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Journalist's Resource: Research and Background on Catholic Church and Pope Benedict XVI

Religion Newswriters Association

National Religious Broadcasters

Religion Stylebook
An independent supplement to The Associated Press Stylebook and is a service of the Religion Newswriters Association.

JournalismNet -- Religion

University of Missouri: Center for Religion, the Professions, and the Public

Religion Dispatches
Daily online magazine.

Library of Congress: Religion and the Government
Takes effect October 2002. Bread for the World
A world hunger site with religious ties.

Frontline: Faces of Islam
The terrorist attacks have revealed some deep divisions between followers of Islam. This Frontline site examines viewpoints of Muslims around the world after 9/11. Includes video, FAQ and more.

Christianity Today

Christian Book

SNAP: Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

American Academy of Religion

From the American Academy of Religion, this site can put you in touch with religion experts and scholars.
Run by Focus on the Family, this site offers online voter registration forms and a database/quiz that links voters to candidates and issues.

ReligionLink: Resources on Supreme Court Ruling on Ten Commandments

Mainstream Coaliton

ChurchSecurity Services
News, guidebooks, tools, profiles of gunmen, etc.

Church Security Member
Safety, training, news, videos on security, etc.

Traditional Values Coalition

Americans United for Separation of Church and State

Center on Religion & the Professions
An affiliate of the Missouri School of Journalism that focuses on religious literacy among professionals.

The Right Site

BeliefNet: Sin Series
Seven deadly sins. Features interactive quizzes.

Campus Freethought Alliance: Godless Americans
More than 50 pieces from the renowned collection.

Write to Inspire
A religion writing site with a nice resources page.

Presidential Prayer Team Media Page
A White House promotional site but it does have some media resources. You must register (it�s free) to log-in to the media page.
A library of sites not affiliated with a Muslim sect or ideology. Links to mosques, news, articles, translation of the Quran.

National Day of Prayer
Background on the annual May 2 holiday.

AfrikaWorld: Religions

National African Religion Congress

Gospel Communications Network

Girona Cathedral Tour
A cool Flash tour of the French cathedral.
Run by former Watergate convict Charles Colson, this ministry works with churches and community groups to provide fellowship for prisoners and former prisoners.

Google's Religion Directory

Meditation Therapy

Center for Public Justice
A Washington-based team of academic and policy consultants.
Features quotes and study guides to Science and Health" by Mary Baker Eddy, founder of Christian Science.

The Internet Sacred Text Archive
A religious tolerance and scholarship site that has deep resources on the human race's religious heritage.

Beliefnet: Prayer of the Day

The Fund
A ministry site with job listings, publications, links to schools, etc.

Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

Salem Witch Trials Archive
History of the trials, including maps, transcripts, bios of notable people, etc.


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Journalist's Resource: Research and Background on Catholic Church and Pope Benedict XVI

Masters in Divinity
List of the best sites devoted to holy texts and scriptures.

Flowing Data: Religious Geography of the United States
Maps where various faiths are located.

American Religious Identification Survey (2008)

United Methodist Church

Disciples of Christ (Christian Church)

United Methodist Reporter Interactive
Undergoing some upgrades.

RNS Christian News

Christian Coalition News Channel
Provides up to the minute news and comment with a Christian perspective.

Faith and Values
Information about Christian and Jewish faiths, including doctrines, text of speeches, video and audio. The site was built by a coalition of 70 Jewish and Christian faith groups.

Relevant Magazine
A Christian teen pop culture magazine.
Useful for backgrounding Christianity. Religions
A helpful resource in researching books on Christianity.
A Christian magazine.

Christianity Today

America Magazine
Covers the basics of Christianity.
A mixture of editorial content and e-commerce, this site offers a Bible and religious song search as well as many other resources. Internet for Christians

A Guide to Christian Resources on the Internet

Christian Pirate Radio

The Catholic Encyclopedia
Answers questions about catholicism.

Journalist's Resource: Research and Background on Catholic Church and Pope Benedict XVI

Catholic Church Cardinal Biographies

U.S. Catholic Population by State, 2008
From the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. The Papacy

The Vatican: Background on The Pope

PBS: Religion & Ethics Newsweekly

National Catholic Reporter

American Family Association
America's largest pro-life family site, the AFA stands for traditional family values, focusing primarily on the influence of television and other media - including pornography - on our society.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
News, sources, issues, list of key dates/observances, church documents, year-in-review and dozens of other resources. Pope Succession

The Pontificate of Pope John Paul II
From Eternal Word Television Network.

Eternal Word Television Network
A source of news and information on the Roman Catholic Church.

Vatican Newspaper

Jewish Community Online
Ask a rabbi,torah, jewish news, jewish chats, etc.

Jewish World Review Magazine

Jewish Encyclopedia

Jewish Outreach Institute

Jewish Magazine Resources

American Jewish Committee

The Jerusalem Report

Azure Journal
Launched in 1996, Azure is a journal of philosophy, social thought and cultural criticism, which provides a forum for scholarship and opinion on issues of concern to the Jewish public in Israel and abroad. Azure has in-depth essays, articles and reviews that offer thought-provoking analysis in areas such as Israeli government policy, cultural trends in Israel, religion in public life, Israeli constitutionalism and judicial activism, Jewish philosophy, Jewish and Zionist history and much more.

