Coronavirus Media Coverage

Coronavirus Media Coverage


Bloomberg: What Happens If the President Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Current: How to Prepare for COVID-19 as a Social Media Manager

Time: Mapping the Spread of the Coronavirus Outbreak Around the U.S. and the World

The Atlantic: How Herd Immunity Happens


CJR: How Journalists Around the World are Covering the Coronavirus

IJNET: Responsible Reporting on COVID-19 in the Age of Social Media

NY Times: The Coronavirus Outbreak

Washington Post: Coronavirus
Coverage home page includes a map, stories, data page and more.

Washington Post: Why Outbreaks Like Coronavirus Spread Exponentially

USA Today Coronavirus Guide

LA Times Graphics: Tracking Coronavirus in California

LA Times: Coronavirus Pandemic
Full coverage from the LA Times.

ProPublica Coronavirus Coverage

Detroit News: Coronavirus Crisis Coverage

Detroit Free Press: Coronavirus Coverage

Seattle Times Coronavirus Coverage

Seattle Times: Mapping a Pandemic

Crosscut Seattle Coverage

The New Orleans Advocate

Arizona Republic: Coronavirus

The Economist: Graphic Detail Blog
Great data viz examples of coronavirus coverage.

The Telegraph: You Are Not Alone COVID-19 Coverage

Politico Nightly: Coronavirus

Wall Street Journal: Live Coverage of the Coronavirus

The Atlantic: Coronavirus Coverage

Buzzfeed News: Coronavirus U.S. County Maps

NBC News: Coronavirus Outbreak Map

Associated Press Coronavirus Coverage

ABC News: Coronavirus Coverage

CBS News Coronavirus Live Updates

CNN: Coronavirus Explained
A good Q&A covering the basics.

CBS News Hour: Coronavirus Map/Coverage

CNN COVID-19 Resources
Search by ZIP code.

NPR: Coronavirus Live Updates

NPR: Map of Coronavirus Cases

Time: Mapping the Spread of the Coronavirus Outbreak Around the U.S. and the World

Bloomberg: What Happens If the President Tests Positive for Coronavirus

NPR: FAQ on Coronavirus

NPR: Coronavirus Daily Podcasts

NPR: How to Prepare Your Home for the Coronavirus

BBC News: A Visual Guide to the Pandemic

Coral (Vox Media): How to Manage a Community During a Pandemic

FiveThirtyEight Coronavirus Archive

Science Magazine: Coronavirus Coverage

AXIOS: Coronavirus Dashboard

Financial Times: Coronavirus Tracker
Updated graphics and data.

Buzzfeed News: Unpacking Terms We Use in a Pandemic

Financial Times: How Satellite Images Show the Global Lockdown COVID-19

The Telegraph: You Are Not Alone

Voice of America Coronavirus Coverage
Real-time maps and more.

Reuters Graphics: Coronavirus Unknowns

Wired: How Photojournalists are Documenting the Coronavirus Crisis

The Conversation: COVID-19 Coverage

Enigma: Embeddable COVID-19 Graphics

Solutions Journalism StoryTracker: Coronavirus

Social media: Coronavirus Hashtags and Influencers

The Conversation: Coronavirus Weekly

Medium: List of Coronavirus Posts
Be careful as not all posts are vetted or edited.

Google Trends: Coronavirus Searches

Coronavirus on Twitter

Social Journalism: Engaged Journalism and COVID-19
Great post by CUNY’s Carrie Brown.

Twitter List: COVID-19 Coverage
List compiled by Jeff Jarvis of CUNY.

Facebook CrowdTangle: COVID-19
Media coverage from all over the world as well as some random posts from public pages.

@ScienceWriters: COVID-19 Journalists Twitter List

S&P Global: Coronavirus Coverage

Twitter List: Epidemic Science and Health

ScienceAlert: What is Coronavirus

The Atlantic: How Herd Immunity Happens

NPR: How Do I Protect Myself if the Coronavirus Can Linger in the Air?

Current: How to Prepare for COVID-19 as a Social Media Manager

Buzzfeed News: Why BLM Protests Asked Journalists Not to Show Their Faces in Photos, Video

Sree’s Daily COVID-19 Call
Video conversations organized by Sree Sreenivasan about coronavirus-related topics. He has some great guests on to talk about framing coverage, etc.

The Atlantic: Empty Public Spaces During Coronavirus (photos)

CrowdTangle: COVID-19 Live Displays
Track info on the virus and disease on Facebook and Instagram.

BNO News: Tracking Coronavirus – Map, Data and Timeline

Quartz: Coronavirus – The US Had One Job

Center for Health Journalism: For Reporters Covering Stressful Assignments, Self-Care Crucial

SciLine: Covering COVID-19 Media Briefing

ProPublica: Steal Our Stories
Take COVID-19 coverage under a Creative Commons license.


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