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Food and Cooking

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U.S. Department of Agriculture

Cooking Light

Food Network
The site that accompanies the TV network.
Conversion tables for cooking measurements.

Center for Science in the Public Interest's Food Additives Guide

SauteWednesday: Links to Newspaper Food Sections
A great collection of links to newspaper food sections.

Food Timeline: Prices Over the Years
Track prices of various food items over decades.

The Grocery
Tracks prices of more than 10,000 grocery items. Great for cost comparison studies over time.

National Restaurant Association

Look up what restaurants deliver in specific cities.

Vegetarian Restaurants Guide
Enter ZIP codes to find locations in your area.

USDA: Dietary Guidelines for Americans
Great site on food and nutrition. Includes an e-newsletter.
Recipes, nutrition information and cooking techniques.

National Center for Food Safety and Technology Dietary Guidelines
From the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.
Food technologies and stories by farmers and food researchers.
Look up any entree, snack, or side dish and get a recipe. The site charges a $25 annual online-only fee.

Association of Food Journalists

City Farmer News
Stories and tips for city-dwellers who want to grow food. Urban farming and farmers market topics, too.

GOOD: When To Taste or Toss Your Leftovers

The Food and Environment Reporting Network
Claims to be an independent, non-profit news organization that does investigative work on agriculture, environmental health and food.

The Frugal Foodie

Wisebread: Fast Food That Employees Say You Should Avoid

Seasonal Ingredient Map

World's Healthiest Foods
Run by nonprofit George Mateljan Foundation, this site provides the latest information on how foods impact health.

Top Secret Recipes
Cook Todd Wilbur shares the secret recipes of popular restaurants.

Smithsonian: Food & Think

Lifehacker: Common Sense Guide to "Organic" and Other Food Labels

Videos, recipes, blogs and more. Covers a wide range of food and cooking.
Search a database of thousands of restaurant menus.

Extra Tasty
Search a database for drink recipes.
Great facts, figures and trend story ideas from the pizza industry.
Recipes for anything.

Healthy Dining Finder

World Food Store
All kinds of ethnic foods. Look up recipes, read articles on quality foods and find out inexpensive ways to get healthy. Research nutritional information and fat content. Search Restaurant Reviews


More than 384,000 recipes to the database.

The Food Timeline: Food History and Vintage Recipes
A helpful calorie-counting site.

Canning and Freezing Summer Fruits and Vegetables
Tips galore.

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network

Better Homes and Gardens: Gardening Tips

The Food Reference
Cooking tips galore!
Cooking and lifestyles portal.
Another cooking and lifestyles portal.
Wine and lifestyles portal.
This government site offers tips and all sorts of nutritional facts, including dieting.
A site for restaurant owners, it features a searchable database of restaurant listings.

The Browser: Cooking Bread Recipes

Food in Every Country

25 No-Cook Meals

Nutrition information galore.

Civil Eats
A blog about food, politics and urban agriculture.

Food Network: 100 Greatest Cooking Tips of All Time

Food & Water Watch: Genetically Engineered Food: An Overview

Gallery of Regrettable Food

Dinner Unplugged
An easy-to-use recipe site.

Recipe Box

A Pinch of ...
Online magazine full of recipes and tips from the world of food and drink.

Global Gourmet

Delicious Decisions Food Festivals and Food Show Index

Web MD Health


U.S. Census: Stats on Turkeys
A more detailed collection of statistics on consumption, etc.

USDA Meat and Poultry: Holiday Food Safety
Look under featured topics menu and pull down to Holiday Food Safety.


Saveur 55 Great Food Blogs
Site offers tips and forums for frugal living on a small budget.

National Turkey Federation
Two dozen recipes from various chefs, including prep tips and video.

Consumer review for healthy eating, organic food and green products.

Wine Library TV
Gary Vaynerchuk's daily wine video blog.

Reynolds Turkey Tips Line

CNN Eatocracy Food Blog
News, food encyclopedia and recipes.

Urban Gardening Help

Butterball Turkey Tips

Perdue Farms Food Safety
From the National Restaurant Association.

The Food Section

American Pie Council
An organization that promotes "pie as part of our American heritage." Celebrates National Pie Day on Jan. 23 of each year. Includes a press resources page.

