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Courts and Law Coverage Beat Guide
From the Knight Center for Specialized Journalism. Simply go to the website and page click on "Learn more" on the "New Resource" box.

Victims and the Media Program
From the Michigan State University's School of Journalism, this site "educates journalists of today and tomorrow about how to report on victims of violence and catastrophe with the dignity, compassion and sensitivity they deserve." It provides journalists information on trauma and the impact it can have on them. Includes a three-week online course for victim advocates and service providers on how to Build an Effective Media Strategy.

SavetheNews.org: Database Tracking Journalists Arrested a Occupy Protests

National Missing and Unidentified Persons System

Covering Guns
A non-partisan guide for journalists from Al Tompkins.

A guide to those rights and resources for crime victims at the federal and state level.

National Instant Criminal Background Check System

Center on Wrongful Convictions
Northwestern University School of Law site about a group freeing prisoners wrongfully accused of serious crimes. Includes resources, experts, news and events page and bios of many of the people freed.

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

American Prosecutors Research Institute
Newsletter, newsroom, research and publications on a wide variety of topics, including child abuse, homeland security, traffic law, DNA, gun violence, gangs, identity crime, white collar crime and crimes against women.

Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse
A great collection of resources, experts and education on child abuse, sexual abuse, violence against women, etc.

The National Center for Prosecution of Violence Against Women
Part of the American Prosecutors Research Institute.

Bureau of Justice: Family Violence Statistics

National Council on Crime and Delinquency
"The oldest criminal justice research organization in America, NCCD promotes effective, humane, fair, and economically sound solutions to family, community, and justice problems. The organization conducts research, promotes reform initiatives, and seeks to work with individuals, public and private organizations, and the media to prevent and reduce crime and delinquency."

Washington Post: World's Deadliest Mass Shootings

Journalists Resource: Studies on Firearm Violence

Journalists Resource: Research on Mass Shootings

Bureau of Prisons Library Web Site
A wealth of resources covering the field of corrections and related fields of study including, criminology, sociology, psychology, and business.

Tap into public safety scanner traffic: EMS, rail, aviation, fire and police.

U.S. Department of Justice: Office for Victims of Crime
FBI site designed to help catch bank robbers.

CQ Press: City Rankings (Crime) 2008

Gun Law Forum
Look up crimes by state, classification, population group, etc.

Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press: Juvenile Hearings
Guidelines on access to juvenile courts.

National Bureau of Economic Research: Stand Your Ground Laws and Homicides

Sheriff Alerts: Sex Offender Local Lookup and Notification

International Center for Not-For-Profit Law Directory
The International Center for Not-For-Profit Law has a searchable directory of legal documents, court cases, reports, and other civil society resources from countries around the world. ICNL's Online Library currently contains 2,300 resources from 144 countries in 37 languages. The center is an international not-for-profit organization that promotes an enabling legal environment for civil society, freedom of association, and public participation around the world.

Center at Georgetown University for the Study of Violence: Violence News

Taser Gun Web Site
Press clippings, outlines of target zones, and more.

SafetyDefense.net: Stun Gun Laws By State

ID Theft Basics
Background from the University of Oklahoma Police Department.

Criminal Justice Journalists: Crime Resources
A nice collection of links for crime beat reporters.

FBI Uniform Crime Report (.pdf)
The site features an image map that helps locate stats from major cities. Sort stats by type of crime, too.

ComputerUser.com: Internet and Identity Theft

FBI: Detecting Fake IDs

NFC Global


Police Foundation Research Brief: Catching Career Criminals

360Degrees.org: The U.S. Criminal Justice System
Perspectives on the U.S. justice system.

Washington Post Supreme Court Coverage
In-depth coverage and facts about the highest court in the land.

Covering Courts Criminal Justice Links
Dr. Greek's criminal justice links.

Reporting on Suicide: Recommendations for the Media
A tips and ideas sheet from the University of Pennsylvania Annenberg School. Designed to help journalists cover suicide responsibly.

National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

Food Marketing Institute: 50 Most Popular Items Stolen from a Market

National Neighborhood Watch

Office of National Drug Control Policy

National Clandestine Laboratory Register
Use the image map on this DEA site that reports locations where law enforcement agencies found drug labs, etc.

Clandestine Laboratory Investigators Association
Nonprofit organization dedicated to provide training, technical support, legislation assistance and expert testimony to all law enforcement, prosecutors and emergency service personnel.

National Rifle Association

Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence

American Hunters and Shooters Association

Gun Law News

News, links, treatment, information for policymakers and other issues related to methamphetamine.

VineLink: Who's in Jail/Prison
Use this image map to select a state, then sort through the listed jails and prisons to track who's in jail and who is about to be released. A great resource.

National Fallen Firefighters Association

COPS: Concerns of Police Survivors

National Town Watch

Police Notebook
Crime safety tips from the University of Oklahoma Police Department. Good tips for on and off campus.

FEMA: U.S. Fire Administration
Fire emergency resources.

PBS Frontline: Criminal Justice
A collection of companion Web sites on various crime, legal system and justice topics.

Collection of stories from famous murder cases. Information on psychological profiles of the criminal mind.

Click on "courts and the law" and "crime and law enforcement". Includes many links to key criminal justice sites.

Privacy Rights.org
Documented identity theft cases are archived on this site.

Criminal Justice Journalists Resources

Law and Policy Institutions Guide
A great collection of legal and legislative information.

PI Newslink
A blog for private investigators/researchers.

Law and Policy Institutions Guide
A great collection of legal and legislative information.

PI Newslink
A blog for private investigators/researchers.

Opinion, commentary and resources on the war on drugs.

Police Executive Research Forum
Provides links to many important criminal justice agencies.

