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Digital Security: Privacy and Protecting Sources

Resources from a Reporters Without Borders session on April 11, 2014, and other sources. Online Survival Kit
How to protect yourself from leaving a digital trail.
Use this free proxy to surf anonymously online, hide your IP address, secure your internet connection, hide your internet history, and protect your online identity.

Run any suspicious files through this free, encrypted tool to detect any viruses.

Data Protection and Journalism: A Guide for the Media

Tool for encrypting IMs on mobile devices.

Browser add-on that gives you secure chats and file sharing.

EFF: Surveillance Self Defense Kit

First Look Publishes Open Source Journalism Tools for Privacy & Security

CJR: How Journalists Can Protect Their Digital Information
Joel Simon, head of the Committee to Protect Journalists, writes about the safety of journalists for CJR.

The Tin Hat: 10 Security Tools for Journalists

Committee to Protect Journalists Security Guide

A free app for high-risk journalists.

Security Tools for Investigative Journalists
Powerpoint full of resources.

The News Media and The Law (Fall 2014 Issue on Digital Security)

RCFP Guide to Shield Law Protections

Electronic Frontier Foundation Surveillance Self-Defense

Freedom of the Press Foundation Encryption Guide

International Center for Journalists Digital and Mobile Security Guide in Mexico Self-Defense

The Guardian Project
Tools to create easy-to-use open source apps, mobile OS security enhancements, and customized mobile devices for people around the world to help them communicate more freely, and protect themselves from intrusion and monitoring.

IJNet: 8 Great Digital Security Tools

Fast Company: Can the Blackphone Wake Us Up from an Android Security Nightmare?

Blackphone by Silent Circle
Encryption system for your smartphone.

Onion Share
Open source tool that lets you securely and anonymously share a file of any size.

An easy-to-use encrypted messaging app.

PC World: Tips to Cover Digital Footprints and Regain Your Privacy

ProPublica/ONA: Digital Security for Newbies
PDF of a presentation with great tips and resources to keep your work protected.

Data Protection and Journalism: A Guide for the Media

Source: Digital Security for Journalists, Part I

Source: Digital Security for Journalists, Part II

International Center for Journalists: Reporting Tools
Guides to mobile security, research and more.

Ferguson, Missouri, Protests and Press Rights

Resources for those reporting on the attacks on journalists and citizens in Ferguson, Missouri, August 2014.

The Five Fundamental First Amendment Freedoms
From the Illinois First Amendment Center.

ACLU: List of Photographers Rights

The Verge: You Have a Right to Record the Police

Washington Post: Reporters Detained by Police
Story and video.

Washington Post: Racial Questions Hung over Police
From Wesley Lowery, a reporter who was arrested in Ferguson.

RTDNA's Letter to Ferguson Police Chief

NPPA Letter to Ferguson Police

SPJ's statement on Ferguson

SPJ First Draft: Alleged Police Attacks on Journalists Are Strikes on Democracy
Rob McLean on Ferguson, Missouri attacks.

NY Times: Ferguson Reveals a Twitter Loop

Video: Mike Brown Livestream from Ferguson

Video: Al Jazeera Crews Hit With Tear Gas

Storify: Ferguson 8-13-14

Video: Protest Outside Ferguson Police Station, 8-13-14

Chicago Sun-Times: Ferguson Photo Gallery

Research on Police Brutality
From Harvard's Journalist's Resource site.

Gigaom: Flexing First Amendment Rights Can Reveal New Threats to Those Rights

RCFP/ONA Help Kit for Ferguson Journalists
Resources, list of attorneys, etc.

The Local News Lab: Citizen Journalism and Ferguson
A great read on the role citizen journalists played in coverage. Many links to coverage and other stories/analysis.

Dart Center: Working with Traumatic Imagery

ACLU: Journalism is Under Attack and it's Not Just Ferguson

Source: What Data Journalism Told Us About Ferguson
Great examples.

What Data Told Us About Ferguson
Infographic from Simon Rogers.

Committee to Protect Journalists: Covering Civil Matters and Disturbances
Part of CPJ's journalist security guide.

Medium: Dressed for Excess: Gear for Covering Riots, Protests, Etc.

First Amendment Handbook
The online version from the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.

Sunshine Week
Official site for the mid-March celebration. Resources galore.

The International Freedom of Expression eXchange
Monitors attacks on journalists around the world and laws pertaining to free expression.

Sunshine Week Open Meetings
Events the week of March 12 promote open records.

Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
Latest news and resources on First Amendment issues.

First Amendment Center
The center serves as a forum for the study and exploration of free expression issues, including freedom of speech, of the press and of religion, the right to assemble and to petition the government. The center, with offices at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn., and at the Newseum in Washington D.C.

Virtual Chase: First Amendment Law
Federal statutory law sources, FOI law sources, related organizations and more.

