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Iraq and U.S. Conflict

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Note: Thanks to Tim Rozgonyi, assistant technology systems editor at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and Gary Price of the Virtual Acquisition Shelf, who contributed many of the links on this page.

United Nations Counter-Terrorism Online Handbook

White House Press Briefings: Iraq War
Updated regularly.

U.S. Military Central Command

New York Times Iraq Navigator
A collection of tools that the newspaper uses to cover the war.

CNN War Tracker
Great quick-reference to war news.

ReligionLink: Iraq Resources
A great collection of organizations, information and links on values, ethics, etc. as they're applied to the war.

Frontline: Iraq Contractor Deaths
A PBS documentary on the growing concerns about the regulation and accountability of private security contracting firms.

Google: Iraq Contractor Deaths
A list of news stories about the deaths of private American security workers in Iraq.
A job-hunting site for high-paying jobs in world danger zones.

Washington Post: Faces of the Fallen
Database of U.S. military killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Chicago Tribune: Stories and Video from Baghdad
Reporting from Liz Sly, Tribune correspondent in Iraq.
A site run by former CNN news chief Eason Jordan news links, reporting and opinion from more than 50 correspondents in Iraq, the United States and elsewhere.

LA Times: Iraq Battlefield Medicine
A three-part LA Times series by David Zucchino and Rick Loomis on battlefield medicine in Iraq.

Voice of Jihad Database
From the RAND Corporation, this is a compilation of speeches, interviews, statements, and publications of jihadist leaders, foot soldiers, and sympathizers. Nearly all content is in English translation, and has been collected from publicly-accessible websites. Original links are provided, along with excerpts and full-text content when available.

SLA News: Resources on Iraq

SLA News: List of U.S. Casualties in Iraq

Baghdad Burning
A blog written by a young Iraqi man ("Salam Pax") at the heart of the action.

Globemaster Units: Listings of American Military Units
This site includes tail number codes for each unit and U.S. weapon facts sheets.

A History Guide to the Geneva Conventions

UN Resolution of Iraqi Arms Inspections

Iraq: Map Sources
In .PDF formats.

Iraq: Potential U.S. Military Operations
Fourteen pages in .PDF format.

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace "Crisis in Iraq"
Updated news stories, analysis by experts and coordinates for analysts with direct e-mail and phone contact info.

Iraq Watch
This is published by the Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control. The Wisconsin Project carries out research and public education designed to inhibit the spread of nuclear weapons, chemical/biological weapons and long-range missiles. It is a private, non-profit, non-partisan foundation that operates in Washington, D.C. under the auspices of the University of Wisconsin.

Iraq Watch: Government Documents
Contains links to the most important government documents on Iraq over the past decade. These are US and foreign sources, including Official reports, letters, testimonies, legislation, and policy statements.

20 Days in Spring ...
A photo essay of the U.S.-Iraq war.

Iraq Watch: Iraqi Entities of Concern (searchable index)
A database of Iraqi entities - persons, companies, institutes, government agencies - that are thought to be connected to Iraq's nuclear, chemical, biological or advanced conventional weapons programs or to its missile programs.

Iraq Watch: Iraq's Suppliers (searchable index)

Iraq Watch: WMD Profiles

Pew Internet & American Life Project: "The Internet and the Iraq War"

Iraq: U.S. Military Operations
A 16-page .PDF.

Iraq: Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Capable Missiles and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

CCNY: Bibliography of Online Government Information and Documents About Iraq
Resources include U.S. Congressional Hearings and government documents about Iraq from the United States, Britain and the United Nations. Includes general background information about Iraq, the sanctions that were imposed upon Iraq after its invasion of Kuwait in 1990 and the subsequent Oil-for-Food Programme agreed to between the United Nations Secretariat and Iraq. There are links to the British Government's Dossier on the Iraqi Regime and to the text of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1441; transcripts of key speeches by Colin Powell and President Bush. There als are links to the texts of the Geneva Conventions and Protocols, transcripts of Dr. Hans Blix's reports to the United Nations Security Council and links to various U.S. Congressional Resolutions and Legislation.

Media Coverage--Iraq
Department of the Parliamentary Library, Parliament of Australia.

War in Iraq -- Economics
Department of the Parliamentary Library, Parliament of Australia.

Read a summary of what people on the net and mainstream media are writing about the war.

Network for Good: U.S. Troops Support
A great collection of links to troop support and resource sites.

American Copy Editors Society Iraq Information Page

East Carolina University: Joyner Library: War on Terrorism Resources
A tremendous collection of links covering several angles of the Iraq war. Links you won?t find on other sites.

PBS Frontline: Saddam Hussein Profile
Photos, video, audio and stories on his rise to power, how he has ruled and how the wars started.
Features some links and opinions on Iraq, the war and the United States.

Iraqi Newspapers

Speech and Transcript Center
Links to key speeches and transcripts (English language) by key government, military and other leaders. It also includes direct links to related full-text docs and other reference type materials.

Voice of America: Iraqi Place Name Pronunciation Guide

NPR: Talk of the Nation Books on Iraq
A good list of books recommended for background readings on Iraq.

Department of Homeland Security
Press briefings, stories, latest warning, etc.

United Nations: Arms Inspections in Iraq
Follow all the news and updates from the weapons inspections. Iraq Conflict Media Coverage
Links to dozens of stories.

Buildup in the Gulf: Middle East Conflict
From the Committee to Protect Journalists.

University of South Carolina: Experts on War and Terrorism
A collection of faculty members with expertise in military, bioterrorism, etc.

EIN Iraq War Wire
Country info., links, chats, archives of stories and more. The wire carries breaking news from more than 250 countries, regions and U.S. states.

FAS: Iraqi Intelligence Agencies
A links page put up by an individual. Fact-check anything you find on the site.

Al-Jezeera English Language page

U.S. Military DeploymentLink: Iraq

European Internet Network
Covers the pending war on Iraq extensively.
Run by the Reuters Foundation, this site covers how relief agencies respond to disasters and can help journalists cover them. It includes a news feed and resources about the countries involved. It also features a section on the conflict with Iraq.

Strategy Page
Military personnel, weapons, strategy, intelligence and information operations, plus a newsletter.


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