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The Journalist’s Toolbox has been part of SPJ since 2008. It is edited and updated by UIC journalism professor Mike Reilley, who founded the site in 1996.

The site is updated twice a week, typically on Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons, or as news and issues arise. The site contains more than 20,000 free (and some paid) resources organized by beats on more than 125 searchable pages.

Reilley launched the Toolbox as a page on his digital newswriting and reporting syllabus at Northwestern University in January 1996. The site expanded into a full dot-com by 1998 and was sold to the American Press Institute in 2003. API hosted the site for five years before selling it to SPJ in early 2008. The site’s 9/11 resources were added to the Library of Congress’s 9/11 Terrorism Research section in 2004.

Reilley talked about the Toolbox and the philosophy behind it in this 2012 Q&A with Harvard University.

Reilley accepts submissions and suggestions for resources. He also shares links and tools on his @journtoolbox Twitter account.

The Toolbox uses DeadLinkChecker.com to clean or repair broken links each month. But if you see a broken link, please let Reilley know.

Posting policy: Like Twitter, the links shared on The Journalist’s Toolbox are not endorsements. We may recommend a web scraper or graphics tool helpful to a journalist to do a job, but we also share links to stories and content about very sensitive issues. Some of the content may be offensive to many, but are often necessary for journalists to cover a complex story.


Flashback: The Journalist’s Toolbox Throughout the Years

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