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Food and Cooking

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U.S. Department of Agriculture

Cooking Light

Food Network
The site that accompanies the TV network.
Conversion tables for cooking measurements.

Center for Science in the Public Interest's Food Additives Guide

SauteWednesday: Links to Newspaper Food Sections
A great collection of links to newspaper food sections.

Food Timeline: Prices Over the Years
Track prices of various food items over decades.

The Grocery
Tracks prices of more than 10,000 grocery items. Great for cost comparison studies over time.

National Restaurant Association

Look up what restaurants deliver in specific cities.

Vegetarian Restaurants Guide
Enter ZIP codes to find locations in your area.

USDA: Dietary Guidelines for Americans
Great site on food and nutrition. Includes an e-newsletter.
Recipes, nutrition information and cooking techniques.

National Center for Food Safety and Technology Dietary Guidelines
From the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.
Food technologies and stories by farmers and food researchers.
Look up any entree, snack, or side dish and get a recipe. The site charges a $25 annual online-only fee.

Association of Food Journalists

City Farmer News
Stories and tips for city-dwellers who want to grow food. Urban farming and farmers market topics, too.

GOOD: When To Taste or Toss Your Leftovers

The Food and Environment Reporting Network
Claims to be an independent, non-profit news organization that does investigative work on agriculture, environmental health and food.

The Frugal Foodie

Wisebread: Fast Food That Employees Say You Should Avoid

Seasonal Ingredient Map

World's Healthiest Foods
Run by nonprofit George Mateljan Foundation, this site provides the latest information on how foods impact health.

Top Secret Recipes
Cook Todd Wilbur shares the secret recipes of popular restaurants.

Smithsonian: Food & Think

Lifehacker: Common Sense Guide to "Organic" and Other Food Labels

Videos, recipes, blogs and more. Covers a wide range of food and cooking.
Search a database of thousands of restaurant menus.

Extra Tasty
Search a database for drink recipes.
Great facts, figures and trend story ideas from the pizza industry.
Recipes for anything.

Healthy Dining Finder

World Food Store
All kinds of ethnic foods. Look up recipes, read articles on quality foods and find out inexpensive ways to get healthy. Research nutritional information and fat content. Search Restaurant Reviews


More than 384,000 recipes to the database.

The Food Timeline: Food History and Vintage Recipes
A helpful calorie-counting site.

Canning and Freezing Summer Fruits and Vegetables
Tips galore.

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network

Better Homes and Gardens: Gardening Tips

The Food Reference
Cooking tips galore!
Cooking and lifestyles portal.
Another cooking and lifestyles portal.
Wine and lifestyles portal.
This government site offers tips and all sorts of nutritional facts, including dieting.
A site for restaurant owners, it features a searchable database of restaurant listings.

The Browser: Cooking Bread Recipes

Food in Every Country

25 No-Cook Meals

Nutrition information galore.

Civil Eats
A blog about food, politics and urban agriculture.

Food Network: 100 Greatest Cooking Tips of All Time

Food & Water Watch: Genetically Engineered Food: An Overview

Gallery of Regrettable Food

Dinner Unplugged
An easy-to-use recipe site.

Recipe Box

A Pinch of ...
Online magazine full of recipes and tips from the world of food and drink.

Global Gourmet

Delicious Decisions Food Festivals and Food Show Index

Web MD Health


U.S. Census: Stats on Turkeys
A more detailed collection of statistics on consumption, etc.

USDA Meat and Poultry: Holiday Food Safety
Look under featured topics menu and pull down to Holiday Food Safety.


Saveur 55 Great Food Blogs
Site offers tips and forums for frugal living on a small budget.

National Turkey Federation
Two dozen recipes from various chefs, including prep tips and video.

Consumer review for healthy eating, organic food and green products.

Wine Library TV
Gary Vaynerchuk's daily wine video blog.

Reynolds Turkey Tips Line

CNN Eatocracy Food Blog
News, food encyclopedia and recipes.

Urban Gardening Help

Butterball Turkey Tips

Perdue Farms Food Safety
From the National Restaurant Association.

