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JournoResource: How to Cover the Markets Intelligently

Carolina Business News Initiative
This list of 250 links to resources for business reporters is probably one of the most comprehensive resources for business journalists. From the University of North Carolina COJMC.

World Economic Outlook
A database from the International Monetary Fund that allows journalists to compare economic outlook by country & year base on the IMF April, 2010 report.

Poynter: Five-Minute Guide to S&P, U.S. Credit Rating

Easily find financial data on countries.

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Consumer Price Index Database
Select an item (gas, food, etc.) and track price increases nationally over time. Great quick reference for stories. You also can track it by region or major metropolitan area by using the image map and pulldown menu on this page

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Inflation Calculator

FINRA: BrokerCheck
Investigate registered brokers through this site from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Seeking Alpha
Great tool for backgrounding companies.

Yahoo! Finance Earnings Calendar
Track when a company's earnings reports are due. Money and Politics
Database makes connections between legislative votes and campaign donations.

Map allows you to track foreclosures nationwide.
Reviews on thousands of consumer products, organized by type of product. It includes a searchable database. It's very helpful for getting a quick snapshot of a new product you might be writing about.

National Bureau of Economic Research
Search for public policy research papers.

Atlas of Public Stocks
A map of all publicly listed companies from around the world.

Consumer Reports Magazine

Social Security Calculator
Use this online tool to estimate what your Social Security income would be a particular age.

Tools for Business Journalists
From Prof. Joshua Mills of Baruch College.
Tracks corporate sites, consumer affairs blogs.

Business for Social Responsibility
Tracks news and legislation relating to corporate responsibility.

Center for Corporate Citizenship
Boston College site works with global corporations to help them define, plan and operationalize corporate citizenship.

Corporate Responsibility Newswire
News feed of stories relevant to businesses acting responsibly.
News, conferences, podcasts and editorial content that covers corporate responsibility internationally.

Forbes People Tracker
Track more than 120,000 executives and members of the Forbes rich and celebrity lists. Customized e-mail alerts (free!), research public companies and news updates!

Atlas of Public Stocks
Global map of publicly traded companies. Searchable by address, sectors, industries and subindustries.

Forbes Layoff Tracker
Launched in January 2001, this site tracks layoffs issued by companies on the Forbes 500 list.

Global Rich List Database
Business resources on the federal, state and local level.

Statute of Limitations on Debts

Current Value of Money (History)
Includes the history of money.

USA Today: Answers to Questions about Unemployment Benefits
A great resource for regional economic data.

Economist's View
Mark Thoma's blog on economic issues.

Federal Reserve 101
Basic facts, research, etc.

Business Insider

Consumer Finance Protection Bureau: Consumer Complaint Database
Data from the consumer credit card complaints.

A comprehensive dataset of startup activity and that's accessible to everyone. 500,000 profiles of people and companies that are maintained by tens of thousands of contributors.

Forbes 400: The 400 Wealthiest Americans
Search the database by name, rank or age.

Fiscal Policy Institute
Releases hundreds of reports and projections on the economy, inlcuding several after the 9-11 attacks.

NY Times: Primer on the Eurozone Crisis
Great FAQ list on how Europe's economy impacts the U.S.

The Biz Toolkit
From the James J. Hill Reference Library, this free site offers links to various business research topics.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development State Information
Great multimedia storytelling.

Spending Smart Blog

LibGuides at Duke University
Research private companies.

Planet Retail
Track business trends with in-depth company profiles, market analysis, virtual tours and breaking news from a market intelligence company.

Forbes: 10 Most Over-Priced Places to Live
Has prices from more than 30,000 stations around the United States.
Reviews of new economics and finance research, sortable by topic. Easy-to-read, little jargon
Developed by Enviornmental Defense, a nonprofit group. Offers U.S. average wood consumption energy use, and other environmental impacts of different kinds of paper.

Business Week: Industry Innovation
Stories, surveys, slideshow, design board, etc. Tracks how certain industries are finding new ways to research and develop products.

Forbes: America?s Most Philanthropic Corporations
Resources that monitor a company?s claim on a label. Also helps customers decipher what?s on a label. Very handy in covering consumer issues.

Grad Money Matters
Tips on managing money, including top 10 lists. Helpful to journalists looking for tips/graphics to accompany finance stories.

