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Breaking News Online

Breaking Tweets
Global news delivered Twitter-style.

Google News Search

News aggregator links you to media outlets and blogs in the United States.

Newspaper Archives on the Web
A listing of archives from the Special Libraries Association.

Short Form Blog
Blog of short news items.

Directory of USA Newspapers Online
A quick scan of the day's top headlines.
A news site that publishes about 60 written new summaries each day. It's aggregated news but written and framed by editors. It includes top stories of the day and pieces from free-lancers around the world, and links to various news sources.

Kidon Media Link
A very comprehensive directory of news organizations from around the world.
Links to more than 2,600 U.S. daily and weekly newspapers.
Obits and death notices from hundreds of U.S. papers.

Directory of Canadian Newspapers Online
Search daily news headlines
Features more than 110 live streaming video channels from network affiliates around the world, as well as Sky News and the Pentagon Channel. Users stay updated through a Twitter feed and by live moderators that are based out of cities such as Chicago, Milwaukee, and Los Angeles. Users also can imbed the moderator feed into their blog, website or MySpace page. The site also features live weather channels, an RSS feed and a blog. The site can be particularly helpful to TV and radio journalists tracking stories in other cities.

Slate: Today's U.S. Papers
Summary of front pages of the biggest U.S. newspapers.Bookmark the web page or sign up for a daily e-update.

Slate: Today's International Papers
Summary of front pages of the biggest U.S. newspapers.Bookmark the web page or sign up for a daily e-update.
Locate back issues of various periodicals and publications. A good stab-in-the-dark search tool.
Search more than 20,000 newspapers and magazines around the world.

First Headlines: State News List
Scan news from each state using an image map.

Global Voices Online Blog
From Harvard Law, this site features blogs from around the world, highlighting news and other resources.

IRE Archive of Hot Stories
Good to check every few days for ideas, news, etc.
A very basic newsfeed site from several sources. Organized by topics.
Helps you find any online newspaper in the world.

New West Network
Founded by former Industry Standard editor Jonathan Weber, this blog is a network of online communities devoted to the culture, economy, politics, etc.

Online polls on news, politics, sports, celebrities, etc.
Search news by city, state, country, region, topics. Includes, TV, radio, magazines, podcasts, newswires and news photos. U.S. Newspaper Archives on the Web
Internet's most comprehensive directory of online newspaper archives lists which ones are free, prices for sites that charge, and links.
A directory of online newspapers, organized by country. Very helpful as a quick-reference tool.
Best of stories from 125 online alternative weekly sites.

Yahoo! News Local
Scan stories by region using an image map or pulldown menu.
More than 32 million newspaper pages online. Some content is free, much of it is paid, password-protected.

Global Beat: NYU's Center for War, Peace and the News Media
Backgrounders for anyone
interested in international news.
A cool clearinghouse of great news sites.

Weekly Newspapers Online
A portal to Scotland media industries.

WireTap Magazine
An online magazine targeting socially conscious kids.
Ranks the top news websites. Does a top 100 newspaper sites list.

ABYZ News Links
Lists news sites by region.

U.S. Newspapers List

Newseum: Today's Front Pages
View page one visuals from newspapers around the nation.

Links to many breaking tech news stories.
Links to hundreds of newspapers.
Links to major newspaper Web sites.

Pandia Search Finder: Search Engine for News Sites

Power Library Initiative
Search several newspaper and magazine databases for free.

Total News
Links to dozens of daily news sites.

Library of Congress: Chronicling America -- Historic American Newspapers
An ever-expanding database of newspaper archives.

A news ticker that crawls across the bottom of your computer screen. Lets you run up to four constantly scrolling ticker-style windows.

Launched in June 2009, True/Slant is an "original content news network tailored to both the "Entrepreneurial Journalist" and marketers who want a more effective way to engage with digital audiences. Contributors, consumers and marketers each have a voice."

ABYZ Newslinks Page
Choose by country, region, etc.

InfoToday News Breaks
A flash news digest of technology information.

Chronicling America
Library of Congress database of historic newspaper pages from 1880 to 1922. Part of the National Endowment of the Humanities.

