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Journalist's Toolkit for a Successful Election Season
A free 2015 book.

Follow the Money
Track campaign finance money.

Election 2016 Actuary
The American Academy of Actuaries has prepared a series of guides focusing on several major issues to help voters become better informed during the 2016 elections. These issue-focused guides offer information on select campaign topics.

ELECTION 2014 RESOURCES Browser Extension
A free browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari that exposes the role money plays in Congress. Displays on any web page detailed campaign contribution data for every Senator and Representative, including total amount received and breakdown by industry and by size of donation. Puts vital data where it's most relevant so you can discover the real impact of money on our political system. Oh, and it was built by a 16-year-old coder.


Patchwork Nation
From the Jefferson Institute, this site divides America's 3,141 counties into 12 community types based characteristics, such as income level, racial composition, employment and religion. It also breaks the nation's 435 congressional districts into nine categories, using the same data points and clustering techniques.

ProPublica PAC Track
Follow contributors and spending with political action committees.

Chicago Tribune Election Center
Tracks state, local and national elections.

Washington Post: Mention Machine
Tracks Twitter and media mentions of candidates.

YouTube Politics Page

Google Politics and Elections Page

Google Vote

U.S. Election Atlas
A pay site that's full of past election statistics, including county-by-county presidential election results going back to the 1960s.

AP Stylebook: Election Terms
Handy guide of AP Style terms for election stories.

Analyzes polarization of political issues, news and statements.

ABC News OTUS Site
Covers politics and elections "Of the United States" (OTUS).

AP Stylebook: U.S. Elections Style Guide
AP breaks out election styles in an easy-to-use cheat sheet.

10000words: 10 Election Tools, Apps and Interactives
AP breaks out election styles in an easy-to-use cheat sheet.

Des Moines Register: Storify of Iowa Caucuses

Washington Post Politics Coverage
In-depth coverage from the campaign trail., including blogs and other commentary.

The Caucus: NY Times Political Blog

The Trail: Washington Post Political Blog

LA Times: Top of the Ticket Blog

Chicago Tribune: The Swamp Blog
Political blog with a focus on the national elections.

CNN Cafferty File Blog
Political analyst Jack Cafferty's blog is often updated several times a day.

Culls and publishes the best commentary, news, polling data, and links to important resources from all points of the political compass. The site's political commentary, blogs, election analysis and polling averages have been featured in several national media outlets, including The New York Times, FOX News, CNN, The Economist, etc.

Presidential Election Reader
A great feed of news stories, videos, blog updates and polls.
Covers politics in three areas: Congress and the constant flow of agendas, personalities and power struggles that define daily life on Capitol Hill; the 2008 presidential campaign; lobbying and advocacy. Money, Media and Elections

Daily Dish
Andrew Sullivan's political blog.

Political blog that focuses on liberal media.

Political insider blog.

Twitter Election Index

ProPublica: Primer on Voter ID Laws
Public opinion surveys from around the world.

Brennan Center Student Voting Guide

The Brennan Center for Justice
From NYU's Law School, articles and research on voting rights, campaign finance reform, criminal justice and racial justice.

National Journal: Conversation Nation
Track conversation on the election.

Blue Mass Group Blog

Crooks and Liars Blog

State Campaign Finance Databases
Search this interactive maps to find them.

Dennis Byrne Blog

Disaboom Politcal Blog
Focuses on interests and issues of people with disabilities.

Square State Blog
Main focus is on Colorado politics but covers some of the national elections, too.

Washington Post Fact-Checker Blog

USA Today Politics
Poll tracking in all 50 states, electoral vote tracker, campaign ad tracker, stories, photos and blogs.

MSNBC Politics: Candidate Brain Trusts
Profiles of the top advisers to the presidential candidates.

MSNBC: Mayors' Cries to Help for Obama
Survey, presented as an image map, of advice to Obama from mayor's of large and small U.S. cities.

Sunlight Foundation:
This political watchdog group's blog tracks fundraising activities by parties and candidates.

