Flu and Other Outbreaks

Flu and Other Outbreaks


The Open Notebook: Find and Publish Stories About Global Disease Outbreaks

The Journalist’s Resource: Monkeypox Research Roundup

CDC: 1918 Pandemic


Flu Resources

Flu Shot Locator
Type in your zip code and find where to get a shot.

Works similar to flu finder. Nice image map of the U.S.

MedLine Plus
This site “brings together authoritative information from NLM, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and other government agencies and health-related organizations.” News archives, press releases, research, etc.

Mashable: Five Ways to Avoid Getting the Flu at Work

1918 Pandemic Resources

CDC: 1918 Pandemic

WHO: Similarities/Differences Between Spanish Flu and COVID-19

History.com: Spanish Flu

CDC: 1918 Pandemic

National Geographic: How They Flattened the Curve in the 1918 Pandemic

Britanica.com: Influenza Pandemic of 1918-19

Stanford: 1918 Pandemic

MedicineNet: Spanish Flu Definition

YouTube: Documentor on 1918 Spanish Flu

SARS Resources

World Health Organization: SARS Information Page

Red Cross: SARS FAQ

Health Canada: SARS Updates

U.S. State Department: SARS Travel Warnings

Washington Post: SARS Coverage

The NewsMarket, Inc.
A journalist’s resource for B-roll, this site provides thousands of images free to television newsrooms. Users can preview video, read press materials and order video clips online. Delivery options include digital file transfer via FTP, whereby the material moves from TNM’s server to the user’s server; satellite feeds via APTN or tape delivery can also be requested. There is no cost to news professionals. The NewsMarket’s primary service is providing broadcasters with video from the world’s leading companies and organizations; news stories and archived stock shots from a large and growing range of sources. Particularly helpful to business and medical-health reporters.

Slate.com: Online Guide to Following the Health Care Legislation

The Open Notebook: Find and Publish Stories About Global Disease Outbreaks

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Government site, part of the National Institutes of Health.

Top 50 Health 2.0 Blogs

Swine Flu

PandemicFlu.gov: Swine Flu

Centers for Disease Control: Swine Flu

HealthMap Global Disease Alert Map

Medical Symptoms Database: Swine Flu Symptoms

A good government health news clearinghouse site. Takes feeds from several departments and agencies.

WebMD: Swine Flu FAQ

Flu Myths and Realities

Health Law Prof Blog: Swine Flu
Articles, links and other helpful information on the outbreak.

Medicine.net: Swine Flu Symptoms, Treatments, Facts

Google Maps Swine Flu Outbreak Map

PandemicFlu.gov: Stories from Survivors, Families and Friends

Dart Center: Tips for Covering Swine Flu

NewScientist.com: Swine Flu — What You Need to Know

New York Times Health Guide: The Flu
Tips on dealing with the flu and new outbreaks, definitions, etc.

Twitter: StopSwineFlu
Be careful with the accuracy of information found on these tweets.

Facebook: Swine Flu
One of several Facebook pages on the topic.

Swine Flu Outbreak in 1976


CDC: Monkeypox Prevention

CDC: Monkeypox Isolation and Infection Control

FDA Monkeypox Response

Cover Health: Monkeypox Experts to Follow on Twitter

The Journalist’s Resource: Monkeypox Research Roundup

CDC: Clinical Recognition of Monkeypox

CNBC: Monkey Pox Prevention and What to Do if You Catch It

WHO: Monkeypox

WHO: 2022 Monkeypox Outbreak: Global Trends

Cleveland Clinic: Monkeypox

Science.org: Monkeypox Questions Intensify as Cases Soar

Poynter: Monkeypox is No Need for Panic

Smithsonian Magazine: What You Need to Know About the History of Monkeypox

New England Journal of Medicine: Monkeypox Virus Infection in Humans across 16 Countries — April–June 2022

British Medical Journal: Clinical features and novel presentations of human monkeypox in a central London center during the 2022 outbreak series

CDC: Epidemiologic and Clinical Characteristics of Monkeypox Cases — United States, May 17–July 22, 2022

Avian Flu

Updates from the federal government on the pandemic.

CDC: Bird Flu Facts

CDC: Current Bird Flu Situation

Note: We’ve moved the miscellaneous medical/health resources to a new page.

West Nile Virus

CDC: West Nile Virus Facts

State Links on West Nile Virus
Track stats and stories by state’s affected by the disease.

National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC): West Nile Virus Resources
Dozens of studies, definitions and state-by-state breakdowns of how the virus has spread westward in the United States.

State of Maryland: West Nile Virus Information Page
Fact sheet, how to handle a case and links to other resources.

CNN: West Nile Virus Archive
Stories, backgrounders, maps, etc.

CNN FYI: Basics of the West Nile Virus
It’s for science teachers, but journalists can use it too.

Covering the Zika Virus

How Journalists Can Cover the Zika Virus
Video full of tips as well as links/resources from the National Press Foundation.

CDC: Zika Virus
Stats, facts and maps of the virus spread.

PAHO/WHO: Zika Virus Basics
Fact sheets, news updates and more.

PAHO/WHO: Zika Virus Statistics
Updated weekly.


Covering Ebola

Journalist’s Resource: Ebola Preparedness

WHO: Ebola Facts

CDC Ebola Fact Sheet

NY Times: Ebola Facts

CNN: Ebola Fast Facts

ABC News: Ebola Facts and Myths

Vox: Ebola Facts


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