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Urban Legends/Fact-Checking

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Think a story or tip might be made up? Use this page to search for some urban legends.

Watchdog site for hoaxes, scams and urban legends.

Warrior Eli Hoax Group
This blog by Taryn Harper Wright investigates hoax websites, blogs and Facebook pages, many involving fake children's charities.

Truth or Fiction?
This site takes "rumor mill" e-mails we all receive and determines if they are true or false. There is a good list of Attack on America information.

Charity Navigator: Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

The AFU and Urban Legends Archive

Sophos: Tsunami Relief Hoaxes
A great collection of hoax e-mails and other scams.
Check this site to verify virus hoaxes, chain e-mails and urban myths.
Verify photos to see if they're real or doctored. Good for fact-checking photos being shared on social media.

An open verification toolkit for journalists.

Purportal: Urban Legends Portal
Great search functions and fact-checking resources. This site can quickly assist you in sorting the myths from the half-truths and the actual facts. The site consists of database search engines to check keywords from e-mails you have received, the latest headlines on hoaxes, special reports on 9-11 misinformation, and links to official and commercial sites on fraud, hoaxes and scams
A site dedicated to online-myth-busting. Search for fake e-chain letters.

The Red Tape Chronicles
Blogger Bob Sullivan looks at Internet scams and consumer fraud. Very easy to navigate and find what you're looking for.

Purportal's 9/11 Hoaxes
Bad quotes, media mistakes, scams and more.
A cool resource for offbeat stats and facts.
Myths about viruses.

Sree Tips on Hoax Sites
Tips from Columbia School of Journalism dean.

ABC News: War Scams

Poynter: Tips to Debunk Fake News Stories

First Draft News
Guide to navigating eyewitness media, from discovery to verification.

Museum of Hoaxes
Don't be fooled by urban legends. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

Search the dictionary of conservative lies.

Symnantec Security's Hoaxes Site
Symantec Security Response uncovers hoaxes that usually arrive in the form of an e-mail.
The truth about computer viruses and hoaxes. Sections dedicated to hoaxes, rantings, tips on spotting a virus myth, hot news, "the absurd" and more. Check out the resources page.

Time Magazine Story on 9/11 Rumors

Verification Junkie
This tool from Josh Stearns centralizes several social media verification tools in one place. Great for reporting and fact-checking on deadline.
Researches several kinds of hoaxes; nice links page.

Sree's Tips on Hoax Sites
Don't get fooled. A Columbia University prof. has a great list of tips and examples of online hoaxes.
A handy quick-reference, fact-checking site for copy editors. Find out if a celebrity is dead or alive.
Tracks how brands, people are under attack on the Web.
It's mission is to "investigate, inform and improve the credibility of information published on the World Wide Web."

Yahoo!'s WTC/Pentagon Attack Hoaxes and Conspiracy Theories
Dozens of helpful fact-checking sites. Accidental Obits
A listing of mistaken obits on public figures.

Poynter: Eight Classic April Fool's Pranks

Pantheon: Encyclopedia of Myths

Department of Energy's Internet Hoaxes
Information about the fraudulent e-mail chain letters, warnings, offers, and pleas for help; computer viruses, and more.

NBC: Debunking Hoaxes
From NBC Reports by Mike Wendland.

Bogus Story: "Singer Britney Spears Killed in Car Accident"
This fake story swept across the Internet in October 2001. Read a copy of it.

Cyber Slip-Ups
Don't believe everything you read in an e-mail.

Quash Those Dead People Rumors Page
A celebrity you may have thought was dead isn't. See Abe Vigoda.

Who's Dead and Who's Alive
A celebrity you may have thought was dead isn't. See Abe Vigoda.

Separate truths from tall tales.
Tips how to/what to do if you spot a phony veteran.

POW Network
How to spot phony POWs.
How to check to make sure someone claiming to be a Navy Seal really is one.

Navy Frogmen
How to check to make sure someone claiming to be a Navy Frogman really is one.

MIA Facts: Phony POWS
How to check to make sure someone claiming to have a family member MIA is telling the truth. Computer Virus Resources

Ghosts of the Prairie Unexplained America
Full of odd stories and legends. Need to seriously fact-check any of the information you use from this site.

Criggo: Newspaper Mistakes

Top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes of All Time

Google Directory of Web Site Evaluation Tools
Tutorials on how to check a site?s credibility.

Greenpeace: Stop Greenwashing
Greenwashing describe the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service. This Greenpeace site is a great resource to find more case studies of companies' greenwashing as well as other criteria and how to suggestions for businesses to go green ethically.

