Flu and Miscellaneous Medical/Health Sites

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Flu Resources

Google Flu Trends
Maps and other tools for tracking the flu. Uses aggregated search to track the flu.

Flu Shot Locator
Type in your zip code and find where to get a shot.


FluStar: Flu Tracker
Tracks flu outbreaks by city. From drug company Roche.

Works similar to flu finder. Nice image map of the U.S.

MedLine Plus
This site "brings together authoritative information from NLM, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and other government agencies and health-related organizations." News archives, press releases, research, etc.

Mashable: Five Ways to Avoid Getting the Flu at Work

Swine Flu

PandemicFlu.gov: Swine Flu

Centers for Disease Control: Swine Flu

World Health Organization Disease Outbreak News Center

CDC Travel Notices

Nieman Foundation Guide to Covering Pandemic Flu

HealthMap Global Disease Alert Map

Swine Flu Outbreak News

Medical Symptoms Database: Swine Flu Symptoms

A good government health news clearinghouse site. Takes feeds from several departments and agencies.

WebMD: Swine Flu FAQ

Flu Myths and Realities

Wellsphere:Swine Flu Resources

CNET: Resources for Covering Swine Flu
A great list of links and social-networking sites covering the Swine Flu.

Health Law Prof Blog: Swine Flu
Articles, links and other helpful information on the outbreak.

FluWiki Forum
Links, tips and news on the new flu.

Medicine.net: Swine Flu Symptoms, Treatments, Facts

Google Flu Trends Map

Google Maps Swine Flu Outbreak Map

PandemicFlu.gov: Stories from Survivors, Families and Friends

Association of Health Care Journalists: Covering Flu and Pandemics

Dart Center: Tips for Covering Swine Flu

Pork.org: Swine Flu Facts

National Pork Producers Council: Pork Safe to Eat

Science Magazine: Naval Researchers Spot Swine Flu

NewScientist.com: Swine Flu -- What You Need to Know

NewScientist.com Blog: Swine Flu a Bioterrorist Virus?

Nieman Foundation: Reporting from the Front Lines of Flu
A 2007 report from Harvard University.

Nieman Foundation: Communicating News of a Flu Outbreak

LA Times: How Swine Flu Spreads in Humans

New York Times Health Guide: The Flu
Tips on dealing with the flu and new outbreaks, definitions, etc.

Poynter.org: Preparing Newsrooms to Cover Swine Flu as Pandemic, Local Story

Foreign Policy: Net Effect -- Twitter Misinformation on Swine Flu

Tweetmeme: Flu Outbreak

Twitter: StopSwineFlu
Be careful with the accuracy of information found on these tweets.

Twitter: Track Swine Flu
Be careful with the accuracy of information found on these tweets.

Facebook: Swine Flu
One of several Facebook pages on the topic.

Swine Flu Outbreak in 1976

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: 1918 Pandemic Flu Map

MSN: Swine Flu Scams

Avian Flu

Avian Flu Pandemic
From Nature.com.

Updates from the federal government on the pandemic.

CDC: Bird Flu Facts

CDC: Current Bird Flu Situation

Miscellaneous Medical/Health Sites

Supreme Court Affordable Health Care Act Ruling
A .PDF of the June 28, 2012 ruling.

Life Expectancy Calculator
Answer questions to project how long you might live.

Database of Individual Patient Experiences
A not-for-profit organization that provides information from a patient's perspective.

MEDLINEplus: Evaluating Health Information

Background on how the laws work, etc.

Papers and other resources on medical issues.

HealthWriting.com Links
A must bookmark for any health writer and includes tips for health writers.

This site provides physicians (and media) with a searchable database of patients, malpractice attorneys, etc. through court records.

WebMD: Common Cold and Remedies

eMedicine Health
Health statistics, studies, etc.

University of Iowa: Student Health Survival Guidelines

Virtual Hospital
From the University of Iowa, this site offers booklets, links, databases, etc.

Skin Deep
A site about skin care products and what goes in them from the Environmental Working Group.

CDC: Concussion in Youth Sports

Tips, research and statistics on concussions. Great resource.

This site offers a wealth of information about nurses and nursing students with disabilities for journalists writing stories on this topic. The nursing shortage is an important story, and this site provides information regarding the number of nurses with disabilities who are often unable to find employment.

National Eye Institute

Government-run site on medical/health issues. Research and studies galore.

Journalist's Resource: Sports-Related Concussions Research
A collection of studies, stats and stories.

HealthGrades: Find a Doctor
Good for finding expert sources in various fields of medicine.

Plants for a Future: 7,000 Edible, Medicinal and Useful Plants


National Library of Medicine Rapid Research Notes
Access to research shared through online forums. Great for health and science writers scanning for latest research. Low-graphic, so it works well on mobile media.

Nova's Secret of Photo 51 Site
Includes 'Journey into DNA,' a Java presentation that explains where DNA is and what it does.

