Digital Tools

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Google News Initiative Multimedia Storytelling Course
This course will empower you to transcend words and take your audience to the heart of the story with dynamic, interactive and exciting visuals that you create. Tools used: Google Crisis Map, Google Fusion Tables, Google Media Alerts, Google Earth Pro, Google Maps.

Teaching Resources for Google News Initiative Tools
Training videos, exercises, tipsheets and more.

Source: Field Guide to Open Source in the Newsroom

More Than 100 Journalism E-Newsletters
A great list compiled by CUNY’s Jeremy Caplan.

Journalism E-Newsletters

Medium: 30 Tools in 60 Minutes
This post from NICAR 17 features mobile and desktop apps for reporting and data journalism. Co-authored by Banjo’s Victor Hernandez and the Journalist’s Toolbox creator Mike Reilley.

Poynter: Top 10 Tools for Journalists, 2018

Free Online Database Creators
A 201 guide for taking your e-newsletter to the next level.

Technology Times
Founded in 2004, Technology Times delivers Nigeria technology news, information, events and business services to millions across Nigeria, Africa and beyond.

GIJN: Tips for Using Open-Source Tools When Reporting from Home

Web Archiving Initiatives Around the World
This is a Wikipedia list so double-check everything.

Keyboard Shortcut List
Shortcuts and Hot Keys Reference for Windows, Mac OS, Linux.

Able2Extract Professional
A PDF converter, creator, editor and more. Convert .PDFs into Excel.

58 Video Tech Tools
Great all-in-one workspace tool.

Combines Twitter threads into one readable page.

Ghost: How to Create an Effective E-Newsletter (2020)

Jeremy Caplan’s 10 Useful Tools for Visual Productivity

ONA Directory
More than 300 organizations that have supported ONA’s mission. Explore the database to find newsroom tools, potential employers, academic programs, nonprofits and foundations.

Dead Link Checker
Free and paid versions to help you fix/remove bad links on your site.

Tilda Publishing
CMS to build cool websites. More than 450 templates.

Create and manage video learning content.

OBS Open Broadcaster Software
Free open-source software for video recording and livestreaming.
Build a personalized productivity page.

Airtable: Journalism-Related Database Tools

Create nice looking long-form articles or your digital stories, no coding required. Export your created story and import as compatible html into your preferred platform.

Airtable Chrome Web Clipper Extension

Coda: Create Collaborative Docs
The database collects flight data and tracking information to generate statistics around aviation. Using data from different sources, we try to provide information not available on other sites. The site uses a variety of freely available data to generate the information. Those include airlines, airports and tracking data from planes. We are always looking for additional information so please get in touch if you would like to provide your data.

How to Set Up a Secure Phone
David Koff’s Medium post walks you through the steps. Important for investigative reporters and international correspondents.

Compares two or more text files and tells you how similar or different they are. Good for catching plagiarists.

Jungle Scout: Look Up Info on Amazon Product Sellers

This site lets you tag photos with audio and a lot more.
Free, open platform to support research and enable collaboration.

Excellence in Journalism 2019 — Data Viz, Mobile Reporting, Social Tools
Resources from Victor Hernandez and Mike Reilley.

p>Bellingcat Online Investigation Toolkit

Mozilla Link Explorer
Moz’s all-in-one link building tool. Link Explorer replaces Open Site Explorer with a new set of link analysis and competitive research tools, powered by a brand new and robust live link index.

Promo Free Image Resizer
Similar to Landscape from Sprout Social, you can drag an image into this browser-based tool and resize images to fit various social platforms.

Opt-In Newsletter Guide
From RJI, this guide helps news orgs build effective e-newsletters.

Video: JavaScript for Beginners
Instructional videos from Mindy McAdams at the University of Florida to code JavaScript. 30 videos in all. Short trainings you can cover in just a few hours.

The Noun Project: Free Icons
Over a million curated icons, created by a global community. 15 Successful Journalists Reveal Top 3 Productivity Tools

Distributed Newsroom Playbook: Technology and Tools
Resources and tools for remote newsrooms.

For more training videos, visit our YouTube page.