News Lookup
A great global search tool that lets you search by nation or topic.

A great news search site that includes top headlines of the day.

The Media Briefing
Real-time news and information resource for the media industry; curate thousands of articles each day.

Yahoo! News
A great breaking news site and related Web sites, Usenet groups and audio-video files.

Washington Post

Chicago Tribune

Los Angeles Times

New York Times

Wall Street Journal

USA Today

United Press International
Offers real-time on all its wires.




CBS News

National Public Radio

U.S. News and World Report
A handy collection of news and political stories.

Village Voice

Cybercast News Service
Daily news updates with a conservative twist.

Christian Science Monitor
Search hundreds of magazine titles. Newswire
Updated several times a day with great stories.

The Morning News
Dry wit and candor on this news site with a New York focus.

From Stephen Lee, a former Chicago Tribune reporter, offers a site that provides context and background to current events mentioned on such shows as "Saturday Night Live" on NBC, "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" on Comedy Central, "The West Wing" on NBC, and "JAG" on CBS.

The News Directory
Portal for finding news stories, search magazines, etc.

Atlantic Unbound
An expanded version of the Atlantic Monthly on the Web.
A helpful, current news search engine.

Lycos News

EmergencyNet News Today
Site monitors current and potential political, social an natural crises.

AJR News Links: Newspapers
Business, campus, U.S., international, etc.

AJR News Links: TV Sites
Affiliates organized by network.

This site features major news sources as well as PR Newswire, EurekaAlert and E! Online.
Dubbed "America's News Page."

The Yahoo! Buzz Index Top 20 Searches

Scoop08: National Student Newspaper Election Coverage
First online national student newspaper will cover the 2008 elections.
Available in Chicago, San Francisco and New York, this site helps you browse news by zip code or neighborhood. You can enter an address and see nearby crimes, restaurant inspections, media coverage, etc. You also can get a citywide overview of news by category, then click on specific topics to find what you're looking for.
Explore various global issues through this site, which provides links to articles, headlines, videos, and blogs.

The Huffington Post
Popular news, entertainment and politics site from Arianna Huffington.

News and opinion on TV, print, and online media. It includes a media influence index and a jobs board.

An online search service for news and current events that delivers "meaning and relevance beyond traditional search and aggregation engines."

ABC World Newser Blog
Anchor Charles Gibson's blog.

World Public Opinion
Information and analysis about public opinion on international policy issues.

The Daily Beast
A news aggregator that's about 30 percent original content features politics, entertainment, pop culture, etc. Includes blogs, "buzz board", e-mail newsletter, etc.
Millions of historical newspaper articles, dating back to 1759. Includes "Today in History" and a newsletter archive.
Truthdig is a Web magazine that provides expert coverage of current affairs as well as a variety of thoughtful, provocative content assembled from a progressive point of view. The site is built around reports by authorities in their fields who conduct in-depth exploration of contemporary topics. To offer frequent change and surprise, the magazine also presents a diversity of original reporting and aggregated content culled by the site's editors and staff.

U.S. Government Publication Digitization Projects: Current Events
Thousands of documents, maps, military and other newsworthy topics.
Encourages people to copy and upload popular magazines on newsstands. Run by an offshore company that's working around digital piracy laws. You can use the site to look up past issues of publications, but there are ethical concerns.
A fun site that helps you "predict" what will happen next in the news: who will win a game, an election, an award?

MegaCarta GeoSearch News
Use this global image map to click for news stories. Also listed as a news ticker.

American Public Media: Marketplace
Great resource for business news and analysis. Includes an RSS feed.

Journalism Organizations and Helpful Resources
Society of Professional Journalists' site.

Columbia Journalism Review

Who Owns What?
A great site from the Columbia Journalism Review that explains the holdings and conflicts of interest of large media companies.

American Journalism Review
Magazine's online site.

AJR: Journalists Are Questioning News Embargos

Association for Educators in Journalism and Mass Communications

International Center for Journalists
Many free resources, guidebooks, news and tips.

Freedom Forum
Updates on First Amendment issues.
Site for Gannett's cool journalism history museum.