All About Vision

Includes an OPAC that deals with limb loss, its secondary conditions and causes. A useful source for health reporters.

PBS: The Forgetting, A Portrait of Alzheimers

PubMedia Central
A "free full-text archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM)."

BBC: Your Amazing Brain
A brain anatomy site.

Asbestos Resource Center
Links, definitions, history, litigation, etc.

Arthritis Central

Columbia University's National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse
Links to about 10-12 good sites.


Cancer: Prostate Cancer Research Institute

Captain Dave's Survival Center
Tips and guidelines on burn treatments, wildnerness survival.


All Refer Health
Medical resource provides comprehensive and authorative information and news on diseases, symptoms, tests, surgery, injuries, nutrition, medications, and poisons. Focuses on family and community health.

Doctors of the World

Doctors Without Borders


Family Medicine Notes
Notes from a family physician. Some helpful tips. Written as a weblog.

Public Safety: Household Products
Check this National Library of Medicine database (4,000 items) about health risks of products you might have around the house.

FDA: Drug Interactions
Helpful database.

Kaiser Health Reform Gateway

Annals of Internal Medicine

American Massage Therapy Association
Sets ethical standards. Good background reading.

Hepatitis Central


Mepedia Health Wiki

Male Health


Naval Health Research Center

Medical Post

Explores different cultural ideas of sickness and health and offers a lot of information on medical beliefs and practices.

National Council of Interpreting in Health Care

Center for Cross Cultural Health

Medstory - Intelligent Search for Health & Medicine
Type in your search term and you're given both a set of results and numerous suggestions on ways to narrow your focus and find your exact issue (conditions or procedures) or the type of resource you need (clinical studies, news media, clinical trials, research articles).

Medstory: Intelligent Search for Health & Medicine
Type in your search term and you're given both a set of results and numerous suggestions on ways to narrow your focus and find your exact issue (conditions or procedures) or the type of resource you need (clinical studies, news media, clinical trials, research articles).

FamilyDoctor.org: Understanding Your Medical Bills

AARP Bulletin Today: A User's Guide to Health Care Reform

Informed Medical Decisions
Resources galore on various diseases, medical procedures, etc.


Diversity Rx
Promoting cultural competence in health care.

Limited English Proficient
Federal government working group on issues.

Net Connections for Communications Disorders and Sciences


Partners Online Specialty Consultations

The Physician and Sports Medicine

Reflexology Research Project

British Medical Association: Worldwide Smoking
Studies, stats, etc.

Spine Universe

Dr. Weil
Many alternative health tips, including the Vitamin Advisor.

Eating and dieting tips.

WebMD: Compare Presidential Candidates' Health Stances

American Heart Association: Cardiac Rehab Site

American Academy of Pediatrics

Medify.com: Medical Research and Treatment Information

Cancer and Men

Disease Risk Index
From the Harvard School of Public Health.

Ask the Trainer

Patients pose questions to doctors. Fee-based.

Free site, but answers and publishes only a small percentage of questions.

Fee-based. Online health assessments. Lists of specific doctors.

A fee-based site that e-mails answers from three anonymous doctors.

Daily health news written for "consumers" (i.e. non-health professionals) and also have tons of medical reference material, message boards, live chats with health experts, and much more.

Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine

Spine-health.com provides in-depth information and resources about back pain, neck pain and spinal disorders, as well as a range of treatment options. The site is written and peer-reviewed by a multi-disciplinary group of leading spine specialists, and meets all of the quality criteria of the US National Institutes of Health.

Tools for Wellness
A product site for alternative medicine, but it does have some background helpful to the media.


Full of tips, suggestions, bulletin boards on alternative healing. Great for trend stories and finding sources for offbeat stories.

Medicine Malpractice Links
Part of the Electric Law Library.

National Scorecard on US Health System Performance
2011 rankings.

Index of State Malpractice Laws

Malpractice Litigation News

Princeton University Global Consciousness Study
The effect of global consciousness, from dozens of sites around the world, from the shocks and reverberations, recorded on Sept 11, 2001.

This government site offers tips and all sorts of nutritional facts, including dieting.

World Health Organization

Families USA Health Page
A non-profit, non-partisan perspective on health issues.

Medline Plus: Exercise and Physical Fitness

Eldercare Online

Administration on Aging

Kids Health

Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine

AACAP: Child Psychiatry

Clinical Trials Listing
Lists all of the places looking for patients.


Medical History of American Presidents
Chronicles illnesses of past presidents and other well-known people.


Virtual Museum of Bacteria
Tips on bacteria and keeping yourself safe, definitions, etc.

The PUSH Journal
Gain access to Nexis stories from 5,000 news sources back to May 2002. The acronym stands for "Periodic Updates of Sexual and reproductive Health issues around the world."

Achenet.org: Research on Headaches

Government database indexes more than 127,000 trials with locations in more than 175 countries.

