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Twitter for Newsrooms
Resources from the team at Twitter on how to integrate it into the newsroom.

Verifying Social Media Content
A great list of links, case studies and best practices from Josh Stearns.

Five Tools to Protect Your Social Media Accounts

How the BBC Engages Audiences on Social Media

Social search engine.

13 Style and Grammar Tips for Twitter Success

Joy Mayer: Social Listening Tools

Identifies who got a hashtag to trend.

Sree Sreenivasan's Social Media Guide
His presentations, TEDx talks, guidelines and more. Great resource.

IJNet: 2013's Top Social Media Tools

Definitive Guide to Social Media Metrics

NewsWhip: What Publishers Can Expect from Twitter in 2016

Why Audience Engagement Holds the Key to a Thriving Future

NPR: Storytelling on Snapchat
Free browser-based tool.

TNW: Tips for Creating Social Video Content

12 Social Media Tips to Help Journalists Work Better

A place to discover new Instagram photographers.

Socialkit: Customizable Templates for Social Media Accounts

DIY Engagement Tracking
Stores important numbers in your life and makes them visual.

API: Finding a Voice on Social Media: Insights for Local Newsrooms
Twitter tools galore. Sign in with your Twitter account and try them out.

Product Hunt: Best Tools for Livestreaming
Great list that includes Periscope and Meerkat.

Helps you find social media tools. Helpful tool. 30 Twitter Tools for Journalists
Helps you find social media tools. Helpful tool.
From First Look Media, global news delivered entirely through social media.

Geosocial Footprint
A footprint is combined bits of location information that a user divulges through social media, which ultimately forms the users location "footprint". For users, this footprint is created from GPS enabled tweets, social check-ins, natural language location searching (geocoding), and profile harvesting.
Great tool for managing Twitter lists.

Get a glimpse inside what's trending on Twitter.

Vine Viewer
Search all kinds of Vine videos.

Facebook Graph Search

iOS app tracks Instagram photos.

London School of Economics: Current Social Media Research Tools

91 Free Twitter Tools and Apps to Fit Any Need

Sree's Social Media Editors Twitter List
A great list of journalist must-follows from Sree Sreenivasan.

A great guide to all things social media. A must-bookmark for Twitter users.

Video: The Impact of Twitter on Journalism
Great video with Jeff Jarvis, Craig Kanalley and Mark Luckie.

Seven Cool Tool Sets for Social Media
From Jeremy Caplan at CUNY.

Learno: Online Courses for Media Professionals
Data viz, social media, verification and more.

JournoResource: Reporting Tips for Verifying Social Media UGC

LifeHacker: Search Twitter More Efficiently

Twitter Guide for Skeptics and Newbies
Tailored to journalists, this guide from Columbia University Journalism Dean of Students Sree Sreenivathan gives you everything you need to know.

10 Essential Twitter Tips for Student Journalists

Verification Junkie
This tool from Josh Stearns centralizes several social media verification tools in one place. Great for reporting and fact-checking on deadline.

NY Times: Ferguson Reveals a Twitter Loop

How to Get the Most Out of Twitter's Analytics Platform

30 Tools to Help Journalists Use Twitter Better

10 Twitter Links for Journalists

Analyzes your Twitter followers. Good analytics tool.

Alerts you when people you follow changes their bio.

Teaching Students to Write Stories for Social Media

Infographic: Storytelling in the Age of News Consumption
From Edelman, it focuses on PR but has insights into social media interactions. Worth a read.

A searchable feed of Twitpics.

Using Social Media to Generate Investigative Story Ideas

91 Free Twitter Tools and Apps

Nine Free Social Media Tools

A Pinterest promotion tool.

Verification and Misinformation in Wake of the Boston Marathon Bombing /a>
Great tools and resources from Josh Stearns.

Video: Mark Luckie on Twitter for Student Journalists
Great tips from Mark Luckie of Twitter on how journalism students can get started with using social media.

Mark Luckie Interview
Good interview with Mark Luckie of Twitter on innovation and social media.