FindLaw: Election 2008
Video, stories, documents and other materials relating to the 2008 Presidential Election.

National Association of State Election Directors

Women's Media Center: Guide to Gender Neutral Coverage of Women Candidates and Politicians
Downloads as a .PDF.

Scoop: Voting Advice

University of Michigan: Election Maps 2008
Analysis of voting maps, FAQ, etc.

Our Vote Live Nationwide Voting Data
State-by-state tabulation of voter problems from the 2008 elections.

League of Women Voters:
Voting information by state: deadlines, polling finders, ballot measures and more.

Federal Election Commission

FEC: How the Electoral College Works
Operating for many years as the Center for Voting and Democracy, FairVote was founded in 1992 and tracks voter turnout, and research reports on election administration, among other things.

Election Assistance Commission
A national clearinghouse of information about election administration. Includes FOIAs, news center, voter information, etc.

Election Assistance Commission: Voter Turnout from Past Elections

Poynter: How to Use Social Media to Cover Elections

Kaiser Family Foundation: Health '08
News links, podcasts, journalists' page, polls, analysis and more on the election and healthcare issues.

Kaiser Family Foundation: Candidate Healthcare Stances
Side-by-side comparison of Obama and McCain healthcare plans.

Center for Public Integrity: Paper Trail Blog
A non-partisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to producing original, responsible investigative journalism on issues of public concern. The blog explores many political issues and tracks what politicians own, lobbying, etc.

Pew Internet & American Life Project
An initiative of the Pew Research Center, a nonprofit "fact tank" that provides information on the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world. Pew Internet explores the impact of the internet on children, families, communities, the work place, schools, health care and civic/political life. Money and Politics
Database makes connections between legislative votes and campaign donations.

WSJ: 2008 Campaign Fundraising Totals
Access to this does not require a subscription to the WSJ.
Use this database to track what companies receive federal grants and contracts. You can sort by state, district, agency, etc. Fundrace
Use this interactive map and database to track presidential contributions by zip code, party, candidate,

USA Today Campaign Finance Tracker

Sunlight Foundation
Political watchdog group that tracks lobbyists and fundraising.

This search tool finds campaign-related audio/video.

Google Political Audio Indexing
Search audio from the presidential candidates on a specific topic.
Tracks news mentions, blog mentions and tracks other information on the presidential candidates.

Tech President
A great blog run by the Presidential Democracy Forum that tracks various campaign sites, postings on YouTube, etc. A great snapshot of how candidates are using the web.

PBS/YouTube: Video Your Vote
Site invites you to share your voting experience with a video post. Some of the best videos will be featured on The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer on Election Day.

Embed widgets on your site to localize coverage.

WebMD: Compare Presidential Candidates' Health Stances

PBS Frontline: The Choice 2008
An in-depth look at the presidential candidates.

Open Congress: 50 Key Senate Votes Truth-o-Meter
A project of the St. Petersburg Times and Congressional Quarterly, created the site to help voters separate fact from falsehood in the 2008 presidential campaign. Journalists and researchers from the Times and CQ will fact-check the accuracy of speeches, TV ads, interviews and other campaign communications.

An interesting piece of software tool that claims to expose news spin and bias, misuse of sources, and suspect factual support. Uses algorithms to spot spin keywords on sites you surf.

Census QuickFacts
Look up state and county census stats using this image map.

IRE's Campaign Finance Information Center
This site features a database of campaign finance story ideas and tips from reporters across the country.

Gallup: Election 2008
Survey results on the presidential race and the issues.

The Associated Press Polls
This page lists links to recently released AP polls on various topics.

Harris Interactive Client News
Links to poll results on political issues.

Zogby International
Polling information on elections and other issues. Has a good newsroom section.

Guide to Public Opinion Poll Websites
Links galore from the Association of College and Research Libraries.

Twenty Questions Journalists Should Ask About Poll Results

FiveThirtyEight Pollster Blog
Named for the number of votes in the Electoral College, this blog is written by pollster Nate Silver, managing partner or Baseball Prospectus who created a system for making baseball player performance predictions.

