Copy Editing Resources

Copy Editing Resources


Trans Journalists Association Style Guide

Find more editing resources on the Trust and Verification’s Fact-Checking page.

Thsrs: The Shorter Thesaurus
A great tool for headline writing. This thesaurus gives you synonyms the same length or shorter than the word you enter. This helps if you’re stuck on a headline and can’t think of a concise word to use on a tight headline count.

Verification Handbook (second edition)
From Craig Silverman, this guide gives you tools to verify digital content for emergency coverage.

Verification Handbook (first edition)
From Craig Silverman, this guide gives you tools to verify digital content for emergency coverage.

Google Fact Check Explorer
Look up and see a timeline of current fact-checks on news stories.

The American Copy Editors Society site offers editing tips, contests, quizzes, headline writing exercises, conferences and much, much more.
A must-bookmark reference site for copy editors.
Resources for copy editors and those who teach it.

This Word Does Not Exist
Hit reload to see a new word that’s made up.

The Elements of Style

American Press Institute Fact-Checking Resources

Quill: This Checklist Will Help You Edit Faster and Better

MediaShift: Advice for Journalists Working with Traumatic Imagery Five Proofreading Tools Every Journalist Should Know About Spelling and Grammar Check Tool
Has free and pro versions, including a Chrome plug-in.

Chicago Tribune Grammar Cheat Sheet

AP Stylebook Archives
Set up a free account and search archives of past stylebooks to the early 1900s. Very cool to see how dynamic language is.

ACES: Journalism Tools for the Modern Copy Editor

Old Editor’s Macro Checklist
Great tips and resources from the Baltimore Sun.

The Slot: The Nine Commandments of Caption Writing

Verified Pixel
Tool used to verify authenticity of photos.

Trans Journalists Association Style Guide

Poynter: Digital News Organization Style Guide

Global Investigative Journalism Network: Fact-Checking and Verification

GIJN: Editing on a Smartphone

Conscious Style Guide
For anyone curious or serious about conscious language. The latest observations, opinions, and style guides—all in one place.

Quill: Tools to Copy Edit Like a Boss

Verification Junkie
This tool from Josh Stearns centralizes several social media verification tools in one place. Great for reporting and fact-checking on deadline.

FirstDraftNews: The 5 sources of fake news everyone needs to look out for online

Google Newsgathering and Verification Tools

CUNY: Fact-Checking, Verification and Fake News Guide

Chrome and Firefox plug-in that verifies photos and video.

GIJN: How to Spot Deep Fake Videos

ICFJ: A Short Guide to the History of “Fake News” and Disinformation

Who Tweeted It First
Enter search keywords, or even a link, and we’ll find the first tweet that contains that term. Use search operators or put everything in “double quotes” for an exact match.

Visualize the spread of claims and fact checking.

First Draft News: Newsgathering and Monitoring on the Social Web

VettNews Cx Tool
The VettNews Cx tool improves the news organization’s process of correcting mistakes, receiving feedback and involves the public in doing so. This improves audience loyalty and subscription revenue. The Cx Tool button and dashboard system also offers monetization possibilities through advertising / underwriting.

For more training videos, visit our YouTube page.

Bellingcats Digital Forensics Tools
Open source verification and investigative tools.

How to Monitor Social Media for Misinformation

Global Investigative Journalism Network: Advanced Guide to Verifying Video Content

Amnesty International: YouTube DataViewer
Get a video’s thumbnails and do a reverse image search on them in one click.
A reverse lookup of You can locate a site by registrant.

Indiana University: Tips and Resources for Fact-Checking and Detecting Fake News

Track where and how fake news is spreading over social channels. Built by Indiana University.

Duke Reporter’s Lab: Fact-Checking Sites/Efforts Essential Guide to Responsible Reporting in an Age of Information Disorder

Public List of Fake News Sites

Reveal Image Verification Assistant
Uses a variety of techniques to verify a photo and show if it’s been doctored. Upload or link to a photo. Does a good job of explaining the science of digital image forensics.

