Great image storage resource.

Organize your images online.
Save, search and organize your images all in one place.
Remove an image background in this browser-based tool

Remove backgrounds from images.

Photojournalism News
Photojournalism work from all over the world and PhotojournalismChat. Exclusive interviews with distinguished photojournalists

Great for organizing a photo workflow. Search, share, etc.

Read, write and edit meta information in photos.

Dart Center: Working with Traumatic Imagery
Dozens of best practices, resources and tips.

MediaShift: Advice for Journalists Working with Traumatic Imagery

A map that contains thousands of free, high-res satellite images of the Earth.

Creative Commons rights-free image search
Search more than 300 million images that you can use without risk of being sued.

White House News Photographers Association

RTDNA: Cameras in Courts – A State-by-State Guide

RCFP – Access to BodyWorn Camera Policies (U.S.)

The Right to Photograph In Public (U.S.)
Public recording of police general orders and policies from departments around the USA, court decisions etc.

Library of Congress: Newspaper Navigator: Photos
Search 1.56 million historic newspaper photos using this free tool.

iWatermark+ for Android
Perfect for photojournalists who want to protect their photos. Add a watermark over your photos so people can’t steal them.

American Society of Media Photographers
Slik is a privacy-focused product with end-to-end encryption of photo backup and sharing. The zero-knowledge encryption means that no user, hacker can ever access your data. Extremely important for photojournalists who need to share secure photos and limit possibility of hacks, leaks.

Campus Guide to Copyright

Google Images: Reverse Image Search
Fact-check photos and see when they were first posted.

Free online EXIF viewer and remover. It’s useful to journalists for fact-checking, image location search, photojournalism. There are few other similar websites available, but some of them lack a secure HTTPS connection or the ability to remove EXIF data, not just view it.

Great for organizing a photo workflow. Search, share, etc.

Video: How to Use Google Reverse Image Search

Reveal: Image Verification Assistant
Upload images to verify them. Tool is built by a joint team of engineers and investigators from CERTH-ITI and Deutsche Welle, trying to build a comprehensive tool for media verification on the Web. The Media Verification Assistant features a multitude of image tampering detection algorithms plus metadata analysis, GPS Geolocation, EXIF Thumbnail extraction and integration with reverse image search via Google.

Pictures taken by digital cameras can contain a lot of information, like data, time and camera used. But last generation cameras and phones can add the GPS coordinates of the place where it was taken, making it a privacy hazard. You can be showing your home’s location to the world. Using this tool you can view and remove exif data online of your pictures without downloading any program.

Jeffrey’s Exif Viewer
Breaks down photos to show what photoshop work or alterations have been made. Also has a browser button to sort right off the page. Type in link or upload the photo from your desktop.
Great image storage resource.

Organize your images online.

Put in an image URL or drag a photo into this free tool to see how much editing has been done to it. Great for fact-checking fake photos.

Similar to Google Image search. Fact-check photos.

API: How to Tell If a Photo is Fake
Great tips and video.

A Guide to Photogrammertry Photography

Photo Find app: Navigate to the exact place a photo was take

First Draft News: Guides to Verify Photos and Videos

These videos were created by the SPJ Education Committee. Here’s a playlist of all of its training videos.
Save, search and organize your images all in one place.
Remove an image background in this browser-based tool

Remove backgrounds from images.

Read, write and edit meta information in photos.

Lets users analyze the position of shadows and the sun at any given time and date, at any given location.

GIJN: How to Use SunCalc to Geolocate Photos and Videos

Google Earth Studio
Record and export flyovers in this browser-based tool.

Google Earth Pro
Record and export flyovers, find historical satellite images and more in this free-to-download tool.

Nieman Reports: Protest Photography Can Be a Powerful Tool For and Against Black Lives Matter

Seven Photojournalism Tips from Reuters’ Damir Sagolj
Great four-minute video of tips on approach. Heavy on international reporting.

All things photojournalism and mobile. Gear, tutorials, trends and more.

Medium: Dressed for Excess: Gear for Covering Riots, Protests, Etc.

Guidelines to Help You with Copyright and Fair Use

GIJN: How to Take Better Images on Your Smartphone

Cambridge in Colour
Photography and learning tools.
Remove a background from a photo with this browser-based tool.

