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New 9/11 Sites

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National Geographic Channel 9/11 Archive
Interviews, stories, video, photos about the tragedy. Includes interviews with Bush.

9/11 Memorial Database
Bios and profile information on all of the 9/11 victims from the WTC, Pentagon and United 93.

BBC: 9/11 Minute-by-Minute
Timeline of events that day.

CNN: 9/11 10 Years Later

NY Times: 9/11 Audio Tapes and Timeline

USA Today: 9/11+Me
Log-in through Facebook for customized data visualization.

Digital Coverage of 9/11 Anniversary

Original Online Coverage of 9/11
Archives of stories, pages, screengrabs and more.

CNN: 9/11 Parent and Educator Guide

New America Media: 9/11 Special Coverage

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: United 93
An in-depth look at what happened on the flight that crashed near Pittsburgh on 9/11.

Internet Archive: 9/11 Coverage from Around the World
From Al Tompkins of Poynter.

AP Stylebook for 9/11
A "situational stylebook" that focuses on style issues for a specific news story or topic.

National Institute of Standards and Technology: World Trade Center Disaster Investigation

Scientific American: 9/11 Ten Years Later

NPR: Drawing Lessons from 9/11, Ten Years Later

Library Journal: 9/11 Ten Years On: 15 Titles

Poynter: 9/11 Front Pages

Bin Laden - Al Qaeda Government Files
Offers 11,400 pages of U.S. government documents covering the activities Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network.

9/11 Attack Resources
A deep resource of links and stories.

Library of Congress: Today in History -- September 11

UN Office on Drugs and Crime: Electronic Legal Resources on International Terrorism

Washington Post: e-QAEDA
A three-part special report that features video reports of experts talking about jihadists' use of the Web. They describe how al Qaeda and allied groups are using the Internet to recruit more fighters, spread their message and train their followers to commit acts of terror.

NY Times: Portraits of Grief
Drawn portraits of 9/11 victims.

9/11 Living Memorial: Voices of September 11th

Time: The September 11 Attacks, 10 Years Later

Homeland Security Page
Tom Ridge's page gives the Current Nationwide Threat Level.

Encyclopedia of Terrorism
From CNN: "The Council on Foreign Relations, in cooperation with the Markle Foundation, has launched an online encyclopedia of terrorism and the U.S. response to the September 11 attacks to give the public an easy-to-read, authoritative primer on what the experts know and don't know. The site includes a look at state sponsors of terrorism, terrorist groups, the proposed U.S. military tribunals and other aspects of terrorism."

Frontline: Faces of Islam
The terrorist attacks have revealed some deep divisions between followers of Islam. This Frontline site examines viewpoints of Muslims around the world after 9/11. Includes video, FAQ and more. 9-11-2001 Related News and Legal/Legislative Resources
This site is updated daily.

The Web on Sept. 11

General Accounting Office: Diffuse Security Threats: Technologies for Mail Sanitization Exist, But Challenges Remain
.PDF file includes several graphics and a chart of U.S. Postal Service costs.

U.S. Department of State: Patterns of Global Terrorism, 2001
Full text available as .PDF and html documents.

U.S. Department of State: Additional Info and Past Editions
Full text available as .PDF and html documents. 9/11 Coverage
The online version of Government Executive magazine looks at the federal response to the 9/11 attacks.

Afghan Recovery Report
Afghan journalists, working with support from the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) and Media Action International (MAI) offer a free service aimed at providing local and international media outlets with "objective and reliable news from local sources.

PBS Frontline: Inside the Terror Network
Interviews, video, transcripts and other research on the 9/11 plot and the terrorist networks.

Earthcam Live Images from Ground Zero, New York City
This Web cam is pointed at the site of the recovery effort.

This site allows journalists to find sources for their stories when religion intersects society on their beats. Journalists can log in and easily and quickly search a database for contact info, credentials and publications for about 5,000 religion scholars in more than 1,400 areas of expertise. The site is free and funded by a grant from The Pew Charitable Trusts. 9/11 Mini-Site
Features what faith groups are doing to mark the events of 9/11. It also includes extensive resources on what faith groups and congregations will do on the first anniversary and resources on what they did after 9/11.

History of Guantanamo Bay Cuba
Background on the U.S. Naval Station.

Covering the Daniel Pearl Kidnapping
From the South Asian Journalists Association.