First Draft News Fact-Checking Resources

5 Tools for Verifying YouTube Video

Font Joy Font-Pairing Tool
A free, bowser-based tool that matches fonts that work well together.

Illustrio Free Icon Library

Journalist’s Resource: Tips for Journalists Working With Math

Diversity Style Guide
“A resource to help journalists and other media professionals cover a complex, multicultural world with accuracy, authority and sensitivity. The guide includes terms and phrases related to race/ethnicity; religion; sexual orientation; gender identity; age and generation; drugs and alcohol; and physical, mental and cognitive disabilities.”

Analysis tool that shows you what in your writing may be keeping someone else from understanding the impact of your work. Offers a free trial.

Sixteen Great Typography Resources

Shared library of fonts and other resources.

IJNet: Tips for Editing Investigative Stories

First Draft News Reporting Tools
Social newsgathering, verification, law/ethics. A great collection of resources

First Draft News: Free Guide to Verifying Photos and Videos

List of False News Sites

First Draft News: Verification Toolbox

NY Times: Satellite Images and Shadow Analysis: How The Times Verifies Eyewitness Videos

How to Verify Information from Twitter
Great tips from Steve Buttry.

These videos were created by the SPJ Education Committee. Here’s a playlist of all of its training videos.

Reverse image search. Good for fact-checking photos.

API: How to Tell If a Photo is Fake
Great tips and video.

Poynter: Fact-Checking How-to Guides
From the Annenberg Pubilc Policy center, the site monitors the factual accuracy of what is said by major U.S. political players in the form of TV ads, debates, speeches, interviews and news releases.

American Press Institute Fact-Checking Resources

Washington Post: Fact-Checker’s Guide

Washington Post: Fact-Checkers Guide to Manipulated Video

Washington Post: Fact-Checker Tool

Poynter: Fact-Checker’s Code of Principles

Duke Reporters Lab: Fact-Checking Efforts Around the World (map)

10 Best Fact-Checking Tools

IJNet: Fact-Checking Tools

InVid Video Verification Plug-in
Browser plug-in that assists in debunking fake videos.

Gigaom: Resources for Fact-Checking News
Tool for building data visualizations on mobile.

First Draft News
Guide to navigating eyewitness media, from discovery to verification.

How Can Newsrooms Verify Video from Eyewitnesses?
Great set of resources from First Draft News.

FirstDraftNews: Understanding the Fake News Ecosystem

Graphic: Critical-Thinking Cheat Sheet

Storyful’s Open Newsroom
A Google Plus hangout where you can collaborate with other editors to check and verify the news.

Slate: Myths and Misreporting about Malaysia Airlines Flight 17
Tips and cautionary tales about reporting on disasters.

Politifact: Seven Steps to Better Fact-Checking
An excellent site on newspaper writing and reporting from Bob Baker of the LA Times. The site offers a dynamic e-newsletter on writing, editing and newsroom collaboration.

Editors Weblog

Editing a Web Site: Extending the Levels of Edit
Describes lessons learned by a university editing class when they edited a web site.

Grammar Guide
Now part of!

You Don’t Say Blog
Baltimore Sun’s John E. McIntyre writes about language, usage, journalism and more.

ACES: The Grammar Guide
Pam Nelson’s blog.

Finding and Fixing Typos
This post is full of good tips.

Crap Detection Resources

Top 25 Grammar Mistakes
From PR Daily.
Rumor tracking.

Washington Post: 150 Journalism Cliches

Kok Edit Copy Editor’s Knowledge Base
Copy editing resources from Katharine O’Moore Klopf.

Bill Walsh’s copy editing blog.

These videos were created by the SPJ Education Committee. Here’s a playlist of all of its training videos.

Think Like an Editor
A great blog about editing from Syracuse prof Emilie Davis and Steve Davis that includes videos, tips, issues and trends.

