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Writing and Publishing Resources

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This site is the wired key to publishing success, providing the most comprehensive and always up-to-date market contact info available. An outstanding guide to freelance writing. This site charges an annual fee.

100 Resources and Links for Writers

Twitter Tips for Authors

The Author's Guild
Dozens of great resources for writers and publishers. Legal information, tips, etc.
An excellent site from Ken O'Quinn, a former news journalist turned writing coach/consultant.

The Power of Words
Bob Wyss of The Providence Journal has a great site on writing and writing well. Public Domain Books
Thousands of public domain books.

ClickZ: Seven Qualities of Good Online Writing
An online directory of writing education for journalism, poetry, screenwriting, etc.

Connect Online, LLC
An online directory of writing education for journalism, poetry, screenwriting, etc.

Information and links for all reporting needs.

Literature Map
Type in an author's name and the database will give you authors with similar styles.

Reporter Pitch Story Information Exchange
Share story ideas, links and other resources.

FindHow's Writing Page
A great resource for accomplishing everyday tasks with a particular emphasis on writing topics.

Virtual Reference Desk
Quick research on almanac questions.
One-stop shopping for dictionaries, encyclopedias and other reference materials.

Phaster Lookups Reference Database
Do quick searches for reference tools: encylopedias, economic terms, legal dictionary, biblical reference, quotes and more. Great one-stop reference shopping.

Writers' Forum
Forum members are in the process of writing a debut novel/non-fiction volume of prose or poetry. The online community discusses the process of researching and writing a first book. Members get access to exclusive podcasts and interviews, plus original articles and tips for amateur and professional writers, artists, etc.

Writers and Editors

"No Train, No Gain"
A helpful site for training tips from newsroom trainers around the world.

Editing a Web Site: Extending the Levels of Edit
Describes lessons learned by a university editing class when they edited a web site.

The Write Life
Writing resources site. Books, freelance writing, etc.

Yale's World Wide Web Style Manual
Describes lessons learned by a university editing class when they edited a web site.

30 Useful Tools for Freelancers
Free online tools to manage workflow, revenues, expenses, etc.

Ragan: 14 Apps That Will Jumpstart Your Writing

Techniques for Writing Good Web Documents
An extensive list of specific do's and don'ts, with examples. Many of these tips are familiar to technical communicators but are often news to other writers. Includes a good discussion on when and how to use frames.

Writing for the Web

Jared Spool's User Interface Engineering

Jacob Nielsen's Alertbox
An ongoing series on topics such as "How users read on the Web", "Why Web users scan instead of read".

Freelance Writing Organization International
A free site that hosts thousands of writing resources and writing links in a massive online database. 40-plus genres, funds for writers, job listings, education, news, submission calls, research library. Writing resources range from adventure to westerns, agents to publishers. Professional resources for all writers, editors, journalists of all mediums.

Newslab's "Getting the Numbers Right" Internet Dictionary
This is a modern dictionary of everyday jargon used at work, in cyberspace, and in "the real world." Easy-to-understand, its mission is to help all computer users learn some basic concepts about what the Internet is, how the Web works, and what you need to know to take part in the online world.
Look up spellings quickly.

Freelance Writing Organization International
A free site that hosts thousands of writing resources and writing links in a massive online database. 40+ genres, funds for writers, job listings, education, news, submission calls, research library. Writing resources range from adventure to westerns, agents to publishers. Professional resources for all writers, editors, journalists of all mediums.

Garbl's Writing Center
A great collection of free writing tips, resources, links, etc.

Today in Literature
A calendar of engaging stories about the great books, writers, and events in literary history.

Dictionaries on the Web
More than 100 links to dictionaries in 40 languages

Comptons Encyclopedia Online
Look up words quickly.

Acronym Finder
Not sure what alphabet soup means? Look up the acronym for the full spelling.

Quick reference for word searches.

Your 100 Most Misspelled Words

Your 100 Most Mispronounced Words

University Writing Style Guides
A large collection of online style guides.

Liam's Pictures from Old Books
More than 2,400 high-resolution images from more than 160 antique books.

Slanguage: Slang Terms
A collection of regional, national and international slang terms.

Internet Resources for Writers
A great one-page stop for helpful writing and reporting links.

