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Physics of Baseball Web Site
Links to academic research and studies about various aspects of baseball physics.

Baseball Research Center
Describes itself as the "Center of Excellence for the Science and Engineering of Baseball" for both experimental and analytical methods. The center focuses on baseball bat performance and durability, and the Center is the official certification center for all NCAA baseball bats and Major League Baseball bats.
Gamblers tend to use these sites, but some media use them for long-term team projections and generate fun stories. AccuScore forecasts the future of sports, just like the weather forecast predicts the weather, using a complex simulation engine run off of a bank of super computers.

National Association of Sports Officials
Special reports, community relations, educational materials, newsletters and more.

National Youth Sports Safety Foundation
Special reports, community relations, educational materials, newsletters and more.
A youth coaching tips site.

National Association for Sport and Physical Education

American Flag and Touch Football League

World of Croquet

Lawn Bowls International

National Horseshoe Pitchers Association

Wall Street Sports
A fun fantasy sports site; buy and sell players of value.

A mixture of news and social networking for sports fans. You can tailor the page to feed specific stories, comments, a fan-finder using Google Earth and more.
Home of the Ultimate NCAA Message Board Directory and the Conference Realignment Forums. Find news articles, forum discussions, and polls regarding the topic of college conference realignment. The Ultimate NCAA Message Board Directory is the most comprehensive listing of college fan sites on the internet, updated daily.

On the Snow
Ski reports, online community, equipment and other resources.

This site is a crossroads of business and sports. It offers NBA stats, player profiles and a cool trade checker that measures whether a team should make a deal or not.
Olympic sports and soccer news site that includes an online press release distribution system. Very handy for journalists.
The site?s founder has been intereviewed by many sports journalists who have been interested in sport psychology. In addition, Dr. Granat has counseled coaches, athletes and families represesenting a wide range of sports. In addition, he has developed several self-help programs for athletes.

The National Disability Sports Alliance (NDSA)
A national nonprofit organization, providing quality sports, recreation and fitness opportunities for individuals with physical disabilities. Primary disabilities served include individuals with cerebral palsy and survivors of brain injuries and strokes. Current sports offered include: athletics, boccia, bowling, cycling, equestrian, indoor wheelchair soccer, powerlifting, soccer and swimming.

United States Sports Academy
Outdoor sports.


Association of Surfing Professionals World Tour

Surfer Magazine

East Coast Surfing Championships

Photos, news, sufology, wave reports, etc. Helpful for reporters covering surfing events in Florida, the West Coast or Hawaii.

Surfrider Foundation


All About Fly Fishing

Fly Fish America Online


Saltwater Fishing Fishing

Bass Fishing Network

Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide

General Sites/Daily Publications


ABC Sports

Sports Illustrated Vault
Archive of more than 50 years of SI stories and photos.
Links to nearly every online newspaper site.

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Sun-Times

Sports Directories

Yahoo! Sports Historical Sports Stats Database
Online magazine that features interviews, book reviews, etc.
Comprehensive, broken down by sports, papers, columnists, etc. and with links to team and league Web sites. Good industry talk.

Esports Media Group
Several links to columns and other news about cybersports world.
Message boards and industry talk.
A good general clearinghouse site. Daily top headlines and a strong search engine.

The Bleacher Report
Stories and updates on several sports stories. Part of the Fox Sports on MSN Network.
The page that takes you to articles from various national publications that write about field turf, stadium and field issues, etc.

STATS Inc.'s Historical Stats Database
Stats for hockey, basketball, baseball and football

This site, affiliated with The Sports Institute at Boston University, explores the art and craft of sports journalism. It consists of Q &A interviews with sports media pros - veteran and novice. The site's goal is to humanize sports media while serving as a teaching resource.

On Sports Blog
Written by Joe Gisondi, who teaches journalism at Eastern Illinois University. Covers everything from youth sports to the pros.
Founded in 1989 for the purpose of computerizing play-by-play accounts of as many pre-1984 major league games as possible. Good for basic fact-checking on stats, history, etc.
This site enables you to use Google Maps to plot your running or walking routes. It's fun and easy to use, and you can see exactly how much mileage you're racking up. Fun for a local story.

Sports Illustrated: Top 50 Paid U.S. Athletes

Sports Blogs

Sports blog covers sports, sports media and other issues with an edge.

Moneyplayers Blog
Marc Isenberg's blog covers the business of sports, from preps to the pros.

Jason Peck's Sports Blog
Covers the digital community of sports.

Lombardi on Football
A former NFL executive blogs about the league. Some great scoops and perspective.

Major League Baseball Blogs
Players and others blog on the game, life.

