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Deaf/Hard of Hearing

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National Association of Deaf

American Sign Language Web Site

The Tactile Mind
Literary magazine for the signing community. Sign Language Site
Resources for educators teaching students with a hearing. Resources

National Black Deaf Americans
Cultural issues related to deafness and African Americans.

Cochlear Implant Association Inc.

Virtual Tour of the Ear

Demystifying Assistive Listening Devices

Deaf Linx
An extensive resource page with info on hearing loss, deaf culture, ASL and more.

Harris Communications
Assistive products designed for deaf.

Post Secondary Education Programs Network
Hearing impairment related resource.

Disabilities Links
Disability-related issues and links from a former reporter turned public policy analyst and consultant specializing in health care and disability issues, and most (though not all) of my Web site is devoted to those subjects.

Medical/Health News and Journals

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Free Medical

BreakThrough Digest
This site delivers the latest health news and medical information.

Annals of Internal Medicine
Studies, facts, stats, etc.

Duke Medical News
A great site featuring news stories, medical controversies and expert databases. It's a slow download with flash, but be patient. It's worth it.

Global Health Reporting
Updated daily, this site offers an easy and efficient way to stay on top of breaking news, new reports and data, and events about HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria. This free site is operated by the Kaiser Family Foundation with major support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

American Medical News
Full online text of the print weekly newspaper for physicians.

BreakThrough Digest
This site delivers the latest health news and medical information.

Reuters Health Information Site
A super site. News stories, research and several resource links for health and medical reporters.
Like WebMD, full of medical information.

New York Times Health Section

Revolution Health

Journal of the Agriculture Department
Lists 117 nutrient categories for more than 6,000 foods.

Health Affairs Journal
A medical and nursing journal.

Journal of the National Cancer Institute

MDTV Medical News Now Inc.
A New Jersey-based organization that presents a television medical news program that airs on cable in about 20 states.

Stanford University's Highwire Press
Links to databases of 150,000 articles from medical and scientific journals. Many full text articles are free.

List of clinics, global diseases, inoculations, helpful links.

Annals of Internal Medicine

JPGM Online: Biomedical Periodical
A peer-reviewed biomedical periodical, official publication of the Staff Society of Seth G. S. Medical College and K. E. M. Hospital, Mumbai, India, indexed with MEDLINE and EMBASE with free full-text access to articles from basic and clinical sciences.

Health News Review
Independent review of medical/health-related news stories.

Medline: Medical Journals
More than 4,500 journals in the United States and 70 other countries.

Journal of Postgraduate Medicine
The site provides free access to full text since 1980, and includes articles, current issue, search page, etc.

Journal of Postgraduate Medicine: Neurology India

Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology

Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine Ethics on Human Cloning

Archives of Internal Medicine Abstract

Health Behavior News Service
Provides free stories and experts for interviews on the latest research on the subject coming from peer-reviewed academic journals. The News Service is an arm of the Center for the Advancement of Health.

American Journal of Public Health
Database for free searching (full-text available for late 2001 only).

Medical/Health News Index Page
A great reference site with easy-to-find links to several helpful sites.

Yahoo! Medical Malpractice News
Great for quick-reference.

PBS Bloodlines
This is an independent discussion site that accompanies the show about how conflicts at the intersection of science and the courts are defining the ways Americans will deal with the ethical, legal and social dilemmas created by new life technologies. The official site for the show is at

Washington Post's Health Page
A great section for trend pieces, studies and federal legislation news. Features several Web-only features and columns.'s Health News
Updates every 15 minutes.

The Lancet Medical Journal
Cancer research and other kinds of studies.

Alternative Health News Online
Links to news on many topics, including diet and nutrition.
Look up archived news stories on a variety of topics.

The Medical News

Medical Science Monitor

Modern Medicine

Journal of General Internal Medicine (UK)

Pharmacy Times Magazine

Pharmacy Week Magazine

Drug Topics

Access-able Travel Source
Search by state and country in this database on disability travel.

Med-Line Plus: Disabilities
U.S. National Library of Medicine explains managed care.

National Institute of Health HIV/AIDS Site
This page is full of research, history and other details of the battle against HIV and AIDS.

Annals of Internal Medicine

Medical Liability Monitor
A monthly online publication on trends and issues in medical malpractice.

American Psychological Association Journals
An easy-to-use index of journal articles and studies.

Media Awareness Product
Offers a permanent information resource on drug policy issues that benefits journalists, authors, researchers, and the public. Posts hundreds of drug-related articles from several newspapers.

Med Help International
In-depth explanations of cancer treatments.

Physician's Weekly Magazine's Health Page
Good packages on health issues and trends.
Transplant News Network site features articles, abstracts, studies, listservs and discussion groups.

