Nieman Lab: Resources for Following Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Tools and Resources for Journalists Covering the Ukrainian War Sanctions Tracker
Live monitoring of all of the sanctions against Russia.

Bellingcat: Documenting and Debunking Dubious Footage from Ukraine’s Frontlines

Poynter: How to Spot a Fake Photo or Video as Russia Invades Ukraine

Russia-Ukraine Monitor Map
Compiled by a group of organizations, this map pinpoints areas of conflict in Ukraine.

GIJN Instant Toolkit: Investigating Russia

GIJN Digital Security Guides

GIJN: 15 Tips for Investigating War Crimes

GIJN: The Disinformation Campaign Behind Russia’s War on Ukraine
Nobel Peace Prize-winner Maria Ressa — co-founder of the independent Rappler newsroom in the Philippines — interviewed Jane Lytvynenko, a former investigative reporter on disinformation and far-right extremism at BuzzFeed News.

GIJN: 10 Techniques to Investigate Russian Oligarch Assets

GIJN: Tips for Archiving Telegram Messages from the Russia-Ukraine War

GIJN Russia Regional Page
Articles and tipsheets on covering Russia.

Kevin Nguyen’s OSINT Links for Ukraine and Australia

CPJ Calls for Protection of Journalists in the Ukraine

Baltic Live Cam
For those trying to follow on the ground events, particularly protests within Russia, public web cams are available on this site.

Reuters Livestream from Kyiv

Kyiv Independent
Coverage of Russia’s invasion.

Kyiv Independent Twitter
Follow what’s going on in the Ukraine.

Twitter List of Ukraine Coverage
Compiled by Harvard researcher Jane Lytvynenko, who is from Ukraine.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
Strong coverage of Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine.

Maphub: Russia-Ukraine Monitor
A crowdsourced effort to geolocate social media imagery in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. From the Center for Information Resilience.

The Navalny 35
A Wikipedia page full of Russian official being sanctioned for their role in the imprisonment of protester Alexei Navalny. Be sure to fact-check the information as Wikipedia can be edited by anyone.

US Office of Foreign Assets Control Sanctions List Search
Terrorists, war criminals and others make this list.

Bellingcat: Russian Military Vehicles Tracker

Russian Military Aircraft Tracker

Twitter Thread from Datawrapper: Maps of Ukraine
List of maps from various news sources.

Ukraine Country Factsheet

Reuters Factbox: How Ukraine’s Armed Forces Shape up Against Russia’s

NY Times: Russia-Ukraine Timeline

NPR: Timeline of Ukraine’s History

Britannica: Ukraine History, Geography, Population, Religion, Map and Language

GIJN: Tracking Environmental Crime in the Ukraine War

HistoryExtra: Russia-Ukraine: 9 Events In History That Explain the Crisis

Vox: What You Need to Know About the History of Ukraine

The Economist: Ukraine at War

How Factal is Covering Russia’s War on Ukraine

Primer: Understanding the situation Between Russia and Ukraine
Reporting tips from Jennifer Hardy.

IJNET: Support and Resources for Journalists Covering the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

The Journalist’s Resource: How do Economic Sanctions on Russia and Other Foreign Countries Work?

Stanford d.School: Interviewing with Empathy Guide

Washington Post: Ukraine Visual Forensics – How Do Journalists Know Photos and Videos Are Real?

Nieman Reports: Ukrainian Journalists Risk Everything to Stand Up to Putin

Russian Oligarch Jets
Twitter bot that shares tracks movement of their planes.

Vessel Finder
Track boats around the world. Good way to track oligarchs’ yachts.