Miscellaneous Environment Sites

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Environmental Working Group
Research on health and the environment.

The Chemical Hazard Data Commons
A free tool to help journalists quickly research chemical hazards for over 60,000 substances and hundreds of thousands of synonyms. Aggregates hazard determinations from a wide range of state, national and international governmental scientific bodies into a quick thumbnail view. Find chemicals, get GreenScreen List Translator Scores, check chemicals against RSLs, and link chemical identifiers and key characteristics. The Data Commons lets you create groups of chemicals to compare and track their hazards.

Toxic Waste Sites and Environmental Justice Research Roundup
A 2019 post from Harvard’s Journalist’s Resource.

A map that contains thousands of free, high-res satellite images of the Earth.

Explore tools, review reports, and discover ways to help the planet.

Google Environmental Insights Explorer
Call up city to look at emissions, air quality and other data taken from models in Google Maps. If your city is not there, you can write and request it. Methodology explained at bottom of city datasets.

Google Global Forest Watch

Google Global Fishing Watch
Track fishing vessels around the globe.

Global Surface Water Explorer
A virtual time machine that maps the location and temporal distribution of water surfaces at the global scale over the past 3.5 decades, and provides statistics on their extent and change to support better informed water-management decision-making.

EPA National Center for Computational Toxicology

Project Drawdown
A nonprofit organization that seeks to help the world reach “Drawdown”— the future point in time when levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere stop climbing and start to steadily decline.

Graphics and data galore on environmental issues.

Nieman Lab: Dangers of Covering Environmental Disasters
Dealing with the physical and mental toll of covering wildfires, hurricanes and other disasters.

Google Crisis Response US Wildfires Map
Wildfires around the country. Map includes public alerts and other information.

2018 Camp Fire Crisis Map (Northern California)
For the California Fires, the Google Crisis Response team has made available Crisis Maps with information specific to the Camp Fire in Butte County and the Woolsey Fire in Ventura County. We are also publishing a KML with updated satellite imagery for use in Google. The maps contain a variety of available information, including shelters, traffic, fire perimeters, and some satellite imagery. As additional data becomes available, the team will add it to the maps.

2018 Wooley Fire Crisis Map (Southern California-Malibu)
For the California Fires, the Google Crisis Response team has made available Crisis Maps with information specific to the Camp Fire in Butte County and the Woolsey Fire in Ventura County. We are also publishing a KML with updated satellite imagery for use in Google. The maps contain a variety of available information, including shelters, traffic, fire perimeters, and some satellite imagery. As additional data becomes available, the team will add it to the maps.

Reporting on Climate Adaptation
Features an extensive resource database and series of backgrounders to help improve coverage of society’s preparation for the impacts of climate change.

National Landcover Database
Land cover information at the national scale for a wide variety of environmental, land management, and modeling applications.

Crop Prophet
US crop forecasts based on machine learning models relating weather to crop production.

NASA Landsat
Pull satellite imagery.

This online museum features a collection of more than 600 innovative, interactive exhibits about science, nature, art, technology, etc.

USGS Social Media Accounts to Follow
Key accounts for tracking earthquakes and environmental news.

U.S. Energy Information Administration

Poynter: 7 Tips for Conducting Better Interviews with Scientists

Global Forest Watch
Info and data on deforestation and more.

Journalist’s Resource: Covering Extreme Weather – What to Avoid and How to Get It Right

U.S. Department of Agriculture: Fisheries and Aquaculture Department

Covering Insurance Industry and Climate Change Concerns
From the Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism.


Environmental News Network

Arbor Day Foundation
Media page has press releases, logos/illustrations, PSAs, storm recovery kit and more.

Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (Energy)

Sustainable Gardening Library
Check out the Sustainable Gardening Library to learn how to garden, farm, and use the land more sustainably from experts at public gardens, colleges and universities, and government agencies. We work to spread the word about their research, demonstration gardens, and educational programs to help solve some of the problems that threaten the health of our planet.

National Wildlife Federation

Environmental activist group with dozens of blogs, press center, sources, etc.

Eight Mistakes First-Time Eclipse-Chasers Make

Greenpeace: Stop Greenwashing
Greenwashing describe the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service. This Greenpeace site is a great resource to find more case studies of companies’ greenwashing as well as other criteria and how to suggestions for businesses to go green ethically.

Free Climate
Must have Microsoft Silverlight installed to run it.

World Meteorological Organization

Covering Pipelines Tipsheet
Great list of tips and links to databases on covering pipeline issues.

Perspective from top pipeline lawyers.

Natural Resources Defense Council

Society of Environmental Journalists

For more training videos, visit our YouTube page.

A cool database that allows you to call up environmental news by zip code.

Natural Resources Defense Council
A nice resource for expert sources and studies. The organization releases studies on the environment, including beaches, erosion and water quality. The organization claims it “works to protect wildlife and wild places and to ensure a healthy environment for all life on earth.”

Fragile Oasis
A space blog about how to improve the environment on Earth.

The Sierra Club
Conservation site has a press room, politics and issues section, video and more.