U.S. Justice Department: White Collar Crime

The National White Collar Crime Center
Source contact information and research.

High Technology Crime Investigation Association

2007 FBI Bank Robbery Statistics

Chicago Sun-Times: Chicago Mob Project
A great in-depth series on organized crime in Chicago.

Cyberspace Inmates
Lists 1,625 inmates' sites.

Lists 1,006 inmates' web sites.

White House Drug Office

A forensic scientist, Campbell will soon have a book out, "Legal Ease: A Guide to Criminal Law, Evidence and Procedure" and is offers contact information as a source at her Web site.

Police Abuses
This site examines what it calls common obstacles to accountability for police abuse in fourteen large cities, from Atlanta to Boston to San Francisco.

Florida State: Graphic of the Criminal Justice System
An interactive graphic of the criminal justice system.

Diana K. Sugg: Police Reporting
Anyone starting a new beat should be sure to read this article from a veteran cops reporter now on the health beat.

Child Abuse Prevention
An long list of state and federal resources.

About's Organized Crime Page

Youth Crime Watch of America
News articles, links and other resources on crime prevention targeted at kids.

Listing almost 500 Australian convicted sex offenders.

National Funeral Directors Association
Stats and other resources.

Fraud Defense Network

Crime Magazine
An encyclopedia of crime, organized by types.

Australia's National Crime Prevention Site
Links, databases and more.

Prison Zone

National Crime Justice Reference Service: The International Chiefs of Police

State Fire Marshals

Burn Prevention Foundation

Burn Prevention Foundation

Fire Fighters Association

The Journalism Center on Children & Families

The Journalism Center on Children & Families: Tips for Covering Child Sex Abuse Cases

Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act
Takes effect October 2002.

Run by former Watergate convict Charles Colson, this ministry works with churches and community groups to provide fellowship for prisoners and former prisoners.

Casebook: Jack the Ripper

The Lindbergh Case

The Memory Hole: CIA Crimes
Features a congressional report on CIA-sponsored international crimes that includes data citing a large number of crimes committed by CIA agents in other countries.

LII.org: U.S. Patriot Act Resources
Resources from the Librarian?s Index to the Internet.

Handy image map links you to local law enforcement agencies. Great for sourcing out-of-state.

USCourts.gov: Journalist's Guide to the Federal Courts

Offers state-by-state links to online court record search services at trial courts and government agencies. Find court locations, other legal services offered and more.

Court Records Blog
Part of CourtReference.com's site, this blog covers some of the basics of court records, understanding documents, how a court room works, etc.

Free Public Records Directory
Free state court resources.

Knight Center: A Beat Guide to: Courts & the Law

Covering Crime and Justice: A Guide for Journalists

U.S. Department of Justice: Office of Justice Programs

Michigan State: Victims and the Media Program

UN Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention

Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma

Office for Victims of Crime

U.S. Department of Justice: Office of Justice Programs

A legal site that lists more than 140 expert witnesses on litigation issues. Can be helpful for sourcing stories on various topics, which are listed alphabetically.

Poynter: Tips for Covering Mass Shootings
Track who is tweeting a site or blog.

National Runaway Switchboard
Media page and expert sources on the topic.

National Legal Aid & Defenders Association

Knight Center Beat Guide: Courts & the Law

NFL Player Arrests 2000-Present
List compiled by the San Diego Tribune and published in May 2007. Great for reference.

National Clandestine Laboratory Register
DEA site features an image map of the U.S. that helps you track labs, locations, seizures, etc.

Office of National Drug Control Policy

Clandestine Laboratory Investigators Association
Lists experts on the topic. Great for sourcing.

Methamphetamine Treatment Project
Studies treatment for methamphetamine dependence.

Meth research, stats, etc.

The Methamphetamine Menace
Fact sheets, how states are handling the issue.

Methamphetamine Publications
Various publications listed on this site.

Tips for Uncovering Sealed Cases

SecretNoMore: Publicly Accessible FBI Files

Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration
Has several helpful resources, including a blood alcohol content calculator.

FBI Violent Crimes Statistics 2006
Review nationally, by region, state, county, city, universities, etc.

Federal Hate Crime Legislation

Relatives and friends of prison inmates use the site to find advice on a range of issues affecting them. Crime reporters might find this site useful for generating story ideas or sourcing.

A great election resource that tracks state supreme courts, their elections and news on judges.

SPJ: Prison Access Policies
State-by-state list of media access policies for prisons.

Maryland-Virgina Sniper Shootings

Washington Post Coverage
Stories, columns, photos, graphics, video helpful links, etc.

Crime Library.com: Serial Killers Page

Crime Magazine
An encyclopedia of crime, organized by types.

Rural Pipe Bombings

Reporter's Toolkit: Covering Sexual Assaults on Campus
From the Center for Public Integrity.

ATF: Stats and Resources on Mailbox Pipe Bombings
Press statements, studies, stats and more.

National Academies: Better Pipe Bomb Detection Needed
Information calling for new research being needed to improve detection, identification techniques for finding pipe bombs, catching bomb makers.

Emergency.com: History of Pipe Bombings
Some stats and references to past pipe bombings.

Crime and Terrorist Attacks

Terrorism Research Center
Resources and research including comprehensive listing of links to terrorism-related Web pages including profiles of individual terrorist groups compiled by the U.S. Navy's Dudley Knox Library.

National Police Chaplains Association
Has some terrorist-attack related resources.

Chicago Crime
Author Kevin Guilfoile writes about Chicago crime issues, trends, history, etc.

FBI site designed to help catch bank robbers.

TOOOL: Lock Picking Organization

Lock Pickology

Lock Picking 101


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