Scripps Howard News Service: White House Candidate Rumors Poll
Computer science professor tracks state polls and provides a graphic summary of the electoral vote outlook.

All About Redistricting
A comprehensive guide to the process of drawing electoral lines, allowing users to drill down state-by-state. Created by Justin Levitt teaches Law of the Political Process and Constitutional Law at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles.

Online polls on news, politics, sports, celebrities, etc.
Covers candidates and elected officials in five basic categories: biographical information, issue positions, voting records, campaign finances and interest group ratings.

Political Irony: Humor and Hypocrisy from the World of Politics
A blog with political cartoons, videos, commentary, etc.

Campaign Legal Center
FEC proceedings, media policies, redistricting, court cases, blog, press releases, links and other resources.

Princeton site ranks how liberal or conservative politicians are, based on software and a spatial map tracking roll-call votes. The research is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation.

The Cato Institute
A non-profit public policy research foundation headquartered in Washington, D.C. The Institute is named for Cato's Letters, a series of libertarian pamphlets that helped lay the philosophical foundation for the American Revolution.

Common Cause
Election watchdog organization.

Black Box Voting
Voting watchdog group.

Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN)

Election Protection
The nation's largest nonpartisan voter protection coalition.

NewsMeat: Celebrity Political Donations
Database of celebrity donations to parties, candidates and special interest groups. (Claims to track them from 1978 to present.)

CJR Campaign Desk
A Columbia Journalism Review blog devoted to watchdogging the media.
A fantastic site for researching campaign financing statistics.

Sunlight Foundation: Influence Explorer
From Marylaine Block: "Type in the names of lawmakers, corporations, or individuals here to find out who is providing the most funding for your congressional candidates."

IRE's Campaign Finance Information Center
This site features a database of campaign finance story ideas and tips from reporters across the country.
Includes campaign finance research and a clearinghouse of key FOIA sites.

Campaign Finance Information Center
Use the handy image map to call up information by state.

FEC Info/Political Moneyline
Search PAC, soft money, lobby databases and more.

Federal Election Commission Home Page
Loaded with contribution statistics.

FEC: Detailed Files About Candidates, Parties and Other Committees
Information on contributors, including city, state and ZIP.
Links to various races around the country.

Fund Race: Money Maps
Trace where presidential candidates get their money.

Roll Call: Politics Links
Links to dozens of think tanks, etc.
A great election resource that tracks state supreme courts, their elections and news on judges.

Robert Niles: Questions to Ask Candidates
A great list of key questions for candidates at all levels. Great for new and intermediate reporters.

Obama's Family Tree
Chicago Sun-Times' Scott Fornek traces the presidential candidate's family tree and profiles key family members<./p>

The Progressive
Liberal political site.

Democratic National Committee

Republican National Committee

Federal Election Commission (FEC)

Public Interest Research Groups
Consumer protection, environmental groups, dangerous toys, etc.

Our Vote Live
From the Election Protection Coalition, this site review in real-time reports of voter assistance calls made to 866-OUR-VOTE. It includes, maps, a blog and allows you to search reports.

Twitter Vote Report
Track wait times and other voting news live.

Newseum: On the Campaign Trail

PBS NewsHour

National Public Radio
Several great resources for political coverage.

Congressional Quarterly's Campaigns & Elections Magazine

The Hill
Magazine covers Capitol Hill.

Roll Call
Another publication covering Congress.

PBS: The American President

PBS Frontline: Government and Elections
A collection of companion Web sites on various political topics.

Dirty Money
The Environmental Working Group's site shows which elected representatives get the biggest contributions from the filthiest polluters. A dynamite database.

A project by two journalism graduate students that aims to show the potential environmental impact of the 2008 elections.

Guide to Public Opinion Poll Websites
Links galore from the Association of College and Research Libraries.
A clearinghouse of election polls. Updated whenever they come out.

Voting in America: 1840-2008
Interactive maps, commentary and analysis on voting patterns.

C-SPAN Politics: Campaign 2008

Election news, information and links.
A handy collection of news and political stories.