Hashtag Generator
Sort of a silly tool: Type in a sentence and it generates a hashtag for you.

Tracks content in real-time across the social web.

Sweeter Tweet
Programmable auto-tweeter.

Use TwitterCounter to Check Impact on Social Media

Tells you what proportion of that account's recent retweets (made during the last 100 tweets) were of comments or opinions issued by men or by women.


Phone app helps you automatically helps you create and manage Twitter lists.

Who Tweeted It First
Type in keywords or a web address to see who sent a tweet first. Good for tracking competitive journalism.

How to create, manage and embed Twitter collections

Poynter: A List of Every Journalism-Related Social Media Group I Could Find

Searching Social Media
A Google Doc full of tips and links from Joy Mayer.

StoryBench: Optimizing Your News Article for Social Media

YouTube to Facebook
Tool lets you convert your Twitter video into a native Facebook video.

15 Tips for Newsgathering via Twitter
Tips form Sarah Marshall's blog.

A new tool to find the most shared content on the web.

Track topics across social media.

An easy way to blog/tweetstorm on Twitter.

Clip text from a web passage and attach it to a tweet as an image.

New tool to design engaging images for your social media posts in under 30 seconds.

A new way to build Twitter lists. Facebook Graph Search

Knight Lab: Tools to Cut Twitter List Creation Time

How to Put a Poll in a Tweet
App turns photos on your phone into cool story websites.

Buffer: Headline Formats for Tweets, Emails, etc.
App turns photos on your phone into cool story websites.

Social Bro
Manage your Twitter lists. Developed by Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski.

Primarily a marketing tool, it allows you to organize social conversations.


Lets you search data from Twitter feeds or Twitter hashtags and classify it automatically using one of our state-of-the-art classifiers. Find out what sentiments your favorite users, politicians or artists express in their tweets. Social Media and Reporting
How news outlets are using Twitter, YouTube, Google+ in news reporting.

YuMe Reach Calculator
A cross-platform reach calculation tool.

ReadWrite: An Illustrated Guide to Twitter Jargon

Aggregate all of your social media into one feed.

Getcha Messengers
Messenger tool that lets you write on photos.

Share your content with people who fit your target audience.

Journalists Should See Vine as a Social Storytelling Resource

Modern Journalist: Twitter List of Journalism Educators

Heidi Cohen: 27 Tips to Improve Your Twitter Strategy

Tools for Creating Images for Social Media

How Journalists Can Get the Most Out of Twitter

PBS MediaShift: Best Social Media Tools, 2013

Buffer: The Big List of 61 Social Media Tools

21 Twitter Tools Every Power User Should Use

The Ultimate List of Social Publishing Tools

"Real-time predictive social intelligence in an easy-to-use visual interface."
Track hashtags.

Visualize and navigate your Evernote, Google Drive, and Dropbox content. Mohiomap allows you to explore relationships in a dynamic Mind Map, get valuable insights, and visually organize your Cloud data.

Monitor multiple Instagram accounts at the same time.
Follow any topic on multiple social networks.

Search and filter content from those you trust. Curate links. Somewhat similar to Delicious.

A daily email of links from your Twitter timeline.
No more streams. This site delivers important links, topics and people from Twitter.

49 Curation and Clipping Tools

Poynter: How to Use Social Media to Cover Elections

The Economist Style Guide
Some great tips and tricks in here for journalists who tweet and write online.

Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts
Great list of keyboard shortcuts for Twitter, Facebook, etc.

PBS Idea Lab: Tips for Using Social Media as a Reporting Tool

Podcast: When Should Pinterest be Part of Your Social Media Strategy

Analyze Words
Measure your Twitter style.
A Twitter analytics application. Very useful.

CJR: The New Importance of Social Listening Tools

Five Ways Publishers Need to Use Instagram

Four Journalism Outlets That Let The Audience Decide What to Cover

TEDx: How to Create a Live-Tweet Strategy for Your Event

The Power of Hashtags and How to Use Them

Buffer: Social Media Resource Kit
Good tools and resources. Geared to marketing but it also has some tools helpful to journalists.

