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Martindale's Reference Desk
All kinds of resources.

Dictionary.com offers a free toolbar search (much like Google's). Comes in handy when Word's thesaurus fails.

American Heritage Dictionary

Your Dictionary.com: 100 Most Misspelled Words

Your Dictionary.com: 100 Most Mispronounced Words

A fast, accurate dictionary. Great for looking up words quickly.

Urban Dictionary
Urban slang dictionary. You can subscribe to daily updates of new submissions.

One Look Dictionaries
Search nearly 4 million words.

NetLingo.com Internet Dictionary
This is a modern dictionary of everyday jargon used at work, in cyberspace, and in "the real world." Easy-to-understand, its mission is to help all computer users learn some basic concepts about what the Internet is, how the Web works, and what you need to know to take part in the online world.

Thsrs: The Shorter Thesaurus
A great tool for headline writing. This thesaurus gives you synonyms the same length or shorter than the word you enter. This helps if you're stuck on a headline and can't think of a concise word to use on a tight headline count.

Forbes Investopedia
Dictionary of business terms, articles, tutorials, calculators and other helpful tools.

Confusing Words
A database of more than 3,000 words that get confused with other, or are difficult to understand. It?s great for sorting out small grammar issues, too.

Ever wonder what the tech department is talking about?

D-Lib Magazine (Digital Librarians)

Biographical dictionary with 33,000 entries.

Look up just about anything in this online encyclopedia.

National Archives
Thousands of public records and historical documents.

Info - Encyclopedia and Reference Resource
Browse articles in all areas of topics within Earth & Environment, History, Literature & Arts, Health & Medicine, People, Philosophy & Religion, Places, Plants & Animals, Science & Technology, Social Science, Law, Sports, Everyday Life, and more. Includes Country Studies and North America Gazetteer.

Think Exist
A free quotations search engine with more than 90,000 quotes.

Jewish Encyclopedia

Guinness Book of World Records

University of Tennessee at Martin: Encyclopedia of Philosophy
This resource allows users to look up philosophy topics.

A handy all-in-one lookup tool.

America's Library
A great research tool for kids and adults from the Library of Congress.

The Vocabula Review

Packed with useful word search tools, enter whatever related word you can think of and the site will help you find what looking for. You can find words that rhyme, similar spellings, synonyms and antonyms, similar sounding words, match consonants and more.

Fagan Finder Quotations and Proverbs Search
This site helps you find large sources of quotes, sayings, etc.

Free access to millions of topics from the world's leading publishers. Includes libraries, dictionaries, encyclopedias and other tools.

Astronomical Almanac

PBS Animal Encyclopedia
Hundreds of helpful facts and stats.

Not sure of a definition of a phobia? Look it up in this database.

Reference Universe
Lists encyclopedias and other online reference books. Very handy site for launching a search on a specific topic.

Users write encyclopedia entries. Double-check all facts.

Google Knol
Similar to Wikipedia, this online encyclopedia lets users enter their own "knols" (similar to Wikis) and edit/update them. Be careful with information from these sites and double-check facts.

Who, What, When Database
Great for quick fact-checking. A database of "key people and events from 1000 A.D. to the present." Create graphic timelines of periods in history and of the lives of individuals.

Tips and how-to.

So You Wanna
Tips and how-to.

Search 35 reference titles in one place.

Catchwords and phrases.

Yahoo! Education: Shakespeare's Complete Works

WorldClock Time Zones
sTrack your time zone from any other city/zone in the world.

NASA Images Library

Millions of historical newspaper articles, dating back to 1759. Includes "Today in History" and a newsletter archive.

MAPLight.org: Money and Politics
Database makes connections between legislative votes and campaign donations.

Reports on media corrections, retractions, apologies, clarifications and trends regarding accuracy and honesty in the press. It was launched in October 2004 by Craig Silverman, a freelance journalist and author based in Montreal.

AIM: Accuracy in Media
Explores fairness and balance in news stories. Covers recent issues with blogs and other updates.

Encyclopedia of Chicago
Terminology, history of the city, from the Chicago Historical Society.

CB Gazette Slang Dictionary
CB radio lingo definitions. Learn what a "Kojak with a Kodak" is.

FindHow's Writing Page
A great resource for accomplishing everyday tasks with a particular emphasis on writing topics.

Media Standards Trust
An independent, not for profit organization that promotes high standards in news on behalf of the public.