Creates an online test that engages your colleagues, pupils, or friends. It creates multiple choice test or exam and inspire learning in a fun and engaging way.

Storytooling Canvas
This form raises all the questions you should answer before committing to a specific storytelling tool. Helps you to sketch your ideas and thoughts.

Save My News
Built by Ben Welsh of the LA Times, you can save your online content with this desktop app through the Internet Archive (Wayback Machine).

European Journalism Observatory: Working With Whistleblowers In The Digital Age: New Guidelines
Great tips for investigative journalists on protecting sources.

Strip Creator
Create your own comic strip. Very cool.

The Newsletter Guide
This handy online guide offers tips on newsletter building, tools, workflow and monetization. A Journalist’s Guide to Open-Source Tools

Allows you to remove backgrounds from videos. Be careful with this tool ethically as you must label any photo or video an illustration.

Quartz AI Studio: Learn Machine Learning with These Videos
Can be used to play YouTube and Vimeo videos frame by frame, to see any inconsistencies in content.

VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. It also assists in helping you download YouTube videos. Free, no spyware and runs on all platforms.

Tips to Make Your Zoom Presentations User-Friendly

Hackastory: 10 Best Tools of 2018

Tool for building longform stories in digital.
Build longform stories with this WordPress plug-in template.

Longform storytelling designs for WordPress.
Free tool scans your web pages for broken links and 404 pages.

Examples of How Media Are Using Free Digital Tools
Great teaching resource.

Columbia Journalism Review: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Online video and animation maker.

GIJN: Essential Mobile Journalism Tools

Tools for Reporters: Top Five Tools of 2018

Seven PlayBuzz Tools to Create Your Best Content

IJNET: How to Create GIFs for Use in Journalism

ICFJ: How are Journalists Embracing the Digital Era
A Google Trends project.

Github: Haccer Tweep Scraper Tool

Github: Twitter-Scrape

A free, powerful, tool to scrape twitter and build any dataset you need.

Nine Essential Tools from ICIJ’s Data Journalists and Programmers

Promo Free Image Resizer
Similar to Landscape from Sprout Social, you can drag an image into this browser-based tool and resize images to fit various social platforms.

10 Best Web Scraping Tools

Knight Lab: Beginners Guide to Collecting Twitter Data

Scraping Expert: Best Way to Scrape Data from Twitter

Best Media Newsletters for Anyone Working in Journalism, Advertising, Communications and Tech

Promo Free Image Resizer
Similar to Landscape from Sprout Social, you can drag an image into this browser-based tool and resize images to fit various social platforms.

A great all-in-one data viz tool. Scrape, sort, filter and design graphics in this free tool. Video on how it works.

Workbench Github Page: Tips

HackaStory:10 Best Free Digital Storytelling Tools for Journalists

Cal Berkeley Online Multimedia Tutorials
Aggregate all of your social media into one feed.

Source Blog

Code Actually
Primers, tools, repository to help journalists learn to code.

Google Earth Timelapse
Track changes over 32 years to environment, city, region.

Adobe Kuler Color Generator

Color schemes generator.

Create responsive multimedia layouts with no code: audio, video, images, etc.

Suite of tools for analyzing media use.

Mobile Journalism Manual
The guide for reporters and newsrooms.

R for Journalists
Tips and resources for anyone using R in data reporting

Turn interviews into shareable, embeddable interactive chats.

Event Registry
Collects and analyzes news articles published by more than 30,000 news publishers worldwide.

Global Editors Network: Digital Tools Used at Washington Post

IJNET Video: 5 Transcription Tools for Journalists

TNW: Tips for Creating Social Video Content

Buzzfeed: 26 Innovative Storytelling Tools

Rob Boffard: Four Tools to Make Journalism Easier

Local News Lab: Guides for Editors

Local News Lab: Guides for Editors

Muzli: 10 Video and Graphic Creation Tools

API: How to Tell If a Photo is Fake
Great tips and video.

ShoulderPod: Mobile Journalism
Resources, history of mobile reporting and much, much more.
A reverse lookup of You can locate a site by registrant.

10 Blogs Journalists Must Read
Great list by professor Kenna Griffin.

Create your own stop-cam videos.
Resources to learn code: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python.

