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U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

It's like Google for military info.

National Institute of Medicine: Military & Veterans
Studies, breaking news stories and experts.

This site uses Google Earth to enable the user to pinpoint where, when and how each service member died since the beginning of the war in Afghanistan. A line connects the service member's approximate location of death to his or her hometown. You can download the map off of this blog.

SAJA: Mumbai Attack Resources
Latest headlines from U.S. military.


U.S. Army

Army Technology

National Archive: Civil War Records

U.S. Marine Corps

Air Force

Air Forces in Europe

U.S. Navy

The Office of Naval Research
This office manages the science and technology programs for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.

U.S. Coast Guard

Coast Guard News
Designed to give journalists a one-stop resource for Coast Guard information.

Air National Guard Defense Information
The site charges a fee, but you can still get a decent amount of stories for free, and sign up for a free e-mail.

Paralyzed Veterans of America
Research, education, veteran's benefits, issues and expert sources.

Internet Resource Collection: Terrorism
UC-Irvine U.S. Government Librarian Kay Collins librarian gathered this great collection of links and references. It's easy to scan and offers some real gems, including an RSS feeds from the Department of Homeland Security.

Commission on Wartime Contracting

Committee to Project Journalists: Journalist Security Guide
.PDF guide book to covering news in a dangerous, changing world. Defense and International Relations Agencies
This site helps you identify government agencies at local, state, federal and international levels.

National Military Family Association
Stats, resources, contacts.

Military and Veteran Bar Associations

Center for Law and Military Operations

Library of Congress: Military Legal Resources
Links to dozens of websites, handbooks, etc.

U.S. Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute
Publishes security and strategic reports that bridge the military and academia, and covers terrorism issues.

United Nations Action to Counter Terrorism

Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism
Newsroom and list of commission members, contact information.

Homeland Defense Journal
Full archives of publications, special reports, etc.

The Atlantic: World War II in Photos

Center on Conscience and War
A nonprofit in Washington, D.C., that provides legal advice to U.S. troops.

Veteran's Day
History of the holiday and teaching resource guide.

Department of Defense: Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms
A 734-page .PDF dictionary. It?s hard to print, but use a direct link or save to a hard drive or a CD-ROM.

ReligionLink: Iraq Resources
A great collection of organizations, information and links on values, ethics, etc. as they're applied to the war.

Iraq Deaths: Military Deaths by State
From the Vermont Valley News, deaths per capita by state, etc.

IRE: Terrorism-Related Materials
Information includes resources on terroist organizations and attacks, international reporting sources, guidelines on international sources and articles written for The IRE Journal and Uplink about covering international stories and terrorism.

Media Coverage--Iraq
Department of the Parliamentary Library, Parliament of Australia.

BYU: World War I Document Archives
From the Brigham Young Library.

War in Iraq -- Economics
Department of the Parliamentary Library, Parliament of Australia.

Eyewitness to History
War history and anecdotes through the eyes of those who lived it.

Veterans Administration: Memorial Day

Network for Good: U.S. Troops Support
A great collection of links to troop support and resource sites.

RAND Corporation National Security Research
Federally funded documents center has a variety of links, reports and resources on military and national security issues.

RAND Corporation Public Safety Research
Federally funded documents center has a variety of links, reports and resources on public safety issues.

Homeland Security Page
Tom Ridge's page gives the Current Nationwide Threat Level.

PBS Frontline: Foreign Affairs and the Military

United Nations Counter-Terrorism Online Handbook

Afghan Recovery Report
Afghan journalists, working with support from the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) and Media Action International (MAI) offer a free service aimed at providing local and international media outlets with "objective and reliable news from local sources.

National Coalition of Homeless Veterans

Department of Veteran Affairs Homeless Page
Shots from Iraq, etc.

Veterans Day History

U.S. Army: Digital Video & Imagery Distribution System
Search through past stories.

Center for Security Policy

Department of Defense

Site from the U.S. Department of Defense. Releases, photos, transcripts, speeches, e-mail advisories and more.

National Terrorism Alert Page

Heritage Foundation's National Security Page

PBS NOVA: Combat Hospital
Story of a war zone hospital.

Inside Defense
Defense industry news.

Military Tribunals

Military Connection
Encyclopedia, maps, documents, photos, etc. Listing of Military Marriage Sites

America's New War
Track the Terrorism conflict for a "good news, bad news" perspective.

GlobalSecurity: Track Troops in Middle East

American Red Cross Armed Forces Emergency Services

Army Emergency Relief

Navy/Marine Relief Society

Air Force Aid Society

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance 9/11 Attack Resources
Dozens of great resources.

The War in Context
News and commentary from the global press and alternative media relating to the war on terrorism and the Middle East conflict.

