Podcasting Resources


Record and distribute a podcast with just a couple of clicks on this phone app.

Podcast Host: The Ultimate Podcasting Resource List
Equipment, tools and software list.

Mashable: Podcasting Toolbox

SoundTrap: Podcast Creation Tool
Lets you create an interactive transcript, you can record and automatically transcribe your voice. Edit your recording as you would a text document. Then you can upload to Spotify and improve your discoverability, or just download your podcast and distribute it wherever you want.

Journalism.co.uk: Four Tips for Podcasting Beginners

Sharing voice app for Instagram.

A complete digital audio production application for computers, offering a full multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing and mastering toolset.

Free audio editing tool.

A browser-based audio editor.

Audio editing tool. Rapidly export or batch convert files to the MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, FLAC, AIFF, and WAV formats. Cost: $29.

Pricy audio editing tool. Built specifically for journalists.

Podcast hosting site.

A good podcast hosting site.

Castro by Supertop
Play and share podcasts on this phone app. Think of it as an inbox for your podcasts, similar to Netflix queue but for podcasts.

This paid tool is a top-of-the-line desktop podcast publisher.

Words to Time
Timing a script or speech? Use WordstoTime.com to time out your speech.

Amper Music
An AI music composer.

Podcast player app that has curated audio lists.

Awesome Audio Visualization Tools

Transform your podcast into a video.

Merges podcasts with video clips and shows them on a homepage similar to Netflix.

From the Knight Lab at Northwestern University, this free desktop tool lets you embed sound clips into a story.


Investing in the Podcast Ecosystem
Features some great data on podcasting and the business side of the industry.

Digital News Report: News Podcasts and the Oppurtinities for Publishers
Great research and data on the podcasting industry.

Tools for Podcasting Textbook
This free textbook from Jill Olmsted.

Tips for Podcasters
Advice from Charlie Meyerson, longtime Chicago radio broadcaster and podcaster.

The Podcast Report
Blog on the business side of podcasting.

7 Innovations in Audio Storytelling – Journalism Innovation
Great advice from CUNY prof Jeremy Caplan in this Medium post.

Audacity to Podcast: Getting Started

Tools for Reporters: Podcast Audio Editing Tools

Tuesday Tech Tools: Podcasting Resources
A very deep list of mics, software, etc.

GIJN: 7 Tips for Creating an Investigative Podcast

The Podcasters Gift Guide
Great Medium post listing mics and other podcasting tools.

Create Killer Podcasts With 25 Free Resources

Podcasting Guides, Trainings and More

Podcasts as Audio Accessories to Magazine Media
From an AEJMC 2018 panel. Good list of links at the end of the page, some that are mentioned on the Toolbox.

It’s All Journalism
Building edia-focused podcasts.

How to Launch and Grow a Hit Podcast
A free online course. Course runs in Aug-Sept. 2018 but parts of the trainings should be archived. Offered by Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas.

Turn Up the Volume: A Down and Dirty Guide to Podcasting
A good podcast hosting site.

Podcast Equipment Shopping Guide
A great list from Michael O’Connell.

Next Generation Radio Project
A week-long digital journalism training project designed to give competitively selected participants, who are interested in radio and journalism, the skills and opportunity to report and produce their own multimedia story. Those chosen for the project are paired with a professional journalist who serves as their mentor.

NPR: Aerobics for Your Voice: Sounding Better On-Air

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