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List Universe
A resource site for anyone setting up or trying to keep a listserv alive.

List of Journalist Listservs

Live Journal: Journalists Community
Has a community for journalists. Slug: journalists.

National Press Photographers Association
General photojournalism, ethics, digital imaging software.
Message: Subscribe NPPA-L Your Name

Foreign Correspondents
Message: Subscribe Correx-L

European Investigative Reporting
Message: Subscribe Media Your Name

Student Journalism
Message: Info SJ

Shop Talk
Includes clippings about the network and local broadcast news industry, news and gossip about reporters and producers, and occasional job postings.
Message: Subscribe SHOPTALK Your Name

Usenet newsgroup:

Gonzo Journalism
Usenet: newsgroup: alt.journalism.gonzo

Journalism Criticism
Usenet newsgroup: alt.journalism.criticism

Journalism Discussions
Listserv Mailing List:
list address:
subscription address:

Music Journalism
Usenet newsgroup:

News Media
Usenet newsgroup:

Play-by-Play Sportscasters
Listserv Mailing List:
list address:
subscription address:

Print Media
Usenet newsgroup:

Fleet Street Forum
Not an e-mail listserv but a journalism Web site forum.

Usenet Newsgroup Search

Google's newsgroup index

Journalism/Reporting/Student Listservs

PR Listservs

Kirk Hallahan's PR Links
Hundreds of useful resources -- including dozens of PR listservs -- from Colorado State University.

I-PR Digest Published by AudetteMedia and moderated by Adam Sherk. Send a blank e-mail message to

PPCOnline Sponsored by The Public Relations Society of America's Professional Practice Center, this e-mail mailing list is for both members and nonmembers. Subscribe by sending a message to with the word "subscribe" in the body of your message.

PRFORUM To subscribe, send an e-mail message to and type "subscribe prforum" in the body of your message.

SmallShopPRAgency To subscribe, send a blank message to Check out for descriptions of other PR-related listservs.


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