Popular Science: What is a Cyclone Bomb?

Earther: What is the Bomb Cyclone About to Hit the East Coast?

Scientific American: What is a Bomb Cyclone?
Cool tips on how to winterize your bike in the snow, etc.

National Weather Service
Maps, terms, forecasts, links to dozens of other sites.

Consumerist: Winter Storm Checklist

Wisebread: Winter Driving Safety Kit Winter Central
Forecasts, safety resources and more.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac Weather History
From this page you can find out what the weather was like for any of 1,500 locations around the United States or Canada on any date from 1994 to the present.

National Snow and Ice Data Center
Stats, terms and resources galore!

Snowfall statistics for the U.S. and Canada. Just click on the interactive map or menu. What Is a Blizzard?

Uses Google Earth to map and track storm warnings, etc.
The Weather Channel’s site. Weather and cool stuff from every part of the world.

University of Illinois Winter Storm Resource Center

Accuweather Winter Storm Center
Latest snow conditions for all major North American ski and snowboard areas. Just click on the state or area of Canada you want.

Natural Gas Supply Association Frostbite Treatments
A great checklist of treatments.

Basics of El Nino and El Nina

MedlinePlus: Winter Weather Emergencies

USA Today Ski Guide
Weather forecasts for key ski areas.

Regular weather updates, including maps.

Intellicast’s U.S. Satellite Photo

The Old Farmer’s Almanac
Long-term and daily weather forecasts, daily weather history, etc.
Weather data from 1994-present.

The Weather Network

Chronological Listing of Early Weather Events
Provides a weather resource for years 0 A.D. to 1900 A.D. This weather chronology is now in its third revision. It is 580 pages long and the pdf file is 9.4 MB, so be a little patient in downloading file.

National Research Council: America’s Climate Choices

p> National Climatic Data Center
Up-to-date weather data.
In-depth coastal forecasts.


RTDNA: Hurricane Reporter’s Checklist

Poynter: Nine Tips to Avoid Spreading Rumors About Hurricanes

Poynter: What Journalists Need to Know When Covering Hurricanes

Gannett Florida’s Archived Database of FEMA Hurricane Aid

Dart Center for Journalism: Tips for Covering Spring Storm Season

CDC: Preparing for a Hurricane or Tropical Storm
Resources for help after natural and other disasters. Helpful news feed at the bottom of the page as well as links to federal offices and sources for stories.

Google Person Finder

Google Crisis Map
Defaults to the most recent crisis.

IJNET: How Journalists Can Better Approach Victims of Disaster

Emergency Journalism
Tools for better, accurate reporting.

National Lightning Detection Network Database
This site consists of more than 100 remote, ground-based sensing stations located across the United States that instantaneously detect the electromagnetic signals given off when lightning strikes earth. These remote sensors send the raw data via a satellite-based communications network to a network control center. The site also has information on land surface, atmosphere, oceans, locations and other databases.

Climate Central
The site describes itself as “an independent, non-profit journalism and research organization…helping mainstream Americans understand how climate change connects to them.”

Des Moines Register: Iowa Tornadoes Database
List of tornadoes, path, damage and rating. Uses Google Maps to identify locations on Iowa map.

National Weather Service: National Tornado Fatality Map
This image map allows you to click on states/cities where deaths occurred.

The Front Page
The blog for the American Meteorological Society.
This site is run by storm chasers who also give tours. It’s promotional, but it has some incredible storm video and facts about severe weather.
Track curated tweets of Hurricane Irene. A lot of video, links, etc. Curated Tweets of Hurricane Irene

Best Sites for Tracking Hurricane Irene

USA Today: Hurricane Irene Damage Tracker
Great interactive graphic.

Journalist’s Resource: Research on Climate Change and Natural Disasters

National Hurricane Center

Storm Pulse
Storm tracking site that features great graphics for following hurricanes, etc. Allows you to search storms by name, region, etc.
Track progress of hurricanes.

NOAA Storm Prediction Center
Tracks watches and warnings for the entire United States.

Orlando Sentinel Hurricane Resources Page

Tropical Cyclone Names

Hurricane History

South Florida Sun-Sentinel Hurricane News Page

IRE: Hurricane Resources

Ft. Myers News-Press Hurricane Hub
Guides, news, apps, links and more.

Video: Hurricane Preparedness PSAs
Good tips and resources. Nice to embed into hurricane preparation guides online.

USA Today: Hazardous Weather Page

USA Today: State Forecasts

Tropical Storm Prediction Center

Track storms online.

Hurricane Hunters

Storm Name List

Media outlets use this mapping tool to display common issues in their communities like potholes, graffiti, litter, etc. Also engages and empowers their audiences. Citizens and media can display non-emergency storm damage like fallen trees, flooding, etc… Lessens burden of non-emergency calls to local gov’tss while also making important information accessible to everyone, not just local municipality.

CNN: Seven Mobile Tools to Help You Survive Tornadoes

Slate: Map of Killer Tornadoes Since 1950

Florida Weather Center — Tampa Bay Online
Always has current hurricane info.

UNISYS Hurricane/Tropical Data
Track charities invloved in hurricane relief.

Hurricane and Extreme Storm Impact Studies

Disaster Center Disaster Recovery Site
Use these bulletin boards, links and other resources to track clean up and communications after a storm.

Covering Insurance Industry and Climate Change Concerns
From the Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism.

Journalist’s Resource: Covering Extreme Weather – What to Avoid and How to Get It Right

Florida and Island Webcams
Helpful in tracking storms.

How Hurricanes Work

Hurricane Hunters

NOAA: Costliest Hurricanes

Central Florida Hurricane Center

Gulf Coast Oil Platform Maps El Nino 2002 Fact Sheet

Wall Street Journal: Every Atlantic Storm Name Since 1950

Galveston Hurricane: 1900 (CNN)/

Mathematics of Tsunamis
The math and physics rules that govern them.

