Data Tools and Tipsheets

Data Tools and Tipsheets


GIJN: Alberto Cairo: My Favorite Tools

Build searchable databases and embedded tables.

Build searchable databases and embedded tables.

JotForm Tables
A no-code spreadsheet that acts like a database, allowing users to organize form submission data, imported data, and manually entered data into one feature-rich interface.

Sourceful: Data Journalism Tools and Other Journalism Resources


Data Journalism Academy
This site, created by Minneapolis Star-Tribune data journalist MaryJo Webster, contains materials that she uses to teach basic data journalism concepts to reporters, and occasionally editors. There’s a mix of videos, exercises, tipsheets and reading materials to introduce you to both how to work with data, but also some of the bigger concepts you also need to learn.

The Functional Art
Alberto Cairo’s blog about data viz.

ProgrammableWeb: API Directory
Search the largest API directory on the web.

Data Journalism/Visualization Resource List
Journalist Gurman Bhatia compiled a great list of readings, tools, newsletters and more.

Video: How to Spot a Misleading Graphic

Better Data Portals
Keyword search across data sets for Socrata data portals

Teaching Resources for Google News Initiative Tools
Training videos, exercises, tipsheets and more.

GIJN: Data Journalism Resource Center
Tools, primers and other resources galore for investigative journalists using data.

Portal of studies and research for data viz.

The New Precision Journalism
Online version of the Philip Meyer book.

Google News Initiative Data Journalism Course
This course will help you unlock the powerful world of data journalism to tell deep, insightful stories. You’ll learn to find, analyze, interpret and visualize data in compelling new ways. Tools used: Google Trends, Google Public Data Explorer, Google Consumer Surveys, Google Fusion Tables, Google Crisis Map.

Paul Bradshaw: Angles for Your Next Data Story

The Guardian Data Blog

The Guardian Developers Site

Great site for finding datasets on all types of global topics.

My Favorite Data Viz Tools: Malachy Brown of NY Times
NY Times investigative journalist talks with GIJN about his favorite data viz tools. Some real gems in here.

Civic: Politico Elections Data Management Tools
A great suite of open source data creation tools for covering the elections.

DB Browser for SQLite
Download this tool to use Structured Query Language

SQLite Studio
Create, edit and browse SQLite databases.

ProPublica Guide to Data Collaborations

GIJN: Alberto Cairo: My Favorite Tools

Numlock News Newsletter
Covers all things data journalism.

Tools for Reporters Newsletter
Tech tools advice from freelancer and data journalist Samantha Sunne.

Pew Research: What Data Says About Gun Deaths in the U.S.

ProPublica Nonprofit Explorer Database
Free database to research tax-exempt organizations. You can search full text of nonprofit tax forms.

HiGeorge is a UC Berkeley-backed data journalism platform that provides data-as-a-service for newsrooms. We create ready-to-use, interactive data visualizations so that all news publishers can better leverage the world’s data. We recently launched our daily COVID-19 dashboard, which automatically updates every day, can be localized to any community/region and can be customized to meet each publisher’s specific requirements. It is one of many tools dedicated to helping newsrooms supplement their existing reporting and further reader understanding. Our COVID-19 dashboard can be found in San Francisco’s Mission Local and Brooklyn’s BKReader, among other publishers.

A mind-mapping tool, free within certain limits, that is particularly efficient in documenting journalistic research. The sources, references and resources can be linked in an easy to build graph and this valuable information, unlike footnotes will become alive as the readers can click through, access the resources directly and like, comment, share and even suggest extensions to the maintainer.

The Guardian Data Blog: Top 100 Pieces of Online Content

Google Cloud Datalab
Links galore and some great primers.

Introduction to Data Journalism
Good summary from first week of a Data J MOOC.

Nieman Lab: Making Data Viz Work on Mobile

60 Data-Driven Ideas in 60 Minutes

The Upshot: NY Times Data Viz Blog
Great resources and examples.