PBS Frontline: Terror and Tehran

Military Bomb Disposal Techniques

Armed Forces Epidemiological Board

Army Medical Monthly Surveillance Report

Naval Health Research Center

World War I Diaries
Listed by subject, author, period.

Veterans Administration: National Center for PTSD
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder information and research.

Defenselink: Department of Defense Almanac
A breakdown of the departments, employment stats, budgets and more.

CNN Fact Sheet: U.S. Attacks Terrorism
FAQ, bios of key players and background on the retaliatory attacks.'s U.S. Military Page U.S. Newspapers Terrorist Links

MSNBC Interactive War Map
A great explanatory site that includes history, interpretations, etc. of the Islamic faith.

Marine Corps History and Museum Division
All sorts of historical information.

U.S. Use of Pre-emptive Military Force
A .PDF file.

Global Beat: NYU's Center for War, Peace and the News Media
This site is useful for anyone who is interested in international news. Each week, Global Beat runs stories and backgrounders on important areas of the world, such as Iraq, Chechnya, South Asia, etc.

Military Photojournalism Projects

Terrorist Attacks: Regional Maps of Afghanistan
Several maps of Afghanistan, Kabul and several other places in the country and region. From the University of Texas at Austin.

U.S. Army: Soldier Stories
Run by the U.S. Army, this site focuses on interesting stories that might not have made the mainstream news.

Pentagon Memorial

CIA Maps

EarthExplorer Maps Via USGS

Military History Encyclopedia
Reference for wars, individuals, weapons, concepts behind the wars, etc.

List of POW/MIAS
The Library of Congress has a list of prisoners of war and MIAs.

Not Forgotten
Track the Pentagon's efforts to clear up uncertainties about POWs.

National League of Families of American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia
The site includes a state-by-state listing of the missing.

Kitchen Table Gang: Helping Veterans
A veteran's group that helps hospitalized veterans.

Military Family Support Center
Links to dozens of organizations.

Medals Of Honor
The U.S. Army Center of Military History has a database of more than 3,400 Medals of Honor that ave been awarded since the decoration's creation in 1861. Transcripts are categorized by war.

Military Rank Insignias
This site "outs" people falsely claiming to be a part of the elite Navy unit.

Military Law and Justice

Military Press

Center for Defense Information

Art of World War I
An archive of photography and artwork. (U.S.)
Links to all the official Armed Forces Web sites.

Inside Defense

Interagency Civil-Military

Pacific Stars & Stripes

Army Times

U.S. Army Association

U.S. European Command

U.S. Military Academy

Military Chaplains Association of the USA

National Funeral Directors: Military Funeral Section

Military Funeral Honors

Department of Veterans Affairs

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans burial sites
This site offers information about funerals, ceremonies and sites. World War II Archives
Footnote and the National Archives assemble a collection of photos, news articles, case files about war crimes, accounts of air battles and much more.

Library of Congress: Experiencing War: Veterans' History Project

Wartime Contracting Commission

Veterans National Archives

Veteran's Day Home Page
The page includes a patriotic fact sheet, a listing of scheduled events in Washington DC, and links to other regional sites.

American Legion

Korean War 50th Anniversary
Great research on the "forgotten war."

Vietnam War History

Vietnam Vets

Vietnam Women's Memorial Project

The Virtual Wall
An interactive tour of the Vietnam Memorial.

Veterans History Project
A great collection of military facts, stats and figures.

Online Vietnam Memorial
Features a database of more than 58,000 names.

D-Day Memorial

Desert Storm

U.S. Naval Observatory
Sun and moon data by year (from 1700 to 2100).

Korean War: 50th Anniversary
Dramatic images, maps, and online recollections from those who served.

Civil War Portal
Facts on units, weaponry, battles, etc.

20th Century Castles: Missile Bases

War Times Journal

Military: Surveying Engineering and Mapping Center of Expertise

Historic Government Publications from World War II [.pdf]
This new site from Southern Methodist University boasts more than 200 government documents from World War II.

ACES: Iraq Facts
Research from The American Copy Editors Society. Links to military, weapons, media outlets and more.

Washington Post's Dot Mil Column
Written by William Arkin, a former military intelligence analyst.

Washington Post: Fog of War
Tips how to/what to do if you spot a phony veteran.

POW Network
How to spot phony POWs.
How to check to make sure someone claiming to be a Navy Seal really is one.

Navy Frogmen
How to check to make sure someone claiming to be a Navy Frogman really is one. Memorial Day
Many features about Americans and the wars they fought. Bitter Passage: Kent State & the Fall of Saigon
A super multimedia package on the Vietnam War. Sun--Tzu's "The Art of War"
Full translation of the 2,000-year-old Chinese book of strategy on and off the field of battle.

Photojournalism: A Record of War Military Records
Organized by war or by timeline, the site offers thousands of records, old newsreels, etc.

