Covering Mass Shootings

Covering Mass Shootings

Resources for covering mass shootings and campus shootings

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USA Today Database on Mass Shootings

Mother Jones Mass Shootings Database

Stanford Libraries Mass Shootings Database

Google Dataset Search: Mass Shootings Data Results

Brookings Institute: Nine Questions to Ask After a Terrorist Attack

Journalist’s Resource: Six Tips for Reporting on Gun Policy and Gun Violence

How Journalists’ Jobs Affect Their Mental Health
A research roundup from Harvard’s Journalist’s Resource.

NY Times: How State Laws Allowed Military Guns Used in El Paso, Dayton Shootings

Pew Research: What Data Says About Gun Deaths in the U.S.

RTDNA: How Journalists Can Minimize Harm When Covering Shootings

RTDNA: Guidelines for Covering Mass Shootings

IJNET: Best Practices for Reporting on Mass Shootings

Gun Violence Archive
Statistics and resources on guns, mass shootings, etc.

Tips: Responsible Media Coverage of Crisis Events Impacting Children and Youth
From the National Assn. of School Psychologists, a great guide on how to approach the sensitive topic.

Journalist’s Resource: Seven Things Journalists Should Know About Guns

How Journalists Cover Mass Shootings: 5 Recent Studies
From Journalist’s Resource at Harvard University.

Seven Things Journalists Should Know About Guns
From Journalist’s Resource at Harvard University.

Tools for Reporters: Title IX Tracker and Other Tools for Covering Campus Crime

Journalist’s Resource: Tools for Covering the Orlando Nightclub Mass Shooting

Student Press Law Center: How to Cover Protests and Walkouts

Lafayette Advertiser: Death toll rises in theater shooting

Dart Center: Resources for Reporters Covering Mass Shootings

Dart Center: Working with Traumatic Imagery

Dart Center: Covering Children and Trauma

Dart Center: Resources for Covering the Parkland (Florida) School Shooting

MTV: Fight for Your Rights
The site offers many resources on bullying and how to deal with it.

Covering Insurance Industry and Climate Change Concerns
From the Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism.

RTDNA: Guides for Covering Mass Shootings

Red Cross: Helping Children Cope

Covering Your Campus on Lockdown

Indianapolis Star: Coverage of Purdue Shooting

Twelve Facts About Guns and Mass Shootings

USA Today: Mass Killings Database

The Nation: Fifteen Mass Shootings Happened in 2012

Washington Post: World’s Deadliest Mass Shootings

U.S. Mass Shootings in 2012
Map of the shootings with stats, details from The Washington Post.

ProPublica: Best Reporting on Guns

Journalists Resource: Studies on Firearm Violence

Journalists Resource: Research on Mass Shootings

Slate: Myths and Misreporting about Malaysia Airlines Flight 17
Tips and cautionary tales about reporting on disasters.

On the Media: Consumers Guide to Breaking News
Partly in jest, this graphic does offer some sound advice.

Denver Post
Timeline of school shootings since Columbine.

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