RegrettheError.com: 2008 -- The Year in Media Errors and Corrections

Stinky Journalism
Journalism, online journalism ethics and accuracy blog.

Encyclopedia of Mathematics
More than 8,000 entries.

RefDesk Fast Facts
A great collection of online encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.

EurekAlert: Science Dictionaries and Glossaries

OneLook Dictionary Search

Atlases, glossaries, and many specialized encyclopedias.

Cyberlaw Encyclopedia

Learner.org: Math in Daily Life

Institute for Analytic Journalism

Water Calculator
Form helps you determine how much water you use in a day.

CPI Inflation Calculator

Flowing Data: 30 Resources to Find the Data You Need
Data on government and politics, geographic information, etc.

MLK Day Links

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The Martin Luther King Jr. Papers Project
This site from Stanford is a "research effort to assemble and disseminate historical information concerning Martin Luther King, Jr. and the social movements in which he participated." Includes text and audio of speeches, links, bio, publications and life chronology. Front page has a nice set of "Frequently Asked Documents" links.

MLK history, media information and information on current and past celebrations (includes dates, locations and times).

Seattle Times: Martin Luther King Bio
This in-depth biographical information was created to mark the 70th anniversary of King's birth. Includes a King timeline, civil rights timeline, photos, background and more.

MLKDay.org: Day of Service
An official 2002 holiday celebration site full of national news and resources about the day.

The King Center.org's Beloved Community Site
Group committed to preserving King's legacy and carrying his work forward.

History and Politics Out Loud
A database of famous political speeches, including John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Winston Churchill and Richard Nixon. Search by speech title, speaker's name or date. Note: Your browser may need plug-ins to hear the audio.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
See how the Atlanta paper is covering the celebrations.

LSU's MLK Writings Bibliography

Infoplease.com: Civil Rights Movement Timeline

Holidays.net: MLK Day
Some basic background links.

FamilyEducation.com's MLK Page
This site helps families broaden their knowledge of King's life and legacy as they celebrate his birthday. Includes quizzes, resources, activities and background on Black history.

Iraq Background

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ACES: Iraq Facts
Research from The American Copy Editors Society. Links to military, weapons, media outlets and more.

Lists and analyzes death statistics for the war in Iraq. Charts are set up by date, country, etc. Also links to international news stories about death toll in Iraq.

A+ Country Reports - Iraq
Offers a wealth of information on all of the countries of the world. Like the CIA's World Factbook, A+ Country Reports presents up-to-date information on population, geography, economy, history, and politics.

American Kurdish Information Center
The American Kurdish Information Network (AKIN) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization established in 1993 to serve the information needs of this country relative to the Kurds. It does this to fulfill two needs: ours, to hold a mirror to the events that are taking place in the Kurdish regions of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria and those of the American public, to enable them to have access to collected materials on the subject.

CNN: Iraq Casualties Page

Iraq Coalition Casualties

LA Times: Iraq Battlefield Medicine
A three-part LA Times series by David Zucchino and Rick Loomis on battlefield medicine in Iraq.

Voice of Jihad Database
From the RAND Corporation, this is a compilation of speeches, interviews, statements, and publications of jihadist leaders, foot soldiers, and sympathizers. Nearly all content is in English translation, and has been collected from publicly-accessible websites. Original links are provided, along with excerpts and full-text content when available.

Shots from Iraq, etc.

A great resource for digital photography. Look up photos, equipment, get advice, etc.

The AlJazeera English (Iraq Photos)
Search through past stories.

U.S. Army: Digital Video & Imagery Distribution System
Search through past stories.

River Bend: Iraq Blog
Search through past stories.

Iraq-related web sites
From Arab German Consulting.

Apparatus of Lies: Saddam's Disinformation and Propaganda, 1990-2003
Discusses the lies that Iraq has used to promote its propaganda and disinformation. The site includes a downloadable PDF version and related links. From the Office of the President of the United States.

PBS Frontline: Private Companies That Make America's War in Iraq Run

Saddam Hussein's Iraq: A Decade of Defiance and Deception
Resources related to the official White House position on Iraq. Includes Presidential remarks, key documents, press briefings, timelines, photos of Iraqi weapons facilities, remarks by cabinet members, and related links. From the Office of the President of the United States.

Middle East Intelligence Bulletin

Iraq Country Information
From the U.S. Department of State.

Map of Iraq
From the UN Cartographic Office.