NFCC Financial Education Blog

Fiscal Policy Institute: Economic Fallout of WTC Attacks
A preliminary report (in .PDF format) says New York stands to lose 108,000 jobs as result of the September 11 terrorist attacks and $16.9 billion in total lost output for the New York City economy.
A great site. Roots out the funding sources of the most notorious anti-consumer groups. It continually adds profiles on the first of every month.

Free business forms and legal templates.

Find-It! Consumer
A government consumer-protection guide.

J.D. Power Consumer Center

Federal Trade Commission Consumer Protection

Financial tips site.

Consumer Price Index
Check the index for your area.

Credit card stats, ratings, etc.

Index Credit Cards
Credit card offers site, but also has ratings, statistics, etc.
Credit card ratings.

Consumer Automotive Guide
Offers informative pages on prices, ratings and reviews, best-buy vehicles and stories about the automotive industry.
View recall announcements once they go public: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, etc.

U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration

Oil Price Information Service

National Flea Market Association
Search for flea market location by state.

Business Week Extras
Slideshows, interactive maps, etc. that complement the magazine's content.

An independent Web-based reporting aimed at "exposing securities fraud and corporate chicanery."

Spending Smart Blog
Consumer advice from the Allentown (Pa.) Morning Call.

Taxable Talk
Interesting blog items and news from Russ Fox, E.A., of Clayton Financial and Tax of Irvine, Calif.

IJnet: Online Resources for Business Journalists Covering Asia

The NewsMarket, Inc.
A journalist's resource for B-roll, this site provides thousands of images free to television newsrooms. Users can preview video, read press materials and order video clips online. Delivery options include digital file transfer via FTP, whereby the material moves from TNM's server to the user's server; satellite feeds via APTN or tape delivery can also be requested. There is no cost to news professionals. The NewsMarket's primary service is providing broadcasters with video from the world's leading companies and organizations; news stories and archived stock shots from a large and growing range of sources. Particularly helpful to business and medical-health reporters. How the Great Recession Was Brought to an End (.PDF)
It's mission is to "investigate, inform and improve the credibility of information published on the World Wide Web."

CorpTech Relaunches Web Site
The relaunched database contains profiles of over 50,000 U.S. "hi-tech related" companies. Areas include biotech, computer, defense, medical, and transportation. The site offers a variety of free, pay-per-view, and subscription content. CorpTech was acquired by OneSource Information in 1999.

BizNet Experts Database

From American University's Investigative Reporting Workshop, this site follows trends and issues in the banking industry.

Linked In
A business site that networks thousands of professionals. Helps you find jobs, locate employees and close deals. Anatomy of a Financial Collapse

Guide to Finding American Companies

Slate: Occupy Wall Street Timeline

Smart Money: Tax Bill Database
Plug in income and expenses to this database to determine how much your taxes will be cut by the new tax bill.

Mortgage Bankers of America

Business Week Online: Best Business Schools Event Calendar
Lists business and economic events, conferences, earning reports, etc.

Corporate Communications Broadcast Network

Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality

The World Bank Open Data
Free databases and tools.

Google Public Data Explorer
Makes large datasets easy to explore, visualize and communicate. As the charts and maps animate over time, the changes in the world become easier to understand.

U.S. Treasury: Debt Limit

Corporate Business Travel News Magazine

Travelocity: Car Rental Taxes Database
A state-by-state breakdown.

NPR: Planet Money

U.S. International Trade Commission
Press releases, research and more.

Obsessive Consumption
Obsessive Consumption is a documentation of spending habits of Kate Bingaman, a 26-year-old, third-year graduate student in design at the University of Nebraska. The site tracks 22 months of purchases ? and growing.

MSN: Jobs and Paychecks by County
Track the best and worst for jobs, pay, pay increases, etc.

National Fraud Information Center
A great consumer protection site.

Fraud: GSA List of People Excluded from Government Contracts
This newsletter site is dedicated to fighting online hype and disinformation.

The American Antitrust Institute Antitrust Research Guide
A not-for-profit Washington, DC, think tank provides an easy-to-use format, with plain-English annotations and research tips to help antitrust neophytes and sophisticates quickly find useful materials on antitrust law, policy, legislation, enforcement, and more. Access is free. The AAI says the site is content-neutral, giving users access to commentary and analysis from across the spectrum of antitrust, political and economic perspectives. Contains a search tool and table of contents to find resources and links.

National Association of Consumer Agency Administration

Consumer Federation of America

PBS Frontline: Business/Economy
A collection of companion Web sites on various business issues.