Video: How to Set Up Google Analytics in Five Easy Steps

Fader VR Editor
Browser-based editor for building VR videos.

State of Digital Journalism: Overcoming Newsroom Crisis
Build and publish simple interactive stories.

Font Joy Font-Pairing Tool
A free, bowser-based tool that matches fonts that work well together.

Connects your apps to help your workflow become more efficient.

Illustrio Free Icon Library
Create mobile and web apps without code.

A simple way for journalists, developers and creators to weave interactive stories.

Programming Apps That Teach Coding

Data Remixed: How to Make Small Tableau Public Maps
Good list of basic apps and tools from Ohio State’s Doug Haddix.

Juice Analytics: Data Viz Design Principles

Buffer: The Ideal Length of All Online Content

Web Journalist Tools
List of helpful coding and data viz tools from Robert Hernandez at USC.

GitHub Open Journalism
Open-source tools galore!

Browser-based tool that helps you build longform, visual stories.

CUNY Video Classes
Free classes offered on investigative journalism, audience engagement, etc.

Add sound to your photos.

Academy of Storytellers
Learn about video storytelling.

Do screen captures of your browser.

Tips on Writing for Mobile Devices

jQuery Notebook Demo

Pew State of the News Media 2014 Report

Nine Online Tools to Help Journalists Monitor Their Beats

Knight Lab Publisher’s Toolbox
Timeline JS, Storymap, Juxtapose and more.

StoryBench: How to Build an Embeddable Line Chart with

CMS for building websites. Has some cool templates.

Naptha: Capture and Copy Text from Images
A great browser plug-in.

Create interactive videos.

Make interactive videos. Add links, chapters and quizzes.

Create interactive videos.

Create interactive videos.

Recite This
Turns a quote into a visual or graphic.

Photo editing tool that runs in your browser.

Media-rich publishing to the web, e-books and mobile apps. Free site.

HTML 5 text editor.

Code Actually
A great package of coding tutorials.

Adobe Voice

Platform for journalists & citizens to record and share audio.

Docs Online Viewer
Chrome plug-in that lets you view and document right in your browser.

Poynter: Starter Storytelling Tools for New Journalists

Future of News Resources
Platform for journalists & citizens to record and share audio.

Google Web Apps

Muckrack: How to Take Better iPhone Photos

A low-cost data crunching tool that can be used to cheaply process paper forms into digital data.

Aesop Storytelling Engine
Interesting longform platform plug-in for WordPress.

Social Image Resizer Tool
Resizes an image to fit various social media sites.

Web app to transcribe audio interviews.

Digital Media Law Project
Formerly the Citizen Media Law Project, this organization supports the vibrant online culture of citizen media and independent journalism by providing free legal advice and information on a wide range of media law, intellectual property and business law issues.

Five Scraping Tools for Would-Be Data Journalists

How to Make an Animated GIF

Ezra Eeman’s Journalism Trends Reports
A growing collection of trend reports on media, technology, society and anything in between. Curated by Ezra Eeman, Head of Digital EBU.

Jeffrey’s Exif Viewer
Breaks down photos to show what photoshop work or alterations have been made. Also has a browser button to sort right off the page. Type in link or upload the photo from your desktop.

Knight Lab Audio Trends and Tools

Live-stream video from your mobile phone.

Cool mapping tool. Add photos, video, text, etc.

Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts
Great list of keyboard shortcuts for Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Whiteboard Fox
Share a whiteboard in real-time on any web browser.

Society for New Communications Research


Nieman Journalism Lab
A project of Harvard University.

The PaidContent
Jeff Cutler’s site of helpful web tools.

Invisible Inkling
Blog from journalist Ryan Sholin.

Wired Pen


Transcribes video/audio. Costs $2 a minute. First five minutes free.

For desktop and mobile. Create interactive videos.

Favicon Generator

Resumup: Make Your Resume Visual
Browser-based visualization tool.

Turns your browser into a learning magazine. The add-on analyzes how you read and what you like.

Copyblogger: How to Turn a Ho-Hum Infographic into Something Special

Pablo: Engaging Social Images in 60 Seconds
Create cool social media images with text. Great tool.