BBC News: Key Maps
Clickable map of the Middle East region showing military build-up, presidential palaces, dissidents, oilfields, weapons, etc. Iraq Navigator, is a more detailed, animated map that allows viewers to choose which elements to display. From BBC News.

BBC News: Military Fact Files
Information on military forces of the U.K., U.S., and Iraq, and the missile defenses of Israel. Browse by firepower, biochemical weapons, forces, and equipment for air, land, and sea. Also provides information on biological warfare, including delivery, storage, transport, spread, detection, protective equipment, antidotes, and proliferation.

Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms
The perfect gift for your favorite copy editor.

Military Front for Families Support
"A place for all who have loved ones serving in today's military. Our goal is to help military families help themselves.Includes info on families moving, homeschooling, and black military history, as well as a forum and links to other support sites.

War Report -- Iraq War and Afghan Aftermath
This helpful omnibus of links to timely research, editorials, papers, and other written material on the situation in both Iraq and Afghanistan is provided by the Project on Defense Alternatives. The Project was found in 1991, and part of its mission is to adapt security policy to the challenges and opportunities of the post-Cold War era. Toward this end it promotes consideration of the broadest range of defense options.

Arabic Newspapers and Magazines
Note: many of these are in Arabic

Iraq Daily

BBC: Conflict with Iraq

DEBKA file is a self-supporting Internet publication devoted to independent, investigative reporting and forward analysis in the fields of international terrorism, intelligence, international conflict, Islam, military affairs, security and politics.

From washingtonpost.com.

Iraq: 10 Years After Gulf War
A background article from the January 2001 issue of Foreign Policy in Focus.

Coordinated by independent journalists Jeremy Scahill and Jacqueline Soohen on the ground in Baghdad, IraqJournal provides a forum for the distribution of independent information and views from Iraq. Updated several times every week; includes articles, clips from radio programs, videos, and related links.

Kurdistan Observer
Bringing you the latest news regarding Kurds and Kurdistan.

Jerusalem Post - Middle East sites
Features links to Iraq Daily, Hizbollah, Aljazeera, other Middle East media.

Pak Tribune
A Pakistani newspaper.

Radio Free Iraq

Showdown: Iraq
This is a special news report on the status of Iraq's compliance of the United Nation Security Council's Resolution 1441 (November 8, 2002) on weapons inspection. It includes the latest news, quotes, and analysis by the chief U.N. weapons inspector, the U.S. Secretary of Defense, and news reporters. There is also information on Iraq, the military, and other top stories.

Unseen Gulf War
A collection of images of the human consequence of war. These photographs were taken "along 'the mile of death' the morning the day the war stopped during the First Gulf War. According to the photographer, the "televised, aerial, and technological version of the conflictfailed to show the horror of its human realities as does this collection. From The Digital Journalist.

The Future of a Post-Saddam Iraq: A Blueprint for American Involvement
From The Heritage Foundation.

GlobalSecurity.Org - Target Iraq
In addition to lots of military-related information, this site includes links to Iraq-related websites from numerous governments as well as pro-war and anti-war websites.

From Global Policy Forum, this page provides information on the crisis situation in Iraq as well as more specific articles on sanctions issues.

Iraq and the UN
From the Federation of American Scientists.

Iraq Special Weapons: Nuclear, Biological Chemical and Missile Proliferation News
A comprehensive compilation of news sources, news reports, analysis and official documents on nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and delivery systems. Iraq and the United Nations provides in-depth information, resolutions, documents, and related resources on the world's core conficts. From The Federation of American Scientists.

Saddam and the Bomb
From the Nuclear Control Institute.

War with Iraq: Costs, Consequences, and Alternatives [.pdf]
Released as part of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences Committee on International Security Studies Occasional Papers series, this 93-page report from December 2002 examines the political, military, and economic consequences of war with Iraq.

AFSC's Iraq Peacebuilding Program - from The American Friends Service Committee.

BBC News - In Pictures - World Peace Protests
Pictures from protests all over the world, submitted to the BBC by phone-cam.

Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq (CASI)
The Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq (CASI) aims to raise awareness of the effects of sanctions on Iraq, and campaigns on humanitarian grounds for the lifting of non-military sanctions. CASI does not support or have ties to the government of Iraq.

International A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism)
International A.N.S.W.E.R. focuses its efforts on opposing U.S. war with Iraq. Activities include organizing mass demonstrations (such as the Jan. 18, 2003 march and rally in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere). The Web site includes information about local and regional organizing centers, flyers to download, a list of endorsers, and the "scenariosmotivating these activities.