Knight Digital Media Center
From the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas at the University of Texas at Austin, the site offers blogs, great journalism tips and industry trends. Includes a listing of training seminars and workshops.

Knight Foundation

American Review
Media and democracy page.

An online community that rates the quality of mainstream and independent news stories.

Knight News Network

J-New Voices


Media Research Center
A media watchdog group.

Media Research Center
A dynamite site that has some commentary on media coverage of the political scene.

Center for Media and Public Affairs

Pew Foundation Internet

Society of Environmental Journalists
News, message boards and statistics on the radio and radio new industry.

Center for International Media Ethics
Chicago-based organization has a goal supporting journalists in "maintaining high ethical standards that contribute to the media's consolidation as a fourth power in their country's governance."

National Center on Disability and Journalism
An independent journalism organization, its mission is "to educate journalists and educators about disability reporting issues in order to produce more accurate, fair and diverse news reporting." Lists programs, links, mailing lists, etc.

Maynard Institute for Journalism Education

Center for Media and Democracy
Combats misleading PR practices.

Communications Rights in the Information Society (CRIS)
Covers race and gender issues in communications.

Media People
Interviews with various folks in the media, including CEOs, editors and media writers.
Free journalism directory.

JHistory: A Discussion Site For History of Journalism & Mass Communications

New West Network
Founded by former Industry Standard editor Jonathan Weber, this blog is a network of online communities devoted to the culture, economy, politics, etc.

No Train, No Gain
Compiles training materials by and for journalists around the world.

Reporter Pitch Story Information Exchange
Share story ideas, links and other resources.

Media Reader
MediaChannel's international, biweekly, multimedia magazine covers the best in the media about the media.

Pressnet: Journalists, Journalism and Mass Media in Internet
Journalists, journalism, mass media, students, studious, teachers and professors of the journalism and the social communication. World directory. Specialized directory.

News & Views Exchange Central: Discussion Board for Journalists

Image of the Journalist in Popular Culture (IJPC)
A project of the Norman Lear Center, USC Annenberg School of Journalism that launched in April 2002. Among the articles, books and research: "Fiction or Fact: Hollywood Looks at the News," a 26-page essay written by Annenberg Associate Dean Joe Saltzman and Loren Ghiglione, former dean of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

CARMA: International Media Watch

SLA News Division Home Page

International Journalists' Network
Resources, headlines, seminars and more.

Criminal Justice Journalists Journalist Web Sites
Personal sites of columnists, bloggers, reporters, etc.

Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma
Excellent resources for journalists covering disasters, with resources on emotional trauma as it effects victims, survivors and journalists themselves. The site also set up a bulletin board for journalists to discuss their experiences covering the tragedy.

American Business Media

UK Journalism

UK: MousetrapMedia's Media Circus

Society of Editors
British press freedom and editorial standards site.

Jim Romenesko's Media News
Stay up on court cases and ethics issues from Poynter. Also, many links to TV and media columnists.

Press Access
It's a PR site, but it also tracks moves of reporters and editors to new newspapers, trade and business publications.'s Journalism Profession Site
Links to dozens of research sites.

Benton Foundation: Journalism Headlines

Open Meetings and Records
News on court cases from Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.

Media Industry News

American Society of Journalists and Authors

Center for Community Journalism: National Consortium on Community Journalism
Experts from across the nation to share their thoughts on the state of community journalism.

The Ad Critic
A mecca for popular TV commercials.'s Global Media Giants Page
A listing of influential media moguls. A who's who of corporate media leaders.

Press Access
Lots of media news and gossip. Folks moving within the industry, etc.
An unofficial media monitor weblog. Media critiques, e-mail newsletter and more.
This weblog keeps an eye on Middle East news coverage. Includes articles and an e-newsletter.

Media Kitty
An online exchange for international journalists and public relations professionals in travel and tourism.
Aims to be the benchmark for online content in Australia. Includes an archive of content-related tips from a weekly e-mail newsletter; a database of Web site reviews from a weekly columnist and weekly radio show; a free content jobs database for web work and workers; FAQs for content employers and employees; and contributed columns and reviews.

