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Sports Medicine and Psychology

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National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury
Stats, studies and media contacts from the University of North Carolina. Includes annual reports, definitions and more.

Stats, facts, news story links, testing information, etc. The National Center for Drug Free Sport was created because there was to focus on the specific needs of sports organizations.

CDC: Concussion in Youth Sports
You can use this database to track salaries, bonuses, etc.

Stanford University Human Performance Laboratory
Focuses on athletics and human performance.

News, lists of players who have tested positive, etc.


National Athletic Trainers Association

PubMed: Steroids
Go to this page and do a search for athletes steroids side effects. This search returns 183 articles published in medical journals on the side effects of steroid use in athletes.

Background on how the laws work, etc.

American College of Sports Medicine

Brain Injury Resource Center

National Association of Sports Medicine

University of Pittsburgh Sports Medical Center

British Journal of Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine.com
A great one-stop portal for organizations, tips, news, etc.

Gatorade Sports Science Institute
This site does more than hawk sports drinks. It also offers training types, hydration and diet suggestions. Good reading for athletes and trainers.

American College of Sports Medicine
Good for sourcing and features a newsroom, publications, and health & fitness information sections.

Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine.

SportsMed.org: American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine
Database of sports medicine experts, media room, updates on advances in sports medicine.

International Federation of Sports Medicine
A journal, newsletter and more.

Journalist's Resource: Sports-Related Concussions Research
A collection of studies, stats and stories.

MedStudents.com: Background on Steroids
A good quick-reference page.

USA Today: How Steroids Changed the Game
A cover story on steroid use in baseball. Includes a survey. Helpful in backgrounding steroid stories.

National Youth Sports Safety Foundation Links

The Physician and Sports Medicine

ProCon: Sports and Drugs

KidsHealth.org: Sports Injuries
A child-wellness site with tips, facts, links and many other resources about sports safety.

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

National Association of Athletic Trainers: Tips for Avoiding Concussions

Medical College of Wisconsin Healthlink: Sports Concussions

University of Virginia Health System: Second Impact Syndrome and Sports Concussions

WebMD: Background on Sports Concussions
From 2004.

DrugFreeSport.com: Anabolic Steroid Facts
A great quick-reference sheet.

Institute of Motion Analysis and Research
University of Dundee site is helpful for stories on sports injuries.

Urban Institute
Non-partisan economic and social policy research. Covers issues such as crime, education, health, housing, economy, etc.

Nature: The Science of Doping
Article on blood doping and athletics, by Donald A. Berry at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas in Houston.

ACL Injury Prevention

Look up details of prescription drugs.

Sports Injuries
This handout from the National Institute on Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Disease.

National Cheer Safety Foundation


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