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Email Address Search

411 Locate
Find e-mail addresses for individuals.

Reviews and background on about 100 free e-mail services.

Helps you find e-mail addresses and phone numbers for friends, family you've lost touch with.

Lycos WhoWhere E-mail Directory

Locate Executive Branch Senior Executives

Federal Agency Employee Locators

Colleges E-Mail Finder

Meta E-mail Search Agent

Internet Address Finder
Six million listings worldwide.

Usenet Newsgroup Search


MESA E-Mail Search

Executive Branch

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Covering the Obama Administration

Politifact: Obama Meter
St. Petersburg Times site tracks President Obama's campaign promises. The site is a spinoff of the 2008 Election's Truth-o-Meter.

The official page.

U.S. Government 2010 Budget
President Obama's proposed fiscal year 2010 budget.

Track who gets what in the 2009 economic stimulus package.

Stimulus Watch: Keeping an Eye on Economic Recovery Spending
Find, discuss and rate shovel-ready projects that benefit from recovery spending.

Social Government
This site tracks ways that local, state and federal government use social media.

AskSam.com: Obama Speeches Archive
This site has a deep archive of Barack Obama speeches from 2002 to the present.

2009 Transition and Inauguration

Carroll Publishing Transition Tracker
A great site that tracks changes in appointed and elected government officials.

President Obama's Inaugural Address
Video and text.

New York Times: Most-Used Words in Presidential Inaugural Addresses
From 1789 to the present.

Obama's transition web site.

SourceWatch Encyclopedia: Presidential Transition Resources

Council for Excellence in Government: Presidential Transition

The White House Transition Project
Program formed in 1997 to ease the transition between presidents. Includes resources from policy organizations, scholars, etc.

General Services Administration: Presidential Transition
Provides the services and facilities needed for the new administration's official duties. Helpful in tracking technology needs and other improvements (and costs) a new administration may have.

CNN: Interactive Inauguration Event Map

ABC News: Inauguration Site

ABC News: Obama's Cabinet

Inauguration Blog

Bartleby: Inauguration Speeches of Past Presidents
Searchable database of speeches.

History Matters: FDR's 1933 Inauguration Speech
Famous speech by Franklin Delano Roosevelt given in Washington, D.C., March 4th, 1933. "We have nothing to fear ... but fear itself."

Government Accountability Office: 2009 Congressional and Presidential Transition

Library of Congress: Presidential Inaugurations
"I Do Solemnly Swear . . .": Presidential Inaugurations is a collection of approximately 400 items or 2,000 digital files relating to inaugurations from George Washington's in 1789 to George W. Bush's inauguration of 2001. This presentation includes diaries and letters of presidents and of those who witnessed inaugurations, handwritten drafts of inaugural addresses, broadsides, inaugural tickets and programs, prints, photographs, and sheet music.

Obama's Office of Urban Policy
Citizens can contribute ideas on policies to improve cities.

Library of Congress: Inauguration Dates
Great for quick reference.

infoPlease: Inauguraton File
A treasure trove of facts and background, including media coverage, famous addresses, inaugural trivia, and life after the presidency.

Federal Citizen Information Center: National Contact Center
A great resource for anyone covering the federal government. The site includes phone and hotline numbers to various agencies, Congressional phone directories, contacts for cabinet departments, etc.

U.S. Government Press Release Sites
A clearinghouse of agency press releases and announcements.

CBS News: An Agency-by-Agency Guide to Obama's Budget

MSN Money: The 102 Best Money Sites

Government RSS Library
USA.gov's RSS feed for news releases, agencies, etc.

WikiPedia: Inauguration Day
Includes history and traditions with the ceremony.

Poynter.org: Inauguration Resources List

WikiPedia: Inauguration Day
Scroll to the bottom of the page for a chronological chart of details of details from past ceremonies.

TeacherVision: History of Presidential Inaugurations

Truman Library & Museum: Inauguration Quiz

MSNBC: Mayors' Cries to Help for Obama
Survey, presented as an image map, of advice to Obama from mayor's of large and small U.S. cities.

TeacherVision: History of Presidential Inaugurations

MSNBC: Estimating Large Crowds
Steve Doig of Arizona State University uses a process to estimate large crowds. He uses Obama's Presidential Inauguration as an example.

Executive Branch

The official page.

National Archive: George W. Bush Public Papers
Searchable database that complements the printed volumes.

Library of Congress Executive Branch Links
One-stop shopping for government agencies (many of the links are listed below, by the way). This page is just a set of links to government agencies and are organized by the departments they're governed by.

Washington Post Watergate Archive
The Post put up this archive site in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Watergate scandal. Site includes a chronology of events, bios of key players, articles, reforms and transcripts of chats with Bob Woodward and Ben Bradlee.

Department of Energy
Another database of nuclear accidents.

Department of Commerce

Department of the Treasury

Notable Names Database
More than 20,000 bios of famous people.

Department of Health and Human Services

Department of Agriculture

Department of Education

Department of Labor

Department of Transportation

Department of the Interior

PBS: The American President

Sunlight Foundation: Online Foreign Agent Lobbying Database
The Foreign Agent Registration Act requires the Justice Department to maintain detailed reports of lobbying firms hired by foreign governments and by organizations. Just select legislators from a menu and it will show their records, lobbyist ties, etc.

Presidents of the United States

Past Inaugural Addresses

Presidential/Congressional nominees history
Information about all nominees (received, rejected, confirmed) for the current session of Congress. It gives names, position for which the individual was nominated and the status of their nomination.

C-SPAN: Nixon Tapes 1971-73

Presidential Libraries

University of Texas: Woodward and Bernstein Watergate Papers

Findlaw: Chronology of Congressional Sex Scandals

Polizine: Biggest Political Sex Scandals Ever

HuffingtonPost: America's Top Political Sex Scandals

Journalism.org: What Scandals Make the Biggest News?

The Presidential Debate Blog

Museum of Broadcast Communications: History of Presidential Debates

Commission on Presidential Debates

PIBuzz.com: Government Salary Lists
Look up salaries for all kinds of federal positions.

PBS: The American Experience - The President
A great interactive video site that lets you pick a question that a past president will answer in a video. (Examples: "How Influential is the First Lady?" and "How Do You End a War?"

Poynter.org: Backgrounding Gerald R. Ford

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum
Links, documents, photos, news announcements, statements, etc.

Gerald R. Ford Historical Photographs
Links, documents, photos, news announcements, statements, etc.

White House Museum
Unaffiliated with the government, this site gives a tour, stats, details about the building and surrounding area.

American Society of Civil Engineers
A 2005 report on failing structures in U.S. infrastructure.


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