National Institute of Health: Headache Information

Breast Cancer Action




An interactive site that lets the user track flu trends.

A fine online health guide.

AIDS and HIV resource sponsored by several pharmaceutical companies.

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network

Veterans Administration: National Center for PTSD
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder information and research.

Chemotherapy and You
This free online booklet from the National Institute of Health is for patients who are receiving chemotherapy for cancer. It describes what to expect during chemotherapy and what you can do to take care of yourself during and after treatment.

Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide

Harvard's Research Matters Site
A portal to news articles that span the range of research fields, from the humanities to social science to science to technology to medicine.

Locate clinics and find out local names for your medications.

Look up all kinds of information on sports medicine and science. Links, studies, e-mail lists, news and more.

Teen Pregnancy Facts
TeenPregnancy.org offers dozens of factoids on the topic. Also check out the site's state-by-state map of teen pregnancy statistics.

This site offers legal, insurance and medical advice (regional and national) for people facing elder-care options.

Web MD: Back Pain Health Center

Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine.

Discovery Health


Washington Post: Archive of West Nile Virus Stories

Track and Animal and Human West Nile Virus

Choking: A First-Aid Refresher
Some good basic terms and steps if you're doing a graphic or how-to article.

MedLine Plus
This site "brings together authoritative information from NLM, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and other government agencies and health-related organizations." News archives, press releases, research, etc.

Tips, remedies and recipes for what ails you.

Children's National Medical Center
Based in Washington, D.C., this organization offers studies, links and backgrounds on pediatric medicine.

Institute of Motion Analysis and Research
University of Dundee site is helpful for stories on sports injuries.

Urban Institute
Non-partisan economic and social policy research. Covers issues such as crime, education, health, housing, economy, etc.

Leapfrog Group: Hospital Safety Score
Enter a zip code or location to get overall scores.

Health Issues for Parents

Autism Society of America

A community site for health issues.

State Legislation on Comprehensive Health Care Coverage

Health Effects of Wildfires
Links from the National Library of Medicine.

Dietary Supplements Labels Database
From the National Library of Medicine, this database offers information from the labels of over 2,000 brands of dietary supplements in the marketplace, including vitamins, minerals, herbs or other botanicals, amino acids, and other specialty supplements.

National Institute of Mental Health

American College Health Association

National Association of Athletic Trainers: Tips for Avoiding Concussions

Combined Health Information
A searchable database of health research.

Jimmy Fund
Launched in October 2001, this site is an offshoot of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute fundraising.

A good UK medical site.

Another good UK medical site.

A British biosciences site.

Accessible Society
Disability issues for journalists. Dozens of stories, studies, links and other resources for anyone covering this topic.

A great site for allergy sufferers or anyone writing about allergy season.

SARS Resources

The Centers for Disease Control: SARS Fact Sheet

World Health Organization: SARS Information Page

Government Views of SARS
This site concentrates on government documents and information about SARS both from the United States and from international resources. Topics covered include Blood Supply, Case Definitions, Cases Reported, Countries & Governments, General Background, Healthcare Facilities, Healthcare Personnel, Laboratories, Legal Resources, Presidential Communications, Prevention & Precautions, Public Health Campaigns, Quarantine, Travel Advisories, Travel & Transport, the Virus and the World Health Organization.

Red Cross: SARS FAQ

National Institutes of Health: SARS Research

Health Canada: SARS Updates

Medline Plus: Latest SARS News

U.S. State Department: SARS Travel Warnings

FDA: SARS Info. Sheet

SARS World Map
Track the disease globally.

Yahoo! Site Listings for SARS

Washington Post: SARS Coverage

NPR: SARS Special Section

Lung Association Saskatchewan: SARS Updates

DisasterCenter.com: SARS Growth Rate

NCAA Sports: Members Alert for SARS

Forbes: Disease Hot Zones
A handy chart showing what countries are dealing with certain lethal diseases.

JohnnyJet: SARS Concern Links for Travelers

The NewsMarket, Inc.
A journalist's resource for B-roll, this site provides thousands of images free to television newsrooms. Users can preview video, read press materials and order video clips online. Delivery options include digital file transfer via FTP, whereby the material moves from TNM's server to the user's server; satellite feeds via APTN or tape delivery can also be requested. There is no cost to news professionals. The NewsMarket's primary service is providing broadcasters with video from the world's leading companies and organizations; news stories and archived stock shots from a large and growing range of sources. Particularly helpful to business and medical-health reporters.

Access a database of more than 4,000 English-speaking doctors in 180 countries.

U.S. Pharmacopeia: Medication Errors Index
Type in a name of a medication and this index provides a list of drugs often confused with that drug.

Medi Clim
Weather health warning system offers research that ties health to climate changes.

American Lung Association: State of the Air We Breathe
.PDF format of 2009 report.

Slate.com: Online Guide to Following the Health Care Legislation

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Government site, part of the National Institutes of Health.

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