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CB Gazette Slang Dictionary
CB radio lingo definitions. Learn what a "Kojak with a Kodak" is.
Employees spout off on bosses and each other.

Campaign Against Political Correctness
Free maps of the night sky and stars.

Chicago Sun-Times: ChicagoPedia
Learn Windy City lingo.
This site enables you to use Google Maps to plot your running or walking routes. It's fun and easy to use, and you can see exactly how much mileage you're racking up. Fun for a local story.
This site tracks what is playing on radio stations nationally and keeps a log.

Lazy Blogger Generator
A funny site that fills in the blanks for you!

The Art of Manliness: The Essential Men's Movie Library
Site tracks commercial ships at sea.
All you'd ever want to know about the old Batman series.

Holiday Excuse Generator

World Names Profiler
Use this tool to track a surname and map the results.

Community Media Workshop (
Part of Columbia College, this site has resources on covering important issues in Chicago.

Read about embarrassing things people Tweet about.

A blog about things guys like.

American Nudist Research Library
Established in 1979 to preserve the history of the social nudist movement in North America.
Funny, offbeat family photos scanned in from years past. Good for a laugh.

Web-based service that lets people create groups and leave audio messages for one another.
Write an e-mail and designate it to be sent to someone at a later date.

A look back at all of the futuristic stuff that was supposed to be in use in 2000 (flying cars, rocket belts, etc.)

The Resignator
This fun tool helps you draft a resignation letter.
Woman blogs about "Living Oprah" - for one year taking all of the advice given by Oprah Winfrey, her magazine, text updates, etc. She buys products Oprah endorses on the show, eats the food recommends and follows medical and lifestyle advice given on the show.
Locations sites of famous movies.

Star Wars Name Generator

Jedi Name Generator
Funny tips on hitting into bunkers, etc.

The Cuss Control Academy Tips
Tame your tongue!
Hate a site? Type in the URL and blow it up, shoot holes in it, etc.

Worst Jobs in History
From a British news station, a collection of worst jobs of the past 2,000 years.

The Beatles
Video, sound clips and more.

Short Celebrities
A hilarious site from Liquid Generation.

Comedy Central's Joke of the Day

Shakespearean Insulter
Hysterical putdowns, Bard-style.

Find the coolest, cleanest toilets in your area. Type in zip code and it lists public toilets that are rated sanitary by users.

A fun translation site.

Crazy Sytes
Dozens of links to fun pages.

Dumb Laws Database
Titled: Big Government. Small Brains. Dumb Laws. A collection of silly laws in the United States and othe countries. Good for news feature writing.
A joke site about homeland panic.
Read about new trendy words that have been used in recent media.
Includes great games, videos, art. How to Impress Your Date" and "Naughtybird.?
This site ultra-condenses classic books and is quite hilarious.

Things to Think About
All kinds of funny, offbeat "facts" and other things that will bend your noodle.

Colorful crime news stories from a roundup of police blotters throughout the nation.

Foreign Policy Blogs
Look up obscure useful words here, including slang and pop-culture language.

NORAD Santa Tracker
Follow Santa's Christmas Eve travels with this GPS site. Very funny.
A video site for vintage tractors, farm tractors and new tractors.
Stories about stupid people doing stupid things ... and the media who cover them. Stories submitted by readers.

Worldwide Words
Michael Quinion writes about international English from a British perspective. Fun with pop culture catch phrases.

Figures Myer-Briggs personality classification for blog authors.
A site completely devoted to finding lost socks.
As the URL indicates, this is a site that works to prevent "shopping cart abuse."

The Weird Site
Links to many unusual sites. TV Commercials
A look back at the great 80s commercials.

Salary Converter
Compare what you make with sports, entertainment stars.

All Things William
Find quotes from folks named Bill, a history of the name "William" and links to columns by famous "Bills.
A site for lefty-friendly items such as ball gloves, address books, tools and Danish soup spoons.

Wedding Betting
Predict if a couple will stay together based on what's in their wedding announcement.

America's Sweatiest Cities

Interest Calculator
Track the difference a small percentage change in interest can make on an investment over time.
Searchable database of video clips from around the world. Type in a name and search, chances are, you'll find some video clips.
Cool tips on how to you?re your bike in the snow, etc.

Physics of Cow-Tipping

A quirky, cool site about New York City.

Set up a temporary address for online shopping purposes.