Human Rights Watch: Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan

Iraq Foundation
Human rights organization covering the political, social and economic situation under the regime of Saddam Hussein.

Iraq Human Rights Resources
From Amnesty International.

Iraq Resource Information Site - The Sanctions War

Life & Death in Iraq- report on a delegation of medical workers and others who attempted to gauge the effect of sanctions on Iraqi citizens, especially children. By Larry Johnson and Dan DeLong of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, May 1999.

Relief Web
This is News from the UN on the humanitarian situation in Iraq.

CIA World Factbook
An incredibly useful source of public information on 266 nations and world regions.

Yahoo! News - Iraq
Features numerous links to Iraq-related websites.

Iraq Foundation
Human rights organization covering the political, social and economic situation under the regime of Saddam Hussein.

Iraqi National Congress
Coalition of political organizations that oppose the rule of Saddam Hussein.

Defiance in the Desert
Profiles the background of the conflict, the weapons inspections controversy, Kurds in Iraq, and more. From the CBC.

Iraq: 10 Years After Gulf War
An article from the January 2001 issue of Foreign Policy in Focus.

United Nations Office of the Iraq Programme
The Office of the Iraq Programme (OIP) was established in October 1997 to implement the oil for food programme for Iraq established by Security Council resolution 986 (1995).

a href="http://www.un.org/Depts/unmovic/index.htm" target=_new>UNMOVIC
Monitors and verifies Iraqi compliance not to acquire weapons prohibited by the Security Council; oversees Iraqi disarmament of weapons of mass destruction, including chemical, biological weapons and missiles.

Original UN commission that performed on-site inspections into Iraq biological, chemical, and missile capabilities. Existed from 1991 to 1999.

U.S. Institute of Peace: Iraq's Cultural Heritage: Preserving the Past for the Sake of the Future

"Overview of State-Sponsored Terrorism," in Patterns of Global Terrorism -- 2000
Released by the Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism, U.S. Department of State, April 2001.

Life & Death in Iraq
Report on a delegation of medical workers and others who attempted to gauge the effect of sanctions on Iraqi citizens, especially children. By Larry Johnson and Dan DeLong of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, May 1999.

Sanctions Against Iraq
Information on the sanctions imposed on Iraq after the Gulf War, articles, and analysis. From the Global Policy Forum, monitor of policy making at the United Nations.

Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq (CASI)
The Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq (CASI) aims to raise awareness of the effects of sanctions on Iraq, and campaigns on humanitarian grounds for the lifting of non-military sanctions. CASI does not support or have ties to the government of Iraq.

Citizens Concerned for the People of Iraq (CCPI)
CCPI is dedicated to ending the economic sanctions imposed on Iraq by members of the United Nations Security Council. According to UNICEF, the sanctions have, to date, contributed to the deaths of half a million children under the age of five.

Children of Iraq
Independent effort that seeks to inform people of the "humanitarian catastrophe caused by the United Nations sanctions which are hurting ... and killing the children of Iraq."

American Kurdish Information Center
The American Kurdish Information Network (AKIN) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization established in 1993 to serve the information needs of this country relative to the Kurds. It does this to fulfill two needs: ours, to hold a mirror to the events that are taking place in the Kurdish regions of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria and those of the American public, to enable them to have access to collected materials on the subject.

Academic Info's Iraq Studies Section

Congressional Research Reports: Iraq: U.S. Efforts to Change the Regime
A .PDF file.

Congressional Research Reports: Iraq: Compliance, Sanctions, and U.S. Policy
A .PDF file.

Congressional Research Reports: Oil-For-Food Program, International Sanctions, and Illicit Trade
A .PDF file.

Angelfire: Iraq Issues Links
Links to about 10-12 good sites.

Teaching Tools

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National Scholastic Press Association Student Sourcebook
A directory of links and contact information for resources and organizations of interest to high school journalists.

ACES Copy Editing Tests

Resources for journalism instructors at many levels: high school, college, newsroom, etc.

Resources for college journalism instructors.


Rethinking Schools: Online Geography Test
A good quiz to give young reporters.

Thsrs: The Shorter Thesaurus
A great tool for headline writing. This thesaurus gives you synonyms the same length or shorter than the word you enter. This helps if you're stuck on a headline and can't think of a concise word to use on a tight headline count.