Freedom of Information Center

Defense Handbook for Journalists and Bloggers on Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Information Principles in International Law

Freedom of Information Center: Current First Amendment Stories
Stories are updated regularly from a variety of national and international stories.

American Civil Liberties Union

Electronic Frontier Foundation Blue Ribbon Page
A super resource: newswire on free speech issues, radio, media resources and more.
First Amendment resources, videos, contests, scholarships, teaching resources and more.

The International Freedom of Expression eXchange
This site monitors attacks on journalists around the world and laws pertaining to free expression.

Center for Democracy and Technology
Studies, pending legislation, basics of free speech and more. Freedom of Speech Definition

Global Maps Show Press Freedoms by Country
From the Global Post, the maps and stories show you the best/worst countries to be a journalist.

Free Expression Network Clearinghouse

SPJ First Amendment Page
News articles, publications, awards and many other resources.
A national, nonpartisan organization working to reform the media through education, organizing and advocacy. Launched by media scholar Robert W. McChesney, journalist John Nichols and Josh Silver, Free Press is the largest media reform organization in the United States, with nearly half-a-million activists and members and a full-time staff in Washington, D.C., and Florence, Mass.

FIRE: Guide to Free Speech on Campus
Book/ebook from the Foundation of Individual Rights on Campus.

MIT: Freedom of Expression Online Resources

Global Internet Liberty Campaign (GLIC)

Open Society Institute: Free Speech Resources

UC Berkeley's Free Speech Movement Page
Documents the history of the free speech movvement, including videos and documentaries.

Electronic Privacy Information Center: Free Speech
Links to and summarizes dozens of court cases on the issue. Also see the Resources page.

Free Speech News
Newswire and archive, links, discussion area, search tool and more. Excellent quick-reference site.

Knight Foundation: Future of the First Amendment

Privacy and Whistleblowing Tools
A Pinterest page full of resources.

Online Censorship
Have you unjustly had content removed by a social media platform such as Flickr, YouTube, Google Plus, Twitter or Facebook? Report it on this site. Note: The name of the site is misleading. It's not really censorship as it's a website, not a government, doing the gatekeeping, but the site does have value.
Launched under the Obama Administration, this site offers FAQs, glossary and stats on FOIA requests.

Redacted: News Without Transparency
From the Sunlight Foundation, this site shows you what news looks like in a world without access to government information.

First Amendment Center: Internet and First Amendment

The Media Institute

American Library Association: Notable First Amendment Court Cases

International Freedom of Expression Exchange


iDig Answers
FOI resources galore.

Sunshine in Government Initiative

The FOI Advocate

Sunshine Review: WikiFOIA
Free online encyclopedia about freedom of information at the state and local level. Court cases, open records history, legislation on public documents and more.

Legal Information Institute: First Amendment Overview

American Library Association: First Amendment Resources

ASNE First Amendment Summit

Illinois First Amendment Center

Federal Citizens' Information Center: Privacy Resources

American Library Association
The ALA actively defends the right of library users to read, seek information and speak freely as guaranteed by the First Amendment.

Free Speech Issues
Links to various legislation and research.

Findlaw: First Amendment and Annotations

Library of Congress/Bill of Rights

First Amendment Project
Sections for journalists, artists, etc.

James Goodale: The First Amendment
NY Times editor from The Pentagon Papers. First Amendment Rights and the Internet
A great collection of links and resources.

The Federal Citizens' Information Center: Privacy Resources

Center for First Amendment Rights
This site is "dedicated to increasing the understanding and appreciation of the First Amendment of the U.S.Constitution among students and the general public, particularly in Connecticut and New England." Dozens of resources, speakers bureau, etc.

Student Press Law Center: First Amendment Rights Diagram
Part of a legal research section on the topic.

The International Freedom of Expression eXchange
Monitors attacks on journalists around the world and laws pertaining to free expression.

The File Room
Archive of cases, censorship resources, etc.

Society of Environmental Journalists: FOI Tip Sheet

Florida First Amendment Foundation
A source for information, expertise, and assistance to the public and news media. It was founded as a non-profit organization in 1984 by The Florida Press Association, the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors, and the Florida Association of Broadcasters.

Free Expression Network Clearinghouse

The Youth Free Expression Network (Y-FEN)
An anti-censorship coalition to challenge Internet filters, v-chips, abstinence-only education, etc.

Center for Democracy and Technology

Society of Environmental Journalists Tipsheet
Public records tips, edited by Joseph Davis.

Society of Environmental Journalists: Watchdog Tipsheet
Story ideas with a focus on First Amendment issues of concern to environmental journalists. Presented here are expanded versions of many articles, frequent updates, and other information previously condensed and emailed to members.

Society of Environmental Journalists: State FOI Resources


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