Medals of Honor Breakdown
Stats on types of honors by military branch.

Military Brats Registry
This site is a riot: An online community for military brats to get in touch with one another.

Homeland Security Digital Library
Search engine allows you to scan more than 30 homeland security blogs.

G.I. Bill

British National Risk Register
Cabinet office assess threats to Great Britain, including flu, flooding, terrorist attacks, etc.

NYU Globalbeat Tips

Library of Congress: The Vietnam-Era Prisoner-of-War/Missing-in-Action Database
Search U.S. Government documents on U.S. military listed as unaccounted for as of December 1991.

The Great War Archive
Materials on WWI.

Air&Space Magazine
Smithsonian online magazine includes History of Flight, Flight Today, Military Aviaton and Space Exploration.

Military Weapons

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Background on the B-1 Bomber

Background on the B-2 Stealth Bomber

9-11 counterattack reports include bomb damage assessment images, updates on the humanitarian effort. The Internet's Military Portal
An incredible resource for anyone covering the military. This site features links to military headlines, blogs and more, and contains a useful magazine military article search on the news page.

Operation Enduring Freedom and the Conflict in Afghanistan
From the UK House of Commons Library, an update on developments since the start of Operation Enduring Freedom. The entire document is 104 pages, .PDF format.

U.S. Navy Ships and Weapons

Glossary of How Surface-to-Air Missiles Work

Homeland Security Newsletter
A military newsletter that circulates outside the military as well. Terrorism and other issues are grouped under the title "Homeland Defense." The company puts out a Homeland Defense e-newsletter. A recent issue has a great deal of information on the attacks and the background situation, including authoritative material on Osama bin Laden and geopolitical aspects of this crisis.

PBS: Frontline Documentary on the U.S. Military and War
Great resources for backgrounding stories on the military.

This site has links devoted to military intelligence, including sections called Military Defense Flaws, Satellites of War, Espionage Targets and Military Space.

National Counterterrorism Center 2009 Counterterrorism Calendar
Available at this Web site and as a .PDF.

Globemaster U.S. Military Aviation Database
This information server contains all active aircraft operating units and air bases of the U.S. forces around the world, including tail codes, maps, ICAO/IATA codes and links to their official Web sites.

National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States

A commercial pay site deep with military and military equipment information. Rates are reasonable, though.

The Federation of American Scientists: U.S. Equipment and Vehicles

The Federation of American Scientists: The B-1 Bomber

Center for Defense Information
Military experts share thoughts on terrorism.
A site looking at Palestinian weapons production and smuggling.

Defense Almanac
Helps explain the military hierarchy.

Fortean Times: Sonic Weapons
This publication takes an extensive look at the history and breakthroughs in sonic warfare.

Centers for Disease Control Bioterrorism Page

NY Times Links to the Global Struggle
Links from the Times' Felicity Barringer.
Military Connections offers free Veteran Reunion and Military Database searches for American active duty military, veterans, reservists and buddies from the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard.

Special Report: Bioterrorism Resources

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CDC: Bioterrorism Preparedness Site
An easy-to-use reference site. Breaks down the types of diseases, etc.

Department of Homeland Security
Press briefings, stories, latest warning, etc.

From the Department of Homeland Security, this site offers ,plans, tips, etc. on safety resources. Tips such as instructing Americans on how to increase our chances of survival when explosions detonate outside your vehicle.

World Health Organization: Health Aspects of Biological and Chemical Weapons
Information about local responses to bioterrorism. This site provides links to directories of state health agencies, state health officials, and public hotlines.
A helpful terrorism encyclopedia.

Center for the Study of Bioterrorism
From St. Louis University School of Public Health.

National Counterterrorism Center 2009 Counterterrorism Calendar
Available at this Web site and as a .PDF. Bioterrorism
Breaks down all the possible threats to the food supply.

AMA: Bioterrorism Articles
A great collection of academic articles that is updated regularly.

Medical Library Association: Bioterrorism Resources

MedlinePlus: Biodefense and Bioterrorism

American Academy of Family Physicians:
Resources for medical professionals and media. Has a great key links section.

MEDLIB: Bioterrorism Bibliographies and Resources
A compilation of print and web bioterrorism resources has been derived from the discussion on MEDLIB-L in response to the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Includes resources on psychological, medical and military aspects of bioterrorism.

ACP Online: Bioterrorism Resources

University of South Carolina: Experts on War and Terrorism
A collection of faculty members with expertise in military, bioterrorism, etc.

Washington Post: Bioterrorism Special Section
Stories, links and resources. In-depth coverage.

USA Bioterrorism Primer Graphics

BBC: WWII The Peoples War
An in-depth historical site.

PBS Online Newshour: Bioterrorism Stories
A great index of stories.

PBS: Avoiding Armageddon
This companion site to the documentary defines what weapons of mass destruction are. A great reference site.