Mr. Rewrite Tumblr
Great examples of misspellings, grammar, punctuation errors etc. Priceless examples for those teaching editing classes.

Headline Formulas for Tweets, Posts, Articles and Emails

JournoResource: Math for Journalists
Covers some of the basics: mean, median, etc. Also has links to other tools.

First Draft News: Guides to Verify Photos and Videos

Common Sense Journalism Blog
From Doug Fisher, senior instructor at the University of South Carolina journalism school and executive editor of the Convergence Newsletter.

Six Places to Find Free Online Images
Professor Kenna Griffin gives a great list of resources.

Yale’s World Wide Web Style Manual
Describes lessons learned by a university editing class when they edited a website.

Five Free Tools for Finding and Verifying YouTube Videos in News

American Heritage Dictionary

After the Deadline
Download this desktop tool to check grammar and style, do contextual spell check and more. It’s more advanced than Microsoft Word.

Newsroom Transparency Tracker
A tool that equips you to assess the transparency of leading national and regional media outlets by surfacing the policies, practices, and people behind the news. The Tracker encourages media outlets to be accountable to the public and empowers the public to make informed choices about the news they watch, listen to, and read.

2013 AP Stylebook Quick Quiz
Answers at the bottom so don’t scroll down too far.

Wall Street Journal Grammar Quiz
Take an interactive quiz.

SPJ Pinterest: Grammar Goofs
Some great examples of what not to do.

Grammar.ccc: Sentence Subjects

10 Words Everyone Should Know How to Pronounce

Write Check
Check grammar and plagiarism.

2012’s Nine Most Hilarious NY Times Corrections

The Ancient Newspaper Editor Blog
Fun blog about news issues (and some interesting essays from Steve Fagan, a retired newspaper editor with 43-plus years in the business.

Subversive Copy Editor
Great blog on editing issues and trends.

On the Media: Consumers Guide to Breaking News
Partly in jest, this graphic does offer some sound advice.

Loaded with tip sheets and articles, this site features work previously published in “The Write Way,” some of which have been updated and revised for NewsCollege. Started in early 2006, the site covers many writing basics, such as tightening copy and eliminating weak quotes.
Free grammar, punctuation and other rules.

Poynter: Regret the Error Blog
Craig Silverman on errors that media make. Prepare Yourself for the Next Viral Hoax
Check out this advice to make sure you are prepared for the next viral hoax.
Reports on media corrections, retractions, apologies, clarifications and trends regarding accuracy and honesty in the press. It was launched in October 2004 by Craig Silverman, a freelance journalist and author based in Montreal.

99 Verification Tools

Twutorial for Copy Editors
Steve Buttry’s Powerpoint presentation.

AIM: Accuracy in Media
Explores fairness and balance in news stories. Covers recent issues with blogs and other updates.

Heads Up the Blog
Informative blog on copy editing and headlines.

Stinky Journalism
Journalism, online journalism ethics and accuracy blog.
Mistakes in movies, books, etc.

EnglishGrammar: Word Counter Tool

Six Places to Find Free Online Images
Professor Kenna Griffin gives a great list of resources.

20 Slack Apps You’ll Love
Keep your desk and newsroom organized.

Confusing Words
A database opf more than 3,000 words that get confused with other, or are difficult to understand. It?s great for sorting out small grammar issues, too.

First Draft News: Verification Toolbox

First Draft News: Verification Training Course
A free one-hour online course to help detect misinformation.

Common Usage in English
Search/sort alphabetically. Great quick reference on issues like tenet and tenant.

It Figures: Figures of Speech

Copyeditor’s Knowledge Base
Proofreading and copy editing tools galore.

Slanguage: Slang Terms
A collection of regional, national and international slang terms.
If you don’t have Word handy, enter a sentence or paragraph in this web-based tool and it will check for grammar errors.
Packed with useful word search tools, enter whatever related word you can think of and the site will help you find what looking for. You can find words that rhyme, similar spellings, synonyms and antonyms, similar sounding words, match consonants and more.