100 Fantastic Pieces of Journalism
Picks from Conor Friedersdorf, associate editor of Atlantic and founder of Best of Journalism.

American Statistical Association

Virginia Press Association Disaster Preparedness Plan
Go to the Association Services section and you will find information to help get your staffs thinking about what they'd do in such an event.

The Typing Injury FAQ
CTD Resource Network, Inc. offers information about repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel, common to many journalists.

Media Research Center

Association of American Business Publications
More than 60 independent business publications nationwide. is an electronic marketplace that enables editors to purchase the rights to publish articles by the world's finest journalists. Our contributors earn the majority of licensing fees.

MediaChannel: Global Ownership Chart
Thanks to the merger boom, media power is more concentrated than ever. A new online chart presents the global media overlords in vivid color.

MediaChannel's Media Reader Page
Several columns and stories on industry trends.
Features extensive data on media content analysis available free of charge. Every week the site updates with new data, such as the most quoted CEO, companies, politicians of the month in International media. There is also a free newsletter sent twice a week with the latest articles about agenda-setting, the influence of media in public opinion.
A news service just for site reviewers, portal guide editors, writers, and reporters who link to great Web content.
Stories taken off the air/out of print for sponsor and owner conflicts.

Subject Index to Literature on Electronic Sources of Information
This site will be a boon to anyone studying issues related to information technology or electronic publishing. The site has been publishing the index since 1997, and this latest version contains more than 1,400 citations as well as an introduction that explains how to use the site. The bibliography and index reference both online and print sources, including books, articles, monographs, and chapters. Librarians in particular will want to bookmark this site.

Electronic Sources of Information: A Bibliography
This site will be a boon to anyone studying issues related to information technology or electronic publishing. The site has been publishing the index since 1997, and this latest version contains more than 1,400 citations as well as an introduction that explains how to use the site. The bibliography and index reference both online and print sources, including books, articles, monographs, and chapters. Librarians in particular will want to bookmark this site.

Kansas State University Community Journalism Page
Resources for small-town publications.

SUNY-Oswego Community Journalism Page

World Press Institute
WPI's main goal is to promote a free press. The organization brings 10 journalists a year to the U.S. for four months of intensive briefings and interviews across the country. Applications can be found at the Web site.

Project Censored

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

White House News Photographers Association
Member directory, gallery, contests and more.

Education Writers Association
For education reporters.

Society of American Business Editors and Writers

Alliance of Area Business Publications

Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association

Center for Media and Public Affairs
A non-profit, non-partisan media research organization located in Washington, D.C.

Editorial Freelancers Association

Web Journal of Mass Communication Research

Communication Institute for Online Scholarship

Institute for Public Relations Research and Education

Readership Institute

International Communication Association

National Communication Association

International Women's Media Federation
Works to strengthen the voice of women journalists around the world.

National Federation of Press Women

Journalism UK's Journalism Organizations Page
Online site for Pulp and Paper Week. Job Layoffs Page
News industry gossip and stories on cutbacks.

Assn. of Health Care Journalists

National Association of Science Writers

International Journalists Network

Criminal Justice Journalists's Organizations Page
Hundreds of links to global media contacts.

Malcontent Home for Disgruntled Journalists

Testy Copy Editors Journalism
Resources from Daryl Lease.

National Writers Union
A union of freelance writers who work for American publishers or employers.

National Association for Minorities in Communications

Association for Women in Communications

Association of Health Care Journalists
Newsletters, conventions, contacts, links and more.

Religion Newswriters Association

National Cartoon Museum

Ohio State: Cartoon Research Library

National Communication Association's Spectra newsletter

National Press Photographers Association
Tips, news, press releases, polls, event schedules and more.

Knight Center for Specialized Journalism

National Press Foundation

Media Democracy Now
Alternative periodicals, university press releases, resource links.

World Press Photography
Non-profit organization commited to promoting photojournalism worldwide.

Photojournalism e-book: Breaking into Photojournalism
Kenneth Wajda, an author and an award-winning photojournalist, wrote an e-book for students and other photographers interested in how to break into the business of photojournalism. He covers how to find and shoot spot news, the importance of professional ethics and respect, how to build a sports and people portfolio on the side, and how to approach news and photo editors with your photographs. A must-read for aspiring photojournalists.