Look up the latest in high-tech jargon; definitions in layman's terms.

The Internet Language Dictionary

Onelook Dictionary
A glossary of 743 subjects.

Bartleby's Familiar Quotations
Not sure who said it? Look it up!

Elements of Style

InfoPlease Online Almanac
An excellent site on newspaper writing and reporting from Bob Baker of the LA Times. The site offers a dynamic e-newsletter on writing, editing and newsroom collaboration.

The Vocabula Review

Newscript: Writing for Radio
This site is run by Michael Meckler, a professor of classical and medieval Latin literature at Ohio State University. A useful guide to various forms of audio journalism, along with practical tips on writing for the ear.

Community Media Workshop
Dozens of resources and tips pages on reporting issues.
Search for journals on hundreds of wide-ranging topics.
Writing tips, grammar index, online tips and more.

Spelling Links

Blog on writing, history, e-updates and more!

Children's Literature Database
This database has thousands of listings of award-winning children's literature books.

Wikipedia Literature

New Pages

Literary Web
Compiled by the University of Virginia this site offers author directories, book collections, journals, literary resources, etc.

Lit Line Links
More than 100 listings of links to organizations and other literature directories.

Harvard's Nieman Narrative Digest
Updated every couple of weeks with tips and ideas about narrative writing.

Liam's Pictures from Old Books
More than 2,400 high-resolution images from more than 160 antique books.

Harvard's Notable Narratives Database
A database of narrative journalism samples. Search by dates, source, topic, etc.

Bull's Eye Business Writing Tips
More than 400 tips.

KnightCite Bibliography Writer
Based on input from the user, this tool generates bibliographic information for term and research papers. And it does so in any of three styles chosen by the user - Modern Language Association (MLA), American Psychological Association (APA) or Chicago Manual of Style.

Jim's Word/Writer's Links
A great collection of writing resources for journalists and others. Freelance Writing Resources

Chip on Your Shoulder Writing Column
From's Chip Scanlan.

Columbia Journalism Review Resource Guides
Covers a variety of journalism topics.

Obit Writing Tips
Suggestions from journalist Gerry Goldstein.
Reference materials for writers to address the questions journalists do.

ProJo's Power of Words
Features terms tied to current events. A very helpful resource. You have to pay for some items, though.
The site selects "Words of the Year." Hilarious.
Ever wonder what you're saying backwards?

World Clock
Convert time, date to anywhere in the world.

Who, What, When Database
A cool tool that allows you to quickly search historical timelines.

Common Errors in English
Is it further or farther? Settle all newsroom bets.
For finding words in their proper context, this directory is also useful for finding alternate words to concepts or ideas.
For finding words in their proper context, this directory is also useful for finding alternate words to concepts or ideas.

The Writer's Guru
Reporters can post queries about research, grammar, spelling, etc.

Buzzwhack's Buzzword Complaint Dictionary
A funny site that helps you clarify what your boss or client is talking about.

Reporter's Desktop
Several great reporting tools.
Language and library aids, research materials

Writers on America
Fifteen writers enlisted by the State Department to contribute essays (for overseas consumption) on what it means to be a writer in America.

The Elements of Style

Jack Lynch's Guide to Style

Research and Style Guides for Students
Nearly 100 links to helpful research sites.

Webster's Guide to Grammar and Writing

Loaded with tip sheets and articles, this site features work previously published in "The Write Way," some of which have been updated and revised for NewsCollege. Started in early 2006, the site covers many writing basics, such as tightening copy and eliminating weak quotes.

LSU's Ready Reference Style Guide

The Writing Center's Online Handouts

Garrison Keillor's Writers Almanac

Citation Styles to Electronic and Internet Sources

Shakespeare's Complete Works

Studs Turkel: Conversation with America
Interviews, links, stories from the famous Chicago-based author.
Puts journalists in touch with science fiction experts including authors, artists and fans.

Openweb Analysts
This company helps journalists and news people with the concepts behind Open Source software, such as Linux, Apache web server and OpenOffice.

Wacky Writer's World
A web site for writers about the writer's craft, the "business" side of writing, and other topics of interest to writers and others. Writers
More than 1,900 useful links for writers.