Journalism Tools on Pinterest
A great collection from Ezra Eeman.

It’s All Journalism Podcast

On the Media Podcast

This Week in Tech Podcast Podcast

How to Embed Vertical Video from YouTube or Vimeo

Five Free Tools for Finding and Verifying YouTube Videos in News

Build cool multimedia stories.

Great for building portfolio templates.

Journalism2ls: 16 Journalism Tools Worth Exploring in 201

Katch: Cloud Storage for Meerkat and Periscope

Analytics for Journalists: Further Reading

Web-Strategist: Social Networking Statistics, 2009

Old Media New Tricks
Run by journalists from the Chicago Tribune and Austin American-Statesman, this site offers hands-on advice from many in media who using social networking and Web 2.0 tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. The site also offers great blogging tips.

Friend or Follow
A helpful database for tracking Twitter followers and to track who’s following you.

Newspaper Clipping Generator
A fun, but dangerous, tool. Generates fake newspaper headlines based on what you enter. It’s pretty easy to tell that they’re fake, however.

Video: The Impact of Twitter on Journalism
Great video with Jeff Jarvis, Craig Kanalley and Mark Luckie.

50 Tools for Online Public Engagement

Receive an email notification that someone is following you on Twitter. It includes information about that person (how many followers, updates, etc.)

Gramfeed Instagram Search
Great tool. You can search by people, hashtag, location, etc.

Full RSS to email in real-time.

Podcasting Legal Guide

Blogging Basics for College Journalists
From Mindy McAdams.

Build maps/timelines in this mashup tool. Great way to build interactive stories.

NAA: Digital Edge

API: Newspaper Next

Create a website, fast and free.

The Reddit Edit
Created by a freelance journalist, this site features the best of Reddit. Great place to go and find story ideas.
Realtime document conferencing that features a chat area, color-coding for users and playback.

The Guardian: Data
Great examples of data viz and infographics from the UK pub that does it right. Web at 25: Tools for Journalists

53 Rights-Free Photo Resources

Checks the activity of a Twitter account and gives it a score based on how likely the account is to be a bot. Higher scores are more bot-like.

Associated Press Guide to Augmented Reality Journalism

A simple web video editing platform.

ICFJ Knight Fellows:10 Free Investigative Journalism Tools
This data is compiled by an independent all volunteer group based out of reddit.

Mulin Blog: Digital, Online Training Courses
Tips, resources, links to free online digital training courses.

Embed Responsively
Allows you to embed video and other third-party apps for responsive design.

Before andAfter Photo Slider JQuery Plug-in
How to make the popular slider tool that works well for overhead shots from Google Earth (before/after a tornado).
Create media-rich narratives.
Add tags to your photos.

Lets You Search Instagram.

This tool lets you upload pics to Instagram from your desktop.

SPJ Training on Demand: Data Visualization
Instructional videos from the Tribune’s Andy Boyle.

Pic Monkey
Browser-based photo editing tool.

The Functional Art: Data Viz and Infographic Readings
List of articles and posts about graphics and data viz from Alberto Cairo at the University of Miami.

Popcorn Maker
Add interactivity, text, photos, maps and other interactive features to your video or audio slideshow.

Net Magazine: Top 20 Data Visualization Tools

Aron Pilhofer on Data Journalism
Great read on using data in reporting.
Build cool infographics.

Turn YouTube Videos into GIFs by Adding GIF to URL

TechLearning: 20 Apps to Help the Digital Learning Process
Build and share interactive infographics.

Million Cameras
RebelMouse site features hundreds of crowdsourced news photographs.

Mobile First News
Visual document mining for journalists.

Graphic: What Happens on the Internet Every 60 Seconds
From Val Hoeppner.

Immersive Journalism
A look at 3D and immersive storytelling. Put the reader in control of the story. Some interesting concepts on this site.

Build timelines with this online tool.

Awesome Screenshot
Capture any part of a page and add text, graphics. Plug-in for Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

50 Blogs for Journalists by Journalists
Data viz, social media, verification and more.

Timeline building tool from Pro Publica.

