Choosing the Right Chart

Choosing the Right Chart


What to Consider When Visualizing Data for Colorblind Readers
This Datawrapper blog post offers some excellent tips.

The Dataviz Catalogue
Not sure what kind of graph to use? Here’s a very handy tool.

Data to Viz
A site that helps you find the right chart for your data.

Financial Times Visual Vocabulary Cheat Sheet
Download the .PDF off this Github page. Great resource for determining with type of chart to use for a graphic.

Tableau: Glossary of Data Visualizations

Berkeley Advanced Media Institute: Visualizing Data – A Guide to Chart Types

The Chartmaker Directory
Lists popular data visualization types, with links to examples

Datawrapper: Colors in Data Viz Style Guides

Berkeley Advanced Media Institute: Data Visualization Glossary

Chart Choosing Tool
Great guide to picking the right chart, from Ann K. Emery.

40 Javascript Chart and Graph Libraries

Visual Editors
Since 2004, this non-profit organization that provides educational resources and recognition to promote excellence in visual journalism.

National Geographic: A Quick Guide to Spotting Charts That Lie


Datawrapper: Your Friendly Guide to Colors in Data Visualization

Berkeley Advanced Media Institute: Using Color in Data Visualization

Color in Data Visualization: Why Less is More
From Toward Data Science.


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