Financial Services Industry: U.S. 2002 Financial Services Factbook

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development
Look up international development data.
Each American City Business Journal should lists dozens of resources, including the top 25-100 employers in its metro area, which you can either order online or view the top 5 of online.

PR Newswire Press Room
A journalist-only site that has an archive of news releases and photos, expert sources through ProfNet, multimedia, a directory of company contacts and more.
A super resource for business and technology information.

Annual Reports for Investors

Covering Poverty: A Tool Kit for Journalists
Created by The Grady Center at the University of Georgia.

National Consumers League

Business 2.0: 101 Dumbest Moments in Business

USPTO: Trademark Database
Check this database to see if something is trademarked; be it a logo or a name. Hit the search button under the trademark heading on the left side navigation. Enter what you'd like to search for an you'll get a response including type of business, intended use, date of filing, etc. It is just a great resource.

Department of Labor: Women?s Business Resources
Tips, statistics and other handy resources for anyone reporting on trends with women in business. Terrorism Insurance
The impact 9-11 has had on insurance rates.

Risk and Insurance Management Society

Lemon Law America
Lists legal rights for car buyers.

Phone Company Complaints

Identity Theft Resource Center Cell Phone Rates

Number Portability: Cell Phone Rates Cell Phone Rates

Business Week Online: Best Business Schools

Institute for Policy Studies and United for a Fair Economy

American Management Association

The Business Insider

Economic Policy Institute
A nonprofit Washington D.C. think tank, was created in 1986 to broaden the discussion about economic policy to include the interests of low- and middle-income workers.

Knight Center Beat Guide: Business Reporting
From the Donald W. Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism, this site offers tutorials, tip sheets and more on how to cover business.

Internal Memos
This site claims to be the world?s largest collection of internal and corporate memos. It collects information from a variety of sources, so you need to be careful and check the validity of the memos. Use this site, but use it with caution.

Best of the Web Today
James Taranto's great Wall Street Journal/Opinion Journal column features stories and resources.
This site, built by CNN and Money magazine, launched Oct. 2001.'s Investor Research Center
Upgrades, downgrades, economic calendar, Wall Street research database (need ticker symbol) and more.

CNNfn's CEO Page
News on company leaders.'s Financial Briefs
Short, breaking stories on stocks, tech and more.

Federal Consumer Information Center

U.S. Bankruptcy Statistics
From the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts on behalf of the U.S. Courts, based on basic bankruptcy filings in 2001. .PDF files.

CBS News: An Agency-by-Agency Guide to Obama's Budget

MSN Money: The 102 Best Money Sites

AmeriStat Earnings Study Tips
Tips on online shopping safety tips from the American Bar Association.

Glossary Agent
Description: Glossary Agent(tm) is an expanding, focused gateway to online monolingual, bilingual, and multilingual glossaries in insurance and related fields such as law and finance. Topics include environmental protection, finance, health care, information technology, insurance, law, medicine, safety, transportation and weather.

National Institute for Consumer Education
Dozens of reference materials and links from Eastern Michigan University.

MSNBC: Government Tax Refund Database
Does a state and/or the IRS owe you money? Type your name into this database and see.

Some states also have now put their lists of people who are owed money online.

Businesswire's Expert Source Service

American Society of Business Publication Editors
Offers business news and lets you create your own list of industries you're interested in.

National Foundation for Women Business Owners
This British site is for business and technology journalists. Also includes job listings (in Britain).
Read what employees are saying about corporate culture at companies across the country. Good for sourcing and job hunting.

Housing Opportunity Index
The National Association of Home Builder's database ranks the nation's most affordable housing markets.

Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights

WTO and Gatt Research
The guide, which is focused on sources from the United States, gives pointers for reviewing the World Trade Organization through research, covering a variety of materials in electronic, print, and microfiche formats.

OJR: Researching Technology Businesses

Business Telephone Directory

Business Directory by County

Economic Times

Business Standard

Financial Dictionary

Global Edge Resource Desk
A great one-stop site for anyone covering international business. Hundreds of links to global business resources: trade law, federal government, banking, stock exchanges, mailing lists, company directories, statistics resources, associations and organizations.

International Business Advisor
Dozens of articles and trend stories, some high-tech.

Pro Publica: The Wall Street Money Machine
The Pulitzer-winning series on how Wall Street caused world economic collapse.

IMF's Global Economic Outlook
The International Monetary Fund site offers several great online resources.

Wall Street Journal City Profiles
Click on a city name to review WSJ's exclusive, in-depth report, including taxation and cost-of-living data, education resources, arts and recreation activities, crime statistics and additional sources of information.