IJNet: Basics of Smartphone Photography

25 Longform Storytelling Platforms Every Photographer Should Know

ONA Journalism 360: A Guide to Photogrammetry Photography

ONA: Journalism 360
Partnership with ONA, Google News Initiative and the Knight Foundation. It’s a global network of storytellers accelerating the understanding and production of immersive journalism. Their mission is to help news organizations, journalists, technologists, content creators and journalism educators experiment with all forms of immersive storytelling, including but not limited to 360 video, augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality.

NPPA: Practical Advice About Covering High Profile News Stories
Some great tips in this Mickey Osterreicher piece about covering protests and elections.

Women Photograph
A non-profit that launched in 2017 to elevate the voices of women* and nonbinary visual journalists. The private database includes more than 1,000 independent documentary photographers based in 100+ countries and is available privately to any commissioning editor or organization.

Frontiers: Ethics Guidelines in Immersive Journalism

University of Wisconsin Center for Journalism Ethics: Drone Journalism
Download a full report on how newsrooms can build trust with audiences using drone journalism.

AP: Guide for Journalists in a World of Immersive 3-D Content

ONA Journalism 360: A Guide to AR and XR in Journalism

Booz Allen Hamilton: Guide to Immersive Technology
A beginner’s guide to AR. Approach is from a marketing perspective but has some helpful resources for journalists. Download the guide for free.

IJNET: Seven Photo Editing Apps for Mobile Journalists

Buzzfeed News: Why BLM Protests Asked Journalists Not to Show Their Faces in Photos, Video

NPPA: Resources for Covering Political Conventions

You, the Citizen Photographer: Telling Visual Stories

The Ultimate Student Guide to Images

Photo Blog Stop
Full of great resources and tips. Good tutorials on Photoshop and photography.

Verified Pixel
Tool used to verify authenticity of photos.

iPhone Photography School
A great blog about shooting better photos with the iPhone. Tips, examples, interviews with photogs. Photography Tips for Journalists

Smithsonian Open Access
Archive of thousands of historical, rights-free photos.

The Ultimate Guide to Designing Epic Social Media Images
Venngage page offers many great tips.

You the Citizen Photographer
Page outlines a book by the same name. Has more than 100 visual examples.

Great blog about shooting photos, video and audio using your iPhone.

Mobile Tools for Photos
Detailed biographies of 100s of famous photographers.

Multimedia portal launched by Scott McKiernan that features a new in-depth socially concerned picture and text essay every Tuesday.

Great blog about shooting photos, video and audio using your iPhone.

The Slot: The Nine Commandments of Caption Writing

Mobile Journalism Manual
The guide for reporters and newsrooms.

Photo editing tool that runs in your browser.

Pablo: Engaging Social Images in 60 Seconds

Timeline Slicer
Build images for your Facebook timeline photo.

Build photo collages in your browser!

SPJ Training on Demand Video: Photography 101 25 Best Photo and Video Apps

Getty Images Stock Photos Embed Tool
Embed photos into your story or blog rights-free.

Frank’s Photolist
Close to 20,000 photojournalists listed here.

Quick Instagram Search (QIS)
This tool from ProPublica helps you search for Instagram photos.

App turns photos on your phone into cool story websites.

Freelance Photographers: How to Make an Online Portfolio
Some basic steps on how to set up a WordPress or Wix portfolio site.

Google Moon
Zoom in on areas of the moon. Works similar to Google Earth.

Before andAfter Photo Slider JQuery Plug-in
How to make the popular slider tool that works well for overhead shots from Google Earth (before/after a tornado).

British Journal of Photography

PetaPixel: 15 Free Organizational Tools for Photographers
Good list of basic apps and tools from Ohio State’s Doug Haddix.

The Ultimate iPhone Photography Guide

Nine Black-and-White Photo Apps

Three Free Visual Storytelling iOS Apps

Build cool spatial photos.

Advertising Photographers of America National

Error Level Analysis
Enter the web address of an online photo and this free site analyzes how much Photoshop work has been done to the photo.

ASMP: American Society of Media Photographers
Search a database of photographers. Dozens of links to stories and events relating to press photographers.

