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Federal Communications Commission
Handbooks, resources, press releases, bureau/office listings, contact information and more.

National Academy of Television Journalists

National Association of Broadcasters

Broadcast Education Association
Studies, news, teaching tools and a huge database of members.

Radio TV Digital News Association

RTDNA: Social Media Guidelines
Radio TV Digital News Association established guidelines for using Twitter and Facebook.

Television News Center
Tips, training, etc.

Forvo: Pronunciation Guide

HowjSay: Online Dictionary of English Pronunciation
Great tool for broadcasters. Just type in the word or select from a list and see how the word is pronounced.

10 Words Everyone Should Know How to Pronounce
Create your own internet radio station.

Academy of Storytellers
Learn about video storytelling.

IBB Voice of America: Pronunciation Guide
An invaluable tool to broadcasters on deadline.

Voice of America: Iraqi Place Name Pronunciation Guide

Voice of America: Recent Names in the News
Search by job type, salary range, etc.
Covers the TV news industry. News items galore.

FCC TV Stations Public Profiles and Inspection Files
Search by call sign, channel number, etc.

G4: Attack of the Show
Online program features cool web tools, viral videos, new gadgets, movies, comics, etc. Great for tracking pop culture online.

Loaded with tip sheets and articles, this site features work previously published in "The Write Way," some of which have been updated and revised for NewsCollege. Started in early 2006, the site covers many writing basics, such as tightening copy and eliminating weak quotes.

Cue Prompter
Teleprompter tool that works on mobile devices and on the web.

Gu.ide: Turn Text into Video

University of Delaware: Television News Database
More than 10,000 local television news stories that you can easily search and watch.

Video Journalism
Cyndy Green's blog on thinking visually. Media Database
From the Center for Public Integrity, this site has a media ownership search to include network designations for television stations and information on the nation's largest newspapers. Enter a zip code or city name and track ownership of TV, radio and cable stations in that zip code area. Strategies for Local TV News
Trends and tips on the industry.

News on cutting-edge ways of using podcasts.

Podcast Directory
Seach by genre, most-popular, language, region, buzz. Tips on creating a podcast, etc.

Create interactive videos.

TNW: Tips for Creating Social Video Content

Vride: YouTube for Immersive Video

Make interactive videos. Add links, chapters and quizzes.

Create interactive videos.

Mobile Tools for Video

Create interactive videos.

TV News Storytellers

Caption and translate any video.

Create your own stop-cam videos.

Create animated videos.

BBC: Verifying Video in the Ukraine

Broadcasting & Cable Magazine
Covers the business of television. "People on the move" section is great for tracking executives.

The Name Engine
Find correct pronunciation of newsmaker names.

Send/share large video files.
More than 250 global broadcast stations.
Tips on writing for radio.

Advancing the Story
Blog on the broadcast news industry from Deb Halpern at the University of Mississippi.

Popcorn Maker ReMixed for international journalists and multilingual audiences around the world. Great tool for building videos out of content on the web. Browser-based. You can added lower thirds, maps, remix videos, etc.

Edit videos and add graphics in your browser.

Multimedia Shooter
Workshops, e-updates, critiques, columns, featured video and galleries.

Archive of American Television Interviews
Anyone interested in the history of American television will want to check out these often extensive video interviews, posted in 30-minute segments.

Multimedia Muse
Photojournalism and online visual storytelling site.

Online Photo Magazines to Follow

Kobre Guide
Web's best multimedia and video journalism.

Internet Talk Radio Network
Internet talk radio shows.

Single-Camera Shooting Technique

Nielsen: 2008-09 TV Market Size Rankings

Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video
From the Center for Social Media at American University.

Search globally for radio stations and streaming sites.

News at Seven
A cool tool that allows you to create a virtual newscast pulled from stories, images, videos and blogs all linked by a common news topic. The site generates an avatar that delivers the newscast.

Stream video straight from your cell phone.