Deloitte & Touche:
Fastest-growing tech companies in North America.

Deloitte & Touche:
Fastest-growing tech companies in 20 regions in the United States and Canada.

Digital Economy 2000
Find out why the federal government thinks information technology products and services are harbingers of a new era of higher, sustained growth. Keep in mind this was developed before all the layoffs.

This site gives you "instant free access and step-by-step commentary for 1,025 top business sites from 95 countries."

2011 Temkin Trust Ratings

Internet Business Library
A great Internet resources page from the University of Kansas.

Material Safety Data Sheet Repository
A site full of testimonials and consumer safety data. Search and sort by product, industry, etc.

Wacky Patent of the Month

American Society of Association Executives
An alternative search engine for locating associations.

Madalyn Business Research Tool
From the University of Delaware, this site helps you search accounting, economics, technology and international business sites, among others.

Government Finance Officers Association
This association offers background on public-sector finance and accounting.

Esquire's Finance Column Broker Meter

Salary Assessment
This calculator analyzes your salary based on experience, education, etc.

Financial Economics Network
Content from various journals.
A site for restaurant owners, it features a searchable database of restaurant listings. Research Page
National Restaurant Association offers hundreds of statistics and projections.

National Center for Employee Ownership

Telemarketing Revenge Site
Links to resources that can help consumers gain vengeance, or maybe a monetary settlement, from obnoxious telemarketers.
Publishing consumer financial information since 1995. Consumers can compare mortgage, auto, CD and credit card rates for financial institutions across the country. The site also publishes daily analysis on the financial markets and how they impact mortgage rates. It can provide journalists with the average interest rate on popular mortgage loan products for any day for the past two years.
Financial and investor news.

Yahoo! Iplace Database
See how much houses have sold for in any given area.

Retail Alliance
Stats on shoplifting, purchases, etc.

Franchising Links
National associations, research resources and more.

FlipDog's Business and Technology Resources
Links to hundreds of business sites.

Financial Times: Euro Issues
Features terms tied to current events. A very helpful resource. You have to pay for some items, though.

J.D. Power Consumer Center

Consumer Protection Agency

Bank Marketing Association
An affiliate organization of the American Banking Association. You need to be a member to use it.

Saving Advice: 50 Ways To Save Money on Food

National Council on Aging:

Economic Journals on the Web
An alphabetical listing of hundreds of global sites.

Service Corps of Retired Executives
Good sources for business stories. Some consulting, business tips.

Legal Journals Online
A listing of hundreds of journals from all over the world, many of them related to business.

Business Information Sources Online
A dynamite listing of hundreds of business sites in alphabetical order.

The Daily Deal
Covers deals and dealmakers. Sections include Movers & Shakers and Media Maneuvers.

Gary Price's List of Lists
Links to rankings of various kinds, some general business in one big page.

Links for Business Journalists
From Reuters' Jon Oatis.

Baruch College's links page
Prof. Josh Mills' links for business journalists.

NY Times Cyber Business Connection
You need a password to NY Times to get in. This set of links was compiled by Rich Meislin, editor in chief of The New York Times Electronic Media Company.

Networking Enron Xers Back to Work

Business Europe
Free daily business news and how-to guides. Currency Converter
This site allows you to convert for a specific day or a range of dates (up to 2000 days).

U.S. Currency Converter
Converts only the U.S. money. Currency Converter
Use this site for computations involving the historical value other nations' currency.

Insights into the types of information investors are looking. Top 101 Dumb Business Mistakes
A literature and publishing news site.

Annual County Business Patterns
Contains leading economic indicators and statistics on levels of income, poverty and labor.

Ask Jeeves Business Insight
A business solutions sight with some search capabilities.
Search articles, newsletters, press releases and company research.
Links to dozens of economics and personal finance sites. A great one-stop site.

Harvard Business Review

Consumer Reports
Research and investigations on hundreds of industries.

Class Action Database
A collection of class action lawsuits broken down by topics.

The daily e-mail newsletter from Technologic Partners is a way to get the skinny on dot-com companies and the high-tech sector.

Philanthropy News Network
Seniors can check federal and state benefits at this site. Good background for reporters covering this issue.

U.S. Trademarks Search
Business search engine.

CNET's Technology Enterprise Business Section
Big-think sources, ideas and trends for business stories.

Golf Business

AgriBiz Business Site

Economic and Social Research Council
A British economic research site.

