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Food and Fuel: Myths and Facts
From the Council for Biotechnology Information, which communicates science-based information about the benefits and safety of agricultural and food biotechnology to sustainable development.

Track studies, findings. Includes newsletter and RSS feed.

A video site for vintage tractors, farm tractors and new tractors.

National Weather Service: River Flooding Map Track what rivers are flooding around the country.

FEMA: What States Spend on Flood Damage

PBS: Running Dry Documentary
Is there a drought in the Southwest?

Carsey Institute
University of New Hampshire organization studies issues pertaining to the ag community. Newsletters, press releases, publications, research, etc.

ConsumerWorld.com: Consumer News Tips
Dozens of links to news alert sites. Very handy for business reporters.

Agricultural Media Summit
Seminars, resource pages and more.

U.S. Department of Agriculture: Ag Census
Statistics galore, up to 2007.

U.S. Agricultural & Food Law and Policy Blog

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

Rural Blog
A collection of "events, trends, issues, ideas and journalism from and about rural America."

Daily Yonder
From the Center for Rural Strategies, this blog includes news, commentary, research, etc.


City Farmer News
Stories and tips for city-dwellers who want to grow food. Urban farming and farmers market topics, too.

Seasonal Ingredient Map

Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues
News, stats and issues on agriculture and small communities.

The Rural Blog
Agriculture and rural living issues. Part of the Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues.

National Cotton Council
Industry site with research, industry contacts, etc.

News and issues with the horse and breeding industry.

SPJ Journalism Blogs
Topics include: Ethics, legal issues, teaching, student journalism, freelancing, education and technology.

Poynter.org: Romensko's Media Blog
A daily must-read for tracking industry news.

Press Think
Blog from NYU's Jay Rosen on new media and other timely topics.

Online Journalism Review
Knight Digital Media Center and the Annenberg School of Journalism at USC produce this timely blog on media topics.

Knight Digital Media Center: News Leadership 3.0 Blog

Robert Niles, formerly of the USC-Annenberg's Online Journalism Review, writes in a community forum "devoted to media, business, arts and technology criticism." He invites readers to share their observations in a public journal on the site.

10000Words.net: Where Journalism and Technology Meet
A blog on technology and multimedia storytelling, written by Mark S. Luckie, a print journalist who studied multimedia journalism at UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism. He has produced multimedia and interactive projects for Entertainment Weekly, Los Angeles Times and Contra Costa Times (Ca.).

Teaching Online Journalism Blog
Another must-read, from Mindy McAdams at the University of Florida.

The Future of News
A blog by University of North Carolina professor Ryan Thornburg.

Danny Sullivan's blog on the online news business. He's an expert on search engine optimization and marketing.

Data-ish Blogs You Should Know About
Links to 37 blogs on data, statistics, visualization, maps, design, etc.

The Journalism Iconoclast
A blog on new media journalism run by Patrick Thornton, a new media journalist and Web developer. The blog provides commentary, news and advice on the ever-changing face of journalism. It also posts original research and solicit comments and advice from industry experts.

Capitol Beat
Blog from the Association of Capitol Reporters and Editors.

Institute for Analytic Journalism
Blog, podcast, tools, data analysis tools, graphics and more. Resources are managed by a team of working journalists and academics throughout the country.

Old Media New Tricks
Run by journalists from the Chicago Tribune and Austin American-Statesman, this site offers hands-on advice from many in media who using social networking and Web 2.0 tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. The site also offers great blogging tips.


Reinventing the Newsroom
This blog is from Jason Fry, Web CMS evangelist for EidosMedia, a supplier of cross-media editorial platforms for news organizations. Fry worked at The Wall Street Journal Online and has also worked for the New Orleans Times-Picayune and the Fresno Bee.

10000Words.net: Where Journalism and Technology Meet
A blog on technology and multimedia storytelling, written by Mark S. Luckie, a print journalist who studied multimedia journalism at UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism. He has produced multimedia and interactive projects for Entertainment Weekly, Los Angeles Times and Contra Costa Times (Ca.).

Media Bloggers Association
A nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting, protecting and educating its members; supporting the development of blogging or citizen journalism.

Copyright Database
Use this Library of Congress database to track who owns copyright material.

LLRX.com: Debunking Copyright Myths

Electronic Frontier Foundation: Bloggers Legal Guide

Blog, tips and resources from web developer and CAR expert from the St. Petersburg Times.