Washington Post: The Climate Agenda

Farmer’s Almanac Weather Page
Provides some of the forecast information from the print almanac, including full moons and meteor showers.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Water Center
Research, education, newsletter and links.

CDC: Environmental Health

Backpacker Magazine

National Zoo
Photos and information on all kinds of animals.

This site leads you to high-risk areas for environmental problems. Just use a zip code for a complete list of top pollutants and polluters in that area. A very easy-to-use database.

Environmental Law and Policy Center

Defenders of Wildlife

News and articles on science, health, environment and technology.

Garden Writers Association

All about solar power, industry stats and solar power equipment managers.

Climate Central
The site describes itself as “an independent, non-profit journalism and research organization…helping mainstream Americans understand how climate change connects to them.”

Managed by the Rainforest Alliance, the Eco-Index is a bilingual, searchable database of more than 1,250 biodiversity conservation and sustainable development projects in the North, Central, and South America and the Caribbean.

Developed by Enviornmental Defense, a nonprofit group. Offers U.S. average wood consumption energy use, and other environmental impacts of different kinds of paper.

Tracks green efforts, or lack thereof, of the Big Three automakers.

Smithsonian Wild
A photostream of animals and birds from around the world.

A clearinghouse of breaking news and studies of environmental issues.

Environmental News Network
This started as a print newsletter but is a news site updated constantly.

Environment News Service

Science and Technology News Network
Award-winning site with high-end news headlines.

A list of links and information on organizations, business, publications, online databases and software, research, and education for air pollution, biotechnology, chemistry, ecology, impact and risk assessment, laws, pollution, sustainable development, soil and wetlands, and water and wastewater.

Ease History
This Michigan State University website features videos and photographs from 1900 to the present. The site connects historical events, campaign ads and core democratic values. Users can search on over 600 videos and photographs and view them inside three different interfaces. It’s built from an environmental perspective and includes ad campaigns from the 1950s to present.

Dept. of Energy: Active Oil Rigs
Use this state-by-state map to see where oil rigs are running in the United States.

Animal Legal Defense Fund

California Coastal Records Project
This site features an aerial photographic survey of the California Coast and updates on a periodic basis. This photographic database contains over 12,000 frames of the California coast shot since 2002.

Alternative Fueling Station Locator

National Academy of Sciences: U.S. Earthquake Resilience Needs Strengthening

Energy Information Administration Country Analysis Briefs
Official energy stats from the U.S. government. Use this image map to look up information.

Recycling tips galore.

Answers basic questions about fuel cell technology and links to companies and universities doing research in that area.

From Wikipedia, this site explores the environment.


Alligator fatal attacks and encounters with humans: Historical data and research
From Journalist’s Resource at Harvard University.

American Society for Microbiology

MODIS Rapid Response System
Developed to provide daily satellite images of the Earth’s landmasses in near real time. Great for tracking storms, earthquakes, etc.


National Gardening Association

The Food and Environment Reporting Network
Claims to be an independent, non-profit news organization that does investigative work on agriculture, environmental health and food.

Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center
Government site offers tip sheets, contacts, studies and other resources.

Petroleum Reduction Planning Tool
Consumer guide to cutting fuel costs. From the Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center.

Academy of Natural Sciences

Cool Green Science
Conservation blog of the Nature Conservancy.

Grist: Environmental News

Deeply Curious
An archive of thousands of ocean and land photos from world-renowned photographers.

TrailLink Trails Database
A database of free trail information that allows you to acess surface types, locations, distances and even photos.

International Fund for Animal Welfare
International non-profit that works on a variety of wild and domestic animal issues. It has offices in 15 countries and more than 2 million supporters. It was founded in 1969 to stop the Canadian baby seal hunt and now works on animal issues ranging from whales to elephants to the bushmeat crisis in Africa. The site has a plethora of information, statistics, white papers and scientific reports that may be an asset to any journalist writing about wild or domestic animal issue.

American Lung Association: State of the Air 2012

Academic Earth: World’s Top Scholars
Search this database of video lectures.

Encyclopedia of Earth

EPA Greenversations

National Parks Traveler

Flower Identifier


Tsunami Basics
From the University of Washington Earth and Space Sciences department.

NOAA: Tsunami Research Program

International Bird Rescue Gulf Oil Spill Response

Wikipedia: Tsunamis
Basics on the Indian Ocean earthquake.

ReligionLink: Tsunami Stories
Several stories on religion angles in the wake of the disaster.

Lists tsunami relief efforts.

Dozens of bloggers in Asia update their tsunami sites daily.

Tsunami Relief Blog

Tsunami Missing Persons Blog
This site attempts to track down and pair up missing with families.

Physical Sciences Information Gateway
Launched on Sept. 17, 2001, PSIgate is the physical sciences hub for the UK’s Resource Discovery Network (RDN). From this page, users can search the PSIgate database, search an expanded catalog (PSIgate+) generated by harvesting pages from the PSIgate database, or search across RDN databases. Returns include resources focused on astronomy, chemistry, earth sciences, physics, history of science, and more.