Wall Street Journal Database of Homes Sold
Searchable database of homes sold in 27 states and the District of Columbia. Data for some states goes back nearly 20 years.

California's Pacific Gas and Electric
The site features several pages related to the blackouts, including maps, company bankruptcy documents and more.
This page links to advice to journalists covering the automotive industry.
Type in a vehicle's VIN (I.D.) number and trace its history. Was it in a wreck? Was the odometer moved back?

Kelley Blue Book Prices
Look up current-year Blue Book prices on cars from all years.

Consumer Sentinel
Government newsletter on consumer issues.

Consumer Reports Online
Several great studies on consumer products.
More than 600 links to regional economic data.'s Business Resources Page

LSU Webliography
Internet resources from Louisiana State University libraries.
Click on the business link.

Wharton Business Knowledge
A variety of tools from Penn's Wharton School of Business. Knowledge@Wharton is an Internet-based guide to competitive information.

E-Trade UK

Directory of British Business Resources

British Business Info.

British Companies House Disqualified Directors
A free consumer-oriented, searchable site that features, general interest, business, holidays, and trade show events set to occur in the U.K. and elsewhere. There is some U.S. material.

U.S. News: Alpha Consumer
A helpful consumer information blog.

International Trademark Assn.

Tax Foundation: New State Business Tax Climate Index
Directories for airlines, attorneys, doctors and other categories.

AnswerConnect Global Yellow Pages

American B2B Yellow Pages

Asia Yellow Pages

China Yellow Pages

Biz Links: British MBA program
A dynamite list of global business links.

Electronic Business Information

SelectSurf Business Links
Links to several great politics sites.
Like Ask Mr. Jeeves, this has phone directories, company background and more.
A venture capital investment bank that features helpful news releases, a resources page and more.
Links to several industry sites.
News and notes about the business side of the TV industry.

CNN: Top 500 Zip Codes for Foreclosures

Treasury Releases Business Taxation and Global Competitiveness Background Paper

This UK-focused Wiki-style business directory accepts free business listings, consumer reviews of businesses and allows registered users to edit and add to business information.

World's 300 Largest Pension Funds

Wall Street Journal: Markets Data Center
A great quick-reference tool. Access to this does not require a subscription to the WSJ.

Track the Consumer Price Index

Bank for International Settlements Database
Tracks new research published sites of the participating central banks.

Consumer Electronics Association
Industry news, trends and statistics on use of certain electronics. Includes an e-newsletter.

Super Couponing
Coupons galore, but the site also offers consumer shopping and savings tips that are helpful for readers.

Coupon Mom
Coupons galore, but the site also offers consumer shopping and savings tips that are helpful for readers.

MRA The Management Association
A not-for-profit employers association that features some statistics and studies.

TNS Retail Forward
Market research firm tracks consumer habits. It includes American ShopperScape, an annual study that analyzes consumer shopping behaviors.

Consumer World
A free guide to consumer information.

Baruch Links for Business Media

Information on publicly traded companies.

Wall Street Journal Wallet Blog
Personal finance, investing news and trends.

Fare Compare
Compare competitive airline fares on this site.

EconomPic Data

Consumer Finance Protection Bureau

MintLife: Personal Finance News & Advice
Great blog full of financial tips. Good tool for sourcing. True Cost-to-Own Calculator
Car purchase calculator that figures in gas, maintenance, etc.

Wisebread: Five Things to Know About This Year's Tax Changes

Tax Sites

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Tax History
The history of American taxation. Check out the tax returns filed by Bill Clinton, Franklin Roosevelt, and other past presidents.

Wisebread: Five Things to Know About This Year's Tax Changes
From 2011.

CNNMoney: 11 Tax Audit Red Flags

Tax Policy Center: Five Myths About Your Taxes What Companies Paid the Most Taxes?
The list of the companies who paid Uncle Sam the most.

IRS: Dirty Dozen Tax Scams (.PDF)
Legal and illegalt tax tactics.

U.S. Treasury: Tax Fraud Alerts

IRS Tax Tips Archive
An easy-to-use site full of great resources.

MSNBC: Government Tax Refund Database
Does a state and/or the IRS owe you money? Type your name into this database and see.

IRS: News Releases and Fact Sheets

IRS -- The Digital Daily

Contact the IRS

U.S. Treasury

The Federal Register

The Tax History Project

Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy

Tax Foundation: Jock Taxes
Jock taxes on professional athletes.