Google Fusion Tables Turn Down
Google announced Fusion Tables is turning down in 2019. This post details what happens to projects you built with Fusion Tables.

Data Science Central
Data Science Central is the industry’s online resource for data practitioners. From Statistics to Analytics to Machine Learning to AI, Data Science Central provides a community experience that includes a rich editorial platform, social interaction, forum-based support, plus the latest information on technology, tools, trends, and careers.

Ken Blake: A Three-Part Intro to Data Journalism

Ken Blake: Data Sources and Links

Tuesday Tech Tools: Data Viz and Infographics
Links to dozens of tools and resources.

Data Visualization Ethics

EthicalGeo: Ethical Mapping — How Not to Map

TedEd: How to Spot a Misleading Graphic

Free Online Database Creators
Various articles relating to big data, social media ingest and analysis and general technology trends.

17 Data Viz Resources You Should Bookmark

Build searchable databases and embedded tables.

Build searchable databases and embedded tables.

A Data Journalism Expert’s Personal Toolkit

First Graphics App Course
A step-by-step guide to publishing a standalone story from a dataset. This tutorial will show you how journalists at America’s top news organizations escape rigid content-management systems to publish custom interactive graphics on deadline. You will get hands-on experience in every stage of the development process, writing JavaScript, HTML and CSS within a Node.js framework. You won’t stop until you’ve deployed a working application on the World Wide Web.

Observable HQ Notebook

MediaShift: Beyond Delegates and Polls: Using Data to Tell Election Stories

Sourceful: Data Journalism Tools and Other Journalism Resources

Dark Money: The Rise of Dark Money in U.S. Elections
Links, data, tools and other resources for investigating dark money.

RJI: Infographics Tips and Tricks

Getting Started in Data Journalism
A guide to help students and professional journalists get into data journalism.

Tweet ID Datasets
Twitter’s terms of service don’t allow tweet datasets to be published on the web, but they do allow tweet identifier datasets to be shared. This site is a catalog of datasets that are publicly available on the web.

Google: How to Use Data GIF Maker

Lena Groeger: Building GIFS
Github page from ProPulbica data visualist on how to make GIFs with Photoshop, Premiere, etc. Great tips and exercises.

2015 Digital Reporting Toolkit
Great list of resources from Yuri Victor on medium.

Bureau Local Collaborative Investigative Journalism Tools

Solo Data Journalist Tools and Resources
Great list of resources.

Nine Essential Tools from ICIJ’s Data Journalists and Programmers

LinkedIn: Resources for Creating Infographics

The Curious Journalist’s Guide to Data

D3: Data Drive Documents
Javascript library for building data viz.

Awesome OSINT
A curated list of amazingly awesome open source intelligence tools and resources.

A fun site that shares data visualizations that make no sense. Great to show in trainings of what NOT to do.

30 Newsroom Infographic Galleries
Links to several data desks around the web.

Data Journalism Tools
Dozens of tools and tips.

Journalism2ls: How They Did It: Newsroom Tool Examples

Creative Bloq: 10 Free Infographic Tools
Search by employment past/present, relationship status, etc.

Write interactions on your website without code. No jQuery.

How to Make Infographics: A Beginner’s Guide to Data Visualization

Data Journalism Syllabus: From Numeracy to Visualization and Beyond
From Journalist’s Resource at Harvard.

Juice Analytics: Data Viz Design Principles

30 Days to Data Storytelling
A mini-MOOC that guides you through readings, video, lessons on how to do data.

Tools for Interactive Storytelling

Venngage: Cutting Through the Clutter with Data Viz

Fast geocoding and reverse geocoding tool.

List of Graphics People in Newsrooms
Visual journalists, graphics reporters or however they call themselves are doing an amazing job in creating compelling visual storytelling around the world. This list focuses not on their projects but on the people: How do they work? Who works in which newsroom?