The Food Section

American Pie Council
An organization that promotes "pie as part of our American heritage." Celebrates National Pie Day on Jan. 23 of each year. Includes a press resources page.

WebMD: Healthy Holiday Food and Fitness

Produce Workers' Guide to Storing 25 Common Fruits and Vegetables

Food Reference

Search by location, price range, etc.

World Wide Sushi Restaurant Reference
Glossary of sushi terms and a global restaurant locator.

USDA: Holiday Food Safety Tips

Center for Science in the Public Interest: Leftovers

Food Timeline
Prices of various foods, dating back to the 18th Century.

PC Magazine's Undiscovered Websites: Food
From November, 2007, a great collection of sites that provide shortcuts to several food and lifestyle sites.

Rankings, prices and news on the wine industry from the online version of the magazine.

National Ice Cream Retailers Association
Stats and research on ice cream, yogurt sales, experts, product safety, etc.

Website for the television program. Archive of restaurant reviews from all over the country.
A searchable database of restaurants that allow people to bring their own bottle of wine. Restaurants in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Southeast Florida and Washington D.C. are listed.

Holiday Calorie Counter
Calculate how much you would have to walk to burn off the calories that you eat on Thanksgiving. The meal I anticipated would force me to walk 25 miles. I am rethinking my plan.
Searchable database of thousands of restaurants around the nation.
Track studies, findings. Includes newsletter and RSS feed.

Video clips and tips for kids' cooking.

Garden Writers Association

National Gardening Association

Blog full of vegetable recipes.

EcoSalon: 10 Infographics for Foodies

From the FunnyorDie creators, this site combines cooking expertise with humor.

Foodie website features a newsletter and a well-organized listing of restaurants (by state, region, country, type, chains, etc.)

Chicago Tribune Recalled Food Database
More than 2,800 products recalled related to food allergens.

American Beverage Association
Industry news, studies, consumption statistics, experts, etc.

Feeding America: Food Bank Locator
Search by ZIP code or state.

Feeding America: Hunger and Poverty Statistics

U.S. Department of Agriculture: Hunger Statistics
From 2007

Restaurant staff serve up the dish on nasty customers. A fun read.

Super Couponing
Coupons galore, but the site also offers consumer shopping and savings tips that are helpful for readers.

Coupon Mom
Coupons galore, but the site also offers consumer shopping and savings tips that are helpful for readers.

Reviews of restaurants, shopping, etc.

Healthy Harvest Food Guides

LTH Forum
A Chicago culinary chat site.

Find cheap and free eats in Chicago. Mostly mid-week bar specials on pub grub, but there are some real finds.

U.S. Agricultural & Food Law and Policy Blog

Explores the policies and politics behind what we eat every day.

National Gardening Association: Food Gardening Guide

Eat Well Guide: Local Organic Food

Museum Directory of Food History News
Contains a recently augmented international listing of more than 1200 museums and collections, both public and private, dedicated to food and beverages.

Food and Water Watch

American Beverage Association
Industry news, studies, consumption statistics, experts, etc.

USDA: National Nutrient Database
Enter up to five keywords which best describe the food item. To further limit the search, select a specific food group.

Still Tasty: Ultimate Shelf Life Guide
A searchable database to find shelf life for various foods.

Displays the nutritional labels from packaged food.

Saving Advice: 50 Ways To Save Money on Food

Serious Eats
An international food blog.

Food in Every Country
Look up ethnic dishes by country.

USDA: Food Environment Atlas
Map of food availability in the United States along with many helpful statistics.

HomeOwnerNet: Home and Garden Resources

Open Food Source
Submit recipes and users rate them.

Form 990s/Charities

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Online Journalism Review's Tips on Using 990s
Probably the best site for digging up Form 990s.

National Charities Information Bureau
Probably the best site for digging up Form 990s.

Council of Better Business Bureaus' Wise Giving Alliance (

Charity Navigator
Another good charity evaluation site. Allows you to search alphabetically and by region. Organizations that Evaluate Charities
Breaks down the issues they look at when evaluating charities.
Evaluates more than 500 religion-based charities.

