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    Organizations and Unions

    SPJ Freelance Community
    “SPJ’s largest and most active community, with events and programs throughout the year and nearly 150 members. We offer tools and resources to help freelance journalists be better at what they do.”

    FIRE: Freelance Investigative Reporters and Editors

    National Association of Science Writers Freelancing Guide
    Tips on getting science reporting freelance gigs, etc.

    American Society of Journalists and Authors

    Society for Environmental Journalists: Freelance Resources
    Offers a listserv, resource list and more.

    Freelancing for Journalists Facebook Group

    Freelancer’s Union

    National Writers Union

    American Society of Media Photographers

    International Women’s Media Foundation

    Business | Other Management and Reporting Resources

    SPJ Guide to Freelance Journalism
    Resources for time management, productivity, business management and more.

    100 Best Freelance Writing Websites: 2020 Edition

    MediaBistro: Safety Resources for Freelance Journalists

    Freelance Investigative Reporters and Editors (FIRE): Legal Assistance
    Process for journalists to apply for free legal help.

    FIRE Freelance Contract Agreement

    Podcast: How LinkedIn Can Help Freelance Journalists

    Adobe Essential Documents & Organization Tips for Freelancers

    Get Published
    Created by freelancer Markus Amalthea Magnuson, Get Published collects and tracks media outlets so that freelance writers can find suitable places to pitch and publish their work. All outlets are categorized, and the complete list can be filtered into these categories, making it easy to find outlets relevant to your area.

    How to Set Up an Online Portfolio

    GIJN: Freelancing and Media Insurance

    Archive your articles before they’re removed from a site.

    Toggl Track
    Time-tracking software.

    Great for note-taking, time-tracking, making handouts, etc. An all-in-one workspace.

    Time-tracking tool for freelancers.

    International Journalists’ Network: Are You an Independent Journalist? Here are Income Streams to Consider

    Freelance Bold: Project Planner for Freelance Writers
    Time-tracking software.

    Timeular Time-Tracking Cube

    Paymo Project Management App

    LexisNexis for freelancers. Access contact info and clip searches. Fee is $240 per year.

    Think Like a Business: Survival Skills for Journalists
    Links, tools and resources galore.

    GIJN Guide: Collaboration and Freelance

    CPA for Freelancers Guide How to Gain Clients Early in Freelancing Career

    Freelance Journalism Assembly: Pitching Development Stories
    European Journalism Centre’s guide to pitching development stories.

    Opportunities of the Week Newsletter
    A biweekly newsletter full of freelance writing and writing-adjacent jobs spotted on Twitter.

    Rory Peck Trust: Digital Security Guide for Freelance Journalists
    Security Guide for freelance journalists will help you make informed decisions about digital security and protect yourself against attacks. Covers web surfing, passwords and more.

    GIJN: Journalist Security Assessment Tool
    How secure are you? Walk through this process and find out.

    Carrd Portfolio Building Site
    Very trendy templates for building out a portfolio site.

    Hello Sign
    Add your e-signature to documents.

    Fanurio Time Tracking

    GIJN: How to Freelance During a Pandemic

    10 Skills You Need to Thrive in the Gig Economy
    From Fingerprint for Success: Tips for “solopreneurs” who needed advice on what skills to develop to land a job.

    Chelsea’s Guide to Freelancing
    A great one-stop resource for tips and tools for getting started from Chelsea Cirruzzo.

    Poynter: Are You a Freelancer? Does the Government Agree?

    New York City’s Freelance Isn’t Free Law

    Five Essential Resources for Freelance Writers

    Poynter: Six Questions Every Journalist Should Answer Before Pitching a Story

    MuckRack: 18 Newsletters Every Freelance Journalist Should Subscribe to

    Pulitzer Center: Freelance Tips on COVID-19 Reporting

    72 Tools for Freelance Writers

    Dart Center: Guide to Working with Freelancers Exposed to Trauma

    54 Resources for Writers
    A super list of curated tools and resources from former SPJ President Dana Neuts.

    Lili Banking App for Freelancers How to Work With International Clients

    Lawyers for Reporters
    Lawyers for Reporters works in tandem with lawyers at dozens of law firms around the country in various areas of expertise. International, regional, and local firms handle corporate, nonprofit, intellectual property and other matters. The organization provides legal services for journalists.

    Great Portfolio Sites for Freelance Writers

    The Where to Pitch Newsletter

    FIRE Contract Principles
    Outlines principles for freelance investigative reporting work. It also links to information about FIRE’s new contract template.

    Nieman Storyboard: Seven Fatal Flaws of Story Pitches

    IJNET: 6 Tools Freelancers Should Know to Best Execute data Stories and Pitches

    10 Tools for Freelance Journalists and Writers

    Six Tips for Independent Journalists Before Deciding to Go Solo
    Covers e-newsletter strategy and freelancing.

    One More Question Freelance Writers Newsletter

    West Coast Media Jobs & More
    Contains tips and guides for not just West Coast journalists, but all early career journos starting out as staffers and freelancers. There’s an overview of freelance writing, a guide to journalism job interviews and more. Also available as a newsletter.

    Poynter: Journalists are Switching to Freelance. 7 Things They Wish They Knew First

    Copyfolio: 7 Freelance Writer Website Examples to Help Create Yours & Get Clients

    Dart Center: Guide for Editors Working with Freelancers Exposed to Trauma

    Freelancer’s Guide to Solutions Journalism
    Available as a .PDF document.

    Tools for Reporters Newsletter
    Tech tools advice from freelancer and data journalist Samantha Sunne.

    Poynter: Tips for Helping Students Pitch Freelance Ideas

    Prospology provides training and business coaching services to freelance medical writers and journalists who are looking for more freedom and independence. Programs are specifically geared toward individuals who have a background in healthcare or academic research who have never freelanced before or are in the beginning stages of setting up their business. Students learn how to niche and brand their business, create strong writing samples, build a professional website and portfolio, and pitch and negotiate writing services to prospective clients.

    RCFP Non-Profits News Guide
    Resources for forming a non-profit news organization.

    Digital Media Law Project
    Forming a business and getting it online.

    31 Tools and Apps Freelancers Swear By

    Case By Case
    Publishes great pitches for journalists, three a week on Substack (and publications to pitch to) on one topic. Anyone can take them, reform them, or simply use them for inspiration for their next pitch––no strings attached.

    The Open Notebook

    The Open Notebook Pitch Database

    The Open Notebook: The Pitch as Hypothesis: How Stories Evolve through Reporting

    The Open Notebook: An International Students Guide to Freelancing in the US
    Document creation tool along the lines of Google Docs.

    Evernote Skitch

    Case by Case

    Read more

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