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication

Hi-Def News Caps

Prelinger Stock Video Footage Archive
Broadcasts more than 800,000 hours of video, and allows users to comment on videos, which range from sermons to comedies and musical performances.

From MediaBistro site offers news about the industry, ratings, etc.

News feed and other resources on the broadcast industry.

How Social Media is Changing the Business of TV

For desktop and mobile. Create interactive videos.

Assignment Editor
Started by the managing editor at CBS/WBBM-TV in Chicago, this site, under new ownership, is used worldwide to navigate millions of destinations on the Internet each month. Our main users are the news decision makers of the world who decide what hundreds of millions of people see and read each day. Crime Coverage Tips for Broadcasters
Searchable database of video clips from around the world. Type in a name and search, chances are, you'll find some video clips.

A broadcasting and cable blog.

A great TV news industry site. Links, job listings, insider gossip and contact information for nearly 1,600 stations.

Top Documentary Films
Watch online documentaries for free.

Translates headlines from various RSS feeds into spoken English. Part of a beta site from Great Britain.

Blinx TV
Database of news and other video. Web Crawler
Great for developing story ideas, this site scans the Web sites of more than 400 local television stations, and compiles and e-mails the results. Also a free e-mail newsletter.

RTNDA: War Resources
Hundreds of links and free resource guides you can download as .PDFs. An excellent quick-stop resource.

RTNDA: Bioterrorism Resources
Hundreds of links and free resource guides you can download as .PDFs. An excellent quick-stop resource.

Lost Remote: Converting TV Scripts to the Web
A great set of tips.

Plugged In: Using the Internet for High School and Professional Journalism
Downloading this online publication from the Radio and Television News Directors Foundation will prove valuable to students and educators, station interns and journalists new to the profession. Free Film from the U.S. Government

FCC: Cross-Ownership Studies
Run by ADT Research, this site charts how much time each broadcast spent on each topic each night. FCC Cross-Ownership Studies

FCC: Center for Digital Democracy

Market history, background, statistics, etc.
Radio and music industry site.

The NewsMarket
The NewsMarket provides free broadcast-standard video and multimedia content from corporations, government agencies and non-profits. Journalists can search, preview and request video and other content on demand, online, via digital download or can choose to receive tape-by-mail.

Broadcast Music Inc.

Viral Video Chart
Top 20 viral videos on the Web. Video Photography and Editing Ethics
Al Tompkins of the Poynter Institute urges the National Press Photographers Association to adopt ethics guidelines for video photography and editing.

University of Delaware: Television News Database
More than 10,000 local television news stories that you can easily search and watch.

Tyndall Report
Tracks what the network news covers by how many minutes the evening and morning newscasts devote to topics.
Broadband streaming of 250-plus television services around the world. VERY enlightening if you want to get an idea of how other countries view various stories.

Prometheus Radio Project
Support, training and organizing for non-commercial community radio broadcasters.

Broadband Television Central
Focuses on broadband industry news and trends..

National Association of Broadcasting Education Foundation
Education resources, seminars, etc.

Vanderbilt University Television News Archive
Billed as the broadcast industry's home page.

SoapDetectives: Podcasts of Old Radio Programs
Use this site to download old mysteries to your iPod.

The NewsMarket
Provides free broadcast-standard video and multimedia content from corporations, government agencies and non-profits. Journalists can search, preview and request video and other content on demand, online, via digital download or can choose to receive tape-by-mail.

Mashable: How Social Media Is Changing the Business of TV

MediaLink Broadcast Glossary
Terms and basics.

Your 100 Most Mispronounced Words

Your 100 Most Misspelled Words

National Association of Broadcasters

News Videographer
Online video critiques, training, news and discussions.

BBC World Service Documentaries
The BBC's A large selection of audio documentaries.

Mervin Block
Tips, articles and other resources from TV news veteran.

International TV news reporting site.

Archive of American Television
Blog on TV news.

Vanderbilt University: Television News Archive
The Television News Archive collection is at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.