Editorial Freelancers Association

Great resources and industry news.

Writers Weekly
A great E-zine full of writing tips, publishing news, etc.
A search site that features a "Grammar Matters" review section.

Dictionaries on the Web
More than 100 links to dictionaries in 40 languages

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Bedford St. Martin's Web Resources for Writers

Columbia Encyclopedia
The sixth edition has 51,000 entries and 80,000 cross references and search capabilities.

Writing for the Web/Online Tools

Jakob Nielsen's Writing for the Web
Dozens of great tips and research on developing online content.
Web consultant Amy Gahran, who offers super tips on writing, editing and designing for the Web.
News for Web users who write back.

Writing for the Web and Creating Effective Online Content
A interview with online writing expert Amy Gahran.

Writing for the Web
The basic do's and don'ts from
Check your spelling as you submit a query.
Use this database to check what time it is anywhere in the world.
Claims to be the he Internet?s "premier editing resource." You can select English professors, technical writers, lawyers, copy editors, scientists, or more than 200 other editing experts to correct and enhance your writing.

Web Writer Weekly
Resources and links for writers.

American Society of Journalists and Authors

Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing
Tips on writing, punctuation, grammar, usage, etc. Great podcasts where GG answers user-submitted questions.

Internet Public Library Pathfinder
University of Michigan librarians organize subject pages that included annotated suggestions for both the Web and library books. A great starting point for any story.
Aims to be the benchmark for online content in Australia. Includes an archive of content-related tips from a weekly e-mail newsletter; a database of Web site reviews from a weekly columnist and weekly radio show; a free content jobs database for web work and workers; FAQs for content employers and employees; and contributed columns and reviews.

Writing and Publishing Links
The truth and myth about where words come from.
Advice and instruction on contracts, copyrights, plagiarism.

The Beat Page
A literature and publishing news site.
Dozens of resources for all types of writing. A great site!

Presidential Libraries

News and notes on the book business. Sign up for a free daily e-mail newsletter.

National Writer's Union
Advice and instruction on contracts, copyrights, plagiarism.
Dozens of resources for all types of writing. A great site!

Presidential Libraries

Modern Library: 100 Best Novels

RandomHouse 100 Best Novels

Writer's Digest

National Writer's Union

Writer's Guild of America

Writer's Union of Canada

American Booksellers Association
National trade association.
Publishing news, features and interviews.

Gathering place to share information between unpublished authors.

Buys and sells rights to unpublished manuscripts.

Small Publishers Association of North America

American Self-Publisher Association
Devoted to teaching authors how to self-publish and market their books.

U.S. Copyright Office

The Complete Review
A literary review site.

Neil Gaiman's Writing Journal
A regularly-updated journal as quirky as his professional work.

American Booksellers Association
National trade association.
Publishing news, features and interviews.
Links to 20,000 independent book-sellers and lists more than 30 million books (new, used, rare, etc.).

Gathering place to share information between unpublished authors.

Buys and sells rights to unpublished manuscripts.

Small Publishers Association of North America

American Self-Publisher Association
Devoted to teaching authors how to self-publish and market their books.

Arts & Letters Daily
Updated sets of links each day.

3 a.m. Magazine
A contemporary art and literature site that features photo essays, poems, essays, stories and more.

Indentity Theory
A contemporary art and literature site that features photo essays, poems, essays, stories and more.

A contemporary art and literature site that features photo essays, poems, essays, stories and more.

Rosetta Project
Archive of lost languages, pronunciation guides and writing samples.

The site will e-mail you a chapter or two of a book each day. Very cool.
A database of authors, author bios, interviews, etc.

Written Road
A blog for travel writers. This specific page offers resources for writers.

Writer's Digest: 101 Best Websites for Writers
A very handy search tool allows you to locate video interviews with non-fiction book editors.

Usable Web: Guide to Resources about Web Usability

Homesite Journal
A treasure trove of tips and tricks.

Sun Microsystem's Style Guide

Tim Berners-Lee's CERN Style Guide

Web Review

In the First Person
Site claims to be a "free, high quality, professionally published, in-depth index of close to 4,000 collections of personal narratives in English from around the world."