Reuters Handbook of Journalism

First Draft News
Essential newsgathering and verification resources for journalists.

NY Times Weekly News Quiz
Do you read the newspaper? You better! Writing Good Online Headlines
Follow the BBC approach.

AP Style Exercises Online
Developed by Ron Hartung, writing/editing coach at the Tallahassee Democrat.

Skewed News Tutor
Available in desktop and app, teaches news literacy and the ability to filter information online and on other platforms.

Put in an image URL or drag a photo into this free tool to see how much editing has been done to it. Great for fact-checking fake photos.

Jeffrey’s Exif Viewers
Review a photo’s metadata. Helps with verification.

Google Images: Reverse Image Search
Fact-check photos and see when they were first posted.

Video: How to Use Google Reverse Image Search

Similar to Google Image search. Fact-check photos.
Social backgrounding tool helpful for fact-checking. Gives you rich insights into any public twitter profile. Data about topics, mentions, hashtags, followers, location and more.
Find info on the person behind the email address, social username or phone number. Great for verifying account legitimacy.
Free people search tool.
Search people by name, phone, address and social media account.
Type in a domain name, IP address or person’s name to find site information or who owns/registered what online. for Facebook
Track down a Facebook ID and search for information/posts by that person in FB.

Facebook graph search among many others.

Use for fact-checking locations of photos and videos shared on social media.

AP Stylebook Online
You make the call: A one-year subscription to the online version is $20. You can buy the print copy for $12.50. The site does have some “web-only” content.

Crash Blossoms: Headlines Gone Wrong
A great site that highlights awful headlines and implied meanings. A must-bookmark for copy editors and teachers.

Addictionary: What’s Your Word?
Look up obscure useful words here, including slang and pop-culture language.
Free site that offers video lessons, exercises and much more.

AP 9/11 “Situational Stylebook”
AP style basics for common terms in 9/11 stories.

Dictionaries on the Web
More than 100 links to dictionaries in 40 languages

Gallery of Misused Quotation Marks
Copy editors are into sites like this.
Today’s Media Bloopers.

Forvo: Pronunciation Guide

Watchdog site for hoaxes, scams and urban legends.

Newswriting Cliches

Cliche of the Day

West Egg ClicheFinder Search Engine
More than 3,300 indexed cliches. Look them up and edit them out of stories.

Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing
Tips on writing, punctuation, grammar, usage, etc. Great podcasts where GG answers user-submitted questions.

Guide to Grammar and Writing

RhymeZone Shakespeare Search Engine

The New York Times Manual of Style and Libel
You have to register. Then click on store, then books.
Resources for journalism instructors at many levels: high school, college, newsroom, etc.
Resources for college journalism instructors.

My Favorite Word

Worldwide Words
Michael Quinion writes about international English from a British perspective. Fun with pop culture catch phrases.

A great site for copywriting tips. Targeted to marketing/advertising but it also has resources for editorial copy editors.

Sun Microsystem’s Style Guide

Forbes Investopedia
Dictionary of business terms, articles, tutorials, calculators and other helpful tools. Online Checker
Free online service for spotting inconsistencies in documents (it checks Word, PDF and text files).

Fast Company: How to Write Short Paid Editing Checker Demo Video
This is a paid checker that spots a variety of mistakes in documents. It’s a plug-in for MS Word that is particularly popular with professional copy editors.

Tim Berners-Lee’s CERN Style Guide

Criggo: Newspaper Mistakes

Top 100 April Fool’s Day Hoaxes of All Time

Editor Real Talk Tumblr
Need a fun break from a desk shift? Visit this site (just for fun).

Behind the Grammar
Blog by Grammar Girl’s Mignon Fogarty. She blogs about writing, language, business, some tech.


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