Library of American Broadcasting

Museum of Broadcast Communications

Current Online

Museum of Broadcast Communication: Encyclopedia of Television

TV History
Links, FAQ, decade-by-decade breakdown the evolution of television and TV manufacturers. Look at past TV guides, TV models, etc.

FCC: Historical Periods in Television Technology

FCC: Historical Periods in Television Technology

Library of American Broadcasting

Old Time Radio News

European Broadcasting Union

National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications

American Women in Radio and Television

NPPA Code of Ethics

National Public Broadcasting Archives

Public Radio News Directors Incorporated

Ethics Guide for Public Radio Journalism

FCC: Radio Pioneers & Core Technologies

jPlayer: HTML 5 Audio and Video Player

Video streaming tool.

Online storytelling tool.

TV History
Links, FAQ, decade-by-decade breakdown the evolution of television and TV manufacturers. Look at past TV guides, TV models, etc.

TV Rundown
The TV Rundown reports on local television news and programming.

Old Time Radio Catalog
Offers thousands of old time radio shows on MP3 CD including thousan of free downloads and articles about the golden age of radio.

TV industry news, ratings and more.

Tyndall Report

NPR as a Matter of Fact Blog

Podcasting Legal Guide

Poynter: Broadcast Resources

Documentary Blog
News and reviews of the latest documentary films.
Television photojournalism site.

Internet Archive: Universal Newsreels
Search more than 600 newsreels from Universal (1929 to 1967).

How to pull live TV clips off the web and share in social media and embed in Storify.
Download streaming video from YouTube and other sites to edit and use in your video.

Mervin Block's Broadcast Newswriting Workshop
A tips section is available from two of his newswriting textbooks. An occasional mailing list is available by writing to

Newscript: Writing for Radio
This site is run by Michael Meckler, a professor of classical and medieval Latin literature at Ohio State University. A useful guide to various forms of audio journalism, along with practical tips on writing for the ear.

Live365: Radio Stations
Claims to be the world?s largest collection of radio stations.

Corporate Communications Broadcast Network

Search through hundreds of radio shows and podcasts.

Using Hidden Cameras

PBS: Inside Local News Documentary

Edward R. Murrow Reports
Listen to audio reports from one of the best broadcast news journalists of his era.
A photojournalism site that offers tips, news and commentary about digital storytelling.
Guide to the best in multimedia and video journalism.

Media Tenor Institute
Features extensive data of up to date research free of charge. There's also a free newsletter sent twice a week with the latest reports about the influence of media in public opinion. A important resource of information very useful for journalists and students concerned about impartial and balanced journalism. Amy Bowers' TV Column
An archive of Amy Bowers' monthly television columns for, a photojournalism site.

CBI College Broadcasting

TV News Closet
TV news clothing online consignment shop.
This site tracks what is playing on radio stations nationally and keeps a log.
This search engine pulls images and video from all kinds of news resources. Browse by category, etc.

High School Broadcast Journalism
Resources for high school programs from RTNDF.

Watch more than 26 million hours of videos posted to this site.
Watch thousands of archived TV shows on this online video tool.
Listen to games from all over.

YouTube: OpenFlix
More than 600 movies that are now part of the public domain.

Walter Cronkite, 1916-2009

The Museum of Broadcast Communications: Cronkite's Bio

YouTube: Walter Cronkite Interviews and Reports

Walter Cronkite's NPR Essays

Arizona State University: Resources for Covering Cronkite
ASU's journalism school is named for Cronkite. Site features video clips, photo galleries and contact numbers for sources.

CBS News: Walter Cronkite's Death
Includes video, photo essays and more.

Google News: Walter Cronkite's Death

Blogs About Walter Cronkite's Death

Walter Cronkite Quotes

Poynter: Newspaper Front Pages of Cronkite's Death

Poynter: What Walter Cronkite Did for Journalism

Chicago Sun-Times: Robert Feder on Cronkite's Death


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