National Biological Information Infrastructure [NBII]
Federal, state, and local government agencies, and their partners from universities provide data to biological information. This site helps you track it down.

Resources for Technical Writers

Project Gutenberg
More than 35,000 eBooks representing more than 50 languages.

Writer's Resource Center

Benedict Copyright Site

The Book Report Network
Book reviews, compelling features, in-depth author profiles and interviews, excerpts of new releases, literary games and contests

Good Culture: The Longform Journalism Renaissance
Short list of links to good narrative writing sites.

Copyright Management Center

Copyright Clearance Center

Top 10 Crimes of Online Writing

CyberLaw Encylopedia: Copyright Law Best of 2011
The best in long-form writing.

Crash Course in Copyright Law

Intellectual Property Primer

Television Industry

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Nielsen Ratings
Weekly and seasonal TV ratings.

Nielsen: 2008-09 TV Market Size Rankings

Federal Communications Commission
Places federal regulations on TV entertainment. The site offers handbooks, resources, press releases, bureau/office listings, contact information and more.

Screen Actors Guild
Union site with lots of news.

Producers Guild
Union site with lots of news.

Writers Guild
Another union site with lots of news.

TV Critics Association
Covers every aspect of the industry.
The bible of Hollywood trade papers.

Covers Hollywood business.

NATPE: National Association of Television Producers and Editors

American Federation of Television and Radio Artists

Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

Primetime Emmy Awards
TV news year-round.

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
Emmys site, media center, news, archives and a schedule of upcoming events.

TV Watch
Opposes government control of TV programming and promotes the use of tools like content ratings and parental controls.

Parents Television Council
Another TV watchdog group. Agent Database
A great shortcut for sourcing, enter celebrity names into the database and get the managers or agents who represents them.

Look up what an actor's estimated net worth is in this database.

BBC America



Sci-Fi Channel


USA Network

Association of Local TV Stations

National Cable TV Association

International Radio and TV Society

Broadcasting & Cable Magazine
Covers the business of television. "People on the move" section is great for tracking executives.

Dozens of links to TV- and movie-related sites.

Entertainment Tonight

Access Hollywood
Hollywood video/news site similar to TMZ.

TV industry news, ratings and more.

TV Rundown
The TV Rundown reports on local television news and programming.

A good Hollywood gossip blog that includes links to teasers and new trailers.

This site/blog provides listings for local and cable TV shows as well as customized show recommendations. Includes a news feed and message boards.
An entertainment/gossip site.


TV Barn
Kansas City Star television columnist Aaron Barnhart writes a weblog about television.

TV Obscurities
A look back a little-known TV shows.

Recaps and news on all of your favorite TV shows.

Subscription section of Internet Movie Database lets you search for celebrity contacts and agents. Track films in production, actor/movie rankings, etc.
Another subscription service that lets you search for celebrity contacts and agents.
News from the Hollywood industry.

Newsweek Pop Vox
Best and worst in movies, TV and books.

Archive of American Television Interviews
Anyone interested in the history of American television will want to check out these often extensive video interviews, posted in 30-minute segments.

Ultimate Reality TV
Has the lowdown on all the show gossip.

Archive of American Television: Emmy Legends
Video interviews with dozens of actors and actresses.

From Stephen Lee, a former Chicago Tribune reporter, offers a site that provides context and background to current events mentioned on such shows as "Saturday Night Live" on NBC, "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" on Comedy Central, "The West Wing" on NBC, and "JAG" on CBS.

Paste Magazine: Forty Best TV Theme Songs of All Time
Comedy video shorts posted online.

Paste Magazine
Music, film, TV and pop culture publication.

Entertainment Weekly Movies Database

Online polls on news, politics, sports, celebrities, etc.

Star Links
Connect stars to each other.

Sitcoms Online
All kinds of resources about shows past and present. Some trivia.

TV Mistakes

TV Tattle
Listings of links to TV news and criticism from newspapers and Web sites.

The Tonight Show Archives has a library of 5,000 past episodes.

Washington Post Television Page
Updates on the TV industry from the Post's crew of media writers.
Portal to thousands of old TV shows you can watch online.
Watch hundreds of TV shows and movies for free.

Blinkx Channel Browser
Download programming straight to your browser.

