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Digital Research | Training


Source: Field Guide to Open Source in the Newsroom

Stephen Goforth: Hundreds of Innovative Digital Tools

Tangle is a JavaScript library for creating reactive documents. Your readers can interactively explore possibilities, play with parameters, and see the document update immediately. Tangle is super-simple and easy to learn.


Video: Journalist’s Toolbox Training Channel
Short videos on dozens of digital journalism tools. Great for college professors and students.

Google News Initiative Multimedia Storytelling Course
This course will empower you to transcend words and take your audience to the heart of the story with dynamic, interactive and exciting visuals that you create. Tools used: Google Crisis Map, Google Media Alerts, Google Earth Pro, Google Maps.

Teaching Resources for Google News Initiative Tools
Training videos, exercises, tipsheets and more.

Source: Field Guide to Open Source in the Newsroom

Online News Association



The Verge





Smashing Magazine

Electronic Frontier Foundation: Legal Guide for Bloggers

SPJ Training on Demand: Data Visualization
Instructional videos from the Tribune’s Andy Boyle.

W3 Web Tutorials
Learn HTML, CSS, etc.

The Guardian: Data Blog
Great examples of data viz and infographics from the UK pub that does it right. Web at 25: Tools for Journalists

ICFJ Knight Fellows:10 Free Investigative Journalism Tools
This data is compiled by an independent all volunteer group based out of reddit.

For more training videos, visit our YouTube page.

The Functional Art: Data Viz and Infographic Readings
List of articles and posts about graphics and data viz from Alberto Cairo at the University of Miami.

Aron Pilhofer on Data Journalism
Great read on using data in reporting.

50 Blogs for Journalists by Journalists
Data viz, social media, verification and more.

Spreadsheet Journalism Blog
Digital journalist Abbott Katz blogs from London. His blog “helps bring you up to speed with some of Excel’s important capabilities, and points you at the story possibilities boxed inside the data.”

22 Apps and Tools Every College Journalism Student Should Know About

Useful Newsroom Social Media Tools
Nice list of resources from Kate Gardiner.

Tips for Journalists Who Want to Code

Hobbes’ Internet Timeline

Medium: 12 Communities Journalists Should Know About

Build rich contact profiles inside your Gmail.

SEO for Journalists Blog

The Internet Society: A Brief History of the Internet

Tech blog from journalist Jeff Jarvis.

Video: History of the Internet

New Media and Technology Law Blog

Tangle is a JavaScript library for creating reactive documents. Your readers can interactively explore possibilities, play with parameters, and see the document update immediately. Tangle is super-simple and easy to learn.

Knight Digital Media Center Tutorials
Great training tips, ranging from video software to data visualization.

SearchEngineLand: What is SEO?
Video explains what search engine optimization is and how it works.

Stephen Goforth: Hundreds of Innovative Digital Tools

Video: JavaScript for Beginners
Instructional videos from Mindy McAdams at the University of Florida to code JavaScript. 30 videos in all. Short trainings you can cover in just a few hours.

Technology Times
Founded in 2004, Technology Times delivers Nigeria technology news, information, events and business services to millions across Nigeria, Africa and beyond.

Excellence in Journalism 2019 — Data Viz, Mobile Reporting, Social Tools
Resources from Victor Hernandez and Mike Reilley.

Medium: 30 Tools in 60 Minutes
This post from NICAR 17 features mobile and desktop apps for reporting and data journalism. Co-authored by Banjo’s Victor Hernandez and the Journalist’s Toolbox creator Mike Reilley.

Poynter: Top 10 Tools for Journalists, 2018

ONA Directory
More than 300 organizations that have supported ONA’s mission. Explore the database to find newsroom tools, potential employers, academic programs, nonprofits and foundations.

Cal Berkeley Online Multimedia Tutorials
Aggregate all of your social media into one feed.

GIJN: Essential Mobile Journalism Tools

HackaStory:10 Best Free Digital Storytelling Tools for Journalists

Source Blog

Code Actually
Primers, tools, repository to help journalists learn to code. A Journalist’s Guide to Open-Source Tools

Hackastory: 10 Best Tools of 2018

Examples of How Media Are Using Free Digital Tools
Great teaching resource.

Columbia Journalism Review: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Seven PlayBuzz Tools to Create Your Best Content

ICFJ: How are Journalists Embracing the Digital Era
A Google Trends project.

Nine Essential Tools from ICIJ’s Data Journalists and Programmers

10 Best Web Scraping Tools

Nine Online Tools to Help Journalists Monitor Their Beats

Mobile Journalism Manual
The guide for reporters and newsrooms.

Global Editors Network: Digital Tools Used at Washington Post

Today in Digital Media Chatter
Every-other-week a new person will takeover as the host of “Digital Chatter.” The host will text seven times M-F about their expertise in journalism/media. We will try and bring in a variety of experts, so one week might be about podcasting and the next about AR or business topics. You can text back questions, etc. MC is David Cohn.

Buzzfeed: 26 Innovative Storytelling Tools

Rob Boffard: Four Tools to Make Journalism Easier

Local News Lab: Guides for Editors

Local News Lab: Guides for Editors

10 Blogs Journalists Must Read
Great list by professor Kenna Griffin.
Resources to learn code: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python.

Video: How to Set Up Google Analytics in Five Easy Steps

State of Digital Journalism: Overcoming Newsroom Crisis

Tips on Writing for Mobile Devices

jQuery Notebook Demo

CUNY Video Classes
Free classes offered on investigative journalism, audience engagement, etc.

GitHub Open Journalism
Open-source tools galore!


Buffer: The Ideal Length of All Online Content

Web Journalist Tools
List of helpful coding and data viz tools from Robert Hernandez at USC.

Programming Apps That Teach Coding

Poynter: Starter Storytelling Tools for New Journalists

Future of News Resources
Platform for journalists & citizens to record and share audio.

Digital Media Law Project
Formerly the Citizen Media Law Project, this organization supports the vibrant online culture of citizen media and independent journalism by providing free legal advice and information on a wide range of media law, intellectual property and business law issues.


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