UK Jewish Site

The Jewish Museum

An American Jewish newspaper.


Virtual Jerusalem
A good community site. Rosh Hashana

Jerusalem Post
Jerusalem's English-speaking paper.

Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion

Jewish Geneaology

Shamash: The Jewish Network

The Simon Wiesenthal Center
An international Jewish human rights organization dedicated to "preserving the memory of the Holocaust by fostering tolerance and understanding through community involvement, educational outreach and social action."

Jewish Torah Audio

The Jewish Museum
More than 50 pieces from the renowned collection.

Noble Sanctuary/Temple Mount Guide
This online guide is a tour of what's called the Temple Mount by Jews, the Noble Sanctuary by Muslims.

American Baptist Churches, USA

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Association of Free Lutheran Congregations
Information on missionary trips, building homes, spiritual guidance, etc.

What About Jesus?
Basics of Evangelical Lutheran Synod.

Mormon: The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints
Background resources on the church, LDS chapels locator.

Orthodox Links

Presbyterian Church USA
Evaluates more than 500 religion-based charities.

The Bright Wings of Support
This site posts stories about life experiences and coping with difficult situations.

Religious Tolerance: Native American Religions

The Hindu Universe

Cao Dai is a religion that started in Vietnam in the 1920s.

The Secular Web

Sikh Network

Sikhs Religion Baha'i Faith

U.S. Baha'i


All About Sikhs's Alternative Religion Guide
A hosted directory of thousands of religion links.

National Committee for Amish Religious Freedom

Buddhist News Network

The Cutting Edge Ministries

Quakers: The Religious Society of Friends

Church of Christ, Scientist

Center of Traditional Taoist Studies

International Shinto Foundation
An introduction to the ancient Japanese religion.

American Atheists

Religion News

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Christian Science Monitor

Religious News Service

Religion News Today

LA Times Religion Section

Chicago Sun-Times Religion Columnist Cathleen Falsani News
Includes 10,000 free articles from the leading publisher of Christian publications.

PBS: Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly

Credenda Agenda Magazine
Explores all areas from a biblical and Protestant perspective. Comes out bi-monthly.

News and trends in religion.

This is a "faith and life" site with many great resources.

Zondervan's Religion News Links
Lists of newspapers, wire services, studies and more. A super resource.

Major search engine for Christian and religious Web sites.

PBS Frontline: Race and Religion
A national business news magazine that is distributed to over 40,000 senior pastors and Christian leaders from across the United States.

The The 50 Most Influential Christians in America

PBS: Religion and Ethics News Weekly

Adherents: World Religions and Statistics

Bridging the Gap: Religion and the News Media

ReligionSource, a service of the American Academy of Religion, provides journalists with prompt referrals to scholars who can serve as sources on virtually any topic related to religion. The American Academy of Religion (AAR), affiliated with Emory University in Atlanta, is the world's largest association of academics who research or teach topics related to religion.

ReligionLink: A Guide to African-Americans and Religion
A guide to experts and organizations on African-Americans and religion, from scholars to pastors, from gospel to hip-hop, from civil rights to family issues, from Christianity to Islam.

Symbolic Dictionary: Visual Glossary of Symbols
Great source for finding religious symbols.

FACS Journalism, Religion and Public Life Program

Religion News Service
Good for quick-reference, this site posts headlines and short summaries from the services daily news service output, which includes news briefs,features and commentary. The full text of the daily and weekly service is available to subscribers only.

Religion & Ethics Newsweekly
The online companion to the PBS series Religion & Ethics Newsweekly, hosted by Bob Abernethy.

Religion Today

Worldwide Faith News
A database of full-text official news releases and other documents, including policy statements, from the news offices of national and world faith groups. This collection indexes more than 14,000 documents, including posts in French, Spanish and Dutch.

Beliefnet: The 12 Tribes of American Politics
Survey breaks down 12 religious voting blocs.
Reviews, author bios and excerpts on religious books.

Harvard Institute for Religion Research
Social scientific religion research information that is helpful for religious leaders and the general public.

Golden Compass
Links to religion news around the world.

Village Life Daily News


Home page of the Christian Broadcasting Network.
This non-profit Internet service dedicated to issues of culture, life, and family. Updated daily, it includes reports and information used by many organizations and publications, educators, professionals and political, religious and life and family organization leaders and grassroots organizations. Helpful for journalists tracking trends and looking for sources. Site includes an e-newsletter.

American Academy of Religion:

SAJA Tips on Religion
Covers Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism in the U.S.

Manifest on the Web
Christian magazine.

Texts, Data And Research

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Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life

Harvard University: The Pluralism Project
A must-bookmark for anyone reporting on religion or ethics. Run by the Committee on the Study of Religion, this site offers current research, media resources, news stories and much, much more.

Rutgers University's Virtual Religion Index
Links to denominations, philosophy and psychology of religion sites. A must bookmark!

Rutgers University Journal of Law and Religion
Another must bookmark, this site features journal articles, links on the Nuremburg Project, an e-mail news update and a collection of related religion links.