Post Office Locator

Librarian's Index to the Internet: Tax Time 2002

DMOZ Tax Preparation Page

IRS E-File

Frequently Asked Tax Questions And Answers

IRS Tax Topic Categories

IRS: Search Help

IRS: Retrieve Forms and Instructions

IRS Tax Publications

State Tax Forms
Cool stats with taxes.

TaxTalkToday.TV: Key Links
A nice archive of links from the online program.

American Payroll Association

American Association of Attorneys-CPAs

American Bar Association: Taxation

Federation of Tax Administrators

National Alliance of Tax Business Owners

National Association of Tax Professionals

National Association of Tax Reporting and Payroll Management

Motley Fool: Taxes

SmartMoney: Year-end Tax Planning


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Charity Watchdog
The National Charities Information Bureau offers a "wise giving guide," a quick reference list of groups that meet certain standards and a weekly charity report.

American Association of Fundraising Counsel

Center on Philanthropy
Resources from Indiana University.

National Fraud Information Center
Established by the National Consumers League.

National Freedom of Information Coalition

Hunger in America 2001
Claims to be the most comprehensive study of domestic hunger ever.
An online newspaper for non-profit organizations. Some helpful research and databases. A must-read for reporters covering charities.

Look up budget analysis on non-profit organizations.

National Charities Information Bureau
A good site for tracking spending and income from charities.

IRS: Non-Profits Tax Information
General site for non-profit statistics.

IRS: More on Non-Profits Tax Information
Files for each U.S. state listing the non-profits the IRS is aware of.

FTC Charity Checklist

Maryland Comptroller's Office
The Maryland Comptroller's office has a database of unresolved tax liabilities. Great for tracking promising business types and politicians. Several other states have similar databases, including Illinois.


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Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy Statement

Yahoo! Index of Stock Exchanges
Find stock exchanges in darn near every country.

CNBC on MSN Money: Insider Trading
Lists the companies that have had the most insider trading -- transactions by corporate insiders or major shareholders -- in the past 30 days. You can then click on the company symbols to find out which individuals have been trading and how much they've bought or sold.
Market news and quotes.

New York Stock Exchange
Market news and quotes.

American Stock Exchange
News and market information relating to AMEX.

Dow Jones Indexes
Has much more than just the Dow Jones averages.

Philadelphia Stock Exchange

Berkshire Hathaway
All sorts of background on Warren Buffett's empire. Links to holdings and a database of his letters to stockholders.


Wall Street City MarketMap
Innovative presentation of daily stock-market action.'s Daily Stock Market Report
A daily e-mail "Internet Stock Report" presents news-driven analysis of what's happening with those dotcom evaluations.

Chicago Board Options Exchange Education Page
A good tip sheet on buying and selling options.

FDIC Press Resources

Banking/Government Sites

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American Banking Association
Many helpful resources, including links, press announcements and a great breaking news section.

ABA Bank Marketing Magazine

American Bankruptcy Institute
Newsroom, links, publications and experts.

Anti-Money Laundering: Efforts in the Securities Industry
The General Accounting Office's 92-page report on the issue of combating money laundering in the securities industry.

U.S. Treasury Department
Federal agency with electronic versions of all its publications.

U.S. Dept. of Treasury Business Library

U.S. Tax Code Online

Internal Revenue Service
Federal agency with electronic versions of all its publications.

Securities and Exchange Commission
Federal agency with proxy information and more.

Fannie Mae Background

Freddie Mac Background

FDIC Press Announcements

FDIC Organization Directory

FDIC Industry Analysis

Wall Street Journal: What the FDIC Covers

Federal Reserve

Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight


FDIC Newsroom Page
All the links business writers covering banking will need.
Surveys thousands of U.S. institutions about the best loan and credit card rates.

Just Quotes

Savings Bond Calculator
Figure interest over time.

FDIC's Fraud Page

National Foundation for Credit Counseling

Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
Site has detailed demographic information on every FDIC-insured bank in the country. Also has info. on bank holdings, deposits, etc.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Build your own Consumer Price Index. Information on the unemployment rate.

Suspicious Net Banks
The FDIC has launched a Suspicious Internet Banking site that lets you see if an institution has a legitimate charter. You can also report suspicious activities online.

The U.S. Mint

Provides business patterns by county and zip code, monthly building permit data, federal spending, etc.

Economic, Trade, Business Statistics
Stats from the U.S. Department of Commerce site.

U.S. Trade and Development Agency

Economic Statistics Briefing Room
White House site provides easy access to current Federal economic indicators.

