Pandemic Field Reporting Safety

Pandemic Field Reporting Safety

Conditions with the virus can change rapidly with mutations and outbreaks. Consult these guides regularly as they are updated with new content.

COVID-19 News Org Safety Protocols (.PDF)

CPJ Safety Advisory: Covering the Coronavirus Pandemic

Reuters Institute: COVID-19 is hurting journalists’ mental health. News outlets should help them now

IJNET: How Can Reporters Protect Themselves During a Pandemic?

UNICEF: Safety Guidelines for Reporters Covering COVID-19

Thomson Foundation: Safety for Covering COVID-19

Pulitzer Center: Freelance Tips on COVID-19 Reporting

IJNET: Reporting During Two Pandemics: COVID-19 and Racism

Student Reporting Guidelines During COVID-19
A list of tips for educators and students.

ICFJ: Journalism and the Pandemic
Published November 2020, it’s the first large-scale global survey of journalists since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Safety and many other issues are addressed.

Australian Broadcast Association: Working in the Field During a Pandemic (.PDF)

USC Annenberg: How Can Reporters Stay Safe While Covering COVID-19

IJNET: Tips for Coping After Covering Traumatic Events

The Self-Investigation
Free stress management program for journalists.

RTDNA: Coronavirus and the Newsroom — How to Keep Your Team Safe

Public Media Alliance: Coronavirus Resources and Best Practices

Nieman Lab: How Journalists Are Managing Their Mental Health

NPR: How Do I Protect Myself if the Coronavirus Can Linger in the Air?

ICFJ: Nine Remote Interviewing Tips for Journalists

JEA Video: Reporting Safety and Shared Equipment


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