Pew Forum: Religion Issues in 2008 Presidential Campaign

Beliefnet: The 12 Tribes of American Politics
Survey breaks down 12 religious voting blocs.

AAAS: Science & Technology in the 2008 Election
From the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Counter Punch Political Newsletter
Great commentary and super links section to political, economic and media sites.

Reliable Resources
Search state-by-state for political stories. Run by the Pew Center and USC.

Center for Public Integrity
A D.C. watchdog group that explores many issues and special interests.

Wisconsin Advertising Project
Studies campaign spending and advertising.

Almanac of American Politics
Key votes, committee changes and election results.
Elections around the world.

Elections and Electoral Systems Around the World
A collection of links to various election and electoral sites. Compiled by a UK academic.

Lijphart Elections Archive
Housed at the University of California, San Diego campus, is a research collection of district level election results for approximately 350 national legislative elections in 26 countries.

ElectionLine: State Election Law Charts

E-Democracy: U.S. Elections
An excellent politics portal.

National Review Online

National Review: Election 2008
News, blogs and more from the conservative publication.

U.S. House Clerk's Office: Election Statistics 1920-2002 Directory
The official vote counts for federal elections from the official sources among the various states and territories.

Campaign Finance Institute
Resources galore, including congressional statistics back to 1978, breaking news, interest groups, disclosure, election coverage and more.
Annenberg's political fact-checking resource.

CNN's Morning Grind

C-SPAN Politics: Campaign 2008

Speech and Transcript Center
Links to key speeches and transcripts (English language) by key government, military and other leaders. It also includes direct links to related full-text docs and other reference type materials.

Congressional Accountability Project
Site, which claims to fight corruption in Congress, offers information ranging from pay and perks to ethics.

Record Verification for Political Candidates
Check a candidates military record, etc.

National Personnel Records Center
A central repository of personnel-related records, both military and civil service. The site's mission is to "provide world-class service to government agencies, military veterans, former civilian Federal employees, family members, as well as researchers and historians."'s On Politics
A deep site that includes a searchable database of all political races, sorted by state and federal levels.

CNN's AllPolitics site
Another great site for following the elections.
A non-profit site who's aim is to stimulate debate on global issues. It is non-partisan and presents a range of views on any subject. For journalists, it is an invaluable source of quality background information on international relations, European and Islamic cultures, world opinion and much more. The media section currently features a multi-article debate on journalism and war, and a world media monitor of news coverage on SARS and the war on Iraq.

ABC News Politics Page

MSNBC Politics Page

Where to get coverage on Election Day.

Talking Points Blog
A left-leaning political blog.

Focusing primarily on U.S. politics and current affairs, this site auto-generates a news summary every five minutes, drawing on experts and pundits, insiders and outsiders, media professionals and amateur bloggers.

MSNBC: MySpace Decision '08 Page

U.S. Department of Justice: Voting Rights

U.S. Department of Justice: Federal Voting Rights Laws
Targeted to voters 18-25. Studies, discussions, etc. Hosted by the Center for Democracy and Technology but run by college students.

The Poynter Institute built this site to cover the California recall but continued it for the presidential campaign. Features various blogs, coverage, advertising, etc.

League of Conservation Voters
Scorecard on environmental issues.

The Libertarian Party

Conservative News Service
Places emphasis on its political position.

The Political Compass
Fill out this form to find out what political party you should be in. A fun site! Political Satire

Internet Public Library: Presidents of the United States

Past Inaugural Addresses

Presidential Libraries

Library of Congress: American Memory

TRAC Government Site
A super site developed by Syracuse University to guide you to and through several government sites, including the IRS, FBI, DEA and ATF.

A free politics and social issues newsletter.

The National Journal
A weekly on politics and government published in Washington, put out a Guide to the Web in its Dec. 8, 2001 issue that probably would be helpful because it includes lots of government sites.

The Political Network

Pop and Politics
Site's no longer live but is archived.

Media Research Center
A dynamite site that has some commentary on media coverage of the political scene.
Easy-to-use site to check where candidates stand on issues.

