Osama bin Laden Background

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Editor's Note: Content on this page is archived in the Library of Congress 9/11 resources.

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What bin Laden's Death Teaches Us About Modern Media

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Who is Osama bin Laden?

PBS.org has an in-depth profile of him, as does the BBC. USA Today did an interesting story in February 2001 on how bin Laden used hidden notes in Web sites to post instructions to his followers.

GlobalResearch.ca has an informative history of bin Laden's relations with the United States. The Smoking Gun has the FBI's Most Wanted poster for bin Laden.

Related bin Laden Links

Osama bin Laden: Islamic Extremist Financier
Gary Price put up this CIA assessment, released to the media in 1996, provides background information on bin Laden, including his involvement in the resistance to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and how he became a prominent figure in supporting the resistance. It also provides information on the nature of his terrorist activities -- including the Islamic Salvation Foundation (Al-Qaida), collaboration with other extremist groups. Available as a .pdf file.

Terrorism and Osama bin Laden
A 1999 report from the Center for Nonproliferation Studies detailing bin Laden's efforts to acquire nuclear materials.

The UK's Bin Laden Dossier
A great quick-reference backgrounder on bin Laden.

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