TV History
Links, FAQ, decade-by-decade breakdown the evolution of television and TV manufacturers. Look at past TV guides, TV models, etc.
TV social networking site. It includes some news and spoilers, but fact-check what you read on here.

Syracuse University: Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture
Part of the Newhouse School of Journalism.

Ohio State: Cartoon Research Library
Print and TV cartoons.

The Ad Critic
A mecca for popular TV commercials.

RedEye Show Patrol Blog
Outstanding TV news blog from RedEye-Chicago Tribune columnist Curt Wagner.
Blog and podcasts with celebrity interviews.

Professionally produced web video skits. Started during the writer's strike.
Movie, DVD, music, video news, reviews and interviews.

Music, movie and entertainment news. Includes blogs on various topics.

News at Seven
A cool tool that allows you to create a virtual newscast pulled from stories, images, videos and blogs all linked by a common news topic. The site generates an avatar that delivers the newscast.
Entertainment awards site. News, predictions, etc.

Simply Scripts
Scripts from TV, movies, radio, etc.

CNN Entertainment Coverage

American Federation of Television and Radio Artists

In Touch Weekly

The Futon Critic
TV blog with news, listings, ratings, reviews and more.

Hollywood Entertainment Museum

Advanced Television Systems Committee
An international organization establishing broadcasting standards for digital (including high-definition and data broadcasting) television.

Pitchfork Media TV
Quality music videos and more.

Comcast site combines information about TV shows and playback of archived shows.

Veoh Networks
Has shows from some network and studios but also has some viewer-generated video.

Nearly 30,000 shows available.

Search online videos and watch TV shows.

Entertainment Industry Foundation
Funds programs in a variety of areas, including education and children's services, the arts, community service, the environment, AIDS and literacy.

SitCom Locations

Chunnel TV
Showcases underground video and art on the Web.

Nizm Lab
Showcases popular online videos.

View short snippets from shows.

Online Video Guide
Watch hundreds of movies, TV shows, etc.

Browse political programming and other videos.

MSN's Video Guide
Listings and coverage of what's new on TV.


U.S. Government Publication Digitization Projects: Arts & Humanities
Thousands of documents on government communications, education, languages, literature, philosophy, religion, music, art, and other cultural aspects of humanity.

Archive of American Television

The WB
Watch archived shows from the network.

WildFilmHistory: 100 Years of Wildlife Filmmaking

Related Military Links

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U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

It's like Google for military info.

National Institute of Medicine: Military & Veterans
Studies, breaking news stories and experts.

This site uses Google Earth to enable the user to pinpoint where, when and how each service member died since the beginning of the war in Afghanistan. A line connects the service member's approximate location of death to his or her hometown. You can download the map off of this blog.

SAJA: Mumbai Attack Resources
Latest headlines from U.S. military.


U.S. Army

Army Technology

National Archive: Civil War Records

U.S. Marine Corps

Air Force

Air Forces in Europe

U.S. Navy

The Office of Naval Research
This office manages the science and technology programs for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.

U.S. Coast Guard

Coast Guard News
Designed to give journalists a one-stop resource for Coast Guard information.

Air National Guard Defense Information
The site charges a fee, but you can still get a decent amount of stories for free, and sign up for a free e-mail.

Paralyzed Veterans of America
Research, education, veteran's benefits, issues and expert sources.

Internet Resource Collection: Terrorism
UC-Irvine U.S. Government Librarian Kay Collins librarian gathered this great collection of links and references. It's easy to scan and offers some real gems, including an RSS feeds from the Department of Homeland Security.

Commission on Wartime Contracting

Committee to Project Journalists: Journalist Security Guide
.PDF guide book to covering news in a dangerous, changing world. Defense and International Relations Agencies
This site helps you identify government agencies at local, state, federal and international levels.

U.S. Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute
Publishes security and strategic reports that bridge the military and academia, and covers terrorism issues.

United Nations Action to Counter Terrorism

Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism
Newsroom and list of commission members, contact information.

Homeland Defense Journal
Full archives of publications, special reports, etc.

The Atlantic: World War II in Photos

Center on Conscience and War
A nonprofit in Washington, D.C., that provides legal advice to U.S. troops.