Major League Baseball Trade Rumors
A great blog that tracks trades, gossip and news. Links off to several national publications. One-stop shopping for trade information.

Gilbert Arenas Blog
A colorful, entertaining blog from Washington Wizards guard.

Crime Databases and Statistics

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2007 FBI Uniform Crime Report
Look up crimes by state, classification, population group, etc.

2007 FBI Bank Robbery Statistics

2006 FBI Violent Crimes Statistics
Review nationally, by region, state, county, city, universities, etc.

2005 FBI Uniform Crime Report

2001 FBI Crime Statistics Summary
Also available as a full-text document.

Safest Cities List
A list of America's safest and most dangerous cities (as of December 2001).

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
From the State University of New York at Albany.

Interpol Most Wanted "Red Notices"

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data
Searchable databases of 500+ criminal-justice data collections.

Property Room: Stolen Property Lookup
A combined information service on criminal records, stolen property, missing persons, wanted persons, con artists and unsolved crimes.
Site features cops from large jurisdictions and has done lots of stuff on police shootings, etc.

National Registry of Sex Offenders
Links to all the state sex offender databases run by state or local police. Search by zip code for names and addresses of sex offenders in a particular community. Some of these sites, such as Illinois have fairly complete databases. However, some have less than one-third of all sex offenders registered. Be sure to double-check any information you get.

State Sex Offender Registries
Thirty-four states have them, but many are under review for accuracy.

PsychLaws: Tragedies Database
Search by state. Crime Coverage Tips for Broadcasters

WHO@ (Working to Halt Online Abuse)
Resources, stats, facts and protection tips about online stalking. Debt to Society/Prison Issues
The site offers a searchable database on the prison systems of all 50 states over a 20-year period, including details on prison spending vs. education spending.

Crime Spider
Links you to one of the best sites on the Web. Type in a word and find information on cybercrime, forensics, the FBI, investigation techniques, serial killers, missing persons, gang violence and more.

Bureau of Justics Statistics: Household Crimes Study
Uses Google maps to track crime patterns.

Department of Justice: National Crime Victimization Survey
A searchable database of stats and studies on various crimes.
Provides criminal background reports to employers, landlords or anyone wishing to ensure their safety. Users can access their own private database of saved criminal record reports. U.S. state, county, national, federal and sex offender registry reports are available.

IRE/NICAR Homicide Database
Contains new FBI database that details the age, sex and race information of offenders and victims, as well as other details.

The Crime Library

Jury Verdict Research
A for-profit company that maintains a database of nearly 200,000 verdicts and settlements resulting from personal injury claims.

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics

White House Social Statistics/Crime Briefing Room

Justice Research and Statistics Association

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data

World Factbook of Criminal Justice Systems

National Criminal Justice Reference Service Crime Stats
Search nationally and by state. Inmate Database
Includes searchable databases of inmates in several states, as well as links to crime fighting organizations and agencies.

IRE and NICAR: Legal Databases
There is a fee for the legal databases.

U.S. DOT: Fatal Accident Reporting System Database
This links to details and samples of the data. NICAR charges for the full database. The data covers 1975-2001 and contains information on automobile accidents on public U.S. roads that resulted in the death of one or more people within 30 days of the accident.

North Carolina Corrections Database
Prisoners & fun facts about prisoners, such as what they're in for and for how long.

Stanford University: Prison Experiment
An online tour of a 1971 psychology experiment on California college students sent to prison. Photos, video, background. Interesting research.

U.S. Surveillance Statistics
Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts on behalf of the U.S. Courts. 2001 Wiretap Report.

Contains links to a number of databases including unclaimed property, railroad accidents, currency converter, attorney and physician profiles, language translators, crime reports, etc.

Social Security Death Records

Public Records Online
Search state-by-state criminal records, real estate information and more.

Bureau of Justice Statistics
Several different kinds of federal statistics on crime and justice.

Department of Justice's Stats Page
Search federal court, divorce court, marriage licenses, military records and more.
A study was released project associated with Boston University School of Public Health that found that the 1989 Massachusetts statute that adds jail time when drugs are sold when 1,000 feet of a school (which many states have on their books) has failed to drive drug dealers from school yards.
Legal resource center with expert links, policy and research links.

Bureau of Justice Statistics Jail Population Study
Study: More than 6.5 million adults were jailed, on probation or on parole at the end of last year, a record-high number that represents 3.1 p of the country's total population or 1 of every 32 adults. Look up your state.

Campus Security Statistics
Reported incidents at U.S. colleges. Crime Tracker
A tool to track crime statistics, neighborhood by neighborhood; from Tampa Bay Online & WFLA-TV.


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