Argus Clearinghouse: Web Site Evaluations
This University of Michigan site rates Web sites on a scale of 1-5. Helps evaluate a site?s credibility. Note: The site is no longer actively maintained, but its archives are still useful.

HotBot: 10 Most Requested List
Ranks sites based on how often they?re visited.
Mistakes in movies, books, quotes, TV shows, etc.

CataLaw: Site Credibility
Check a site?s credibility using tools on this page.

Evaluating Quality on the Net

Evaluating Information Found on the Net

10 C?s for Evaluating Internet Resources

Bibliography on Evaluating Internet Resources

Federal Trade Commission: Job Scams

Widener University: Evaluating Web Resources

Virtual Chase Accuracy Page
Law librarian Gene Tyburski offers tips on evaluating information on the Web.

Getting It Right: Verifying Sources on the Net

Johns Hopkins: Evaluating Information Found on the Internet

Cornell University: Five Criteria for Evaluating Web Pages

Example of a Bogus Site:
A great example of a made-up Hollywood news site that Fox News Channel took for a professional site, interviewing a member of the satirical site for a serious news story. Remember: If your mother says she loves you, check it out! Just because it looks professional, doesn't mean it is professional.

Fortune 500 Business Blog Wiki
Links to hundreds of corporate blogs. Some are generated by the companies, some are written anonymously by current/former employees. Some are consumer watchdog sites that focus on specific industries. Be sure to fact-check and confirm any information you find on these blogs.

2012: Six End of the World Myths Debunked

Information Week: Seven Fantastic Internet Hoaxes

MSN: 10 Biggest Internet Hoaxes of All Time
List from PC World.
Web site that links to the MySpace pages of the dead.

Corporate Attacks and Misinformation

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The Consumerist
This corporate watchdog site blows the whistle on bad customer service, poor products and corporate waste. It's a great resource for tracking local companies (through the site's search) and tracking how consumers are dissatisfied. Be careful using material on the site, as some of it may be unconfirmed material. But it serves as a good road map for finding business stories.

Fortune 500 Business Blog Wiki
Links to hundreds of corporate blogs. Some are generated by the companies, some are written anonymously by current/former employees. Some are consumer watchdog sites that focus on specific industries. Be sure to fact-check and confirm any information you find on these blogs.

Business for Social Responsibility
Tracks news and legislation relating to corporate responsibility.

Center for Corporate Citizenship
Boston College site works with global corporations to help them define, plan and operationalize corporate citizenship.

Corporate Responsibility Newswire
News feed of stories relevant to businesses acting responsibly.
News, conferences, podcasts and editorial content that covers corporate responsibility internationally.

FirstGov's Scams and Fraud Section
Has a charitable donation check-up and lists consumer protection offices by state.
This free site is a source for news about companies, with a special emphasis on dot-coms. Good for getting tips on layoffs and cutbacks before they're officially announced. It's centerpiece is a message board full of corporate gossip, but it also has job-hunting and resume resources.
A public service, non-commercial guide cataloging more than 2,000 useful consumer resources.

National Fraud Information Center
Provides many consumer-protection resources.

FBI: Internet Fraud Complaint Center
Tracks corporate sites, consumer affairs blogs.
Report businesses and people who submit SPAM e-mails.

Hate Wal-Mart

Consumer Scams

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Dedicated to fighting online hype and disinformation.

Federal Trade Commission
A great resource for researching scams.

Better Business Bureau: Check Out a Company
Search a database of companies and their background information.

FTC: Recognizing Business Fraud
This site exposes lies in advertising. It focuses on the details in the fine print. The site offers consumer updates and a free weekly newsletter.

U.S. Department of Justice: Special Report on 9-11 Fraud Schemes
A breakdown of fraudulent charities asking for donations.

Federal Trade Commission: Warnings on Bioterrorism Defense Products

FDA: Buying Medicines and Medical Products Online
A consumer fraud/scams site.

Discount Long Distance Digest
A consumer protection newsletter warning about scams and misleading practices.

MSN Anti-Phishing Techniques
Steps to avoid scams online that can steal your banking information and steal from you. Securing Domain Names
Updates on domain name assigning process.

A consumer complaint site.

Urban Legends Research Center: Bogus Charities
An Australian site with great resources.

Tech Law Journal
Flash animations show the creation stories of many of the world's cultures.

Junk Science Judo: Self Defense Against Health Scares and Scams

Crop Circle Connector
Claims to be the largest crop circle site on the Internet. Archives to 1978.

Crop Circles: Circlemakers

UK: Crop Circles

Crop Circle Quest


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