Federal Trade Commission: Warnings on Bioterrorism Defense Products
Updated about once a day, the site gathers together national polls on politics, issues andcurrent events. The polls are provided to us by leading research organizations (Gallup, Harris, Princeton Survey Research, etc.), and by poll sponsors (CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX, Time magazine, etc.). The home page provides links to surveys on topics in the headlines: the war on terrorism (with data stretching back to the evening of Sept. 11), Enron, cloning, the Olympics, etc. The site also has a table of contents and a site search engine.

Strange Victory: A critical appraisal of Operation Enduring Freedom and the Afghanistan War
This study, by Carl Conetta, PDA Research Monograph #6, 30 Jan. 2002, challenges prevailing views of Operation Enduring Freedom as an unqualified success. It assesses how the war impacted on the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, on Afghanistan and its people, and on regional stability.

Operation Enduring Freedom: Why a higher rate of civilian bombing casualties?
This study, by Carl Conetta, Briefing Report #11, 18 Jan. 2002, summarizes the available data on civilian bombing casualties during the Afghanistan war. It finds that the air campaign directly claimed 1,000-1,300 civilians lives and asks, Why was the rate higher than in the 1999 Balkans war? It answers by examining mission objectives, the nature of the enemy, bombing methods, and technical features of the US weapons mix.

The Project on Defense Alternatives
A program of the Commonwealth Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

America's New War
Track the Terrorism conflict for a "good news, bad news" perspective.

Homeland Security Monitor
A comprehensive Web-based tool providing critical information and insightful analysis on homeland security issues for state and local governments, law enforcement, emergency management and corporate executives at all levels. This is the link to the public site.

Silobreaker: Terrorism News

Homeland Security Digital Library
Search engine allows you to scan more than 30 homeland security blogs.

Twin Towers Cameos in Movies

Osama bin Laden Background

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Editor's Note: Content on this page is archived in the Library of Congress 9/11 resources.

Updated Links: Background and His Death

Wall Street Journal: Osama bin Laden Timeline

Storify: Reaction to bin Laden Death

CNN: The Life of Osama bin Laden

HuffingtonPost: Twitter Reaction to bin Laden's Death

What bin Laden's Death Teaches Us About Modern Media

Washington Post: Storify of Man Who Live-Tweeted Raid on Bin Laden's Compound

ABC News: Storify of How Rumsfeld Aide Broke bin Laden News

CoverJunkie: Slideshow of bin Laden Newspaper Coverage

New York Times Front Page: bin Laden Death

Who is Osama bin Laden? has an in-depth profile of him, as does the BBC. USA Today did an interesting story in February 2001 on how bin Laden used hidden notes in Web sites to post instructions to his followers. has an informative history of bin Laden's relations with the United States. The Smoking Gun has the FBI's Most Wanted poster for bin Laden.

Related bin Laden Links

Osama bin Laden: Islamic Extremist Financier
Gary Price put up this CIA assessment, released to the media in 1996, provides background information on bin Laden, including his involvement in the resistance to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and how he became a prominent figure in supporting the resistance. It also provides information on the nature of his terrorist activities -- including the Islamic Salvation Foundation (Al-Qaida), collaboration with other extremist groups. Available as a .pdf file.

Terrorism and Osama bin Laden
A 1999 report from the Center for Nonproliferation Studies detailing bin Laden's efforts to acquire nuclear materials.

The UK's Bin Laden Dossier
A great quick-reference backgrounder on bin Laden.

9/11 Government Documents

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Review CONPLAN, the U.S. Government Interagency Domestic Terrorism Concept of Operations Plan, and the State Department maintains a list of extraditions of terrorists. The CRS Reports: Terrorism, the Future, and U.S. Foreign Policy page features several pages of Congressional reports on terrorism. (Once you're in the site, click to the appropriate section, the scroll or edit/find to find the report.)

The government issued a report (PDF file) focusing on the behavior of the occupants of the World Trade Center evacuation after the 1993 bombing.

FirstGov has attack-related resources, including a section on "Benefits and Assistance" for finding medical assistance resources listed for individual states.

Related Government Documents

Global Beat: NYU's Center for War, Peace and the News Media
This site is useful for anyone who is interested in international news. Each week, Global Beat runs stories and backgrounders on important areas of the world, such as Iraq, Chechnya, South Asia, etc.

