Mobile Journalism Research

Mobile Journalism Research


Mojo Manual
A comprehensive guide to mobile video resources for newsrooms. Mojo expert Corrine Podger and others contribute to the site.

Free and Paid Video and Audio Editing Software
Both desktop and mobile tools. Complied by Ted Gutsche.

BBC Academy iPhone Training Videos

RJI: Five Ways Local Newsrooms Can Utilize TikTok

Editor’s note: Some apps listed here may no longer be available, and some of the recommendation pages refer to such apps.


Mobile and Social Media Journalism: A Practical Guide
Blogs, tutorials, industry sources, syllabuses and more. Site is tied to a journalism textbook.

Mojo Manual
A comprehensive guide to mobile video resources for newsrooms. Mojo expert Corrine Podger and others contribute to the site. A Crash Course in Mojo Filming

Mobile Journalism Manual
The guide for reporters and newsrooms.

RJI: Five Ways Local Newsrooms Can Utilize TikTok

GIJN: Essential Mobile Journalism Tools

GIJN: Editing on a Smartphone

GIJN: Recording Audio on a Smartphone

Video: Audio Hack Tutorial
This one-minute video gives some great tips for recording audio with your mobile device.

BBC Academy iPhone Training Videos

For more training videos, visit our YouTube page.

Headliner app
Turn podcasts and articles into compelling visual stories. 10 Tips for Introducing Mobile Journalism into a Local Newsroom

Knight Foundation Study on Mobile News Consumption
Curation of content and a heat map of new ideas and models for solutions journalism. Six-Must Have Mobile Tools for Journalists

12 Useful Apps for the iPhone X

Stephen Goforth: Multimedia Tools for Your Phone

ShoulderPod: Mobile Journalism
Resources, history of mobile reporting and much, much more.

IJNet: Basics of Smartphone Photography

MediaShift: 7 Ways to Build a Mobile, Multi-Platform Newsroom
How ASU’s Cronkite School shifted Cronkite News to a mobile platform.

Must-Have Mobile Journalism Accessories Twitter Video Downloader

Free and Paid Video and Audio Editing Software
Both desktop and mobile tools. Complied by Ted Gutsche.

TV VJ: Definitive Guide to iOS Audio Accessories

Mobile Production Toolkit
USC professors offer some great apps and tools to use in the field for multimedia reporting on your smartphone.

Data Journalism Needs to Go Mobile and Who Does it Well

IJNet: Incorporating Mobile Journalism into Local Newsrooms
Great list of tips (January 2020).

How to Get Started with Mobile Journalism

Essential Tools and Tactics for Video on Social

IJNet: Top Mobile Phone Apps for Journalists (Spring 2017)

Storm App
App lets you gather tweets for a tweetstorm.

Mobile Journalism Manual
The manual “shall encourage and empower journalists to produce more video stories just using their smartphones. It was written by mojo expert Corinne Podger and produced with a team of trainers and journalists, supported by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s Media Programme Asia.”

21 Tips for Mobile Ninjas
From Jeremy Caplan’s 2013 ONA presentation. Great resources.

GIJN: Editing on a Smartphone

How to Get Started in Mobile Journalism
Nice overview from

Google Test My Site for Mobile/Desktop
Test your site’s performance across mobile and desktop devices.

PBS MediaShift: Blow up the live blog with real-time reporting tools

The Next Web: 10 Best Apps for Shooting, Sharing Video

Connects your apps to help your workflow become more efficient.

Field Recorder
Android app that is great for recording phone conversations.

Five Things to Know About How Younger Generations Consume Media

Newsroom.Tools: Mobile Journalism Tools

Mobile-First Journalism: A Top 10 List
Blog post by Damon Kiesow, former mobile editor at the Boston Globe.

100 Best iPhone Apps of All-Time

An iPad app that helps tell personal stories.

IJNET: Smartphone video shooting tips
Stores important numbers in your life and makes them visual.

Tips on Writing for Mobile Devices

Root Metrics
Search by ZIP code and find cell and data performance in your area. Great for studying dead zones and how your audience may (or may not) be accessing your content.

Great blog about shooting photos, video and audio using your iPhone.

Type in an address to get longitude/latitude. Also use it wit Twitter’s search to locate tweets in a specific area.

Easy Guide to Mobile Data Collection
Data viz, social media, verification and more.

Mobile-First Design Tips
Ideas on how to design for a small screen.

GIJN: Mobile Journalism Guide

GIJN: Advanced Guide on Verifying Video Content

The Ultimate iPhone Photography Guide
Good list of basic apps and tools.

For more training videos, visit our YouTube page.
Webbys e-newsletter on mobile.

Tips on Using a Camera Phone

Mashable: Best Android Apps for Photo Editing

Mobile First News

Global Mojo
A great mobile blog.

Nieman Lab: Making Data Viz Work on Mobile

Mobile Apps for Journalists
From Val Hoeppner.

GoMo News

The Pragmatic Bookshelf
Books, readings and other resources on building mobile sites (code mostly).

Mobile Apps Gallery
Government-created mobile apps on hundreds of topics and services, ranging from weather to public works.
From First Look Media, global news delivered entirely through social media.

Smashing Hub: 10 Data Viz Inspirations for Mobile, Apps
Great examples and resources.

IJNET: Seven Photo Editing Apps for Mobile Journalists (2019)

Video: Mobile Journalism 101
Tips from a Newsday reporter.

YouTube Creators Academy
Primers, tips and training videos galore.

Mobile Tools for Video

Excellence in Journalism 2019 — Data Viz, Mobile Reporting, Social Tools

Mobile Tools for Photos Tips and Trick for Mobile Journalists

MacStories: Must-Have 2014 iPad Apps

iPhone Photography School
A great blog about shooting better photos with the iPhone. Tips, examples, interviews with photogs.

ProPublica: Design Principles for News Apps
Create mobile and web apps without code.

Buffer: The Ideal Length of All Online Content

Add audio/music to those cool hyperlapse videos.


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