Storybench: Reddit: A Guide for Journalists

The Social Media Image Maker
Resize images to fit social media sites. Handy tool.

Twitter @ and d Messages: Who Can See What?
Great chart to help you keep this straight.

This NY Times Labs tool builds a reading layer for your Twitter feed. Dump your links into one doc. Great for research and staying organized.

Let's you track social media content on your website.

X-ray: Track Personal Data Online
From Columbia University.

Headline Formulas for Tweets, Posts, Articles and Emails

Twitter: A Producer's Guide
A video Twitter primer of great examples of how to incorporate social media into a broadcast. A combination of news and TV shows.

Twutorial for Copy Editors
Steve Buttry's Powerpoint presentation.

50 Tweetable Twitter Tips

Real-time credibility evaluation on Twitter.
A huge directory of journalists on Twitter. A must-bookmark for journalists.
Twitter's version of Google.

Twitter Guide for Young Journalists
From Kelly Fincham at Hofstra. Great set of tips, do's and don'ts.
RSS to Twitter feeder.

Social media analytics tool.

Guide to Sharing Photos on Twitter

Great Twitter Content
Find and share great content on Twitter.

International Social Media Guidelines for Journalists
Great resource compiled by Kelly Fincham at Hofstra.

Coverage of breaking news events and Twitter reaction from Craig Kanalley of the Huffington Post.

Yahoo! News: Five News Stories That Broke on Twitter
Examples of early news stories that moved on Twitter before mainstream media.

Directory of All Congressional Twitter Handles

12 Essential Social Media Cheat Sheets
Great list of shortcuts. A must-bookmark.

CNET: The Most Twittery Journalists
Great list from Sree.

Time: What's Your Twitter Account Worth?
A fun calculator to determine the value of your Twitter account. Done in jest around Twitter's IPO.

Where Does My Tweet Go
Visualize your Twitter account.

Buffer: 59 Free Twitter Tools

Journalism2Ls: Twitter Tools for Journalists

Spreecast Social Media Kitbag
Allows you to check for the use of your brand, product, personal name or username instantly on over 500 popular and emerging social media websites. Grab your name and secure your brand before someone else does.

Measure and manage your social media reputation.

Twitter "Everyday Moments" Advertising Tool

Analyze Your Twitter Archive
Download your archive to this site and get metrics.

Steve Buttry: How to Use Twitter's Advanced Search

Find popular hashtags for your account.

Another great Twitter management tool.

Great Twitter management tool. Built-in link compressor, manage multiple accounts, schedule tweets for later, etc.

A simpler version of Hootsuite. A very clean dashboard.

Dig deep into Twitter with this engagement/search tool.

Great for chats, just type in a keyword and follow/participate in the discussion.

Track how far a hashtag, account or a specific tweet spreads. Great analytics tool. Requires free log-in.
A fun site that monetizes your Twitter account.

Real-time search and analytics.

As the name suggests, you can track three trending topics at once.

All My Tweets
Collect up to 3,600 of your tweets on one page.

Search your tweets, DMs, friends' tweets.

Lets You Search Instagram.

SAM Desk
A social media research and storytelling tool.

Presentation: Social Media Search Tools
A powerpoint of search tools from Doug Haddix.

Buffer: The Complete Guide to Social Media Formatting
Great tips.

Resumup: Make Your Resume Visual
Browser-based visualization tool.

Jeremy Caplan: Twitter List of Cool Portfolio Tools

The Internet in Real-Time
See how quickly content is generated with this real-time ticker. Very cool. Good teaching tool.

Content Curation Tools Supermap
Resources galore from Robin Good.

10 Basic Twitter Tools Experts Use

Open Reporter
A social network for journalists, this site provides many helpful tools. Includes listings of journos on social media.

Add cool widgets to your website.
Media members on Twitter organized by beat, outlet, region.