WebMD: Healthy Holiday Food and Fitness

Produce Workers' Guide to Storing 25 Common Fruits and Vegetables

Food Reference

Search by location, price range, etc.

World Wide Sushi Restaurant Reference
Glossary of sushi terms and a global restaurant locator.

USDA: Holiday Food Safety Tips

Center for Science in the Public Interest: Leftovers

Food Timeline
Prices of various foods, dating back to the 18th Century.

PC Magazine's Undiscovered Websites: Food
From November, 2007, a great collection of sites that provide shortcuts to several food and lifestyle sites.

Rankings, prices and news on the wine industry from the online version of the magazine.

National Ice Cream Retailers Association
Stats and research on ice cream, yogurt sales, experts, product safety, etc.

Website for the television program. Archive of restaurant reviews from all over the country.
A searchable database of restaurants that allow people to bring their own bottle of wine. Restaurants in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Southeast Florida and Washington D.C. are listed.

Holiday Calorie Counter
Calculate how much you would have to walk to burn off the calories that you eat on Thanksgiving. The meal I anticipated would force me to walk 25 miles. I am rethinking my plan.
Searchable database of thousands of restaurants around the nation.
Track studies, findings. Includes newsletter and RSS feed.

Video clips and tips for kids' cooking.

Garden Writers Association

National Gardening Association

Blog full of vegetable recipes.

EcoSalon: 10 Infographics for Foodies

From the FunnyorDie creators, this site combines cooking expertise with humor.

Foodie website features a newsletter and a well-organized listing of restaurants (by state, region, country, type, chains, etc.)

Chicago Tribune Recalled Food Database
More than 2,800 products recalled related to food allergens.

American Beverage Association
Industry news, studies, consumption statistics, experts, etc.

Feeding America: Food Bank Locator
Search by ZIP code or state.

Feeding America: Hunger and Poverty Statistics

U.S. Department of Agriculture: Hunger Statistics
From 2007

Restaurant staff serve up the dish on nasty customers. A fun read.

Super Couponing
Coupons galore, but the site also offers consumer shopping and savings tips that are helpful for readers.

Coupon Mom
Coupons galore, but the site also offers consumer shopping and savings tips that are helpful for readers.

Reviews of restaurants, shopping, etc.

Healthy Harvest Food Guides

LTH Forum
A Chicago culinary chat site.

Find cheap and free eats in Chicago. Mostly mid-week bar specials on pub grub, but there are some real finds.

U.S. Agricultural & Food Law and Policy Blog

Explores the policies and politics behind what we eat every day.

National Gardening Association: Food Gardening Guide

Eat Well Guide: Local Organic Food

Museum Directory of Food History News
Contains a recently augmented international listing of more than 1200 museums and collections, both public and private, dedicated to food and beverages.

Food and Water Watch

American Beverage Association
Industry news, studies, consumption statistics, experts, etc.

USDA: National Nutrient Database
Enter up to five keywords which best describe the food item. To further limit the search, select a specific food group.

Still Tasty: Ultimate Shelf Life Guide
A searchable database to find shelf life for various foods.

Displays the nutritional labels from packaged food.

Saving Advice: 50 Ways To Save Money on Food

Serious Eats
An international food blog.

Food in Every Country
Look up ethnic dishes by country.

USDA: Food Environment Atlas
Map of food availability in the United States along with many helpful statistics.

HomeOwnerNet: Home and Garden Resources

Open Food Source
Submit recipes and users rate them.

Miscellaneous Lifestyle Sites

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Smith Travel Research
Lodging industry tracking firm. Great source for tracking how the economy has impacted hotel occupancy, etc.

Commercial site that's valuable for journalists tracking airfares, travel trends, pricing, other travel issues.

Track airfares, travel trends, pricing, other travel issues.

Track airfares, travel trends, pricing, other travel issues.

Track airfares, travel trends, pricing, other travel issues.

Track airfares, travel trends, pricing, other travel issues.

Airfares, travel trends, pricing, other travel issues.

Track airfares, travel trends, pricing, other travel issues.

International airfares and travel issues.

Track hotels, pricing, other travel issues.

Track hotels, pricing, other travel issues.

Guidelines for using Priceline and Hotwire.

Guideline for using Priceline.

Follow hotels, pricing, other travel issues.