Chronicle of Philanthropy

American Association of Fundraising Counsel

Center on Philanthropy
Resources from Indiana University.

Internet Nonprofit Center
Several tools for reporters covering nonprofits; good 990s database.

Foundation Center
Tax forms and other documents about several charitable organizations.

Foundation Center: Top 100 U.S. Foundations by Asset Size
The 100 largest U.S. grant-making foundations ranked by the market value of their assets.

National Attorney Generals Association
This site has links to state attorney general's offices. Most attorney general sites, such as New York's have information on nonprofit organizations that make more than $150,000 a year.

National Freedom of Information Coalition

Urban Legends Research Center: Bogus Charities
An Australian site with great resources.

IRE/NICAR Nonprofits Database

IRE Form 990s Resource
It's tipsheet number 1317 in the archives.

National Center for Charitable Statistics
Database of 990 information from the IRS Master File.

Forbes: America's Most Philanthropic Corporations
Deals more with foundations that are possible source of money for nonprofits.

Foundation Center

Council on Foundations

Philanthropy News Network

Hunger in America 2001
Claims to be the most comprehensive study of domestic hunger ever.

America's Second Harvest
Umbrella organization for the nation's food relief funds.

Feeding America: Food Bank Locator
Search by ZIP code or state.

Olympics Resources

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2012 Summer Olympics in London

London Olympics 2012

Olympics 2012 Schedule

NBC Olympics TV Schedule

NBC Olympics Page London 2012 Page
Official IOC Olympics page.

Facebook Olympics 2012 Hub
Official site of the Olympic movement. IOC news.

USOC Home Page

AP Stylebook Guide for Summer Olympics
No more digging through the sports guidelines. This list breaks out commonly used terms.

The Guardian Olympics 2012

BBC Olympics 2012

ESPN Olympics 2012

Guardian: 16 Examples of Interactives for Olympic Coverage
Great examples from British media outlets.

Olympic History

Around the Rings: Business of the Olympics

Get Ahead of the Games
Traveling to London? This site tells you how to get around. Also, follow @gaotg.

Olympics in the Digital Age

Social Media Guide to the Summer Olympics

The Guardian: Olympic Bodies
Video, interactives, etc., on Olympic athlete training.

NBC: Weirdest Olympic Sports
Slideshow of offbeat Olympic sports from the past.

2016 Summer Olympics Bid Resources
Covers the business of the Olympics. Includes archives, newsletter and useful links section.
Site covers cities' bids for upcoming Summer and Winter Olympics.
Chicago Tribune's coverage of the bid.

Globetrotting Blog
By Chicago Tribune Olympics writer Phil Hersh.

Chicago Sun-Times 2016 Olympics Bid Coverage
Official Chicago bid site.

Madrid, Spain's official bid page.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's official bid page.

Tokyo 2016 Blog
Unofficial blog supporting the city's bid.

U.S. Olympic Committee
Official site of the U.S. team. Details on each sport, bios, Summer Games page, etc.

International Olympic Committee
Athlete bios, multimedia gallery, links to future games sites and Olympic Museum and education pages.

IOC International Sports Calendar

General Association of International Sports Federations

2008 Summer Olympics Official Sites and Media Resources

Beijing Olympics: Official Site
Includes language translation, history, media operations, torch relay, etc.

U.S. Olympic Committee
Official site of the U.S. team. Details on each sport, bios, Summer Games page, etc.

International Olympic Committee
Athlete bios, multimedia gallery, links to future games sites and Olympic Museum and education pages.

Chinese Olympic Committee
Official site offers records, site information, athlete information, news headlines, etc. Summer Olympics Site
News, events, FAQ, weather, pictures, venue graphics and events surrounding the Games.
Athlete features, video archive, Olympic community pages.
Official website of the USOC Road to Beijing campaign. It's a fund-raising site but it has athlete bios and a newsletter.

Beijing 2008 Venue Maps
From the London 2012 Games site.

Google Maps: Torch Relay
Track where the torch is headed.