15 Tools That Will Help You Build Your Website or App

After the Deadline
Download this desktop tool to check grammar and style, do contextual spell check and more. It’s more advanced than Microsoft Word.

Google Test My Site for Mobile/Desktop
Test your site’s performance across mobile and desktop devices.
Build online infographics.

MobiForms Developer
Develop mobile apps in HTML 5 with no programming. Download the software from this site.

Embed Responsively
Allows you to embed ideos from YouTube and Vimeo, Maps from Google and photos from Instagram so they are responsive on your site and will resize on any device.

Site for sharing drone photography.

How Five Media Outlets Are Using Tumblr

The Online Timeline
From David Carlson at the University of Florida.

George Mason University: Center for History and New Media

Liquid Newsroom
Future of Journalism Lab blog on mobile trends and other industry news.

Spreadsheet Journalism Blog
Digital journalist Abbott Katz blogs from London. His blog “helps bring you up to speed with some of Excel’s important capabilities, and points you at the story possibilities boxed inside the data.”

Poynter: Digital News Organization Style Guide
Create online magazines with this curation tool. Works like a combination of Storify and
Free .MP3 uploading, hosting and sharing. Works similar to SoundCloud. Top Journalism Tools from 2014

National Geographic: How to Take Pictures with a Camera Phone

Center for Digital Ethics & Policy

22 Apps and Tools Every College Journalism Student Should Know About

Google Moon
Zoom in on areas of the moon. Works in browser or in Google Earth. Use images on your site and credit Google.

Mashable: Web Typography 101
Breakdown of web-safe fonts.

30 Free Data Visualization Tools

Jupiter Communications
Jupiter Communications provides research on Internet commerce. Jupiter’s research, which is solely focused on the Internet economy, provides clients with comprehensive views of industry trends, forecasts and best practices.

Essential Visualization Tools for Mapping

Build a social network into your site.

Tiki Toki Timeline Creation Tool

Life and Code
Dozens of great code for journalists tutorials from Lisa Williams.

Tech Republic: 2015 Tech Trends to Watch

2012 NY Times Year in Graphics
Great examples of data viz and infographics.
This site is a collection of news, tools and links targeted to the online news industry. The site, which offers and RSS, is a good quick reference for industry trends. It’s run by Will Sullivan, the award-winning Interactive Director of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Online News Association
Good online newsletter with dot-com studies, more.

Electronic Frontier Foundation: Legal Guide for Bloggers

Mobile Apps Gallery
Government-created mobile apps on hundreds of topics and services, ranging from weather to public works.

Photoshop to HTML/CSS converter. Strip down Photoshop files (.psd) and convert them to embeddable HTML or CSS code.

Pew Research: Local News in a Digital Age
Powerpoint full of resources.

Tiki-Toki Timelines

Timeline Setter
Tool from ProPublica.

Internet Newsroom
A good newsletter on how journalists should use the Web.

Next Level of News
Great blog about online storytelling, social media and other trends.

The Guardian: The Data Blog
Great examples of data viz and infographics from the UK pub that does it right.

The Functional Art: Data Viz and Infographic Readings
List of articles and posts about graphics and data viz from Alberto Cairo at the University of Miami.

Google Public Data Explorer
Makes large datasets easy to explore, visualize and communicate. As the charts and maps animate over time, the changes in the world become easier to understand.


ScoopIt: Top Web Sites for Journalists

Send/share large video files.
Organize your social media and other online accounts.

Data Miner UK
Site helps you develop ideas for data-based online journalism projects.

Talking New Media Blog
A daily chronicle of Internet, mobile and tablet publishing news, information and opinion.

Social Media Today
A daily chronicle of Internet, mobile and tablet publishing news, information and opinion.


jPlayer: HTML 5 Audio and Video Player

Video streaming tool.

Online storytelling tool.

Helps you collect data from web, cell phones, etc., aggregate it and visualize it on a map.

Useful Newsroom Social Media Tools
Nice list of resources from Kate Gardiner.

Free timeline creation tool. Post and share on web.

W3 Web Tutorials
Learn HTML, CSS, etc.

Open source code for interactive mapping.