This Flash tool converts text into a typographically gorgeous but hard-to-read image using images from Google. They are called typoPosters, a poster, created from images and letters/text that doesn?t have any sense, just to look good.

Tourist of Death
This poor slob is never in the right place.
As the title implies, the site focuses only on positive news.
Look up old-time radio shows online.

Toilet Facts
There?s a website for everything.

Demotivators 2002
A hilarious job site from Despair, Inc.
Lots of links to unusual (and usually useless) web sites.
Type in sentences and your computer repeats them back to you.

Who Shares Your Surname?
Searches back to 1850.

The Onion
Is there anything cooler?

3-D Glasses Download

Notes from the Road

Japanese Name Translation
Type in your first and last name, and get it back in katakana, the Japanese alphabet used to write foreign words.
Quirky photos and other random stuff.

Sled Riding Locations
This site makes recommendations all across the country.

Bad Movie Script Query Letters Blog
An Hollywood talent manager posts horrible script pitches. Funny.
Uses JAVA to map the popularity of baby names over time.

Work with clients? Here are some dumb quotes from some.
Links to more than 70 gripe sites. People complaining about everything in the corporate, consumer world, etc.

Hangman Game
Great for killing time!
A good humor site aimed at the web audience.

Belly Button Lint Study
The science of lint. Very strange site.

Soulmate Calculator
Use this database to determine your ideal mate. Funny.

Sixties City
Relive the decade of cool.

Hipster Handbook
A fun site on dressing, walking and talking the hip look.

Internet Anagram Server
What do the letters in your name spell?
Features silly, offbeat work stories from every business sector.
Offbeat roadside locations like drive-ins, tiki villages, petrol pumps, etc ...

Inspice: Lost and Found Database
Search this database/bulletin boards for lost items such as pets, lap tops, etc.
This site has no journalistic value. We just think it?s funny.
New wave music photos.

E-Bituaries: Home of Dead Dot-Coms
Look up dead sites.

A fan site dedicated to "freeing" Winona Ryder, who's accused of shoplifting. Order a T-shirt!
A site about ugly bridesmaids dresses. Links like this can add some humor to a boring weddings special section.

The 80s Server
ChiPs, New Wave and more.

Age Gauge
Type in a birthday and this calculator gives returns what your age was at certain points in history, how much older and younger you are than celebrities, etc.

The Amazing Baconizer
Give the Baconizer any two books, CDs, films or the like, and it'll determine for you how many degree of Bacon-esque separation there are between them.
People think it?s cool. So it must be.
A great flashback site.

Boston Guide to Local English
It?s not a car, it?s a cah.

Wacky Patent of the Month
This site features unusual flash cartoons, home of litterbox, lethal llama, and more.

A great site devoted to creative ideas, including inventions, themes for stores and restaurants and products.

Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things
Cool uses of household items. A new way of thinking.

Advertising Humor Site: Had Enough Info.
A mock agency site that is an absolute riot and is sadly true in many cases.

The Dialectizer
Convert English to several comic dialects. Hilarious.

Mr. Beller's Neighborhood
A collaborative online journal. The "table of contents" is a satellite photograph of New York City. Pick one of the areas highlighted as you scroll over the photo and get a bird's eye view image of landmarks in the area, or open up a text box with a story that happened in that area.
This site offers advice on when to go to the bathroom while watching a movie and not miss anything. Very funny.
You'll die laughing.

This Is Why You're Fat
Submit a photo of fat-filled food. Funny blog.

Twinkies Project
See people torture Twinkie cakes. Cool stuff!
Anecdotes about foolish criminals.

Liquid Generation
A great pop culture humor site that uses cool Flash animations.

Underwater Hockey Society
Stop the abuse!

Cyborger: Cyborg Name Converter
See what the acronym the letters of your name would spell if you were a cyborg.

TIME Magazine Cover Search Database
In conjunction with the 80th anniversary of TIME magazine, all of the magazine's covers (around 4,200 of them) are now searchable and can be viewed individually as high-resolution 400x527 images. Some of the topic searches are listed below.

TIME Magazine 80th Anniversary Special

TIME Magazine: Watergate Covers

TIME Magazine: Movie Covers

TIME Magazine: Sports Covers

Naked News
Mature Audiences Only: TV-style news delivered by newscasters in the buff!

A fun site with hilarious stories about famous people. Searchable index and organized by industries such as music, film, politics, etc.

Web Pages That Suck
A great offbeat/joke news site in the spirit of the Onion.
Tons of offbeat, goofy stories.