Veteran's Day
History of the holiday and teaching resource guide.

Department of Defense: Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms
A 734-page .PDF dictionary. It?s hard to print, but use a direct link or save to a hard drive or a CD-ROM.

ReligionLink: Iraq Resources
A great collection of organizations, information and links on values, ethics, etc. as they're applied to the war.

Iraq Deaths: Military Deaths by State
From the Vermont Valley News, deaths per capita by state, etc.

IRE: Terrorism-Related Materials
Information includes resources on terroist organizations and attacks, international reporting sources, guidelines on international sources and articles written for The IRE Journal and Uplink about covering international stories and terrorism.

Media Coverage--Iraq
Department of the Parliamentary Library, Parliament of Australia.

BYU: World War I Document Archives
From the Brigham Young Library.

War in Iraq -- Economics
Department of the Parliamentary Library, Parliament of Australia.

Eyewitness to History
War history and anecdotes through the eyes of those who lived it.

Veterans Administration: Memorial Day

Network for Good: U.S. Troops Support
A great collection of links to troop support and resource sites.

RAND Corporation National Security Research
Federally funded documents center has a variety of links, reports and resources on military and national security issues.

RAND Corporation Public Safety Research
Federally funded documents center has a variety of links, reports and resources on public safety issues.

Homeland Security Page
Tom Ridge's page gives the Current Nationwide Threat Level.

PBS Frontline: Foreign Affairs and the Military

United Nations Counter-Terrorism Online Handbook

Afghan Recovery Report
Afghan journalists, working with support from the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) and Media Action International (MAI) offer a free service aimed at providing local and international media outlets with "objective and reliable news from local sources.

National Coalition of Homeless Veterans

Department of Veteran Affairs Homeless Page
Shots from Iraq, etc.

Veterans Day History

U.S. Army: Digital Video & Imagery Distribution System
Search through past stories.

Center for Security Policy

Department of Defense

Site from the U.S. Department of Defense. Releases, photos, transcripts, speeches, e-mail advisories and more.

National Terrorism Alert Page

Heritage Foundation's National Security Page

PBS NOVA: Combat Hospital
Story of a war zone hospital.

Inside Defense
Defense industry news.

Military Tribunals

Military Connection
Encyclopedia, maps, documents, photos, etc. Listing of Military Marriage Sites

America's New War
Track the Terrorism conflict for a "good news, bad news" perspective.

GlobalSecurity: Track Troops in Middle East

American Red Cross Armed Forces Emergency Services

Army Emergency Relief

Navy/Marine Relief Society

Air Force Aid Society

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance 9/11 Attack Resources
Dozens of great resources.

The War in Context
News and commentary from the global press and alternative media relating to the war on terrorism and the Middle East conflict.

PBS Frontline: Terror and Tehran

Military Bomb Disposal Techniques

Armed Forces Epidemiological Board

Army Medical Monthly Surveillance Report

Naval Health Research Center

World War I Diaries
Listed by subject, author, period.

Veterans Administration: National Center for PTSD
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder information and research.

Defenselink: Department of Defense Almanac
A breakdown of the departments, employment stats, budgets and more.

CNN Fact Sheet: U.S. Attacks Terrorism
FAQ, bios of key players and background on the retaliatory attacks.'s U.S. Military Page U.S. Newspapers Terrorist Links

MSNBC Interactive War Map
A great explanatory site that includes history, interpretations, etc. of the Islamic faith.

Marine Corps History and Museum Division
All sorts of historical information.

U.S. Use of Pre-emptive Military Force
A .PDF file.

Global Beat: NYU's Center for War, Peace and the News Media
This site is useful for anyone who is interested in international news. Each week, Global Beat runs stories and backgrounders on important areas of the world, such as Iraq, Chechnya, South Asia, etc.

Military Photojournalism Projects

Terrorist Attacks: Regional Maps of Afghanistan
Several maps of Afghanistan, Kabul and several other places in the country and region. From the University of Texas at Austin.

U.S. Army: Soldier Stories
Run by the U.S. Army, this site focuses on interesting stories that might not have made the mainstream news.