Department of Justice Office for Domestic Preparedness

Federal Trade Commission: Warnings on Bioterrorism Defense Products

New England Journal of Medicine: Special Smallpox Report
The full report will be out Jan. 30.

Johns Hopkins University Biodefense Site

University of Nebraska Medical Center: Smallpox Links and Resources
Dozens of helpful links.

University of Michigan Bioterrorism Preparedness Initiative

East Carolina University Joyner Library: War on Terrorism Resources
A tremendous collection of links covering several angles of the Iraq war. Links you qill not find on other sites.

University of Minnesota Bioterrorism

University of Maryland Bioterrorism Resources
A comprehensive collection of government documents, medical links.

University of Texas Bioterrorism Experts
From the medical center in Houston, a listing of 10-15 experts and their contact information.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Agroterrorism Resources
Studies, links, experts, etc.

National Personnel Records Center
A central repository of personnel-related records, both military and civil service. The mission is to "sprovide world-class service to government agencies, military veterans, former civilian Federal employees, family members, as well as researchers and historians."

University of South Alabama: Bioterrorism

Thomas Jefferson University Bioterrorism Resources
Hundreds of links to research sites.

ACP-ASIM: Bioterrorism Experts and Speakers
A listing of about 20 and their contact information. Bioterrorism The Next Threat?

Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA): Bioterrorism Section

Where Every Moment Counts: Bioterrorism Links
A large collection of safety tips and resources.

FDLI: Bioterrorism Publications
Order books relating to bioterrorism and food contamination.

Homeland Security Threat Monitor
Have updates sent to your desktop.

UCLA: Bioterrorism Archives
Links to hundreds of articles and research.

PBS: Bioterror
The companion site to the PBS documentary. Includes the history of biowarfare, weapons and vaccines.

Nova: The Dirty Bomb
An inside look at the terrorist weapon.

Defense Against Toxin Weapons

Terrorism Q&A: Smallpox
Run by the Reuters Foundation, this site covers how relief agencies respond to disasters and can help journalists cover them. It includes a news feed and resources about the countries involved. It also features a section on the conflict with Iraq.

Strategy Page
Military personnel, weapons, strategy, intelligence and information operations, plus a newsletter..

Gary Price's Bioterrorism Links
Resources from George Washington University.

American Public Health Association's Control of Communicable Diseases Manual
Information on Anthrax.

Department of Defense: Rules for Embedded Journalists

Speech and Transcript Center
Links to key speeches and transcripts (English language) by key government, military and other leaders. It also includes direct links to related full-text docs and other reference type materials.

Biological and Chemical Terrorism Defense: A View From the "Front Lines" of Public Health
.PDF files from the American Journal of Public Health.

Preemptive Biopreparedness: Can We Learn Anything From History?
From the American Journal of Public Health (Vol 91, 2001).

Provisional Guidelines for Action in the Event of a Deliberate Release
From the Public Health Laboratory Service (United Kingdom). 18 pages .pdf, Also contains some useful background.

Arms Sales Monitoring Project
An in-depth site featuring a database of notifications to congress of U.S. arms exports to much of the world; U.S. and global arms transfers data; U.S. biggest defense contractors; background on U.S. arms recipients.

University of Nebraska: Bioterrorism Readiness

Centers for Disease Control Anthrax Page
Bios of recent cases in .PDF format.

Department of Defense Anthrax Immunization Program
There has been much controversy about this program.

University of Nebraska Medical Center: Smallpox Links and Resources
Dozens of helpful links.
Includes a good e-newsletter that cites credible sources.
A German site for journalists that has a lot of links to international sources.

Information Please Almanac: Military Hierarchy
Use information on this page to explain military structure (personnel hierarchy) for the Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines. Also track how many from various states.
A social networking forum geared toward U.S. troops, families and anyone looking for military connections. The site can be helpful for networking and finding personal/family-generated stories in your area. Personnel Finder
Free registration gets you access to a database of more than 20 million files. Search by units and the results list years served, making it easy to find others who served with the person or unit you are researching.

Military City: Casualties Database
Look up American soldiers.
A social networking forum geared toward U.S. troops, families and anyone looking for military connections. The site can be helpful for networking and finding personal/family-generated stories in your area.
Stats on war casualties in Iraq. Broken down by regions, month, etc.

Army Times
This searchable site has military news, careers, benefits, health care, discussion forums and more.

National Archives: National Personnel Records Center
Request from more than 70 million military records.

Defense Link Index
Information on organization, money, people, and forces and weapons. Military Reporting -- Insights and Ideas
Tips on how to localize and focus the national, international issues in the military.

Locating Active Military in Your Area:
Librarians on NewsLib recommend this site for finding local members of an Air National Guard unit being called to active duty. Also helpful:


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