The Dialectizer
This mock site translates any Web site or block of text into several English dialects.
A mean, but funny, site.

Infinite Teen Slang Directory
?There are a near-infinite number of slang words which are still only in hypothetical usage among the youth of today and tomorrow - this service attempts to pre-emptively catalogue them, for the benefit of baby namers, dot-com registrars and other dangerously bored people.?
This is a 'zine published by a private author, but it has some good content of underground tunnels and buildings.

Time Capsule
Type in your birthdate and get a digest of news headlines, top song titles and other timely factoids covering that era.

Telemarketing Revenge Site
Links to resources that can help consumers gain vengeance, or maybe a monetary settlement, from obnoxious telemarketers.

Annoying or Not? Rate Celebrities
A veritable hit parade of song lyrics: parodies, misheard lyrics, and lyrics that are repetitive, funny, insulting, etc.

Pinball Database
A searchable database of specific designs. Very cool.

Get the lowdown on Twinkies and Ho Ho's.

Etiquette Hell
A special cyberplace created for the truly etiquette challenged, the purposely greedy, the ungrateful, and the uncivil members of society. Action Figures
Get your own George W. Bush or Osama bin Laden action figures.
Your online resource for nerd culture, life and work styles. Links, rankings, submit stories and more.
Attractive models with casts on their legs. Way cool.

Boston Guide to Local English
It?s not a car, it?s a cah.

Famous Name Changes
Track celebrities, politicians.

Graveyards of Chicago
Look for names of folks who've voted in Chicago elections. Twice.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
A BBC site that sees the world through hitchhikers' eyes.

American Heritage: Overrated, Underrated
Do you buy the hype? Check this site out.

No More AOL CDs
Join the crusade to rid the world of those mailed AOL CD-ROMS by donating them to the guys who built this site. They're attemptiing to collect 1 million of them to return to AOL with a "no thank you" note.

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy

Funeral Broadcasts
A chance to rewrite history, giving the user the chance to write their own scenarios and sequels to historical events. Example: What would have happened had JFK not been killed?

National Debt Clock
A cool tool that measures the debt and provides links to stories about the debt. MSNBC: Government Tax Refund Database
Does a state and/or the IRS owe you money? Type your name into this database and see.

Some states also have now put their lists of people who are owed money online.

Alternative Uses for Everyday Products

Check Your Weight on Other Planets

Where's George Money Tracker
This silly site allows people to track their American dollar bills.

Ridiculous things the President says. More fodder for Comedy Central.

The Ad Graveyard
Examples of ridiculous advertising that almost made it.

Famous Mugshots
Police mugs of celebrities.

Periodic Table of Funk
A tribute to all things funky.
Funny and some meaningful quotes and who said them.

Oxymoron List
Has a top 20 list.

You Guys Are Stupid
A group of guys walking from Chicago to San Francisco. Photo gallery, diary, etc.

Rich Johnson's site has become a must-read for sports journalists and sports nuts. Great discussion forums.

What does your phone number spell?

Virtual Beer Server
Some people REALLY have too much time on their hands.

Worst Case Scenarios
A hilarious survival handbook. Example: How to jump off a bridge.
Share your favorite lists of everything.

Make Your Own Newspaper

Corn Cam
Iowa Farmer magazine site's Web cam lets you watch the corn grow. The site also has a Dairy Cam and Soybean Cam.
Comedy video shorts posted online.

Mark Twain Guide
A great site on Twain from the Hannibal Courier-Post.
A cool clearinghouse of trick sites.
Look up real surfing spots.

Bogus News Network
Another news parody site.

The Political Graveyard
This page tells us where dead politicians are buried. Search by name, state, cemetery name, etc.

Timeless Mail
This product allows you to send e-mail after you're dead. Ties into your social security number and delivers pre-authored message.
Don't rely on accuracy of this site, but it posts a lot of executive salaries. Hilarious site! Mark Twain
Web site that accompanies Ken Burns' documentary on the author.

San Diego Chicken
Nice Flash opening. I'm a big fan of the Chicken.

Look up the grave site of your favorite dead public figure at
Type in an address, and it'll rate its walkability on a scale of 1 to 100.

DailyDoubter Blog

National Gallery of Art Searchable Database
Search for all of their pieces by artist, title, etc.

National Portrait Gallery Searchable Database
Search for all of their pieces by artist, title, etc.

BlueDonut: Your Car's Age in Human Years

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