PollingReport.com: Environment Poll Collection
Search by group name, incident, leaders, members and cases.

World Energy “Areas to Watch”

Jean-Michel Cousteau explores the Northwestern Hawaiian islands.

Alliance to Save Energy

Online Archaeology
Field notes, profiles, find of the week, etc.

Food & Water Watch
Consumer group site targeted at abuse of enviornmental resources by corporations, such as water companies, fish farms and factories.

USDA: Forest Service

Geological Society of America

National Geographic: Conservation
Interactive maps and other resources.

PBS: Evolution
Web site based on the miniseries. Includes background information, photos and videos.

The Ecology Center
Publishes a paper quarterly, Terrain; there’s a link on the main site.

National Parks Conservation Association

U.S. Public Interest Research Groups
Transportation, healthcare, money and politcs, media reform, tax and budget, law, higher education and environmental issues.

Institute for Local Self-Reliance
A superb environment site.

Another superb environment site.

Eco-travels in Latin America. News articles, search, resources and more!

Comprehensive resource of environmental information, tools and data aimed at the mainstream business community.

Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund

Food and Water Watch

Ask a Biologist
From the National Science Foundation and Arizona State University.

The Why Files
From the National Science Foundation, this site looks at the science, math and technology questions behind the news.

Plants for a Future: 7,000 Edible, Medicinal and Useful Plants

Outdoor Writers Association of America

Recycler’s World
Information on recycling just about any material you can think of.

Lycos Environment News
A daily update of environmental news.

ParkScore Project
Urban areas are graded by their city parks.

MSNBC Environment Page

The Amicus Journal
A quarterly environmental magazine online.

EcoTopics International

Several price comparison tools and more.

Internet Resources for Earth Sciences
A super set of links from Cal Berkeley.

Plant Encyclopedia

Official U.S. Earthquake Hazards Program
Background, research, regional sites, seismic networks and more.

Volcano Live
Updated news and Webcams on eruptions around the world.

The Sierra Club

A great site for allergy sufferers or anyone writing about allergy season.

California’s Pacific Gas & Electric
The site features several pages related to the blackouts, including maps, company bankruptcy documents and more.

Society of American Foresters
Scientific organization for the profession.

Wildlife Society
Scientific organization for the profession.

GlobalStewards.org: Environmental Tips
Tips on dealing with floods.

Food and Agriculture Organization of America
Stories and press releases on global trends, economics, forestry and more.

Earth Times

Earth Science Picture of the Day

Geo Currents
A map-illustrated forum dedicated to exploring global geography. Most posts link to current events, supplying historical background, spatial analysis, and political and intellectual context.


A cool site about using oceans to generate electricity.

Graphics, tips and background on various types of lizards.

U.S. Geological Society
Detailed explanations tailored to the media.

Look up real surfing spots.

The Mountain Institute

Discover the Outdoors
It’s more of an outdoor sportsmen’s site, but it does have some helpful links.

Environmental Media Services
EMS is a private non-profit foundation-supported educational organization, is dedicated to encouraging environmental public health scientists and medical practitioners to contribute to public discussions about their work through the media. It has a helpful listing of environmental news on the site’s left rail.

National Weather Service: National Tornado Fatality Map
This image map allows you to click on states/cities where deaths occurred.

Garden Writers Association

National Gardening Association

MSNBC/Live Science: How Earthquakes Work

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Has a great links, press and glossary sections.


Blue Planet Foundation
Advocates for safe drinking water.

Group that opposes bottled water.


LA Times Environment Section

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

Pew Center on Global Climate Change

American Geological Society: Earth Science World Image Bank

Freshwater Ecoregions of the World

U.S. Green Building Council

EPA Fuel Economy Guide
Lists vehicles that get the best/worst gas mileage, fuel-saving tips, etc.

United States Geological Survey: Water Resources of the United States

EPA Green Vehicle Guide

American Planning Association: Great Places in America
Site examines what makes for great neighborhoods, streets, and public spaces work.

Ranks companies based on their impact on global warming.

EcoWorldly – International Environmental News for the World Citizen

The Organic Center

American Wind Energy Association


Association of Battery Recyclers

Kilauea Volcano Eruption

NY Times: Dangers of Aging Dams, Flooding

Wild Film History
Wildlife films and television programs from 1896 to the present. It includes oral histories and video interviews.

MNN – Mother Nature Network
Breaking news, articles, blogs, videos, and how-to guides. You can search by format or category.

National Recycling Coalition

The Glass Packaging Institute Recycling Page

Geology.com: U.S. Map Collections for All 50 States

Knight Center Beat Guide: Energy Resources

Energy Information Administration
Resources from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Flower Identifier

Search for parks by location/activity. It’s run by L.L. Bean, so it’s trying to sell you clothes at the same time. Still, it’s a pretty handy tool.

The Internet Bird Collection
Free online audiovisual library. The site is searchable by species or keyword and includes more than 30,000 videos and 2,000 photos.

Household Products Database
Search this to find what is safe/not safe for yourself and the environment.

WebEcoist: Nature Photographers

Maritime Museum

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