U.S. Use of Pre-emptive Military Force
A .PDF file.

Terrorist Nuclear Attacks on Seaports: Threat and Response
A .PDF file.

Critical Infrastructures: What Makes an Infrastructure Critical?
A .PDF file.

Background Checks for Firearm Transfers (2001)
Includes full-text report and Excel spreadsheets.

U.S. Department of the Treasury: Terrorism List

The Jurist: Terrorism Law & Policy Guide
The legal education and information portal at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, has posted an online guide to Terrorism Law & Policy. The guide features breaking news, U.S. policy documents, Executive Orders and federal legislation, academic commentary and an extensive bibliography.

U.S. Treasury's Office of Foreign Asset Control
An overview of asset-control regulations with Iran. (In .pdf format).

Federal Trade Commission: Warnings on Bioterrorism Defense Products

Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons
Updated Sept. 10, this 52-page document contains an alphabetical master list. (In .pdf format). Also see: recent changes.

Terrorism and the Taliban

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The Encyclopedia of Terrorism from the Council on Foreign Relations and the Markle Foundation, gives the public an easy-to-read, authoritative primer on what the experts know and don't know. The site includes a look at state sponsors of terrorism, terrorist groups, the proposed U.S. military tribunals and other aspects of terrorism.

Silobreaker: Terrorism News

Homeland Security Digital Library
Search engine allows you to scan more than 30 homeland security blogs.

Here are the THREATCON military terrorist threat plans that agencies are expected to follow. Also, read CNN'slinks and lessons on terrorism. The defense site also has helpful links and background information.

Related Taliban/Terrorism Links

U.S. Department of State: Patterns of Global Terrorism, 2001
Full text available as .PDF and html documents.

PBS Frontline: Inside the Terror Network
Interviews, video, transcripts and other research on the 9/11 plot and the terrorist networks.

Muslims Against Terrorism
Started by a group of young American Muslims

National Terrorism Alert Page

International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism

PBS: Understanding Terrorism
Transcripts and video clips from journalist Bill Moyers' interviews.

Dartmouth's Institute for Security Technology Studies
The principal national center for counter-terrorism technology research, development and assessment. It is funded by the U.S. Justice Department's National Institute of Justice, Office of Science and Technology.

Sept. 11 Source Books: National Security Archive Online
The National Security Archive has posted the first volume in their new series "The September 11th Source Books". The series aims to fulfill NSA's mission "to put on the record the primary source documentation that can enrich the policy debate, improve journalism, educate policymakers, and ensure that we don't reinvent the wheel or repeat the mistakes of the past." As such, this first volume, Terrorism and U.S. Policy, covers a wide range of primary documents grouped in five main subjects: Terrorism and Osama bin Laden; Congressional Research Service reports; General Accounting Office reports; Department of Defense Directives, Instructions and statements; and Presidential Directives and Executive Orders.

FBI Mugshots of Suspected Hijackers
Includes last known address.

U.S. State Department Terrorism List
An alphabetized list of foreign terrorist groups, along with a brief descriptions of their activities.

Heritage Foundation's Terrorism Page
Research from a Washington, D.C., think tank.

Christian Science Monitor: Combating Terrorism

The Global Rise of Religious Violence

Terrorism Experts Discuss Convictions in the Africa Embassy Bombings
From May 2001.

Religious Response to Terrorism
This site from the National Council of Churches has background and a statement opposing hatred that people are signing.

THOMAS Federal Legislation on the Terrorist Attacks
A list of all legislation related to the New York and Washington attacks.

USS Cole Attacked
From October 2000.

The Taliban: Exporting Extremism

CNN: Afghanistan Under the Taliban

Official Statements on the Sept. 11 Terrorist Attack

Spy Chiefs Call for New Rules and Money to Stop Terrorists

Terrorism and Osama bin Laden
A 1999 report from the Center for Nonproliferation Studies detailing bin Laden's efforts to acquire nuclear materials. U.S. Newspapers Terrorist Links

United Nations Counter-Terrorism Online Handbook

Internet Resource Collection: Terrorism
UC-Irvine U.S. Government Librarian Kay Collins librarian gathered this great collection of links and references. It's easy to scan and offers some real gems, including an RSS feeds from the Department of Homeland Security.

United Nations Action to Counter Terrorism

Homeland Defense Journal
Full archives of publications, special reports, etc.