The Dataviz Catalogue
Not sure what kind of graph to use? Here’s a very handy tool.

Five Tools to Help Beginners Rock Charts, Infographics

Daily Infographic
A new data visualization sample each day. Great way to get ideas.

Free, downloadable data sets.

Video: The Age of Insight: Telling Stories with Data
Advice from experts at The Upshot, Fivethirtyeight and ProPublica.

PBS MediaShift: Seven Different Types of Data Stories

Quick Guide to Free and Interactive Web Tools
An open source model for non-programmers to produce interactives which can then be integrated into any website.

The Quartz Guide to Bad Data

ONA 2016 Session Notes and Materials

VisualLoop: Top 100 Interactive Visualizations of 2015

VisualLoop: 25 Interesting Maps of 2015

How to Make a VR Data Visualization

12 Tips for Getting Started with Data Journalism

CUNY J-School Data on Github
A repository of data used by the school’s reporters on various projects.

Silk: Data Journalism Resources
Dozens of tools and resources.
List of hundreds of various tools.

First News App

The Guardian: A Beginner’s Guide to Data Visualization

Free Data Visualization Tools
List/spreadsheet from Hofstra’s Kelly Fincham.

StoryBench: How to Organize Your Data for Various Graphs and Charts

Movie Budget and Revenue Data
Studio financials database.

The Movie Database
Data on top-rated movies and TV shows.

The Next Web: 14 Great Data Viz Tools

Easy Guide to Mobile Data Collection
Data viz, social media, verification and more.

Learno: Online Courses for Media Professionals
Data viz, social media, verification and more.

Source: What Data Journalism Told Us About Ferguson
Great examples.

Eyetracking 101: How Your Eyes Move on an Infographic

Online classes to learn data.

The Atlas by Quartz
Make your own charts or search for ones that others have built.</p

10 Free Infographic Tools, Piktochart and others.

Journalism2Ls: Infographic and Data Viz Tools

Data Visualization with Javascript Guide

What Data Told Us About Ferguson
Infographic from Simon Rogers.

20 New Data Viz Tools in 2014

Foam Tree Hierarchial Research
A tree map visualization tool.

Spreadsheet Booster
Import external data directly into your spreadsheets to increase productivity.

PANDA Project: Manage Data Projects
Built by Brian Boyer and friends, this site helps manage data and data viz projects.
A news feed for graphing.

Data Hero
Quickly get answers to your data questions.

Open Data Tools
Tools to explore, publish and share public datasets.

Creative Bloq: How to Design Better Data Visualizations

Data Viz Done Right
Highlights the best data viz projects from around the web.

Developing Data Visualization in the Developing World

CIR: Who Gets Paid What in Your City/County/State?
Public employee pay database from Center for Investigative Reporting.

FiveThirtyEight: Best Data Journalism of 2014

Tools and Resources for Teaching Data Viz
From MulinBlog, page offers good blog posts, resources, good/bad examples of data viz and more.

Pew Research Center: Free and Easy Data Visualization Tools

CFJ Knight Fellows:10 Free Investigative Journalism Tools
This data is compiled by an independent all volunteer group based out of reddit.

Internet Movie Database Datasets Page

Pew Center: Polling Datasets
Raw data galore on a variety of topics.

Free Data Visualization Resources
Links galore.

What I Learned Recreating One Chart with 24 Tools

The Guardian: A Beginner’s Guide to Data Visualization

MediaShift: 5 Tips for Best Hyperlocal Data Journalism

The Art and Science of Data-Driven Journalism

StoryPoints: How to Build a Narrative With Data

Data Journalism Needs to Go Mobile and Who Does it Well

MediaShift: Take an Interviewing Approach to Find Stories in Data
Great approach from NYT’s Derek Willis.

MediaShift: 7 Ways to Incorporate Data into Your Classes
Mike Reilley offers tips on how he’s done it with

Simon Rodgers Data Journalism Blog
A must-bookmark.

