World Cup

World Cup

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World Cup 2022

International soccer governing body.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Qatar 2022 World Cup Site

US Soccer
Official site for U.S. men’s and women’s teams.

NY Times: What to Know if You Are Going to Qatar for the World Cup Travel Advice for Qatar and the World Cup

Newspaper Design: Tips for Coveirng the World Cup
Short list of tips from journalist Ron Reason.

World Cup Guide
Fan-produced site with some great tips for journalists and those just attending the World Cup.

Media Coverage and Tips

Reporters Without Borders: FIFA Must Not Allow Press Freedom to be Benched During Qatar World Cup

IJNET: Tips and Resources for Covering the 2022 Men’s World Cup

NY Times: World Cup 2022 Coverage

The Guardian: World Cup 2022 Coverage

FOX Sports: World Cup 2022 Scores and Schedules

SkySports: World Cup 2022 Coverage

History of the World Cup

FOX Sports: World Cup History (stats) World Cup The First World Cup

Encyclopedia Britannica: World Cup History World Cup History and Facts

Investigating FIFA and the World Cup

Below are tipsheets and examples of investigative coverage. Many of these resources were shared during a 2022 GIJN panel discussion on investigating the World Cup.

Tip Sheet: Investigating Football – The Basics of Football Organisation and Governance
A great tipsheet on investigating the sport from Guardian reporter David Conn.

GIJN: Tips for Investigating Football and the World Cup in Qatar

GIJN Sports Database
A spreadsheet with links to various databases and sports federations around the world. Launched in 2022 and growing every week.

Line of Thought
Bonita Mersiades’s site investigating issues in soccer.

The Guardian: FIFA Criticized over Handling of Sexual Harassment Case in Mongolia

Josimar Football: ‘You Need to Have Sex with FIFA Officials’
Investigation into sexual assault and harassment charges.

Josimar Football: Hell on Earth
Investigation into sexual assault and harassment charges with FIFA and the Haiti football federation.

Josimar Football: Pandora’s Box
Investigation into harassment charges with FIFA and the Puerto Rico football federation.

The Guardian: How Sexual Abuse Allegations Rocked Football in Gabon

Bleacher Report: Running List of FIFA Investigations

The Guardian: 6,500 Migrant Workers Have Died Since Qatar Awarded World Cup

Amnesty International: Failure to Investigate Migrant Worker Deaths Leaves Families in Despair

GIJN: Eight Lessons from Investigating the Olympics

GIJN: Tips for Investigating Sexual Abuse