Economic Impact of 9/11

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9/11 Funding Database
"The Foundation Center's new "9/11 Funding Database" offers a means of keeping the public current on 9/11 donors and recipients. The Center will continuously update it as new information becomes available. This interactive database provides users with a versatile tool for locating the latest information on a wide range of institutional donors, grant recipients, and grants made following September 11. According to Center staff, users can search the database to find out how much a specific corporation or foundation gave and to which organizations. The database also makes it possible to look at donors and recipients in various geographic areas.

Fiscal Policy Institute: Economic Fallout of WTC Attacks
A preliminary report (in .PDF format) says New York stands to lose 108,000 jobs as result of the September 11 terrorist attacks and $16.9 billion in total lost output for the New York City economy. Terrorism Insurance
The impact 9-11 has had on insurance rates.

Airline Safety and Finances

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Congress approved $15 billion in debt relief for U.S. airlines, $9 million shy of their federal bailout request. Track each airlines' earnings reports through the and look up background on the companies at Hoover's Master List Plus Database. This government site has background on all the airlines, including financial data. Find those resources and more on the Business page.

Related Airline and Airport Links

Open Secrets Lobbyists Database
Use this database to track lobbying efforts by the airline industry and the Air Transit Association of America, a lobbying trade group, on Washington officials. This could be a key resource for anyone writing about the airlines and their financial problems.

Open Secrets Campaign Finance Database
Contributions by industry to individual members of the House and Senate transportation committees.

Federal Exchange Commission

Professional Pilots Rumor Network
Site says it is "internationally renowned as a source of news and rumors," the PPRuNe "is now one of the most widely read sites for pilots and airline management." The site's excellent bulletin board includes late-breaking news about the airline industry, such as major layoffs, recently-canceled flights, security alerts, workplace safety and more. Warning: Be sure to verify any of the information you glean from this site!

The Office of Airline Information
Airlines, airplane industry, number of passenger month by month, financial information.

National Air Transportation Association
Calls itself "The Voice of Aviation Business".

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
This tip from News Library listserv: The association has an extensive directory of airports; accessible only to members, but you may find an e-mail contact for someone who can help.

American Association of Airport Executives

Airports Council International

American Airports
Has stats on rates, trends and fare deals.

Hijackings and Airport Security

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Check out's counter-terrorism page or read another hi-jacking list. The Observer has a Detailed Reconstruction of the Sept. 11 Hijackings

Airport Security and Tracking Planes allows you to track what planes are currently flying. There also are several sites that help people cope with a fear of flying: SOAR.INC., and the Fear of Flying Clinic.

U.S. Military in Afghanistan

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The U.S. Military and Afghanistan: The Military page has several resources as well as what's available below. A good source to begin with is Global, which has posted links devoted to military intelligence, including sections called Military Defense Flaws, Satellites of War, Espionage Targets and Military Space.

CNN Fact Sheet: U.S. Attacks Terrorism
FAQ, bios of key players and background on the retaliatory attacks.

Defense Almanac
Helps explain the military hierarchy.

Related Military Links: Chemical Warfare

PBS: Bioterror
The companion site to the PBS documentary. Includes the history of biowarfare, weapons and vaccines.

Centers for Disease Control Anthrax Page
Bios of recent cases in .PDF format.

Department of Defense Anthrax Immunization Program
There has been much controversy about this program.

Centers for Disease Control Bioterrorism Page

Hopkins Biodefense

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

MSNBC/Newsweek Coverage of Anthrax Cases

Gary Price's Bioterrorism Links
Resources from George Washington University.

Biological and Chemical Terrorism Defense: A View From the "Front Lines" of Public Health
.PDF files from the American Journal of Public Health.

Bioterrorism as a Public Health Threat
From Emerging Infectious Diseases in 1998.

Preemptive Biopreparedness: Can We Learn Anything From History?
From the American Journal of Public Health (Vol 91, 2001).

Preemptive Biopreparedness: Can We Learn Anything From History?
From the American Journal of Public Health (Vol 91, 2001).

Anthrax: A Possible Case History
Source: Walter Reed Army Medical Center. .PDF files, 12 pages.

Bioterrorism Alleging Use of Anthrax and Interim Guidelines for Management -- United States, 1998
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, Feb. 5, 1999.