Data Viz Training Videos
This is a conference site but scroll down and you’ll find some great training videos.

Global Data Journalists Directory
List yourself and search for others.

Data to Display Blog
A collection of tools, demonstrations and great examples of data visualizations. How to Build a Pivot Table to Find Data Stories

“The Humanities Thinking About Data Visualization. Developed a Stanford, it is a web-based platform for the visualization of complex, multi-dimensional data.

Five Easy Steps to Get Started in Data Journalism

Hubspot: Data Visualization 101
How to build charts and graphs guide, a 24-page .PDF.

dc.js – Dimensional Charting Javascript Library
Great organizing, analysis tool for data viz/data journalists. Performs semantic analysis of documents, detects entities and allows the comparison of lists. (Translate the text on the page with a language translator).

Data Visualization: Growth of Newspapers Westward
Project from Stanford University.

Washington Post: 2012 Election Infographics and Data Visualization

A ridiculously fast data visualization program.

Data Journalism for Small Newsrooms
Article with great tips, examples.

Data Visualization Checklist
Follow these steps to create better graphics.

Source: Six Ways to Distrust Your Data

Tips for Making Shareable Infographics

Harvard Business Review: Quick and Dirty on Data Viz
A ridiculously fast data visualization program.

Wolfram Data Visualization Quick Start
Dozens of training videos and primers.

E-Book: getting Started with Data Journalism

Journalism2Ls Data Resources

The Data Journalism Handbook

Data on a Shoestring Budget: Five Easy Steps
Raw data galore on a variety of topics.

Five Best Libraries for Building Data Visualizations

Adding Standard Deviation to Data Visualization 20 tools and resources every journalist should experiment with

Paul Bradshaw: Finding Stories in Spreadsheets

Data Visualization Tutorial
Examples, steps and video of how to create data visualizations

Tableau Free Data Visualization Tool
Create data visualizations with this free, downloadable tool.

Blog about data visualizations by Ben Jones, an engineer in LA.

Information is Beautiful Data Visualization

30 Best Tools for Data Visualization
Treasure trove of tools.

30 Free Data Visualization Tools

Data Journalism Resources

Baby Steps in Data Journalism
A Tumblr with primers, training videos and more on getting started in data journalism.

Alberto Cairo: Annotation, narrative, and storytelling in infographics and visualization

Harvard Business Review: The quick and dirty on data visualization

Digital Story Tools
Multimedia tools galore.

Primer: Baby Steps in Getting Started with Data Visualization

Tech Republic: Be the Hemingway of Data Science Storytelling
Storytelling tips to help you add dimension to your data.

Design and Redesign in Data Visualization
Convert YouTube, Google Maps and other embeds into responsive embed code using only a link.

Embed Plus
Soup up your YouTube video player on Chrome browsers and WordPress.


Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE)
Tipsheets, training, resources galore for anyone doing database, data visualization or infographics.

IRE COVID-19 Webinars and Tipsheets

Resources from NICAR 2020
Searchable database from Sharon Machlis.

Journalism Resources from the 2019 NICAR Conference
Links, tipsheets and more from all the trainings. Compiled by Sharon Machlis.

Using Data and Documents in Your Reporting
Great tipsheet from an IRE 19 conference panel.

Voter Data Tipsheet
Resources from NICAR 2018.

NICAR 18: Jeremy Caplan’s 30 Tools in 60 Minutes
Dozens of cool apps and tools to advance your storytelling. A great list.

NICAR 2016 Slides, Links and Tutorials

NICAR 2015 Slides and Tutorials
Work remotely on a whiteboard with anyone, anywhere.

Visual Journalism for Tiny Desks Tipsheet
Great tools list from NICAR 15 panel.
A simpler way to access 2010 Census data so they can spend less time importing and managing the data and more time exploring and reporting the data.


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