Official Olympic Torch Relay Site
Basic background on media headquarters, contact information.

Beijing Olympic Media Page

USOC Press Box
Press resources and links from the U.S. Olympic Committee.

U.S. State Department: Olympic Travel Facts
Information page addresses threat levels, legal aspects and other issues of traveling in China.

Media Coverage and Blogs

For more Olympics coverage, use the tools on the Toolbox's International News Sites section.
Comprehensive, around-the-clock coverage of the games from the official network. The site has live video streaming of all the sports, real-time results, etc.

MSNBC Coverage
Breaking news, TV schedule, medal count, other results.

MSNBC World Blog
Includes a "Blogging from Beijing" section.

ESPN: Olympic Sports Index

USA Today Summer Olympics Coverage

Yahoo! Sports Olympics Page

Sports Illustrated: Beijing Olympics Coverage
Updated news, site reports and blogs by SI writers. Also includes photo galleries and analysis of the TV coverage.

FoxSports: 2008 Summer Olympics

NY Times 2008 Summer Olympics Coverage

NY Times Rings: 2008 Summer Olympics Blog

Chicago Tribune: Globetrotting Blog
Phil Hersh's international sports blog.

LA Times: Ticket to Beijing
An Olympics blog by LA Times and other Tribune company writers.

A mixture of news and social networking for sports fans. They are live blogging around-the-clock during the Olympics. You can tailor the page to feed specific stories, comments, a fan-finder using Google Earth and an Olympic "blogathon." Summer Olympics Coverage

YouTube Summer Games
Site features news, recaps, features, profiles and video on the culture of Beijing through many of its partners, including The Associated Press, New York Times, Getty Images, Reuters and Travel Channel.

Google Olympics Tools
Check event schedules, track the medal count, and get up-to-the-minute news - right on your Google homepage. You also can get text updates via Google Mobile.

International Herald Tribune Olympics Coverage

CNN 2008 Olympics Coverage Summer Olympics Video
Tour of the media center and other behind-the-scenes video.

CNN iReport: Beijing Olympics
CNN's community journalism page invites people to submit photos and video from Beijing. Remember to double-check the authenticity of the photo/video.

The Beijing News

Peoples Daily Online: Beijing Olympics
English version of Chinese publication. Monitors news and preparation for the event.
Covers the business of the Olympics. Includes, archives, newsletter and useful links section.
Site covers cities' bids for upcoming Summer and Winter Olympics.

Summer Olympics News
A blog with updated news links and video from the Olympics. Some of the video is shot from handheld cameras around Beijing.

Issues and Politics
This human rights activist group monitors the situation in the People's Republic of China in the run-up to the 2008 Olympic Games and to campaign to achieve positive change in the lives of the people of China. 2008 Olympic Games Basics
Includes a helpful news archive, timeline, discussion board and media center resources about China's human rights issues.

Political and Economic Introduction to China
A 2006 research paper from the British House of Commons. Some good basic background and some Olympic-specific information.

EPA: Clean Air and Energy Projects in China
Could be helpful if backgrounding stories on pollution and athlete health/safety issues during the Games.

World Health Organization
Has information on air quality in Beijing.

Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau
Directly affiliated to the Municipal Government, is in charge of the environmental protection work of the city. It's in Chinese so you'll need to put the URL into a translation tool to read it.

Editor & Publisher: Cutbacks in Olympic Coverage

Stanford University Human Performance Laboratory
Focuses on athletics and human performance.

Women's Sports: Game Face Online
Documents the societal impact women's sports has had. Includes a section on women in the sports media.

Blood Doping

U.S. Anti-Doping Agency
Policies, codes, fact sheets, links, control officers, etc.

World Anti-Doping Agency
Links, publications, studies, etc.

AMA: Blood Doping Study (.PDF)

Nature: The Science of Doping
Article on blood doping and athletics, by Donald A. Berry at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas in Houston. Blood Doping Links
A great collection of fact sheets and legal resources on the blood-doping controversy. Why Blood Doping is Done

BBC: Banned Substances List
Story and list on what athletes cannot take.