Epidemiologic Notes and Reports Human Cutaneous Anthrax -- North Carolina, 1987
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, 1987 Anthrax incident in North Carolina.

Improving Civilian Medical Response to Chemical or Biological Terrorist Incidents
Interim Report on Current Capabilities; includes a five-page bibliography.

Emerging Infectious Diseases (July-August, 1999)
Contains several articles that might be of value.

The following bioterrorism links are recommended by the University of North Carolina's Health Sciences Department.


Federation of American Scientists
Background and research information.

University of Maryland Health Sciences and Health Services Library

University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio

Related Military Links: Weapons

Globemaster U.S. Military Aviation Database
This information server contains all active aircraft operating units and air bases of the U.S. forces around the world, including tail codes, maps, ICAO/IATA codes and links to their official Web sites.

PBS: Frontline Documentary on the U.S. Military and War
Great resources for backgrounding stories on the military.

Background on the B-1 Bomber

Background on the B-2 Stealth Bomber

A commercial pay site deep with military and military equipment information. Rates are reasonable, though.

The Federation of American Scientists: U.S. Equipment and Vehicles

The Federation of American Scientists: The B-1 Bomber

Related Military Links: Maps and Military Resources

Terrorist Attacks: Regional Maps of Afghanistan
Several maps of Afghanistan, Kabul and several other places in the country and region. From the University of Texas at Austin.

CIA Maps

EarthExplorer Maps Via USGS

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names's U.S. Military Page

Related Military Links: Military Structure and Tracking Personnel

Center for Security Policy Defense Information
The site charges a fee, but you can still get a decent amount of stories for free, and sign up for a free e-mail.

Heritage Foundation's National Security Page

Directorate for Information Operations and Reports
A government site listing casualties in major wars, as well as the minor operations since 1979.

Information Please Almanac: Military Hierarchy
Use information on this page to explain military structure (personnel hierarchy) for the Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines. Also track how many from various states.

Defense Link Index
Information on organization, money, people, and forces and weapons.

Military Recruits/Personnel by Home State (1999)
Includes several demographic breakdowns as well.

Locating Active Military in Your Area:
Librarians on NewsLib recommend this site for finding local members of an Air National Guard unit being called to active duty. Also helpful:

Operation Home Front
Site for military families.

Defend America
9-11 counterattack reports include bomb damage assessment images, updates on the humanitarian effort.

Operation Enduring Freedom and the Conflict in Afghanistan
From the UK House of Commons Library, an update on developments since the start of Operation Enduring Freedom. The entire document is 104 pages, .PDF format.


Expert Analysis

PROFNET offers a massive list of expert names, bios and contact information. Center for Defense Information
Military experts share thoughts on terrorism.

IRE: Terrorism-Related Materials
Information includes resources on terroist organizations and attacks, international reporting sources, guidelines on international sources and articles written for The IRE Journal and Uplink about covering international stories and terrorism.

Tracking Survivors

These sites have names of some survivors: and Disaster Message Service.

An official survivors list can be found at The page links to most global information sources dealing with the Sept. 11 attack. It serves as a resource for family and friends of victims and interested parties.

Leadership Directories
Find leaders in government, foreign affairs, legal, media, etc.

Urban Legends and the Attack

An item about Nostradamus predicting the WTC attack was floating around the Web and e-mail. It's a hoax, an urban legend; there is no such prediction. Go to and look up Nostradamus, the reference to the attack is first item. Another good site:'s Urban Legends.

Journalist's Toolbox Urban Legends Page
Links to all these fact-checking sites and more.

Truth or Fiction?
This site takes "rumor mill" e-mails we all receive and determines if they are true or false. There is a good list of Attack on America information.

Background on WTC and 1993 Bombing

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The 1993 World Trade Center bombing and terrorist groups and the WTC 1993 bombing.

Sonic Memorial Project
An open archive on the history of the World Trade Center.

Read or for background and physical statistics on the WTC. Review a list of World Trade Center contacts and search the World Trade Centers Association Online and WTC tenants and construction.

Related World Trade Center Links

PBS: Why the Towers Fell
An in-depth look, though the eyes of the architects who built them, at why the WTC towers couldn't withstand the 9/11 attack. All the details and resources you would ever need. WTC Facts

New York City Timelines
A fairly extensive set of timelines to put it in context with what was going on in New York City.


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