Generator Safety During Storms, Floods

Hurricane Insurance Blog Recovering from a Natural Disaster
Report in the wake of North Carolina’s Hurricane Floyd about the difficulties people can expect to face when natural disaster strike.

National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration

What is a Tsunami?

Mayo Clinic: Heat Stroke


Covering global flooding and drought since 2008.

FloodList: Nebraska
Resources and links from the March 2019 flooding in the state.

FEMA Region 7
Covers Midwest states that see a lot of spring flooding.

EPA: Mold and Flood Cleanup Tips

Generator Safety During Storms, Floods

Journalist’s Resource: Research on Climate Change and Natural Disasters

Poynter: Resources for Journalists Covering Floods 2008

IJNET: Advice for Journalists Covering Natural Disasters

Earth Journalism Network: Reporting on Disasters

SWANA: Natural Disaster Resources
Offers data, information on conservation issues, nature safety and global warming issues.

NASA Earth Observatory Site
Look at natural hazards such as volcanoes, fires and floods through satellite photos, etc.

Kansas Water Science Center


University of Nebraska-Lincoln Drought Monitor

NPR: U.S. Drought 2011-12
Play this interactive map to see how the drought spread in the spring/summer 2012.

U.S. Drought Portal

North American Drought Monitor

PBS Running Dry Documentary

NOAA Climate Prediction Center

ProPublica: Best Reporting on Heat Waves

Princeton University: Hydrologic Forecasting

Mayo Clinic: Heat Stroke


RJI: A Checklist Can Minimize Risks of Journalists Covering Natural Disasters

RTDNA: Seven Ways to Improve your Weathercast
This is a Wikipedia list so double-check everything.

Reporting on Climate Adaptation
Features an extensive resource database and series of backgrounders to help improve coverage of society’s preparation for the impacts of climate change.

World Climate Service
For information regarding long lead weather and climate forecasting.

Covering Extreme Weather: What to Avoid and How to Get It Right
Tip sheet from Journalist’s Resource at Harvard.

National Climatic Data Center

World Meteorological Organization

American Meteorological Society
Research, announcements, news releases, etc.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac Weather History
From this page you can find out what the weather was like for any of 1,500 locations around the United States or Canada on any date from 1994 to the present.

A great interactive map for tracking storms.

Washington Post: The Climate Agenda

JournoResource: Disaster and Recovery Research
From Harvard’s Shorenstein Center.

Mayo Clinic: Heat Stroke

MODIS Rapid Response System
Developed to provide daily satellite images of the Earth’s landmasses in near real time. Great for tracking storms, earthquakes, etc.

Discovery News: Strange Spring: Explaining 2011’s Wild Weather

Cloud Atlas
Cloud classification, pictures, etc.

WeatherBug Hurricane Watcher
A great site; you can sign up for national emergency alerts or sign up for state, county, local alerts.

Full of weather facts, forecasts, links, etc. Type in your ZIP code to get weather in your area.

Uses Google Maps to show you weather all over the world.

Bob Vila: Home Storm Safety Tips

PhysLink: Lightning Strikes on Planes

href=”” target=”top”>USA Today: Solar Storms
Origins of solar wind, etc.
Tracks solar wind, meteors, planet temps, etc.

Hurricane History

PBS: Running Dry Documentary
Is there a drought in the Southwest?

Disaster management resources.

Tropical Prediction Center

National Weather Service: A Weather-Ready Nation

Farmer’s Almanac Weather Page
Provides some of the forecast information from the print almanac, including full moons and meteor showers.

Doppler Radar Sites
Links to radar shots in all 50 states.

We Can Solve the Climate Crisis
A project of The Alliance for Climate Protection — a nonprofit, nonpartisan effort founded by Nobel laureate and former Vice President Al Gore. The goal of the Alliance is to build a movement that creates the political will to solve the climate crisis — in part through repowering America with 100 percent of its electricity from clean energy sources within 10 years. Our economy, national security, and climate can’t afford to wait. Funds programs in a variety of areas, including education and children’s services, the arts, community service, the environment, AIDS and literacy.

Aws Inc.
Provides software to subscribers with weather updates and alerts of local weather conditions delivered to the PC desktop. It also provides sport statistics for individual high schools and recreation leagues.

Air Weather Association

Snow Crystal Growth
Informative background information on the physics of snow.

Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media
News, notes, resources page, RSS feed, etc.

UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Links page, graphics and presentations from past events.

Pick an industry and track weather threats to that industry in your area. Examples: mining, construction, etc.

National Geographic’s Nature’s Fury
Words, images and video on wildfires, hurricanes, etc.

Weather Center’s Heat index

Doppler Radar Sites
Links to radar shots in all 50 states.

Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions
Looks at demands on power grid.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Has a great links, press and glossary sections.

Maritime Museum


State of Louisiana Emergency Site
Links, news updates, changes in emergency management.
Blog and Java tracking maps of Gustav.

Hurricane Gustav Resources Blog

BlogHerald: Hurricane Gustav Resources Hurricane Gustav Resources

Wikipedia: Hurricane Gustav

Flickr: Photos and Videos of Hurricane Gustav
Includes links to support groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Twitter: Hurricane Gustav
Get updates on the storm from “tweets.”

Track charities invloved in hurricane relief.

Generator Safety During Storms, Floods
Resources from the National Flood Insurance program.


Corpus Christi Caller-Times

My FOX Houston

National Hurricane Center: Hurricane Ike

Weather Underground: Hurricane Ike
Track progress of hurricanes. Hurricane Page
FOX-based site has live radar and cameras from cities in the path of the storm.

Gulf Coast Oil Platform Maps

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