Pentagon Memorial

CIA Maps

EarthExplorer Maps Via USGS

Military History Encyclopedia
Reference for wars, individuals, weapons, concepts behind the wars, etc.

List of POW/MIAS
The Library of Congress has a list of prisoners of war and MIAs.

Not Forgotten
Track the Pentagon's efforts to clear up uncertainties about POWs.

National League of Families of American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia
The site includes a state-by-state listing of the missing.

Kitchen Table Gang: Helping Veterans
A veteran's group that helps hospitalized veterans.

Military Family Support Center
Links to dozens of organizations.

Medals Of Honor
The U.S. Army Center of Military History has a database of more than 3,400 Medals of Honor that ave been awarded since the decoration's creation in 1861. Transcripts are categorized by war.

Military Rank Insignias
This site "outs" people falsely claiming to be a part of the elite Navy unit.

Military Law and Justice

Military Press

Center for Defense Information

Art of World War I
An archive of photography and artwork. (U.S.)
Links to all the official Armed Forces Web sites.

Inside Defense

Interagency Civil-Military

Pacific Stars & Stripes

Army Times

U.S. Army Association

U.S. European Command

U.S. Military Academy

Military Chaplains Association of the USA

National Funeral Directors: Military Funeral Section

Military Funeral Honors

Department of Veterans Affairs

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans burial sites
This site offers information about funerals, ceremonies and sites. World War II Archives
Footnote and the National Archives assemble a collection of photos, news articles, case files about war crimes, accounts of air battles and much more.

Library of Congress: Experiencing War: Veterans' History Project

Wartime Contracting Commission

Veterans National Archives

Veteran's Day Home Page
The page includes a patriotic fact sheet, a listing of scheduled events in Washington DC, and links to other regional sites.

American Legion

Korean War 50th Anniversary
Great research on the "forgotten war."

Vietnam War History

Vietnam Vets

Vietnam Women's Memorial Project

The Virtual Wall
An interactive tour of the Vietnam Memorial.

Veterans History Project
A great collection of military facts, stats and figures.

Online Vietnam Memorial
Features a database of more than 58,000 names.

D-Day Memorial

Desert Storm

U.S. Naval Observatory
Sun and moon data by year (from 1700 to 2100).

Korean War: 50th Anniversary
Dramatic images, maps, and online recollections from those who served.

Civil War Portal
Facts on units, weaponry, battles, etc.

20th Century Castles: Missile Bases

War Times Journal

Military: Surveying Engineering and Mapping Center of Expertise

Historic Government Publications from World War II [.pdf]
This new site from Southern Methodist University boasts more than 200 government documents from World War II.

ACES: Iraq Facts
Research from The American Copy Editors Society. Links to military, weapons, media outlets and more.

Washington Post's Dot Mil Column
Written by William Arkin, a former military intelligence analyst.

Washington Post: Fog of War
Tips how to/what to do if you spot a phony veteran.

POW Network
How to spot phony POWs.
How to check to make sure someone claiming to be a Navy Seal really is one.

Navy Frogmen
How to check to make sure someone claiming to be a Navy Frogman really is one. Memorial Day
Many features about Americans and the wars they fought. Bitter Passage: Kent State & the Fall of Saigon
A super multimedia package on the Vietnam War. Sun--Tzu's "The Art of War"
Full translation of the 2,000-year-old Chinese book of strategy on and off the field of battle.

Photojournalism: A Record of War Military Records
Organized by war or by timeline, the site offers thousands of records, old newsreels, etc.

Medals of Honor Breakdown
Stats on types of honors by military branch.

Military Brats Registry
This site is a riot: An online community for military brats to get in touch with one another.

Homeland Security Digital Library
Search engine allows you to scan more than 30 homeland security blogs.

G.I. Bill

British National Risk Register
Cabinet office assess threats to Great Britain, including flu, flooding, terrorist attacks, etc.

NYU Globalbeat Tips

Library of Congress: The Vietnam-Era Prisoner-of-War/Missing-in-Action Database
Search U.S. Government documents on U.S. military listed as unaccounted for as of December 1991.

The Great War Archive
Materials on WWI.

Air&Space Magazine
Smithsonian online magazine includes History of Flight, Flight Today, Military Aviaton and Space Exploration.


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