Cyberjournalist.net: Best 9-11 Anniversary Coverage
Links to several of the top sites for Sept. 11 anniversary coverage. As the collection tells you, most of the sections are polished, prepackaged and in-depth. Studying this work can be a great way to get fresh ideas and learn how to tell stories in new ways.

Mervin Block's Broadcast Newswriting Workshop
A tips section is available from two of his newswriting textbooks. An occasional mailing list is available by writing to mervinblock-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

AP Style Exercises Online
Developed by Ron Hartung, writing/editing coach at the Tallahassee Democrat.

This site from University of North Carolina professor Frank Fee, is a collection of syllabi and links to online editing course syllabi that was created under the auspices of the Newspaper Division of AEJMC. (Note: Some of the links may be broken or outdated. The site is regularly being updated.)

Tolerance.org: Teaching Title IX and Gender Equity

No Train, No Gain
A great collection of handouts and contacts for newsroom training.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly or Why It's A Good Idea to Evaluate Web Resources
From Susan E. Beck of the New Mexico State University Library.

ASNE: HighSchoolJournalism.org
American Society of Newspaper Editors' site has hundreds of stories and resources for high school journalists.

Link TV: Know the News
A set of free educational web-based News Literacy tools focusing on international television news. Students create their own news stories by editing video from a wide variety of U.S. and international TV news reports; and their own news-talk program using out-takes from a nationally broadcast studio-based discussion series.

A social network for newsroom trainers, started by Steve Buttry of No Train, No Gain. The site grew from the old Newscoach listserv.

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators at DiscoverySchool.com

Links to resources, organizations, workshops, programs and related Web sites for high school journalism teachers and students.

Television News Center
A public nonprofit that trains TV journalists. Site offers tips, training, etc.


Pressnet: Journalists, Journalism and Mass Media in Internet
Site editors say it's for "journalists, mass media, students, teachers and professors of the journalism and the social communication." Includes a world directory and specialized directory.

Plugged In: Using the Internet for High School and Professional Journalism
Downloading this online publication from the Radio and Television News Directors Foundation will prove valuable to students and educators, station interns and journalists new to the profession.

Encyclopedia of Television
Simple-to-use site for fact-checking.

Media Literacy Teachers' Toolkit
Resources from MediaChannel.org.

Photojournalism e-book: Breaking into Photojournalism
Kenneth Wajda, an author and an award-winning photojournalist, wrote an e-book for students and other photographers interested in how to break into the business of photojournalism. He covers how to find and shoot spot news, the importance of professional ethics and respect, how to build a sports and people portfolio on the side, and how to approach news and photo editors with your photographs. A must-read for aspiring photojournalists. EVE Online Plagiarism Finder
This site offers a free copy of EVE software free for 15 days.

Connect Online, LLC
An online directory of writing education for journalism, poetry, screenwriting, etc.

State Departments of Education
Links to all of them.

International WWW Schools Registry

Free access to the largest collection of public education data ever assembled.

State Legislative Sites
Links to all of them.

American Council on Education

EdWeek: Early Childhood Education Rankings (By State)
See how your state scored.

CollegeBoard.com: The New SAT

College Affordability: State Rankings
A list from the Lumina Foundation. See how your state ranks.

State-by-State Teacher Salary Survey
Averages by state. Starting salaries, etc.

Center for Academic Integrity

National Public School Locator Search
Searchable database on schools, number of students, student-teacher ratio, student body ethnic makeup; search by school name, location, zip, grade.

American School Directory
Do searches for schools.

Track down Canadian schools.

U.S. Department of Education Strategic Plans & Annual Reports

U.S. Educational Resource Directory
A searchable directory of educational organizations. Search by form or by image map.

"Establish a national forum on the design and implementation of education policies that empower all children to achieve their personal bests in school and in life."

National Center for Education Statistics
A complete electronic catalog and fast facts.

U.S. Education Statistics: A Research Guide
Duke Universities Libraries has put together an extensive amount of educational resources like a private school locator, an international archive of education data and state salary surveys for teachers.

School District Data Book
National Center for Education Statistics' electronic library. Includes financial data on every U.S. school district.

International Archive of Education Data
Includes results of elementary, secondary, post-secondary and school library surveys, including synopses and raw data.

Academic Standards
Yahoo! offers K-12 academic standards for 40 states.

Newsweek: America?s Top 100 High Schools

Department of Education: Public Education Data
Covers elementary and secondary schools from U.S.