Muckrack: How to Take Better iPhone Photos

How to Take a Good iPhone Photo in the Dark

9 Apps for Adding Text to Your Photos

Graphic and Links to Dozens of Cool Apps

Top 10 Paid iPhone Apps for Photojournalists

Media Storm
Brian Storm’s multimedia and photojournalism site.

An iPhone mobile creation & storytelling tool for photographers.

34 Video and Photo Apps

The Photo Society
Blog from a group of National Geographic contributing photographers.

PetaPixel: 15 Free Organizational Tools for Photographers
Good list of basic apps and tools from Ohio State’s Doug Haddix.

Storybench: How to Pull Hashtagged Photos from Instagram to WordPress

The Ultimate iPhone Photography Guide

Nine Black-and-White Photo Apps

Mark Hancock’s Photojournalism Blog

Freelance Photographers: How to Make an Online Portfolio
Some basic steps on how to set up a WordPress or Wix portfolio site.

Kobre Guide
Web’s best multimedia and video journalism.

Blood and Honey
Photojournalist Ron Haviv went to Yugoslavia in 1991, intrigued by the nascent independence movement in one of the last countries still intact after the Cold War.

LIFE Magazine Covers and Photo Essays

Life Magazine’s Photos of the Year

DigitalJournalist: Ground Zero
A photog’s trip to Ground Zero in New York City for a small weekly newspaper.

Vincent Laforet Photography
Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer.

Joel Sartore Photography
From the National Geographic photographer.

Gramfeed Instagram Search
Great tool. You can search by people, hashtag, location, etc.

10 New & Fresh iPhone Photography Apps

Photo Marketing Association International

Naptha: Capture and Copy Text from Images
A great browser plug-in.

Photojournalism e-book: Breaking into Photojournalism
Kenneth Wajda, an author and an award-winning photojournalist, wrote an e-book for students and other photographers interested in how to break into the business of photojournalism. He covers how to find and shoot spot news, the importance of professional ethics and respect, how to build a sports and people portfolio on the side, and how to approach news and photo editors with your photographs. A must-read for aspiring photojournalists.

Things Never to Say to or About a Photojournalist
Funny column from

American Society of Media Photographers — Midwest Chapter

Smithsonian Wild
A photostream of animals and birds from around the world.

NASA Images Library

National Association of Photoshop Users

NPR Picture Show
Updated daily with photos from around the world.

Apollo 11 Image Library The Big Picture
Amazing photojournalism from around the world

Photographers Index Database
Search a database of professional photographers. (Many are not photojournalists but commercial photographers.

University of Missouri Workshop
Workshops for documentary photography.

Mountain Workshops
Western Kentucky University workshops in documentary photography and picture editing.

OReilly Digital Media
A digital photography tips site that includes a weblog.

New York Public Library Digital Gallery
Hundreds of online photos/paintings, etc.
Crowdsourced funding for photojournalism projects, similar to

An online e-zine of photojournalism.

Design Reviver: 35-Plus Photoshop Mistakes
Some classic bad Photoshopped photos, many of which were published.

More bad Photoshop.

Foto8 Magazine: Photojournalism Today

FotoSearch Stock Photography
Allows users to search from over 90 stock photography companies. You can find royalty-free clipart pictures, illustrations, video clips, and vector maps.

Photojournalism and Reportage
A great listing of links from

Pic Monkey
Browser-based photo editing tool.
A free Internet photo-swapping service.

Digital Journalist
Operated by photojournalist Dirck Halstead, this site features works from world reknown photojournalists such as Peter Turnley, Diana Walker, Nubar Alexanian, Doug Kirland, Ami Vitale, and others. It also features a series of regular columnists that discuss the state of the industry, best practices and equipment reviews.

VervePhoto Documentary Photojournalism Blog
Tongue-in-cheek tips.

Livebooks RESOLVE Photojournalism Site

National Geographic: How to Take Pictures with a Camera Phone

Digital Photography School
Great tips and tricks.

Digital Photography School: How Twitter Can Make You a Photojournalist

Best iPhone Starter Apps

The American Museum of Photography
A great collection of themed, offbeat-topic photo slideshows, links and more.

Hundreds of stock images.

Royalty free stock photography.

Six Places to Find Free Online Images
Professor Kenna Griffin gives a great list of resources.

