Legislative Branch

A database of congressional staff salaries and other valuable public records, such as the most comprehensive database of all privately financed trips taken by members of Congress and congressional staffers.

Congressional Quarterly
Breaking Washington news and scheduling updates.

Journalists can find every bill in Congress, searchable by keyword or category, with official information such as summary, sponsors, status, and a list of the organizations that support or oppose the bill, with a link to those positions.

THOMAS: Congress to Year Converter
Track what years are associated with a particular government.

Copy, Paste, Legislate
This Center for Public Integrity helps you track lobbying efforts by pulling documents and parsing text. It identifies recent model legislation introduced national and in your state. It lets you search a specific topic or keyword and by a specific bill number.

Search for representatives, senators and legislation that affects you. Track bills, etc. Also has a Trump impeachment guide.

Sunlight Foundation: Public Markup
Opens legislative bills to online public review.

Sunlight Foundation: Earmark Watch
Resources for citizens to track congressional spending. You have to register for the site, but it helps you investigate earmarks – spending measures inserted by members of Congress into bills that direct taxpayer dollars to their pet projects. The site has more than 3,000 of them.

YouTube: Library of Congress Channel

Sunlight Foundation: Open Congress
Sunlight and the Participatory Politics Foundation run this site, which tracks bills, votes, senators and representatives. It includes an RSS feed that registers your zip code to track all the actions by your elected officials and what people are saying about them.

GAO’s Congressional Investigations
Track investigations through the General Accounting Office.

Easy way to track a Congressman’s voting record.

Library of Congress
The library’s catalogs, full-text access to bills under consideration in both the House and Senate.

Open Congress: 50 Key Senate Votes

Library of Congress: State Resource Guides
Provides links to external Web sites and a bibliography containing selected works for both general and younger readers. This site will be updated on a regular basis.

Library of Congress Thomas Legislative Information
Find bill summaries, legislative agendas, roll call, etc.

Library of Congress: Thomas Search Engine
Tracks congressional bills as they pass through the system.

Washington Post Bill Tracker
Search bills by state, voters, those who missed a vote, vote margin, etc.

Pro Publica: Reading Guide on Congressional Dysfunction

Congressional Research Service Reports

U.S. House of Representatives info. and directory

U.S. Senate info. And directory.

Our daily service, which gathers links to governmental and congressional press releases, is used by hundreds of editors and reporters.

Bios and facts on past presidents.

Congressional Budget Office

Office of Management and Budget

Bipartisan tech network allows you to look up tech-related bills being considered in Congress.

Library of Congress: A Century of Law Making
Annals of the House and Senate, bills and resolutions.

Library of Congress: Time Capsule
An online collection of broadsheets, pamphlets and more, which lets you examine early American life as it was lived.

Center for Public Integrity
Has background on congressional spending, including travel.

Bipartisan tech network allows you to look up tech-related bills being considered in Congress.

Defining moments in American history, famous documents.

The U.S. Constitution

Constitution Facts
This site provides insights into the men who wrote the Constitution and how it’s been interpreted over the years.

U.S. Senate Glossary Page
Alphabetical list of hundreds of terms.

Presidential/Congressional nominees history
Information about all nominees (received, rejected, confirmed) for the current session of Congress. It gives names, position for which the individual was nominated and the status of their nomination.

Senate Budget Committee

Speaker of the House

House Republican Conference

Congress Online: Assessing and Improving Capitol Hill Web Sites
An analysis project funded by a grant from the Pew Charitable Trusts.

Government Computer News

Library of Congress: A Century of Law Making
Annals of the House and Senate, bills and resolutions.

National Association of Counties

WashingtonPost.com: Congress
Track daily votes in Congress. Organized by states, bills, most voted-on, etc.

WSJ: 2008 Campaign Fundraising Totals
Access to this does not require a subscription to the WSJ.

Library of Congress: Ask a Librarian
Submit questions to a librarian. Includes a chat feature and links to various collections.

Slate.com: Online Guide to Following the Health Care Legislation

RAND Corporation Congressional Resources
Mayor’s office of operations for New York City. Stats, performance reports, surveys, etc.

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