National Academies' National Research Council
Advisors on science, engineering and medicine.

Healthy Schools Network

ERIC Database
National Education Resources Information Center at Syracuse University offers research and materials from all federally funded labs.

Family Taxpayers Network
Look up teacher salaries at Illinois public schools. Helpful research tool.

Education Writers' Association Research Page
Hot topics, demographics and studies on K-12.

U.S. Department of Education Statistics
Index of various manuals you can buy.

Education Associations and Organizations
Dozens of sites for journalists covering any level of education.

U.S. Department of Education

Academe Today
Chronicle of Higher Education.

National Education Association

Digest of Education Statistics (2002)

Site offers free, detailed information on U.S. public schools combined with useful community data (e.g., housing costs) and maps of the surrounding areas.

Site offers free, detailed information on U.S. private schools combined with useful community data (e.g., housing costs) and maps of the surrounding areas.

School Bus Data
Injury, accidents and other national statistics.

School Bus Seat Belt Issue FAQ

National Association of Pupil Transportation: School Bus Safety

Nation's Report Card
The Department of Education administers NAEP in several subject areas and publishes quantitative results in the participating states. state results.

National Center for Education Stats: School Locator
A great search tool.

Overview of Public School Districts, 2001-02
From the National Center for Education Stats.

Educating School Leaders Report

Public School Student, Staff and Graduate Counts (2001-02)

Links to dozens of education sites.

Miami Herald: Crumbling Schools
A great in-depth series on the poor shape of Miami-Dade County schools.

U.S. News & World Report: Higher Education Databases
A searchable directory of colleges, including the magazine's famous rankings by subject.

College Opportunities Online
Links to more than 9,000 colleges, trade schools and universities in the United States.

U.S. Census: Back-to-School Statistics

National Tutoring Association

National Federation of State High School Associations

Peterson's Grad School Resources
A good directory of graduate school links and background materials.

College and University Pages
Links to nearly every school imaginable.

EASI: Easy Access for Students and Institutions
U.S. Department of Education site on paying for college tuition. Some interesting background reading.

Legislation, Regulations and Policy Guidance

Network Nuggets
Links to dozens of education sites.


Education Week
Electronic version of the magazine. Daily news updates.

Education Writers Association
For education reporters.

National Assessment of Educational Progress
NAEP was mandated by Congress to monitor knowledge, skills, and performance of the nation's children.

National Institute for Early Education Research

MSN.com: Beating Scholarship Fraud
Seven tips from experts.

"Defending Civilization: How Our Universities Are Failing America and What Can Be Done About It"
Though short, this .PDF format report from The American Council of Trustees and Alumni(ACTA), a nonprofit co-founded by Lynne Cheney and Senator Joseph I.Lieberman, has been getting quite a bit of media attention. The report is a scathing condemnation of universities for being "the weak link in America's response to the [September 11th] attack," a label earned in part because faculty "invoked tolerance and diversity as antidotes to evil" and did not discuss the "difference between good and evil." The report charges academia with disseminating the message to "blame America first."

FinAid.org: Basics on College Financial Aid

Gap Year
Offers resources on taking a year off before college.

Year Out Group
Offers resources on taking a year off before college.

Taking Off
Offers resources on taking a year off before college.

Time Magazine Education Coverage

Washington Post Education Coverage

The National Home Education Research Institute

Children?s Defense Fund
The press releases section is a great source for new studies and news about poverty, safety, school cuts, etc.

CNN's Education Page
Great breaking news and trend stories in education.

School Facility Manufacturers' Association

Links to several good stories and education sites.

Coalition for Student and Academic Rights (COSTAR)
A network of lawyers, professors and students aimed at protecting academic rights. Good for finding sources and backgrounding.

St. Paul Pioneer Press: Where Race and Discipline Meet
Proportionately, minority students are suspended much more often than white students, a study shows.

Electronic School News



Association of Boarding Schools

National Association of Federal Education Program Administrators
Only a bunch of academics could have a title this long. It's a good site though, with links of interest and a newsletter.

The American School Board Journal
Several trend stories and educational resources and studies.

Claims it's the "first global portal for children, parents and teachers.

Council for Advancement and Support of Education

Study Guides and Strategies
A resource guide from the Learning Center of the University of St. Thomas.

The Digest of Education Statistics, 2001


FREE: Education Resources
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) makes hundreds of Net-based education resources easier to find. Features sections on technology, safety, etc.