CNN: Newsroom Exposed
A look at the extensive process of getting a story from the newsroom to the Web.
Shortens URLs and provides diagnostics/stats on hits.

House Subcommittee on Communications, Technology and the Internet

ClickZ: Seven Qualities of Good Online Writing

Media Impact Project
Resources for tracking site metrics, analytics.

GIF Rocket
Create GIFs from any video.
Search this database by city or state in the U.S., or several other countries for places where you can connect to the Internet without plugging your laptop into the wall. Includes airports, restaurants, etc.

NPR: As a Matter of Fact Blog
Blog from the news librarians at National Public Radio.

Center for Media Innovation and Research
University of Florida innovation.

Media Visions
Great research with a strong section on critical-thinking skills.

Center for Citizen Media
More resources for citizen media.

The Digital Journalist
Helps more than 600 newspapers — dailies and weeklies in 48 states publish on the World Wide Web. Operated by International Newspaper Network, which was founded in 1989 to help community newspapers deal with new technology, the site offers tips, stories and a newsletter on tech trends.

Mindy McAdams: Citizen Journalism Workshop Links
Resources galore, including multimedia primers for video, audio slideshows, etc.

Investigative Reporters and Editors site offers many free and charged resources.

Hacks/Hackers Help Page
Tips and tricks for spreadsheets, databases and other online apps questions.

Tips for Journalists Who Want to Code

Mapperz Mapping News
A blog about mapping.

URL Appraisal
Find out how much your web address is worth.

Ben Franklin Project: Web Tools
A great list of free online storytelling and multimedia tools.

Top 10 Crimes of Online Writing

The Electronic Frontier Foundation
EFF works to protect free expression and access to information online.

CJR: News Frontier Database

24 Tools Journalists Should Explore in 2015

Flowing Data: 37 Data-ish Blogs You Should Know About

PC Magazine: 10 Ways Not To Be a Jerk Online

The Wayback Machine
A new version of that searches screengrabs of old website designs.

Medium: New Storytelling Medium Emerging

Medium: 12 Communities Journalists Should Know About

Build rich contact profiles inside your Gmail.
Build infographics in this free, easy-to-use browser-based tool.

Twitter spam filter.

Evaluates your site based on SEO, design-friendliness, etc.

Evaluates your Web site’s SEO, design, etc.

Imbedding Almost Anything on Your Web Page

Online magazine about digital imaging published in three editions (English, Spanish and Dutch).

Media Web Directory
A great collection of links to media-related sites.

100 of the Best Authors on Twitter

Flowing Data: The Best Data Visualization Projects of 2011

StoryBench: How to Build a Narrative Web Layout

ONA: Best Audio Slideshows 2011
User picks. Great examples for newsrooms, classrooms.

Ragan: 14 Apps That Will Jumpstart Your Writing
Internet statistics and marketing information.

Mastering Multimedia
A blog about photojournalism and online journalism.
Guide to the best in multimedia and video journalism.

Future Journalism Project
Blog about the industry, tech equipment, issues in online journalism, etc.
It’s mission is to “investigate, inform and improve the credibility of information published on the World Wide Web.”

ManyChat: Create a Facebook Messenger Bot

The Digital Publisher
A new column on online publishing.
Site is indexing Sept. 11 content.

Site closed May 2001 but still has content up. Best of the Web
Tracks trends in many e-industries and includes lists of links.

SEO for Journalists Blog

National Education Technology Writers Association

Media Survey
Tracks Web site performance. A good newsletter that offers “expert tech media analysis.”
Like the Nielsen TV ratings, this site offers traffic information for the top Web sites.

Small Business Websites That Work
This is the companion site to my book of the same name and includes lots of helpful background material for writers researching how company Web sites can be made effective. There are a couple of full chapters available for download (including an internet backgrounder called “Getting to Know the Internet”) and lots of links for businessmen and researchers.


Top Documentary Films
Watch online documentaries for free.

The Internet Society: A Brief History of the Internet

Wall Street Journal All Things Digital

Tech blog from journalist Jeff Jarvis.

