Mobile Reporting Apps

Mobile Reporting Apps


Trello: Mobile Reporting Apps for Your Newsroom and Classroom
2020 resources from Victor Hernandez and Mike Reilley. Must log-in to Trello (free account) to access.

Prezi: Mobile Reporting Apps for Your Newsroom and Classroom
Mike Reilley’s presentation from SPJ 2020.

Recommended Apps for Journalists (updated 2020): Use these iPhone apps (many available on other smart phones) to transform your phone into a reporting tool. Suggestions? Let us know: [email protected] Six Must-Have Apps for Journalists (2019)

Red Herring: Top Five Apps for Journalists

Switcher Studio: Nine Must-Have Apps for Journalists

28-Plus Apps That Make Your Journalist’s Life Easier Than Ever

NCPress: Most Popular Apps for Journalists (2016)

Top 10 Paid iPhone Apps for Photojournalists

BBC Blogs College of Journalism: How to Record a Phone Call on Your iPhone

How to Take a Good iPhone Photo in the Dark

Cue Prompter
Teleprompter tool that works on mobile devices and on the web.

Trello: Mobile Reporting Apps for Your Newsroom and Classroom
2020 resources from Victor Hernandez and Mike Reilley. Must log-in to Trello (free account) to access.

Prezi: Mobile Reporting Apps for Your Newsroom and Classroom
Mike Reilley’s presentation from SPJ 2020.

For more training videos, visit our YouTube page.

Seek App
Download phone app and use it to identify a plant, bug or animal and get background information.

Dragon Dictation
This app records short interviews or dictations and turns them into text. I’ve used it a few times and I like how it easily converts copy and drops it into an e-mail. But be warned with this tool and any other dictation: words run-together and are lost in translation. Won can be replaced by one. The context isn’t always clear. Plus, Dragon and other services, like Jott, struggle with accents and dialects. I would test this out a few times before trying it on a story.

Police Radio

This hasn’t caught on as much with newsrooms, but I think it will in the future. This app allows you to listen to police, fire and rescue and other emergency calls in several cities across the country, including Chicago. It may not be perfect, but it beats lugging a police scanner around.

iTalk and SpeakEasy

Easily convert audio interviews into sound bites for the Web. I prefer iTalk because you can wirelessly transmit audio from your phone to a nearby laptop without using a cable or e-mail. You just have to be on the same Wi-Fi network.

Google, Google Earth

Google’s app has voice-activated search. And Google Earth helps you find anything on the planet.

Google Maps

Beyond directions, it’s helpful for finding businesses, addresses and other locations. Even sources

ZIP Finder

Not sure of a city or neighborhood’s ZIP? Find it here.


Reference and Helpful Tools




Calcbot 2
Great tool for converting heights, weights and other measurements. I use it several times a week along with the calculator. Great for quick fact-checking on stories, too. (Formerly called Convertbot)


I like the interface better than the WeatherChannel’s.

AP Stylebook

Messy interface, clunky and a waste of $30. Using the reference book is much faster … and better! Don’t buy this app.


Wordpress, Squarespace, Medium, Substack (newsletter), Wix, Format are good choices for beginners.

For more training videos, visit our YouTube page.

Flight-Tracking Apps

Flight Aware
Click the U filter to track military flights.


Another great app for journalists who travel. This shows you where restaurants, bars, hotels, coffee shops, banks and (yes) Apple stores are based on your location. I’ve used it several times while on the road. It shows you locations, maps, walking distances, etc. Very similar to MapsBuddy. I prefer both to the Where app. Just friendlier interfaces.

Helpful for journalists who travel. I’ve found it to be very accurate for my flights the few times I’ve used it.
Photography and Photo Editing

Photoshop Mobile

Editing and effects that the iPhone camera won’t let you do. It’s only basic edits, but if you’re working as a backpack journalist or filing a mobile report, this is a handy tool.


Great app that allows you to layer text and direction arrows on top of a photo. Works well on mobile phone but better on a tablet.

PhoneGrafer, Snapture, CameraBag, Camera Zoom
Zoom and add various lenses and features to your iPhone camera shoots. Choose one or two as you see fit. PhoneGrafer is my favorite as it offers many settings and effects, and has a built-in level to make sure your shot is true. PhoneGrafer usually costs a few bucks, but I picked it up for free during a holiday sale. Keep any eye out for a deal in the iTunes store.

StoryMap and PhotoMapo
Geolocate your images on a cool map

Photo/Video and Audio Recording/Editing/Streaming

Darkroom photo app
Great collection of photo editing tools.

Edit photos

MixCaptions app
Add lower thirds/captions

Photo Forge
Has some of the same tools that Photoshop Mobile has. I used this app up until the Photoshop app became available.

Build cool collage videos (think Brady Bunch opening or Zoom)


Videolicious, Magisto and Flipagram
Build/edit videos and audio slideshows in these easy-to-use apps. Videolicious is a personal fave for its easy of use and quality of production.

Short Form Video Apps
Features of TikTok, Triller and Instagram Reels.

Video stabilizing app. Intuitive to use. Just load your video and adjust settings.

Mojo: Video slideshows for Instagram stories.


Layer geolocation, altitude, speed, etc. on top of your video. Good for verifying location, and it works well with GoPro, so it’s helpful for action sports footage.

Filmic Pro
Record video with great controls

Edit video on your phone. Some decent features but very basic.

GoPro video editing tool.

Adobe Rush

Adobe Post

Apple Clips




Create podcasts up to five minutes on your mobile device and post. It includes geolocation and photo features. Find many more apps on the Podcasting page.

360 apps


Google Street View


Adobe Spark Video


The best out there, hands-down. Radio and TV feeds from games anywhere, any time.


I prefer the scoreboards to ESPN ScoreCenter. They download much quicker.

The Athletic

Affordable at $5. Great coverage and use of data analysis in reporting.

ESPN Radio

Listen to local broadcasts in larger markets, or tap in to the national feed. Very user friendly and great sound.
Listen to many CBS Radio stations, including many popular sports stations, and other regional/local broadcasts.


Pandora, Slacker Radio, WunderRadio

If you’re tired of listening to your iPod, this is a nice break.


Made famous by the Apple ad, this app identifies recorded music by musician, title and links you to the iTunes store to buy it.


Wine Snob

Red or white with that steak and lobster? This will pair it with food, cheese, etc.

Urban Daddy

Nightlife tips galore.


Find out who delivers.


Break up arguments among those annoying people who can’t figure out how much to leave. This calculator makes it easy.

Urban Spoon

Shake and find a restaurant near your geo-location.


Funny. Offers suggestions on what point of a movie you can use the restroom … and not miss a key scene.


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