

    PBS’s Islam: Empire of Faith
    Features 1,000 years of history.

    Islam Guide
    From the Jeddah Dawah Center.

    9/11: Experts and urban legends

    PROFNET offers a massive list of expert names, bios and contact information. Center for Defense Information
    Military experts share thoughts on terrorism.

    Tracking Survivors

    These sites have names of some survivors:

    An official survivors list can be found at The page links to most global information sources dealing with the Sept. 11 attack. It serves as a resource for family and friends of victims and interested parties.

    Urban Legends and the Attack

    An item about Nostradamus predicting the WTC attack was floating around the Web and e-mail. It’s a hoax, an urban legend; there is no such prediction. Go to and look up Nostradamus, the reference to the attack is first item. Another good site:’s Urban Legends.

    Truth or Fiction?
    This site takes “rumor mill” e-mails we all receive and determines if they are true or false. There is a good list of Attack on America information.


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