ClickZ Internet Statistics and Demographics

Andrew Holovaty
Site of innovative Chicago web developer Andrew Holovaty, who developed Django, etc.

History of Computing Project

Hobbes’ Internet Timeline


Institute for New Media Studies

University of Maryland J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism

Google program helps turn numbers into visual stories.

Journal of New Communications Research
Create your own internet radio station.

A Journalist’s Guide to Web Scraping

Electronic Frontier Foundaton: Legal Guide for Bloggers

Podcasting Legal Guide

Online News Association



The Verge





Smashing Magazine

PBS: MediaShift
From PBS’ Mark Glaser.

Library of Congress; National Digital Information Infrastructure
and Preservation Program

Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society

WWW-VL: Internet History

Journalism2ls: Resources for Building Messenger Bots

Web Page Design for Designers
This site is helps graphic designers make the transition from print to the web.

Knight Digital Media Center Tutorials
Great training tips, ranging from video software to data visualization.

Web Review
Targeted to designers, this site covers various aspects of developing a web site, developing a database, news and Web tools and include columns about creating a site.

Stanford: Journalism in the Age of Data
A great video tutorial on how to use data visualization online as a journalist.


Video: History of the Internet

New Media and Technology Law Blog

Backpack Journalism Blog
From Bill Gentile.

Steve Yelvington’s Media Blog

Video Journalism
Cyndy Green’s blog on thinking visually.

Mashable: How Social Media Is Changing the Business of TV

Error Level Analysis
Enter the web address of an online photo and this free site analyzes how much Photoshop work has been done to the photo.

Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
A site that invites journalists to publish their work and reach new audiences.

Knight Digital Media Center Newsletter
A great visual mashup that allows you to pinpoint Twitter topics trending across the country.

What the Hashtag?
Look up what various hashtags mean in this database. Great for finding Twitter chats.

Video: Tutorial on How to Use BatchGeo with Google Maps
Track trends on a specific topic or newsmaker.

Great for tracking trends on a specific topic or newsmaker.
A government data mashup that is an initiative of the Obama administration.

Mozilla Thimble
Experiment with HTML in this browser-based tool.

Reveal JS
HTML framework site.

HTML 5 Templates
Free templates.
Crowdsourced funding for photojournalism projects, similar to
Hotjar is a new and easy way to truly understand your web and mobile site visitors. Identify your hottest opportunities for improvement using polls, forms, heat maps, etc.

Information Valet Project
From the Reynolds Institute at the University of Missouri, the Information Valet Project is organizing an information-industry collaborative to build, own and operate a shared-user network layered upon the basic Internet.

How to pull live TV clips off the web and share in social media and embed in Storify.
Download streaming video from YouTube and other sites to edit and use in your video.

SearchEngineLand: What is SEO?
Video explains what search engine optimization is and how it works.
Web editor that helps you write stories.

Sketch Together
Work remotely on a whiteboard with anyone, anywhere.

Sepiatown: Mapped Historical Photos, Film and Audio
Upload historical images by location. Then/now tool compares Google Streetview images along with images from the past.

Build imbedded flow charts for free.

Open source graph visualization tool.

Free Multimedia Tools

Newseum Digital Classroom Videos
From ethics to apps, these short videos give you the basics of journalism.

Only works on windows. Has some great features: cross-fade loops, vocal removal, batch processing, etc.

22 Cool and Useful Sites and Tools That You’re Not Using

MediaShift: 7 Ways to Build a Mobile, Multi-Platform Newsroom
How ASU’s Cronkite School shifted Cronkite News to a mobile platform.

Only designed for Mac and Linux, this “digital audio workstation” can record, mix, and edit audio cost-free.

Free only for Macs, this full-featured audio editor is compatible with the full range of audio and music file formats.

A new interactive storytelling project for journalists, coders and documentary makers.

Add layers of multimedia content into your videos.

Do ButtonCreate your own personalized IFTTT button.

Good for building free audio slideshows.

Another good tool for building free audio slideshows.

Below the Fold
Blog by Gary Goldhammer, a PR/marketing person and former journalist. News commentary, offbeat stories.

Greg Palast Journalism and Film Blog

PJNet: Public Journalism Network

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