Center for Social Media
From American University.

News and opinion on TV, print, and online media. It includes a media influence index and a jobs board.

Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video
From the Center for Social Media at American University.

Washington Journalism Education Association Blog

PBS: MediaShift Idea Lab

Center for Citizen Media and PressThink: Placeblogger

Public Journalism Network

Explores community journalism.

Covering Communities
Helpful tips for citizen journalists.

Ourmedia: Citizen Journalism

Reflections of a Newsosaur

Online Journalism Blog

SEO for Journalists Blog

Editors Weblog

100 of the Best Authors on Twitter

Multimedia Evangelist Blog
Great tips on products, tools and gadgets.

Cyberjournalist.net: Blog-Scan
Links to various industry-related stories.

Cyberjournalist.net: Indpendent Journalist Blogs
In Wiki format, a list of blogs published by independent journalists.

Cyberjournalist.net: J-Blogs
List of ongoing blogs published by news sites.

How to Change the World
Guy Kawasaki's Blog on technology and communication.

OnlineJournalism Blog
Great discussion of web-media industry trends.

Stanford's Innovation Journalism Blog

JD Lasica's New Media Musings
Former Sacramento Bee editor writes about social media trends.

A blogger covers news and trends in the newspaper design world.

The Mario Blog
News design blog from Mario Garcia.

Foreign Policy Blogs
Look up obscure useful words here, including slang and pop-culture language.

Figures Myer-Briggs personality classification for blog authors.

The Mario Classroom
Design and typography blog from Mario Garcia.

Wired Journalists
Resource site for reporters, editors, executives, students and faculty interested in online journalism. Blog and other resources.

Sree's Twitter Guide for Skeptics and Newbies
Extensive list of Twitter tools from Sree Sreenivasan of the Columbia University journalism school.

Twitter for Journalists Podcast
Blog on tweeting from Sree Sreenivasan. You may need to set the audio (upper right corner) to your default player (iTunes, etc.)

Tell Zell
Run by someone claiming to be a Los Angeles Times staffer, this blog has a lot of inside dish about the staff layoffs, sales, etc. involving Sam Zell's ownership of Tribune Company.

Knight Digital Media: Michele McLellan's Leadership Blog
Blog discusses the challenges and opportunities of transforming their news organizations into creative, adaptive, multi-platform engines of journalism and information.


Weblogs and the News
Explores some of the emerging forms of journalism online, including weblogs, collaborative news and community journalism.

Paul Mallasch Journalism Blog
A journalism blog/community. The site contains news about journalism, the ability to rant and rave about your job as a journalist, material about the Internet and how it's affecting journalism, pointers to innovative and useful online tools for journalists, etc.

Blog from the president of the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

McClatchy News Wiki

Sree.net: Journalist Web Sites and Blogs
Personal sites of columnists, editors, reporters, etc.

Gothamist site covers breaking news in the Chicago area.

Video blog from Cali Lewis.

A collaboration between 13 news organizations from around the country and NewAssignment.net on how journalists can use social networks to improve beat reporting.


Brian Boyer's blog about the intersection of technology and journalism.

PBS: MediaShift Idea Lab
A group blog by "innovators who are reinventing community news for the Digital Age."

ResearchBuzz News Weblog
This site keeps you up on the latest research tools.

CapitolBeat Blog

This blog by Matt Thompson aims to "advance the discussion of how we can better use the Web to deliver context in journalism."

Angry Journalist
Moderated bulletin board for journalists to complain about their jobs, the industry, etc.

Friend or Follow
A helpful database for tracking Twitter followers and to track who's following you.

Lets you back up your followers and people you are following.

Receive an e-mail notification that someone is following you on Twitter. It includes information about that person (how many followers, updates, etc.)

Malcontent Home for Disgruntled Journalists

Testy Copy Editors

A great technology blog by John C. Dvorak, a contributing editor at PC Magazine. Many entries on the future on online journalism.

Reuters MediaFile Blog
A great blog on timely media and technology topics.

Technology news and blogs.

Blog about technology and the media.

A free Web application that allows users to post and share their spoken word, and music on blogs and other social networking sites including their own blog. Voike allows journalists to call in their reports: spoken word, text, and photos from their cell phones producing rich multimedia content.

JobMob: Resume Mistakes
Watch archived shows from the network.

Media Bloggers Assocation

Digital Journalist's Legal Guide
From the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.