Grant's Interest Rate Observer
See "links we love" for a lengthy list of interest rate news sources. Recovering from a Natural Disaster
Report in the wake of North Carolina's Hurricane Floyd about the difficulties people can expect to face when natural disaster strike.

Consumer Confidence Index
Tracks economic growth.
Stories and indexes tracking the economy. Could be good for sourcing stories as well.

1997 Economic Census

Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Provides inspection reports and other work-place safety data by plant or location.

Bankruptcy Law
A directory of state, national and international bankruptcy laws.

International Trade Administration
Mother Lode for anyone seeking trade numbers. How much is your metro area exporting and where?
Informational site for consumers. Some basic definitions for journalists.

National Foundation of Credit Counseling
A directory of debt counselors in your area.

American Bankruptcy Institute

Bureau of Economic Affairs
Home of the Gross Domestic Product and surveys of personal income.

Economic Briefing Room
Numbers gurus will have died and gone to heaven with this Census site.

Economy at a Glance
Quick reference to the Bureau of Labor statistics site. Good deadline numbers.

Internet Fraud Complaint Center
Database is part of the FBI's site.

FTC's Kids Privacy unit
A children's ad review unit within the FTC.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Results of thousands of workplace inspections. Go to the stats page for comparative industry-by-industry data.

Rates on CDs, mortgages and personal loans.

Patent and Trademark Office
Is the person you just interviewed really the person who patented or trademarked the product? Look it up!

PC Magazine's Undiscovered Websites: Money and Careers
From November, 2007, a great collection of sites that provide shortcuts to many business sites.


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SEC Statement from WorldCom
Statement submitted to the SEC by WorldCom, Inc. on July 1, 2002 in response to a Commission order. Archive

FCC: Local and Long Distance Telephone Industries
Telecommunications Industry Revenue Data reports back to 1992.

FCC: Recent WorldCom Developments

FCC: Key WorldCom Statistics

Documents on the MCI-WorldCom Merger

THE ENRON SCANDAL's Enron Documents Database
Nearly every legal document in this historical case is available free through this site as .PDF documents.

LLRX: The Collapse of Enron: A Bibliography of Online Legal, Government and Legislative Resources
An in-depth collection of resources on the Enron scandal. Updated regularly.

Houston Chronicle: Enron Documents and Stories

R.I.P. Enron
Video from TV ads and more.'s Enron Blame Game

Enron Bankruptcy: Calendar of Upcoming Events
Proceedings on the New York Southern District Bankruptcy Court site. Enron Stories
Archive of stories, timeline, interactive graphic on understanding the Enron scandal. Enron Scandal Archive
A great search result on hundreds of stories on the scandal.

National Association for Information Destruction
Justifies what Enron and Arthur Andersen are accused of doing.

CNN's Enron Special Report
An archive of stories, video timeline, CNN Money stories, Time magazine pieces and more.

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
Easy-to-use searchable database of thousands of U.S. companies.

Edgar Database
Company information from the Security and Exchange Commission.
Files from the Security and Exchange Commission.

Small Business

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IVillage Home Business

Small Business Service Bureau

Small Business Agency Government site that deals with small business issues.

Electronric Law Library
Targeted to small business owners, but it has a lot of helpful research for anyone.
Covers the business side of the food industry.

Counselors to America's Small Business

Business Types
Explains basics of small business ownership.

Lycos Small Business Company Search
Small business resources, personal finance and e-commerce.

USA Today's Small Business Site

Small Business Resource -- Government Site

Small Business

The daily e-mail newsletter from Technologic Partners is a way to get the skinny on dot-com companies and the high-tech sector.

Entrepreneur Magazine

Proxies/Backgrounding Companies

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Yahoo! Finance Page
Information on thousands of companies. If you're looking for shareholder information, enter the company name or ticker symbol, hit "get quote," then look for the "profile" link under "more info." About halfway down the page, on the left gutter, there's a breakdown of insiders and big owners.

Yahoo! Finance Vision
Video-centric financial information and news.

Investment Adviser Public Disclosure
The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has just announced a new Web site that allows users to look up information about SEC- and state-registered investment advisor firms. Users can search for firms and pull up their most recent Form ADV, the form that firms file to register with the SEC or the states. The form contains information about the firm's operations, its key personnel, and disciplinary actions involving the firm. The site also provides links to related sites, such as state regulators and the Central Registration Depository Public Disclosure on the Internet.

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
Easy-to-use searchable database of thousands of U.S. companies.