C-SPAN: Nixon Tapes 1971-73
Excerpts from his foreign relations dealings, Supreme Court issues, etc.

Counter Views
Run by a group of conservative political commentators who have have been in politics each for about two decades, this site has been used by many national media outlets. One hosts a political TV show, anotherhosts a political radio show, one is a Hoover Institute fellow and the otherthe former head of a west coast conservative think tank. Topics have included education reform, Enron, John Walker and campaign politics.
Dozens of resources for tracking politics.
Non-partisan site offers "unbiased news and analysis." It includes some great research and analysis on policy issues such as education, technology, environment and healthcare.
Votelink highlights current topics and newsmakers. Organized by business, politics, teen vote, etc.
An advocacy group that touches on a variety of current issues. Includes links to news stories all over the globe.

Tax Policy Center

SelectSurf Politics Links
Links to several great politics sites.

Hardball with Chris Matthews

The Political Graveyard
This page tells us where dead politicians are buried. Search by name, state, cemetery name, etc.
Non-partisan election coverage on the Democracy Network.

This site breaks down political spin.

Center for Policy Alternatives/
Washington think tank.

30Issues Wiki
Part of the Brian Lehrer Show's 30 Issues in 30 Days on WNYC.

Beyond Red and Blue: 2011 Pew Research Political Typology

University of Michigan Library: Political Science Resources

Mother Jones Political News Page
Links to dozens of current news stories.

Influence Explorer
From the Sunlight Foundation,, and the Project on Government Oversight, this site tracks voting trends of politicians. Great first-stop for tracking conflicts of interest or investigating a politician.

Institute for Public Accuracy
As a nationwide group of policy researchers. Great source for public policy issues!

History and Politics Out Loud
A database of famous political speeches, including John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Winston Churchill and Richard Nixon. Search by speech title, speaker's name or date. Note: Your browser may need plug-ins to hear the audio.

California Voter Foundation
News, stats and studies.

Dozens of global news updates and helpful links.

Capitol Hill Blue
Political news with a twist.

Andrew Sullivan
A good politics site with an edge -- usually enjoyed by liberals, conservatives and moderates alike.

Mickey Kaus'
Links, story ideas and spin from an author and public policy guru.
A religion site that includes a list of religions of past presidents.

Political Site of the Day

American Rhetoric: Top Political Speeches of All-Time
Download video from the "speech bank."

Browse political programming and other videos.

Talking Points Memo
Political commentary from Josh Marshall, a Washington, D.C.-based writer and former Washington Editor of the American Prospect. His articles on politics and culture have appeared in The American Prospect, The Columbia Journalism, Review, Feed, The New Republic, The New York Post, The New York Times, Newsday, Salon and Slate, among others.

A right-wing political site edited by David Horowitz.

Sports Illustrated: Political Arena Politics
Essay on how sports and politics relate, photo galleries of athletes turned politicians.
A political journal with links to professional and personal posts.

The Rothenberg Political Report
A good political site from the syndicated political columnist.

Taxpayers for Common Sense
Watchdog group on wasteful government spending. Site includes a media page and is organized by categories such as government contracts, energy, transportation, national security, etc.

Columbia Journalism Review Campaign Desk

Silobreaker: 2008 Election News

National Absentee Ballot Guide


Citizen Media Law Project: Guide to Covering 2012 RNC and DNC
Resources galore for covering the political conventions.

Tips for Covering the Political Conventions
Suggestions from SPJ President John Ensslin, who has covered them.

Politifact Truth-o-Meter
Who's lying. Who isn't.

Democratic National Convention

GOP Convention 2012

2012 Democratic National Convention Charlotte

Facebook: Charlotte 2012: Democratic National Convention

Tampa Bay Times: Republican National Convention

Tampa Tribune: Republican National Convention

Charlotte Observer DNC Blog

2012 Election Central: Democratic National Convention

2012 Election Central: Republican National Convention

Journalist's Resource: Presidential Conventions, Candidate Evaluations and Related Dynamics
From Harvard's Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy.


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