Society for News Design
Workshop schedule, membership database and more.

Journalism/Reporting/Student Listservs

CannyLink Internet Guide: News Wires List
A great list of global news services.

Journalism UK
Targeted to British print journalists.

National Religious Broadcasters
A few news resources.
Links to the news service, the member papers, Washington bureau, jobs and more.

Southern California Media Guild

Concerned Media Consumers Committee

Communications Roundtable
An association of 24 public relations, journalism, marketing, advertising, graphics, writers, interactive communications, television, training, multi-media, Internet and information technology and other communications organizations with more than 12,000 professional members.
Robert Niles, formerly of the USC-Annenberg's Online Journalism Review, writes in a community forum "devoted to media, business, arts and technology criticism." He invites readers to share their observations in a public journal on the site.

First Amendment/Free Expression

First Amendment Handbook
From the Center for Democracy and Technology.

Reporters Committee of Freedom of the Press
Latest news and resources on First Amendment issues.

First Amendment Center

Cornell: Listing of Bill of Rights/First Amendment

Findlaw: First Amendment and Annotations

Library of Congress/Bill of Rights

SPJ First Amendment Page
News articles, publications, awards and many other resources.

Florida First Amendment Foundation
A source for information, expertise, and assistance to the public and news media. It was founded as a non-profit organization in 1984 by The Florida Press Association, the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors, and the Florida Association of Broadcasters.

Free Expression Network Clearinghouse

The Free Expression Policy Project
An anti-censorship coalition to challenge Internet filters, v-chips, abstinence-only education, etc.

Center for Democracy and Technology

Committee of Concerned Journalists

The International Freedom of Expression eXchange
A virtual network of more than 50 organizations worldwide, the IFEX Clearing House monitors the state of free expression and transmits the information it collects to individuals and organizations in more than 120 countries.

Reporting Civil Rights


Encyclopedia of USA History: Journalists

FCC: Historical Periods in Television Technology

University of North Carolina: History of Business Journalism

Image of the Journalist in Popular Culture


Media History Monographs

Media History Project

PBS: Soldiers Without Swords -- The Black Press

PBS: Yellow Journalism

The International Journalists Network

Labor Issues

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U.S. Department of Labor

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Employment, wages, unemployment broken down by region.
Information on age and employment trends, occupational requirements, state-by-state labor market conditions, employer contracts and a career resource library.

U.S. Department of Labor: Annual Reports of Labor Unions
Office of Labor-Management Standards Internet Public Disclosure Room includes union annual financial reports and data searches at no charge Reports are searchable by a variety of criteria, including union name, file number, affiliation, designation name and number and location.

U.S. Office of Personnel Management
News releases, veteran's information, accountability reports, organization charts, FAQs and reports portal.

Department of Labor: Unemployment
Statistics, state laws and policies, etc.

National Employment Law Project
Policy center based in New York features publications, a newsroom and litigation summaries online.

American Federation of Government Employees
Blog, media section, studies and statistics and more. Site is helpful in finding expert sources as well.

Google's Labor Law Directory
Dozens of helpful links.

NICAR/IRE Occupational Safety and Health Administration Database
More than 3.6 million workplace inspections in all states and U.S. territories from 1972 into June 2008. Information is also available on persons injured in workplace accidents. Details include the person's gender, age, extent of injury, nature of injury and part of body and source of injury. It also includes whether any hazardous materials were involved. Journalists can use the data to investigate the safety of local industries and businesses over time.

State Departments of Labor
University of California at Berkeley site includes links to all state departments of labor.

Web-Strategist: Social Networking Statistics, 2009

Bureau of Labor Statistics: State Economies at a Glance
This handy image map helps you track census and economic statistics in all 50 states.

IRS: Tax Statistics

Federal Wage and Labor Law Institute
Links, reference materials, forms and more.

Carroll's Government Directories and Charts
Tips on finding government agency Web sites, including labor boards, workers compensation boards, etc.

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Injuries, Illnesses and Fatalities by State
Use the image map to find your state's statistics.

