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CBS Sports

FOX Sports

The Athletic

SB Nation

Bleacher Report

The Undefeated

Sporting News

Sports Illustrated Vault
Archive of more than 50 years of SI stories and photos.
Links to nearly every online newspaper site.

Chicago Sun-Times


Sports Directories Historical Sports Stats Database
Comprehensive, broken down by sports, papers, columnists, etc. and with links to team and league Web sites. Good industry talk.

Esports Media Group
Several links to columns and other news about cybersports world.
Message boards and industry talk.

The Bleacher Report
Stories and updates on several sports stories. Part of the Fox Sports on MSN Network.
The page that takes you to articles from various national publications that write about field turf, stadium and field issues, etc.

STATS Inc.’s Historical Stats Database
Stats for hockey, basketball, baseball and football

On Sports Blog
Written by Joe Gisondi, who teaches journalism at Eastern Illinois University. Covers everything from youth sports to the pros.
Founded in 1989 for the purpose of computerizing play-by-play accounts of as many pre-1984 major league games as possible. Good for basic fact-checking on stats, history, etc.
This site enables you to use Google Maps to plot your running or walking routes. It’s fun and easy to use, and you can see exactly how much mileage you’re racking up. Fun for a local story.

Mashable: Worst Pro Athletes’ on Twitter
Which ones average the most mistakes per 100 words. It’s good …

Tennis World
Coverage of the sport, tips, etc.

Sports Blogs

Sports blog covers sports, sports media and other issues with an edge.

Awful Announcing
Hilarious videos of mistakes and scuttlebut on the sports announcing industry.

Moneyplayers Blog
Marc Isenberg’s blog covers the business of sports, from preps to the pros.

Jason Peck’s Sports Blog
Covers the digital community of sports.

Major League Baseball Blogs
Players and others blog on the game, life.

Major League Baseball Trade Rumors
A great blog that tracks trades, gossip and news. Links off to several national publications. One-stop shopping for trade information.

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