App lets you see tweets from this exact day in history. Cool tool.

30 Best Tools for Data Visualization
Treasure trove of tools.

Make interactive videos. Add links, chapters and quizzes.

From Evernote, this tool lets you edit, draw and annotate photos and screenshots. Works on desktop and as a phone app.

Helps you determine peak hours to tweet something based off your followers, account, location.

Helps you prolong the life of tweets on a page.

From the Knight Lab - a better way to search Twitter.

Journalism2ls: 50 Apps to Use with Twitter
From the Knight Lab - a better way to search Twitter.

Good for monitoring a brand or search term.
Tool to manage your Twitter lists.

Sorts through your followers and those you are following. See how active/inactive they are and unfollow the noise or the fake accounts.

Turns tweets into blog posts. Very cool.

Tweriod Twitter Chat Search Tool
Not sure of the date/time of a Twitter chat? Use Tweriod's search tool and listings to find it.

Type in your Twitter log-in and this maps where your followers are from.

Liquid Newsroom: Great Social Media and Multimedia Tools
Great list of web apps that work with Twitter and other social media.

Site for sharing drone photography.

10 of the Most Useful Social Media Tools of 2013

How Journalists Can Use Vine Video

Build charts and share them in a social community.

10 Great Tips for Writing Great Social Media Posts

Ragan: Nine Useful Social Media Tools

Monitors your social media feeds.
MuckRack tool that helps you track who has shared your web link. Good for metrics.

NewsWhip Social Amplifier
Real time ranking of stories powered by speed of new shares, likes, tweets and comments.

NewsWhip: Spike Social Media Dashboard
News filter and trend tracking.

Monitor your brand in real time.

Helps you dig deeper into Twitter analytics and connect with influencers. Produce free analytics and graphic reports.

Nodexl Graph Gallery
Great visualizations of Twitter interactivity around various hashtags, topics, events.

Searches and analyzes thousands of sites to bring you photos, videos and other content of interest to you.
Enter a Twitter account to see what that person cares about online.

Simply Measured
Free tools for measuring social media engagement.

Journalist's Resource: Twitter Research
From Harvard University's Shorenstein Center.

Created by PR firm Edelman, Tweet Level helps you search for people, topics and keywords.

Revolutionary iPad app allows you to read your Twitter and Facebook feeds like a magazine.

In-house blog offers a few tips and tricks. You have to dig for them.

Track where your Twitter followers are.

Newspapers on Pinterest

How to Use Storify as a Journalism Teaching Tool
Great tips from Poynter.

22 Apps and Tools Every College Journalism Student Should Know About

Poynter: Five Ways Journalists Can Use Social Media to Cover the Middle East

Fuck Yeah Journalism Tools: Twitter
Great collection of tools and instructional videos on this Tumblr.

Twitter for Sports
Great list of articles, tips, tricks and best practices from Twitter media.

Poynter Social Media Page

NBC News: Twitter Feeds of Storm Chasers
Blog devoted to backpack journalism. Three Handy Twitter Tools
Measurement tools for retweets, etc.

Video: The Illustrated History of Twitter
From Mashable.

The Guardian: Twitter and Intellectual Larceny

How Social Media Can Affect Employment
Good tips of dos/don'ts on social media.

10 Ways Newspapers Are Using Pinterest

Poynter: Types of Stories That Make Good Storifies
Good examples: weather, breaking news, etc.

Feed your blog updates to your Twitter account using an RSS feed. Very cool.

A Yellow Pages for Twitter.
Twitter search that doesn't suck.
Track who has unfollowed you on Twitter.

Tools to Track Your Digital Footprints
Several social media ROI and market reach tools.

Reports on how often you tweet, what times, replies, etc. Key to developing a social media strategy.

Build a social network into your site.

Sends any mentions from your Twitter account to an e-mail address you choose. You also can use Twitter alerts in your settings to notify you of any mentions.