National Association of State Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans
A good contact site as unemployment rises and workers move off COBRA plans.

Northeastern Center for Labor Market Studies

International Trade Merchandise by State

AFL-CIO Unemployment Lifeline
Resources galore on unemployment issues.

Labor law, relations, workplace issues and organized labor links.

Occupational Health and Safety Administration Stats Page

United Auto Workers
Home page and resources for one of the largest unions in the nation.

Teamsters Web site

AFL-CIO State Federations

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Industrial Workers of the World

Air Line Pilots Association
Represents most of the airline pilots in the U.S. and Canada for labor union and aviation safety issues.
Includes links to NABET and other media-type unions.

National Labor Committee
Human rights advocacy group focusing on the promotion and defense of workers' rights.

Federal Trade Commission: Job Scams

USA Today: Answers to Questions about Unemployment Benefits

Labor Research Association
Several studies and stats on labor issues.

Findlaw's Labor and Law Page
A great resources page from one of the best law sites on the Web.

Lectric Law Library
The Lawcopedia's Employment and Labor Topic Area has all sorts of workplace-related materials.

Federal Labor Law Agencies
From Albany Law. Top 200 Federal Contractors
Listed by agency with which they contracted and by amount.

Top 100 Prime Contractors with the Federal Government
Use to localize any stories about contractors or government agencies in your area.

Previous Top 10 Government Contractors by Year
Use to localize any stories about contractors or government agencies in your area. State Government Contracts to Watch in 2002
Use to localize any stories about contractors or government agencies in your area.

University of California's Labor Issues Page

Employee Benefits Research Institute
Surveys, notes, issue briefs, press announcements, studies and much more.

Google's Child Labor Directory

CareerBuilder: Most Dangerous Jobs

World Bank's Child Labor Issues page

Boycott Nike Page
The site is dedicated to news updates and media needs for Nike's sweatshop controversy. Labor Index page
Get the other side of the story.

Online Newshour: Nike Labor Issue
From 1998, this transcript offers some great background on the issue.

South African Labor Law and Industrial Links

Internet Resources on Child Labor
Articles, resources and more.

Community Labor News
Discussions and resources for community labor, labor unions and more.

Maritime Labor News

Bureau of Labor Statistics: State and Regional Unemployment, 2001 Annual Averages

AFL-CIO CEO Raise Calculator
Type in your pay and see what it would be like to be a CEO receiving a CEO's raise.

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
Information from the nation's largest and fastest growing public service employees union.
Watches labor issues at the newspaper chain, which had several layoffs this spring and summer.'s Women Workers of the World

ETA Welfare to Work Program

Consumer's Choice Council
A non-profit association of organizations dedicated to protecting the environment and promoting human rights and basic labor standards.

Cornell School of Industrial and Labor Relations

United AutoWorkers
Union site has news stories, contacts, links and resources for covering the industry.

Curt Flood's Antitrust Lawsuit Against Baseball
A great background site on a landmark Supreme Court case.

MRA The Management Association
A not-for-profit employers association that features some statistics and studies.

Center for Labor Market Studies
An applied research, evaluation, and policy-oriented technical assistance unit located within the Department of Economics of Northeastern University.

A Curriculum of United States Labor History for Teachers
Sponsored by the Illinois Labor History Society, this site offers a decade-by-decade chronology of labor history.

Labor Day Background

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Consumer Price Index Database
Select an item (gas, food, etc.) and track price increases nationally over time. Great quick reference for stories. You also can track it by region or major metropolitan area by using the image map and pulldown menu on this page

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Inflation Calculator

Food Timeline: Prices Over the Years
Track prices of various food items over decades.

Cornell: Institute for Workplace Studies
Created in 1999 to serve as an "interactive think-tank, bridging the gap between academics and the working world through research initiatives, educational programs and forums."

State-by-State Worker's Compensation Law

Society for Human Resource Management
News, press room, government affairs and volunteer resources.

National Association of Manufacturers

U.S. Government Publication Digitization Projects: Business & Economy
Thousands of documents on government communications and reports on the economy.

United Auto Workers
Union site.


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