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U.S. Department of Labor

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Employment, wages, unemployment broken down by region.
Information on age and employment trends, occupational requirements, state-by-state labor market conditions, employer contracts and a career resource library.

U.S. Department of Labor: Annual Reports of Labor Unions
Office of Labor-Management Standards Internet Public Disclosure Room includes union annual financial reports and data searches at no charge Reports are searchable by a variety of criteria, including union name, file number, affiliation, designation name and number and location.

U.S. Office of Personnel Management
News releases, veteran's information, accountability reports, organization charts, FAQs and reports portal.

Department of Labor: Unemployment
Statistics, state laws and policies, etc.

National Employment Law Project
Policy center based in New York features publications, a newsroom and litigation summaries online.

American Federation of Government Employees
Blog, media section, studies and statistics and more. Site is helpful in finding expert sources as well.

Google's Labor Law Directory
Dozens of helpful links.

NICAR/IRE Occupational Safety and Health Administration Database
More than 3.6 million workplace inspections in all states and U.S. territories from 1972 into June 2008. Information is also available on persons injured in workplace accidents. Details include the person's gender, age, extent of injury, nature of injury and part of body and source of injury. It also includes whether any hazardous materials were involved. Journalists can use the data to investigate the safety of local industries and businesses over time.

State Departments of Labor
University of California at Berkeley site includes links to all state departments of labor.

Web-Strategist: Social Networking Statistics, 2009

Bureau of Labor Statistics: State Economies at a Glance
This handy image map helps you track census and economic statistics in all 50 states.

IRS: Tax Statistics

Federal Wage and Labor Law Institute
Links, reference materials, forms and more.

Carroll's Government Directories and Charts
Tips on finding government agency Web sites, including labor boards, workers compensation boards, etc.

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Injuries, Illnesses and Fatalities by State
Use the image map to find your state's statistics.

National Association of State Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans
A good contact site as unemployment rises and workers move off COBRA plans.

Northeastern Center for Labor Market Studies

International Trade Merchandise by State

AFL-CIO Unemployment Lifeline
Resources galore on unemployment issues.

Labor law, relations, workplace issues and organized labor links.

Occupational Health and Safety Administration Stats Page

United Auto Workers
Home page and resources for one of the largest unions in the nation.

Teamsters Web site

AFL-CIO State Federations

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Industrial Workers of the World

Air Line Pilots Association
Represents most of the airline pilots in the U.S. and Canada for labor union and aviation safety issues.
Includes links to NABET and other media-type unions.

National Labor Committee
Human rights advocacy group focusing on the promotion and defense of workers' rights.

Federal Trade Commission: Job Scams

USA Today: Answers to Questions about Unemployment Benefits

Labor Research Association
Several studies and stats on labor issues.

Findlaw's Labor and Law Page
A great resources page from one of the best law sites on the Web.

Lectric Law Library
The Lawcopedia's Employment and Labor Topic Area has all sorts of workplace-related materials.

Federal Labor Law Agencies
From Albany Law. Top 200 Federal Contractors
Listed by agency with which they contracted and by amount.

Top 100 Prime Contractors with the Federal Government
Use to localize any stories about contractors or government agencies in your area.

Previous Top 10 Government Contractors by Year
Use to localize any stories about contractors or government agencies in your area. State Government Contracts to Watch in 2002
Use to localize any stories about contractors or government agencies in your area.

University of California's Labor Issues Page

Employee Benefits Research Institute
Surveys, notes, issue briefs, press announcements, studies and much more.

Google's Child Labor Directory

CareerBuilder: Most Dangerous Jobs

World Bank's Child Labor Issues page

Boycott Nike Page
The site is dedicated to news updates and media needs for Nike's sweatshop controversy. Labor Index page
Get the other side of the story.

Online Newshour: Nike Labor Issue
From 1998, this transcript offers some great background on the issue.

South African Labor Law and Industrial Links

Internet Resources on Child Labor
Articles, resources and more.

Community Labor News
Discussions and resources for community labor, labor unions and more.

Maritime Labor News

Bureau of Labor Statistics: State and Regional Unemployment, 2001 Annual Averages

AFL-CIO CEO Raise Calculator
Type in your pay and see what it would be like to be a CEO receiving a CEO's raise.

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
Information from the nation's largest and fastest growing public service employees union.
Watches labor issues at the newspaper chain, which had several layoffs this spring and summer.'s Women Workers of the World

ETA Welfare to Work Program

Consumer's Choice Council
A non-profit association of organizations dedicated to protecting the environment and promoting human rights and basic labor standards.

Cornell School of Industrial and Labor Relations

United AutoWorkers
Union site has news stories, contacts, links and resources for covering the industry.

Curt Flood's Antitrust Lawsuit Against Baseball
A great background site on a landmark Supreme Court case.

MRA The Management Association
A not-for-profit employers association that features some statistics and studies.

Center for Labor Market Studies
An applied research, evaluation, and policy-oriented technical assistance unit located within the Department of Economics of Northeastern University.

A Curriculum of United States Labor History for Teachers
Sponsored by the Illinois Labor History Society, this site offers a decade-by-decade chronology of labor history.

Labor Day Background

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Consumer Price Index Database
Select an item (gas, food, etc.) and track price increases nationally over time. Great quick reference for stories. You also can track it by region or major metropolitan area by using the image map and pulldown menu on this page

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Inflation Calculator

Food Timeline: Prices Over the Years
Track prices of various food items over decades.

Cornell: Institute for Workplace Studies
Created in 1999 to serve as an "interactive think-tank, bridging the gap between academics and the working world through research initiatives, educational programs and forums."

State-by-State Worker's Compensation Law

Society for Human Resource Management
News, press room, government affairs and volunteer resources.

National Association of Manufacturers

U.S. Government Publication Digitization Projects: Business & Economy
Thousands of documents on government communications and reports on the economy.

United Auto Workers
Union site.


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