Edgar Database
Company information from the Security and Exchange Commission.
Files from the Security and Exchange Commission.
Links to almost 5,000 public records databases. Claims to be the largest free collection of public records databases on the Web. Formerly the PAC-Info. site, just click on a state and you'll get a list of all free public record collections for that state. Most include incorporation filings.

National Association of Secretaries of State: Corporate Backgrounders
The site offers many resources on business research.

Securities and Exchange Commission
Federal agency with proxy information and more.
More files from the Security and Exchange Commission.
Access a company's Proxy Statement. You also can access other info. about the company: Go to the proxy statements, the DEF filings that go out before a shareholders vote. Type your name in the Word Search box and you'll be searching all the public companies for that name.

U.S. Trademarks Search

Hoover's Master List Plus Database
Information on more than 9,000 companies.

Hoover's IPO Central

Statistics of U.S. businesses
State-level business information broken down by 10 classes.
Search directories of businesses.

The Annual Report Gallery
Annual reports, some in HTM others .pdf files of the printed versions, for more than 2,000 companies.

MSN?s Investment Portal Site
Research public companies in the United States.

Multex Investor
Part of Reuters, this site offers company snapshots(about 75-100 words each). Free registration required.
A free site with profiles from Wright Investor Services. You'll need to register but very little info is required.

Limited free international profiles of businesses. Company Search

Stock Market Yellow Pages
A search engine of company descriptions from Market Guide, Forbes, Hoover's, Yahoo, etc.

New York Public Library: How To Find U.S. Company Information

SprintMail: How To Research Companies on the Net

CBS Company Snapshots from Hoover's

EDGAR Boss Salary Database
Track how much corporate bosses make by searching SEC filings through EDGAR Online People.

CNBC on MSN Money: Insider Trading
Lists the companies that have had the most insider trading -- transactions by corporate insiders or major shareholders -- in the past 30 days. You can then click on the company symbols to find out which individuals have been trading and how much they've bought or sold.

Internet Prospector
Locate corporation records online.

Several great business research tools. You can find bond ratings in your area. Also be sure to check each agency's "watchlist."

Standard and Poor's
Another site for finding bond ratings

Federal Trade Commission
A great resource for researching scams.

Better Business Bureau: Check Out a Company
Search a database of companies and their background information.

U.S. Department of Justice: Special Report on 9-11 Fraud Schemes
A breakdown of fraudulent charities asking for donations.

Federal Trade Commission: Warnings on Bioterrorism Defense Products

FDA: Buying Medicines and Medical Products Online
A consumer fraud/scams site.

Federal Trade Commission: Multilevel Marketing Plans
A great resource for researching scams. Securing Domain Names
Updates on domain name assigning process.

A consumer complaint site.

The Corporate Library
The Corporate Library is an independent research firm focused on corporate governance and director & executive compensation as indicators of performance, and is the creator of the Board Analyst database and suite of tools.

Internet Prospector Corporation Records
Links to secretary of states offices.
Report businesses and people who submit SPAM e-mails.

Securities Data
Statistics on initial public offerings, mergers, municipal finance, etc.

The Economist's Country Guides
This site offers background on 60 countries. Check out profiles, financial statistics, news updates and suggested Internet resources for each country.

Business Web 100
List of the 100 largest corporations on the Web by revenue: American, global and by industry. Includes lists of companies? divisions.

FDA Children and Tobacco Compliance Checker
An FDA database of every business that has been cited for selling cigarettes to minors -- searchable by zip code. Also try this database.

MediaChannel: Global Ownership Chart
Thanks to the merger boom, media power is more concentrated than ever. A new online chart presents the global media overlords in vivid color.

Better Business Bureau
Information on more than 9,000 companies.

Global Business Garden
Search a database of thousands of company profiles.

Forbes People Tracker
Forbes magazine has a database of industry leaders.

Company Companies Page

Who Owns What?
A great site from the Columbia Journalism Review that explains the holdings and conflicts of interest of large media companies.

Stanford University's Securities Class-Action Clearinghouse
Stanford Law's index of class-action lawsuits against corporations.

University of Michigan's Economic Resources Page
Web sites of government agencies that provide economic statistics.

Worldwide Economic Statistics


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Children's Ad Review Unit
Part of the Better Business Bureau site.

Center for Democracy and Technology

Privacy Foundation

Internet Fraud Complaint Center
Database is part of the FBI's site.

FTC's Kids Privacy unit
A children's ad review unit within the FTC.


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