Graphic: How Klout Works

Tools for Managing Your Twitter Followers

Similar to ConvoTrack but with more features, this tool tracks online conversations about your tweets, hashtags, etc.

Twiends: Twitter How-To Page
Twitter basics in an easy-to-follow graphic.

Al Tompkins Online Tools for Journalists and Educators

Enables location-based searches for social media content. Users can type in a place name, address, even the name of a sports venue, or they can simply outline an area on a map. Geofeedia displays the latest geotagged content (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc.) in the tagged area.

Tool helps you build a site with your social media streams.

Track Twitter trends.

Live Trendsmap, it lets you see a visualization of tweets.

Similar to TrendsMap and Twittervision.

Twitter curation site.

20 Feet Twitter Metrics Aggregator

Time Hop
Sends you daily emails with what you were doing on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram that day.

Friend or Follow
Track people you follow who are not following you back. Great for clearing out your Twitter stream. Many of us do this quarterly.

A search tool more powerful than the one built into Twitter. You can detail searches and track down someone whose Twitter handle you can't remember.

A combined search and Twitter account management tool. Good for handling a large following.

Sends any mentions from your Twitter account to an e-mail address you choose. You also can use Twitter alerts in your settings to notify you of any mentions.

Mom, This is How Twitter Works
Learn Twitter basics. Fun site.

Bliss Control
Manage all of your social network controls in one place.

Notification Control
Clean up email notifications with this tool.

Tells you who has stopped following you.
Created by Burt Herman, former AP foreign correspondent, this site allows you to curate social media into an archived story.

How to Write a Killer Twitter Headline

Sports Fan Graph
Track which teams have the most social media followers.

Five Ways Newsrooms Can Make the Most of Instagram

Storify and Social Media Curation Skills
Great tips and examples from the Knight Digital Media Center.

Social Media Today
A daily chronicle of Internet, mobile and tablet publishing news, information and opinion.

Mashable: 11 Sportswriters You Should Follow on Twitter

KDMC Twitter for Journalists
Helpful tips from the Knight Digital Media Center at UC Berkeley.

Five Rules for Journalists Using Storify
From Staci Baird from San Francisco State University.

Facebook Search
Great way to search for sources, other journalists.

40 Tips To Help Journalists Turn Facebook Into The Ultimate News Portal
Crowdsourced funding for photojournalism projects, similar to
Allows you to search for old tweets.

Makes it easy to move mobile phone or desktop photos to Twitter.

Makes it easy to move mobile phone or desktop photos to Twitter.

MediaBistro: Five Tools to Measure Your Twitter Influence

Peer Index
How effective is your Twitter account?

Analytics for your social media. Graphics, other stats on how influential you are as a tweeter.

Klout .com
Another Twitter analytics site.

Evaluates how influential you are on Twitter.

Twitter management tool that allows you to schedule tweets. Free and professional versions.

Retweet Rank
Are people retweeting what you post? See how you stack up with others.

Track Twitter statistics.
Tracks Twitter trends.

See what's trending on Twitter.

Set up alerts to track certain keywords on Twitter.

Sync your Twitter account with your Google Calendar.

A Twitter invitation tool that helps you schedule tweet-ups.

Wordpress: Twitter Tools Plug-in
Organize your social media and other online accounts.

Jeremy Caplan's Useful Sites
Apps, websites and other tools.

Mashable: 10 Twitter Tools to Organize Your Tweeps

Photoshop Killer
Test an image to see if it has been Photoshopped or altered in any way. Not perfect but a good start at evaluating news photos and authenticity.

Lists the best Twitter tools by category: desktop, mobile, media sharing, analytics, etc.

OneForty: News Twitter Tools
A must-bookmark list of key Twitter tools for news journalists.

Digg for Twitter. Very cool tool.

Find and interview experts on Twitter

Useful Newsroom Social Media Tools
Nice list of resources from Kate Gardiner.

Free timeline creation tool. Post and share on web.

Tools for Managing Twitter Accounts

Five Tools for Building a Targeted Twitter Following

Builds your Twitter lists for you. You can organize by location of follower.