Education Writers Association
A great site that includes research reports, story idea list, reporting tips and archive of good projects.

Quality Schools Now
This site allows people to share information about public schools and school staff who are either exceptionally helpful, or exceptional duds. It initially focusing on Genesee County, Mich., but it will be expanded until it acts as a gateway site to similar material for all of the United States.

This site has a section dedicated to the new SAT (new in 2004) that features stories, tips and answers questions about the exam.

The Internet in Public Schools
The National Center for Education Statistics has survey results measuring Internet access in U.S. public schools from 1994 to 2000.

SelectSurf Education Links
Links to several great education sites.

Education Index

Heritage.org Report Card
Non-profit Washington D.C. think tank allows you to locate resources by state and compare public and private schools.

Privately run site covers mostly Arizona and California; may expand to other states.

School Wise Press
Compare California schools by using variables such as test scores and demographics.

MIT's World College and University Links

Galaxy Directions Education Site

Title I/Compensatory Education Programs

Offers studies and stats on teacher shortages nationwide.

NEA: National Teacher Shortage
Offers studies and stats.

Schoolwide IDEA Book

National Assessment of Educational Progress

Casey Journalism Center for Children and Families
A center for journalists who cover issues that affect children and families in America.

Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE) Home Page

Office of Research and Improvement (OERI)

Class Size Reduction

Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration Program

Association of School Business Officials

National Association of Secondary School Principals

National Association of Elementary School Principals

Generation YES: Youth and Educators Succeeding
Several cool projects, including a youth technology mentorship program.

Education Publications

Curriculum Services

Council of Chief State School Officers

Council of the Great City Schools

Title I Report

LessonTutor.com: Study Tools
Great for back-to-school stories, this is a list of study tools for school kids.

National Education Goals Panel

Institute for Educational Leadership

Roll Call Online

Find helpful sites for research.

Universities List

USA Colleges

AcademicInfo.net Research Resources
Has links on the 9-11 tragedy and other information.

Socratic Tutor
This service requires a fee, but it coaches you on the Socratic method of asking questions.

National Commission on the Senior Year
An education research and watchdog group on education standards.

Special Ed News
Focuses on special education and student/teaching needs.

Learning Exchange
News updates, education links and more.

Awards non-profit and philanthropy grants. Site has a publications, newsletters, research and sources page that could be helpful to journalists.

Schools to Watch
Organization promoting middle-grades school reform. Good place to find sources to speak on the topic.

Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning
A good links/resource page, state resources and more.

A state-by-state breakdown of cybercheating, based on papers tested through Plagiarism.org's Turnitin.com program.

This is an information and resource site for high school athletes who want to apply for college athletic scholarships. Teaches students basic communication skills.

The Youth Free Expression Network (Y-FEN)
An anti-censorship coalition to challenge Internet filters, v-chips, abstinence-only education, etc.

America's Alumni Directory

Features an alumni directory and more.

Bullying Online
A UK journalist shares this site, which is based in England but deals with school bullying issues from all over the world. Many reference and tips for parents, administrators, kids, etc.

Scholastic Research Tools: Women's History

American Alumni Directory

American Universities
Search this database of colleges from the University of Florida.

Colleges E-Mail Finder

UK: Friends Reunited
A database of thousands of UK schools and colleges. Also search for workplace alums.

College Campus Phone Book Server
Look through nearly 350 campus phone books.

Nearly 5,000 listings of colleges, universities.

Five College Archives Digital Access Project

Women In World History Curriculum

American Women's History: A Research Guide

Internet Women's History Sourcebook

A children's reading website, where kids (ages 7-10) can go online everyday (except Friday and Saturday), and read a short story which begins every Sunday and continues with the same plot through the following Thursday.

Alliance for Catholic Education
Run by Notre Dame, this site offers news, resources, etc.

School Nutrition Association
Many helpful resources, including food safety, legislative action, newsroom, recipes, nutritional facts, studies, etc.

No Child Left Behind Reauthorization Database

Edutopia.org: George Lucas Educational Foundation
Video library, teacher training, development tools and more.

Teacher Planet
Lesson plans, research, calendar of events and other resources for teachers. Includes some current events and journalism teaching resources.

Who, What, When Database
Great for quick fact-checking. A database of "key people and events from 1000 A.D. to the present." Create graphic timelines of periods in history and of the lives of individuals.

WorldClock Time Zones
sTrack your time zone from any other city/zone in the world.


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