Future Journalism Project
Blog about the industry, tech equipment, issues in online journalism, etc.

NAA: Imagining the Future of Newspapers Blog

Online News Association: Interactive Narratives Blog

World Editors Forum Editors Blog

NYU PressThink Blog
From NYU's Jay Rosen.

The Scoop Blog
CAR and investigative reporting.

Publishes edited and organized news from Twitter.

A great new tool for tracking how social media is referencing a Web site. You can see what people on Twitter, Reddit, Digg and other online media are saying about your site.

Similar to ConvoTrack, this site tracks how social media is referencing a Web site. You can see what people on Twitter, Reddit, Digg and other online media are saying about your site.

Online Journalism Blog
Publishes comment and analysis on developments in online journalism and online news, citizen journalism, blogging, mobile journalism, etc.. It's written by Paul Bradshaw, course director of the MA Online Journalism at Birmingham City University's (UK) School of Media,

Committee to Protect Journalists Blog

Great commentary on online journalism trends.

Short Form Blog
Blog of short news items.

VervePhoto Documentary Photojournalism Blog
Tongue-in-cheek tips.

Digital Photography School
Great tips and tricks.

Digital Photography School: How Twitter Can Make You a Photojournalist

OutsideIn Story Maps
Allows you to map where you did your stories. Great tool to add to a blog.

This "Friday Hope" news blog turns up some positive news stories.

Journalism Research Social Network
Videos, blogs, discussion and other networking tools to cover what areas of online journalism you're researching. Site is founded by Paul Bradshaw from Great Britain.

Religion News

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Christian Science Monitor

Religious News Service

Religion News Today

LA Times Religion Section

Chicago Sun-Times Religion Columnist Cathleen Falsani

ChristianityToday.com News
Includes 10,000 free articles from the leading publisher of Christian publications.

Credenda Agenda Magazine
Explores all areas from a biblical and Protestant perspective. Comes out bi-monthly.

News and trends in religion.


This is a "faith and life" site with many great resources.

Zondervan's Religion News Links
Lists of newspapers, wire services, studies and more. A super resource.

Major search engine for Christian and religious Web sites.

PBS Frontline: Race and Religion

A national business news magazine that is distributed to over 40,000 senior pastors and Christian leaders from across the United States.

The ChurchReport.com: The 50 Most Influential Christians in America

PBS: Religion and Ethics News Weekly

Bridging the Gap: Religion and the News Media

ReligionSource, a service of the American Academy of Religion, provides journalists with prompt referrals to scholars who can serve as sources on virtually any topic related to religion. The American Academy of Religion (AAR), affiliated with Emory University in Atlanta, is the world's largest association of academics who research or teach topics related to religion.

ReligionLink: A Guide to African-Americans and Religion
A guide to experts and organizations on African-Americans and religion, from scholars to pastors, from gospel to hip-hop, from civil rights to family issues, from Christianity to Islam.

Symbolic Dictionary: Visual Glossary of Symbols
Great source for finding religious symbols.

FACS Journalism, Religion and Public Life Program

Religion News Service
Good for quick-reference, this site posts headlines and short summaries from the services daily news service output, which includes news briefs,features and commentary. The full text of the daily and weekly service is available to subscribers only.

Religion & Ethics Newsweekly
The online companion to the PBS series Religion & Ethics Newsweekly, hosted by Bob Abernethy.

Religion Today

Worldwide Faith News
A database of full-text official news releases and other documents, including policy statements, from the news offices of national and world faith groups. This collection indexes more than 14,000 documents, including posts in French, Spanish and Dutch.

Beliefnet: The 12 Tribes of American Politics
Survey breaks down 12 religious voting blocs.

Reviews, author bios and excerpts on religious books.

Harvard Institute for Religion Research
Social scientific religion research information that is helpful for religious leaders and the general public.

Golden Compass
Links to religion news around the world.

Village Life Daily News


Home page of the Christian Broadcasting Network.

This non-profit Internet service dedicated to issues of culture, life, and family. Updated daily, it includes reports and information used by many organizations and publications, educators, professionals and political, religious and life and family organization leaders and grassroots organizations. Helpful for journalists tracking trends and looking for sources. Site includes an e-newsletter.

American Academy of Religion: ReligionSource.org

SAJA Tips on Religion
Covers Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism in the U.S.

Manifest on the Web
Christian magazine.


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