HealthDay News

Ear, Nose and Throat Net

Kaiser Family Foundation State Health Facts
A database that compares everything from health financing to legislation.

PBS: The Gene Hunters
Companion site to the documentary on the mysteries of human disease.

Harvard Health Letter
Search by state.

CDC: Obesity in America Map
Use this cool interactive map, along with a PowerPoint presentation of many more, to track obesity in the United States.

American Psychological Association 2008 Stress Study

Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
Online archives from AMA publication.

Association for Psychological Science
Part of Revolution Health, this site helps hospital patients share news about their health status with friends and loved ones. Sort of a social networking site for patients.

Journal of the National Cancer Institute

Trust for America's Health

National Library of Medicine

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Public Library of Science
A nonprofit organization of scientists and physicians committed to making the world's scientific and medical literature a freely available public resource.

Discovery Health

University of Washington School of Medicine: Bioethics Topics

NCBI: Entrez
Search life sciences publications.

Biology and genetics research.

Search medical journals, databases, medical societies.

Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin
Create a log-in and access the publication online.

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Covers technology's impact on healthcare.
News, lists of players who have tested positive, etc.

Northeastern University: Sport in Society

Michigan State Instutute for the Study of Youth Sport
Great resource for experts, links, etc. on sportsmanship, participation, etc.

Politics of Sport
Great readings from Drexel University on race and sport, business, Olympics, etc.


Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association

Sports 2000
Sporting News looks at black athletes who made a difference in the 20th century.

Blasphemy! Curt Flood's Suit of Baseball

CNNSI's Black Baseball History site

Minority Golf Association of America
Traces the history of Hispanics in the big leagues.

CNNSI: Arthur Ashe's Contributions to Tennis

How Muhammad Ali Changed the Press
A listing of sports
books and reviews.
Site dedicated to jews and their history in sports.

Muhammad Ali Photo Essay
By the Washington Post's Carol Guzy.

CBS Sportsline's Race in Sports Series

Nonprofit partners with sporting goods manufacturers to get equipment to urban and disadvantaged youth. Good for finding sources and participation statistics.


Women's Sports Foundation

USA Today: Women in Sports

Title IX Blog

Title IX: 25 Years of Progress

Women's Sports: Game Face Online
Documents the societal impact women's sports has had. Includes a section on women in the sports media.

College Sports Council
National coalition of coaches, athletes, parents and fans. Features research and articles on Title IX issues.
The editors from the College Sports Council describe it as "a balanced source of information regarding men and women's opportunities in college sports."

Female Athletic Media Relations Executives
From this site you can read the newsletter for a newly organized group of 180 who work in sports PR.
Sports issues with a women's perspective. Women in the Locker Room
SI's Kelli Anderson tackles Reggie White's argument that women shouldn't enter men's locker rooms.

Althea Gibson's contributions to women's tennis

Where's Daddy?
Discussion of SI's article on NBA fathers with illegitimate kids.

Sportquest's Women in Sports site

Sports Law

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Findlaw Sports
Legal dictionary, library and a great e-mail newsletter that summarizes key court cases each week.

National Sports Law Institute
Links to more than 100 sports law and sports academic research sites. A great resource.

Sports Lawyers Association
A newsletter and a few helpful tools.

SportsBiz Blog
Written by a corporate attorney who also practices sports law, this site covers both pro and college issues. It includes NCAA recruiting, lawsuits, NASCAR, etc. A great resource for finding experts on sports law and sports business.

The Sports Economist
Started by a Clemson economics professor, this blog offers in-depth business and statistical analysis of revenue data. Good place for coming up with story ideas.

The Sports Law Blog
Sports law professors weigh in the financial impact of off-field legal and economic issues. Great for sourcing.

Martindale Lawyer Locator
Search a free database of legal experts.

Student Press Law Center
Legal issues facing high school and college students.

Publishing Law Center
Links and articles on intellectual property and legal issues.

Criminal Justice Links
Florida State University School of
Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Counsel Connect
Pose questions to lawyers

NFL Player Arrests 2000-Present
List compiled by the San Diego Tribune and published in May 2007. Great for reference.

High School Sports

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National Federation of State High School Associations

National High School Coaches Association High School Sports
Site devoted to national prep news, features and resources.

Searchable site for prep news, video and more.

USA Today National High School Sports Page

American Academy of Pediatrics: Steroids and Teens

Positive Coaching Alliance
Conducts 6,000-plus workshops for youth sports coaches, parents, organizational leaders and athletes. Good for sourcing on sportsmanship and high school trend stories.

Chicago Sun-Times:
A comprehensive high school sports site that incorporates many Web 2.0 features.
Maps college football recruits by hometown. Sort by conference, school, etc. A very helpful tool.


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