Operates somewhat like Hootsuite. Available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Much like ConvoTrack and BackTweets, enter a Web site's address and measure it's social media impact.

Government Computer News: Who Tweets in Government?

Aggregates tweets about sports leagues, teams, athletes, events, etc.

A social conference directory. Think of it as an IMDB for conferences.

Social bookmarking site in the spirit of Delicious.
Tracks official athlete, coach and league Twitter accounts.

Coyle Media: Sports Fan Graph
Ranks pro and college teams and leagues by their Facebook and Twitter followers.

Create your own custom Twitter feed, similar to an RSS. Great tool.

Eight Great Twitter Directories

22 Sites for Twitter Backgrounds

Twitter Basics Powerpoint
A Powerpoint on Twitter fundamentals. Nice links and examples from Kathy Schrock.

Find information filtered by the people you follow.

Aggregates and displays real-time tweet updates of tech companies by category.

Measure and share real-time local twitter trends.

International news aggregator for the iPhone and iPod touch. Find it in the iTunes app store.

Smashing Magazine: 99 Essential Twitter Tools and Applications

10 Ways Social Media Will Change in 2011

Graphic: What Happens on the Internet Every 60 Seconds

A fun tool that animates your Twitter followers into a parade, with music and pop-up tweets.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Twitter
A great list of resources from Charles Curle Design.

Social Media Guide from World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers

Sociable Blog: 100 Twitter Tools

OpenJason: 100 Top Twitter Tools

27 Twitter Tools to Find and Manage Followers

SPJ: Twenty Journalists to Follow on Twitter

MobiForms Developer
Develop mobile apps in HTML 5 with no programming. Download the software from this site.

Eight Tools to Filter Your Twitter Stream and News

RTDNA: Social Media Guidelines
Radio TV Digital News Association established guidelines for using Twitter and Facebook.

Washington Post: Retweets DO Equal Endorsements
Outlook piece from Sree Sreenivasan on how the Twitter bio description of "RTs don't equal endorsements" is an empty promise.

Onehub Transfers
Easily share files with your social network for free using Onehub Transfers. Upload files and post to twitter it's that easy. Upload any file type including .zip, .pdf, .jpg, .png, .gif, .mp3 and .txt.

URL Shorteners

Mashable: Worst Pro Athletes' on Twitter
Which ones average the most mistakes per 100 words. It's good ...
One of the more popular link compressors.

A popular link compressor that allows you to customize your compressed links.
Choose a keyword to shorten your link to.

Use cautiously, this site shut down for a short period in August 2009

Liven up your page with different designs and colors for your page. Easy-to-use. Many designs are free but some cost a small fee.


TwitRounds Free Twitter backgrounds

Allows you to search Twitter lists. Great tool that's used by Twitter itself and by Flipboard


Use your followers' icons to make your background.

Mobile Applications

For iPhone: Twitter for iPhone, Hootsuite or Simply Tweet in the iTunes store.

For BlackBerry: TwitterBerry.

Sree's Sites from EIJ 2012

Analyzes your Gmail contacts and provides relevant info. about them, including Twitter handles.

A World of Tweets
Real-time visualization of Twitter around the world. Somewhat similar to, but much cooler.

Wonderful tool. Enter two or more Twitter addresses and pinpoint their mutual followers. Great for sourcing and paring down a list of people to follow.

Track how far your Twitter account reaches. You can do the same with a specific hashtag.

Tweet Reach
This wasn't in Sree's list, but it's cool and works along the same lines as the aforementioned Hashtracking.

Facebook + Journalists
Like the page and join the conversation.
Monitor your FB account's engagement on this site.

Sree Tips on Facebook
Like the page and his tips will show up in your Facebook feed.

LinkedIn for Journalists
Does training tailored to journos every few weeks.

LinkedIn Labs
Cool projects and experimental features from LinkedIn employees.

Sree Tips on Facebook
Like the page and his tips will show up in your Facebook feed.


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