Photog’s Lounge Photography

Sports Shooter
A great design site from a UK journalist.

Non-Photography: No Rules Street Photography
A gallery of some cool feature images that aren’t staged. You can pick up some great composition ideas from this site.

Bob Gruen: Rock N’ Roll Photographer
Portfolio of one of the best rock photographers around.
Photojournalism-related site (my site) you might want to add, some galleries, forums, resources, a photography news blog, etc.

PetaPixel: How the Internet Killed Photojournalism

Digital Photography Review

Imaging Resource State of Photojournalism: Photojournalism and the Web

Strategy and Design: Developing the Photographer’s Web Site
Tips and ideas from Don Luce.

Photography portfolio site with great storytelling slideshows. 20 Years — AIDS & Photography
A look at how AIDS has been documented by photographs. The site won a 2001 Online News award.
Features pictorial diaries from professional and amateur photographers.
This site is devoted to documentary photography and photojournalism. A good teaching resource. The Week in Pictures Portfolios
Some very cool portfolios from some great photographers.

Indivisible: Stories of an American Community
“An exploration of community life in America by some of this country’s most accomplished photographers, radio producers, and folklorists.”

Masters of Photography

Mastering Multimedia
A blog about photojournalism and online journalism.
Guide to the best in multimedia and video journalism. 20 Years — AIDS & Photography
A look at how AIDS has been documented by photographs. The site won a 2001 Online News award. Amy Bowers’ TV Column
An archive of Amy Bowers’ monthly television columns for, a photojournalism site.
Stock photography meeting place. Search a database of hundreds of images. Professional Photographers of America’s Photo Central
Some links and stories. Photo expos and convention schedules.

Operation Photo Rescue
A group of photographers who work to repair damaged photos after disasters (floods, etc.)

American Society of Media Photographers’ Copyright Page
Free file sharing site allows you to move large photo and video files.

Photojournalism: A Record of War

Photographer’s Index
Search a database of photographers and professional associations. Also has stock photos and lists copyright and image security information and a stock photo price calculator.

Washington Post’s Camera Works Section
The best in online photo slideshows.

b-roll Online
A great site for print and broadcast photojournalists.

Provides free online access to historic and current aerial photography.

International Photo Journalism Festival

Photo Central: Professional Photographers of America

Proof Positive: Freelance Photographers and Writers

American Society of Media Photographers
Chicago chapter links off to many helpful sites.

Searches the web for photos.

A great meta-search tool for visuals.

Kodak’s Web Site
Site includes some copyright guidelines for media professionals.

Earth Science Picture of the Day

Online photo archive and many helpful links.

PBS: A Century of Photos
A dynamite cinematography site.

Sponsored by the Washington Post, this multimedia storytelling site is run by Brian Storm. It uses some great photography and simple, but effective, use of Flash. The site has a newsletter you can subscribe to.

Google LIFE Photo Archive
Search millions of photographs from the LIFE photo archive.

Public Domain Images

Zoetrope: All-Story
Take a cool digital tour of a variety of topics.

Digital Photography
Canadian photojournalist Rob Galbraith’s site on digital cameras and digital photography.
A site that covers the basics. Beginners only.

Digital Photo Review

Steve’s Digicams


Photographer Sacha Biyan’s Site

A cool online showcase for photography/slideshows.

Stock Logos Download

The Mario Classroom
Design and typography blog from Mario Garcia.

The Digital Journalist

American Society of Media Photographers

American Society of Picture Professionals

Digital Vision Network

PBS: American Photography — A Century of Images
Television photojournalism site. Infographics to Understand the Financial Crisis


The dread of many photojournalists, this site allows users to upload and share photos. Easy way to search for photos, and some wires have bought photos from people who post to this. Be careful as some “news” photos could have been doctored.

Another great image gallery.

National Geographic Your Shot
Submit your best shots of nature to this online gallery.

Free photo-editing tools.

Image hosting, photo and video sharing.

Photojournalism and 9/11

Attacked 9-11 Photo Collection
A moving collage of photographs from the Sept. 11 attacks. Very cool.

The Fine Line: A Photo Essay
This Weblog photo essay tells the story of a narrow escape from the WTC collapse. Digital Photography
Digital camera and photography views, reviews and news.


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