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Dart Center: Resources for Reporters Covering Mass Shootings

Dart Center: Working with Traumatic Imagery

Dart Center: Covering Children and Trauma

Poynter: Tips for Covering Mass Shootings

Teacher Magazine: Making Schools Safer
Some interesting programs that schools are taking to make students safer.

MTV: Fight for Your Rights
The site offers many resources on bullying and how to deal with it.

Helping Children and Adolescents Cope with Violence and Disasters
From the National Institute of Mental Health.

International Center for Journalists: Disaster and Crisis Coverage Tips
A great guidebook of tips.

International Center for Journalists: Journalism and Trauma
Tips on dealing with victims, violence, our own experiences, etc.

Red Cross: Helping Children Cope

Covering Your Campus on Lockdown


Mass Shooting Tracker
Great quick-reference research tool if you're working on deadline.

Journalist's Resource: School Violence: Research Findings on Underlying Dynamics, Response and Prevention
Research, links, stories, analysis and a lot of data.

Covering Your Campus on Lockdown

Indianapolis Star: Purdue Shooting Coverage

Denver Post
Timeline of school shootings since Columbine.

Poynter: Should Journalists Stay Away from Newtown on 1-Year Anniversary?
Good for class ethics discussions.

New Haven Register Coverage

Hartford Courant Coverage

Dart Center: Resources for Reporters Covering Mass Shootings

Dart Center: Covering Children and Trauma

Dart Center: Resources for Educators Training Journalists Covering Sensitive Issues
Resources from San Diego State professor Amy Schmitz Weiss on teaching students to cover topics such as suicide, homicides, sexual assaults and other traumatic news events.

Newseum: Front Pages from the Shooting
Newspaper pages from around the U.S. on the day after the shooting.

Twelve Facts About Guns and Mass Shootings

Poynter: What Journalists Should Know About School Shootings and Guns
Great insight from Al Tompkins.

Your Public Media: How Media Should Cover Mass Shootings
Short story and a great NPR radio interview with Andy Carvin and others.

USA Today: Mass Killings Database

The Nation: Fifteen Mass Shootings Happened in 2012

Washington Post: World's Deadliest Mass Shootings

U.S. Mass Shootings in 2012
Map of the shootings with stats, details from The Washington Post.

Poynter: Tips for Interviewing Kids During Traumatic Situations Like the Newtown Shootings
Tips for interviewing kids when it's appropriate to.

How to Talk to Kids About School Massacres
Tips for parents to help kids understand it. Good for stories, lists about how to deal with kids in these situations.

ProPublica: Best Reporting on Guns

Journalists Resource: Studies on Firearm Violence

Journalists Resource: Research on Mass Shootings

Poynter: News Orgs Circulate Facebook Page, Photos of Unconfirmed Shooter

Charles Apple on Media Coverage


Secret Service Safe School Initiative
Study dispels myths about school shootings. A great resource.

National Institute of Mental Health
Studies and sources are helpful for background stories.

American College Health Association

Security on Campus
Deals with college campus safety. Includes a section on stalking, resources for reporters, etc.

NY Times: Resources on Bullying, Cyberbullying - Your Guide To Fighting Workplace Bullying

Office of Postsecondary Education: Campus Crime
Compare crime data on college campuses. Newsroom Guide for Bomb Threat Coverage Virginia Tech Shootings Resources School Shootings: 1997-2007
Front pages, links and summaries from dozens of tragedies.

COLUMBINE Remembering Columbine
A deep collection of resources, analysis and links about the tragedy.

Salon Magazine's "Massacre in Suburban Denver"


San Diego Union Tribune's Santana Shootings Coverage
Links to the coverage of the school shootings. Updated regularly.


National Center for Education Statistics: Bullying Report
Results from the 2001 School Crime Supplement to the National Crime Victimization Survey.

Threat Assessment in Schools: A Guide to Managing Threatening Situations and to Creating Safe School Climates

Victims and the Media Program
From the Michigan State University's School of Journalism, this site "educates journalists of today and tomorrow about how to report on victims of violence and catastrophe with the dignity, compassion and sensitivity they deserve." It provides journalists information on trauma and the impact it can have on them. Includes a three-week online course for victim advocates and service providers on how to Build an Effective Media Strategy.

National School Safety and Security Services

Keep Schools Safe

Center at Georgetown University for the Study of Violence: Violence News

Center for the Prevention of School Violence

Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence: Violence in American Schools

College Drinking Study (April 2002)
A study by the federally supported Task Force on College Drinking estimated that drinking by college students contributes to 1,400 deaths, 500,000 injuries and 70,000 cases of sexual assault or date rape a year.

U.S. Department of Education Campus Security Stats
A searchable database of crime at more than 6,000 colleges and universities. The database contains statistics for criminal offenses, hate offenses and arrests for the past three years.

U.S. Department of Education: Safe and Drug Free Schools Program

Workplace Bullying Institute

The National Criminal Justice Service
Site releases an annual report that presents data on violent deaths at schools, other types of violence and crime, nonfatal student and teacher victimization, drug use, and more.

NCES Indicators of School Crime and Safety (2001)
Comes as a .PDF file.

Security on Campus
A non-profit group fighting campus violence has articles, studies and other research on campus crime.

NCES: Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2001
From the National Center for Education Statistics, this report "presents data on crime at school from the perspectives of students, teachers, principals and the general population."

School Violence PAVN
A summary of trends and statistics on school safety and violence, sponsored by several government agencies.

UK: Success Unlimited Bullying Site
Several resources dealing with workplace bullying.

UK: Bullying Online
A UK journalist shares this site, which is based in England but deals with school bullying issues from all over the world. Many reference and tips for parents, administrators, kids, etc.

CNN's School Violence Statistics
Several helpful statistics tables.

National School Safety Center

National Education Association's National Bullying Awareness Campaign
Do a search on "bullying."

Kids Health for Parents: Bullying and Your Child

Youth Violence: A Report of the Surgeon General

Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act
Takes effect October 2002.


Bullying Whys
This site helps people find information that they may need to help deal with a bullying situation. Run by a woman in Virginia, the site offers links, tips and much, much more.

LA Daily News: Terror on the Streets
A piece on LA gangs and how they impact neighborhoods and schools.

School Shootings in Canada
A list from the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

Resources for writing about online bullying.
More resources for writing about online bullying. Cyberbullying

Bullying Whys
This site helps people find information that they may need to help deal with a bullying situation. Run by a woman in Virginia, the site offers links, tips and much, much more.


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