Look up customer comments about hotels, etc.
News on hotel fees, etc.

USA Today: Hidden Hotel Taxes
Great list of hidden hotel-bill fees.

World Tourism News

Consumer site offers tips to find best hotel rooms.


Lonely Planet: Thorn Tree Travel
Great travel tips and message boards.

Offbeat Guides
Build your own personalized travel guide.

American Resort Development Association

News, features and information on life in general.
Tips and tactics for organizing and managing a home.
This community brings together "millions of people who share a common concern about the need to build a more family-friendly America. Started in May of 2006, the site has more than 150,000 citizen members and is rapidly growing. Topics include motherhood and family issues.
A good work-life balance blog.
Do-it-yourselfers get tips on home repair.
A site about ugly bridesmaids dresses. Links like this can add some humor to a boring weddings special section.
Woman blogs about "Living Oprah" - for one year taking all of the advice given by Oprah Winfrey, her magazine, text updates, etc. She buys products Oprah endorses on the show, eats the food recommends and follows medical and lifestyle advice given on the show.
Read about holiday histories and traditions.

Media Kitty
A newly launched business information exchange that unites journalists with PR professionals in travel and lifestyle industries worldwide.

DIY: Do It Yourself Network
The site that accompanies the TV network offers step-by-step instructions on anything from cooking, sewing and landscaping to photography.
Here's an adventure: tips for figuring out your household appliances.

Society of American Travel Writers

Video clips and tips for kids' cooking. Summer Resources
Includes several July 4th and other links.

Celebrity, fashion, health, expert advice, style tips for women.

Open Culture
Free audiobooks, e-books, courses, language lessons, etc.

Health and Fitness

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International Health Racquet & Sportsclub Association
Tracks memberships to health clubs and provides other consumer research. It also can connect you with experts on health/lifestyle.

American Council on Exercise
One of the largest fitness certification, education and training organizations in the world. ACE currently has more than 40,000 certified fitness professionals in 107 countries. Has research, experts, information on faulty exercise products and scams.

Washington Post Health Page
Stories on trends in the industry.

Men's Health Magazine

Yahoo! Men's Health Directory
Dozens of relevant links.

BBC Men's Health
A British site full of interesting stats and studies.

National Women's Health Information Center
Many studies and stats; good for sourcing.

Julie's Health Club
Julie Deardorff's Chicago Tribune fitness column.

Journal of the American Medical Association: Women's Health Center
Studies, research and key statistics.
A women's health and fitness section of NBC site.
Information on women's health topics, including news, discussion and health services.

Fitness Guide

Alliance for Health

Athletic Trainers' Association

Exercise Council

National Gym Association

International Health

Fit Org: Fitness Education

Cardiovascular Institute

All About Fitness

Health on the Net Foundation

Microsoft Network Health
Helps you create a healthy, sensible meal plan.
Helps you create a health profile based on your height, weight, etc.

Alternative Health News Online
Links to news on many topics, including diet and nutrition.

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
A government site that investigates alternative healthcare practitioners.

Tools for Wellness
A product site for alternative medicine, but it does have some background helpful to the media.

CDC Obesity Map
Interactive map tracks obesity trends in the United States from 1985 to present.
Ranks more than 2,500 neighborhoods in the largest U.S. cities on their "walkability." Type in an address, and the site uses resources such as Google Maps to calculate the walkability of an address by locating nearby stores, restaurants, schools, parks, etc. The site recently scored and ranked U.S. cities. It's a helpful tool with the recent increase in gas prices.

League of American Bicyclists
Bike advocacy site features safety, biking groups, legislation around the country on bicyclists' rights.

America Bikes Coalition
Advocates rights and safety for bicyclists.

Good Sports
A non-profit organization that works to increase youth sports participation and fitness by getting sports equipment into the hands of the disadvantaged. The group has many statistics on youth sports participation at many levels.

Healthier Swimming Blog

Family / Parenting

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The National Marriage Project
Located at Rutgers, this research is led by family experts Dr. David Popenoe and Dr. Barbara Dafoe Whitehead.

All Family Resources

411 Family Directory

Dads for Kids
A top-notch parenting site full of tips, studies, etc.

Family Help Center

A Family Affair

Dad's Mag

Dads & Daughters

Ask Jeeves for Kids


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