The American Religion Data Archive
Includes database of church membership, denomination studies, attitude surveys and polls.

Beliefnet's Sacred Texts Online
Basic stats and data about religions. Information is drawn from many sources, including surveys and the census.
Over 1,000 religions retreats listed.
A searchable resource center for sermon materials.

Talking Bible
A searchable resource center for sermon materials.

Bible Gateway

Religion Academic Departments
Good for sourcing for stories.

Ethics and Public Policy Center
A Washington think-tank that puts together seminars and studies.

Internet Sacred Text Archive
Hundreds of religion books and documents.

Google's Religion History

The Council of Societies for the Study of Religion
A federation of learned societies in religion and the publisher of Religious Studies Review and the CSSR Bulletin.

American Academy of Religion

World Association for Christian Communications
A media watchdog organization from England that offers an alternative perspective than the mainstream media's view of values and religious issues. Has commentary on the coverage of the 9-11 tragedies.

Material History of American Religion Project

Yahoo! Religion Listings
Links to dozens of faiths and practices.
Covers religion, belief and faith with citations from historical resources. Includes more than 41,000 statistics.

Institute on Religion in an Age of Science
A non-denominational, independent society "working for a dynamic and positive relationship between science and religion since 1954."

BIOTN: Best Information on the Net
A search site for controversial issues compiled by Catholic university librarians (death penalty, gun control, human rights, censorship, etc.)

Psychology of Religion

World Journalism Institute

Religion and Philosophy Resources
A good site from the Boston University School of Theology.

Freedom From Religion Foundation
Protecting the constitutional principle of the separation of church and state.

Trinity College: Religion in the News
The Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life's critique of the media's religion coverage. Supported by the Pew Foundation.

123World Religion
An online index/guide in the spirit of

American Theological Library Association

English Literature and Religion
This site features a deep index of religious research.

Academic Info's Religion Page

Prayer and Prayers: Dinner Blessings

William Lobdell's Religion Blog
Blog by former LA Times religion writer.

Clergy Abuse Controversy

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Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse: Clergy Abuse
A comprehensive set of articles, links, statistics and references. Covering Clergy Abuse
A huge collection of resources. Links to stories, organizations and statistics. Catholicism in Crisis

Clergy and Educator Abuse Survivors Empowered (CEASE)
Resources, forums, expert sources, etc. Editor's Journal -- Church Abuse Scandal
A great chronology of how the LA Times reported the scandal.

Religion Experts

The Vatican
You must pay for full text of stories.

Religion Clergy Abuse
Background, resources by region, stories, state laws on clergy abuse, etc. Statistics on Catholics

Community.Catholic: Statistics on Catholics

Catholic News

Religion and 9/11

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This site allows journalists to find sources for their stories when religion intersects society on their beats. Journalists can log in and easily and quickly search a database for contact info, credentials and publications for about 5,000 religion scholars in more than 1,400 areas of expertise. The site is free and funded by a grant from The Pew Charitable Trusts. 9/11 Mini-Site
Features what faith groups are doing to mark the events of 9/11. It also includes extensive resources on what faith groups and congregations will do on the first anniversary and resources on what they did after 9/11.

Frontline: Faces of Islam
The terrorist attacks have revealed some deep divisions between followers of Islam. This Frontline site examines viewpoints of Muslims around the world after 9/11. Includes video, FAQ and more.
A "faith and life" site with many helpful links, inlcuding resources for coping with the terrorist attack.
Detailed explanations of Islam and the Quran.

Al Haramain Foundation

Islam Guide
From the Jeddah Dawah Center.

The Islamic Society of North America
Develops educational and social services to Muslims and broacts news conferences and original programming over its Web site.

Vatican Museums

CNN's Mideast 101
Stories and video backgrounding the Mideast conflict. Great history and quick-reference resource that should come in handy for fact-checking. Includes a timeline, maps, refugee locator, list of key players, etc. Israeli-Palestine Links
A list of about 20 key Web sites.

Religious Response to Terrorism
This site from the National Council of Churches has background and a statement opposing hatred that people are signing.

A global religion site that explores violence and faith. Some background on Islam-Christianity relationship.

Muslims Against Terrorism
Started by a group of young American Muslims

University of Michigan's Koran Browser

Brown University's Quran Browser
Search a database from the Scholarly Tech Group.

USC's Quran Search
Search in three different translations.

Islamic Supreme Council of America
A portal to historical background and community events.

PBS's Islam: Empire of Faith
Features 1,000 years of history.

IslamiCity: Understanding Muslims
Some basic terms that are great for backgrounding. Islam Primer

Koinonia House
Well-known Christian Bible teacher Chuck Misler analyzes the terror attacks from a prophetic viewpoint.

Islam Online

Muslim Life in America -- DOS
The State Department offers resources explaining Muslim-American life.

American Muslims for Jerselaem

Islam: Guide to U.S. Experts, Organizations
From ReligionLink, this site features scholars and experts specializing in in civil rights, politics, demographics, art, culture, history, law, family issues, etc. The site offers a guide to more than 100 experts and organizations.


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