BBC: Sports Doping Breakthrough

Site has a section on blood doping detection.

Steroids and Performance-Enhancing Drugs

PubMed: Steroids
Go to this page and do a search for athletes steroids side effects. This search returns 183 articles published in medical journals on the side effects of steroid use in athletes.
Background on how the laws work, etc. Background on Steroids
A good quick-reference page. Steroids and Performance-Enhancers Other Drugs Abused by Athletes

Findlaw: History of Drug Use in Sports

Use the Toolbox's Sports Medicine section for more background on steroids and blood doping.

Olympic History

Tufts University: Olympics History
An in-depth historical site built by the Tufts University Library. Olympics Through the Years
Easy-to-use quick reference to past Games. Olympics History Encyclopedia
Look up Games history by year.

Olympic Photo Guide: 1896-Present
Look up Games photos by year.

Wikipedia: 2004 Olympics Encyclopedia 1980 Olympics History
Background on the U.S. Boycott of the Moscow Games.

Who, What, When Database
Great for quick fact-checking. A database of "key people and events from 1000 A.D. to the present." Create graphic timelines of periods in history and of the lives of individuals.


RAND Study: 2012 Olympics (London)
A 77-page .PDF-format report highlighting policy areas (transport and infrastructure, and security) in which specific research tools can be used to facilitate evidence-based policy making.

Institute for Public Policy Research: Paying for 2012 Olympics
This free report explores how London is funding the 2012 Games.

Teacher Planet: Summer Olympic Resources
Worksheets, exercises and history lessons with Olympic themes. Targeted for younger students but has some value to everyone.

WorldClock Time Zones
Track your time zone from any other city/zone in the world.

Olympic Archives

The Journalist's Toolbox site provides links to history, records, events, background on host city, Olympic organizations, news, coverage. Site is now archived.

The Journalist's Toolbox site provides links to history, records, events, background on host city, Olympic organizations, news, coverage. Site is now archived.

The Journalist's Toolbox site provides links to history, records, events, background on host city, Olympic organizations, news, coverage. Site is now archived.

Judicial Branch

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U.S. Department of Justice

Track Supreme Court decisions.

Drug Enforcement Agency
Good stats and research tools.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
Good stats and research tools.

A Guide to the U.S. Federal Legal System: Web-Based Publicly Accessible Sources

Oyez: U.S. Supreme Court Multimedia Database
Hundreds of hours of audio materials delivered through a free player available from as well as summaries of cases before the court, organized by year.

On the Docket
Includes a current listing of pending cases, dates for scheduled oral arguments, the questions presented to the Court and citations for the lower court.

Pacer's U.S. Courts
Search district and bankruptcy courts.

Federal Courts Finder
Image map guide to courts from Emory University.

Bureau of Justice Statistics

National Center for State Courts
Research, newsletter, links to other organizations.

Trial Lawyers for Public Justice
This national, public interest law firm offers cutting-edge legal briefs and news on public interest legal issues, including consumer protection, civil rights, and access to justice, plus a unique online database of all accredited law schools and 2,300 public interest groups, sorted by dozens of focus areas. Supreme Court Candidate Bios

C-SPAN Judiciary and Supreme Court Resources

National District Attorneys Association

The Brennan Center for Justice
From NYU's Law School, articles and research on voting rights, campaign finance reform, criminal justice and racial justice.

Yahoo!: Supreme Court Nominees

PBS Newshour: Supreme Court Candidates
Full of quotes from politicos on who should be named. Supreme Court Candidates
Full of quotes from politicos on who should be named.

Supreme Court Historical Society

Center for Jury Studies of the National Center for State Courts
A Virginia-based nonprofit group.

Supreme Court Collection
A database of upcoming Supreme Court cases compiled by Cornell University.

Syllabi of Current U.S. Supreme Court Decisions

Department of Justice: Office of Solicitor General
Search government briefs filed with the United States Supreme Court.

Federal Circuit Courts of Appeals
Links to the full-text opinions of all 11 U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals.

Federal Laws and Regulations
The National Archives and Records Administration has a database of public laws, presidential orders and more.


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